Current Status

Lots of health problems + incredibly busy with lots of original writing projects + so much schoolwork = one very tired person who does not have the energy to make sense of MTL. If anyone wants to take over a translation project of mine, I'm not gonna cling to it. Just let me know. For …

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Some useful words to keep track of when reading CN webnovels: Account Stuff: username — 用户名 log out — 登出 log in — 登录  register —  注册  top up — 充值 top up amount — 充值金额 top of your account — 充值您的帐户 purchase — 采购 add to cart — 添加到购物车 favorite — 喜爱 / 爱好 …

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NHSRE has been picked up!

The wonderful Yuuki from CG has picked up Non-Human Seeking Re-employment! As I understand it, proper posting will be starting in march. I have ch 6-8 sitting around so I'll be posting those when I'm done with them, but then it's Yuuki's plane to fly. Everybody say thank you! Fine NHSRE on CG here!


Chapter 3: Domestic Violence The sound was heartbreaking enough to penetrate the entire house.  Everyone else was attracted to it. Old Chen had a somber face and scolded a "dumb" person: "What the hell did you do?" The female high school student took the lead: "It doesn't matter what I did!" Huang Mao also responded randomly: "I glanced …

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