SFS Chapter 2

"The big river flows eastward, and the stars in the sky go to Beidou!"  "The road is uneven and roars ..." Shen Chang'an hummed along with the player in the car, and his mood looked good, but the tone was a little distorted in his mouth. The water mist saturated the public road to the mountain …

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SFS Chapter 1

"Although our city is not comparable to that of a big city, we can count on the mountains and clear water, and the air is fresh. Xiao Shen, you can work here with peace of mind. If you have any difficulties and requirements in your work, you can mention it to us." Du Zhonghai drank …

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NHSRE has been picked up!

The wonderful Yuuki from CG has picked up Non-Human Seeking Re-employment! As I understand it, proper posting will be starting in march. I have ch 6-8 sitting around so I'll be posting those when I'm done with them, but then it's Yuuki's plane to fly. Everybody say thank you! Fine NHSRE on CG here!


Chapter 3: Domestic Violence The sound was heartbreaking enough to penetrate the entire house.  Everyone else was attracted to it. Old Chen had a somber face and scolded a "dumb" person: "What the hell did you do?" The female high school student took the lead: "It doesn't matter what I did!" Huang Mao also responded randomly: "I glanced …

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