NHSRE has been picked up!

The wonderful Yuuki from CG has picked up Non-Human Seeking Re-employment! As I understand it, proper posting will be starting in march. I have ch 6-8 sitting around so I'll be posting those when I'm done with them, but then it's Yuuki's plane to fly. Everybody say thank you! Fine NHSRE on CG here!

BunnyGod apologized

I was still feeling kind of pissed off, but as soon as I saw the email, those feelings just flew away. (It was actually kind of weird, how quickly my feelings changed.) So you see, apologizing does make a difference! My hurt feelings are soothed and everything is good again. I'm gonna go work on …

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Chapter 3: Domestic Violence The sound was heartbreaking enough to penetrate the entire house.  Everyone else was attracted to it. Old Chen had a somber face and scolded a "dumb" person: "What the hell did you do?" The female high school student took the lead: "It doesn't matter what I did!" Huang Mao also responded randomly: "I glanced …

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