OIM Chapter 1

Yang Yang opened his eyes and saw a strange room. Clean, bright and spacious. A room that did not belong to the last days. 

“Really exchanged souls.” Yang Yang’s eyes were empty, but had an expression of disbelief. 

Just before the blink of the eye, he was still in the cold winter of 2X08. He couldn’t catch food because of his physical disability. He eventually starved to death on the way to Qingcheng. No, he was about to starve to death. 

It was then that a voice appeared and asked if he would like to exchange his soul and live again. 

Yang Yang thought that he was returning to the light, and he was greeted with enthusiasm. He also made a wish, that he would be healthy and well-fed in his next life. 

That voice was also very happy, with Yang Yang it guaranteed “no problem”, but also said it was giving Yang Yang two gifts. 

Then, Yang Yang woke up. 

… Yang looked at the ceiling, there was no crazy hunger in the belly, there was no cold wind around the bones, and there were no pains in the hands and feet of the disabled body. Yang Yang reached out from the quilt. His hands were very thin, but the fingers were slender and intact, without any distortion. 

“Ha.” Yang Yang gave a sigh of laughter, his hands slowly moving down to cover his eyes. After a while, he moved his hand.


Yang’s black eyes were like the deep sea, and the dead air that had been milled out in the last five years was swept away. 

He tried to sit up with his hands on his bed, but when he tried hard, he found that the body was weak. Just propping up his body, his arms were already shaking. 

Yang Yang frowned, but did not give up. He took some effort to sit on the bed and then gasped, and cried in his mind: [Roth.]

A voice immediately responded: [Master, I am here.] 

This was the first gift to him, a copy of an AI being from a higher dimension, being bound to the soul of Yang Yang. 

Yang Yang slowly vented his body and said: [Scan my physical condition.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

Roth’s voice disappeared two or three seconds, then sounded again: [Master your body’s value is low, no long-term eating and exercise, soul power fluctuations is also very weak, and already three months pregnant. There are also precursors to abortion. It is recommended that you keep your current situation and do not continue to work hard.]

Yang Yang: [What is three months?]

Roth: [Pregnancy. Master, you are pregnant, just three months along. Congratulations.]

Yang Yang: [………] 

Yang Yang reached out and grabbed a part of his own belly, a considerable amount of weight. Fortunately, it was not a woman. 

Yang Yang was relieved, he was less able to accept gender changes than pregnancy. ——Yang Yang used to be a doctor. He also saw intersex people before the end of the world. It was not unusual for these “heterogeneous”. 

But Yang Yang was gay himself, psychologically unable to accept close contact with the female body. If he became a woman himself, he would go crazy. 

Yang Yang retracted his hand, and he was curious: [A man in this world can also get pregnant?] 

Roth: [No, this is a special constitution, called the female body. The female is characterized by a red trace of jujube nucleus behind the neck, and can get pregnant regardless of gender. The place of the gestation is not the uterus, but the soul palace – the soul palace is an organ unique to this world, it can store the soul.]

Yang Yang’s eyes were bright and full of interest: [Show me the anatomy of the human body in this world.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

In the next second, the retina of Yang Yang’s eyes showed some human anatomy. The anatomical maps were divided into two types, which varied greatly.

Let’s talk about common ground. The common point was the visceral structure. It was similar to the familiar human structure of Yang Yang, but it had only one more soul palace. The Soul Palace was located above the bladder and was connected to the reproductive system. 

The difference was the skeleton, the circulatory system, and the soul circulation system. It was very similar to human beings, but Yang Yang couldn’t understand it. The bones were very different. There was even a picture of the beast skeleton. 

Yang Yang pondered for a while and asked Rot: “Is there more than one kind of intelligent life in this world?” 

Roth: [Yes, but this figure is two forms of the same race, these people are called Lester people, up to about 70% of the galaxy’s intelligent life. Part of the Lester people can become the original form, which is the kind of animal bones.]

Yang Yang understands: [Orc?] 

Roth: [Can be understood.]

Yang Yang in addition to rubbing his fingers the hand was a little itchy and he wanted to take a look, but not now. Yang Yang said: [Give me a picture or video of the pregnancy of the female.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.]

Image transformation on the retina. Yang Yang originally wanted to see the difference between the soul palace and the uterus, but at first glance his attention was attracted by the embryo — actually it was oviparous? 

To be precise, only the child born to the female was the egg—this contained a lot of soul theory, and Yang Yang couldn’t understand it for the time being. He only understood that the pregnancy time of the female was one year, but after the egg was laid, the egg would continue to grow, and the time of breaking the shell would vary from egg to egg. 

It’s amazing. 

Yang Yang wanted to see the knowledge of the soul again, but his eyes already felt sore, and his head was a little dizzy. 

Roth’s voice sounded in time: [Master, because I am now bound to your soul, the source of energy is also the soul of the master. Now the owner’s soul has been in overuse, I suggest you rest immediately.]


Yang responded and the pictures on the retina disappeared. He leaned back against the bed, closed his eyes and was stunned. He began to plan a fitness program. 

At this time, footsteps and disputes came from outside the door. The two people quarreling were a man and a woman. 

When they arrived at the door, the footsteps stopped, and then a man’s voice was heard. “Let’s cut it today! I don’t know how good it is, but at least the children in his stomach will live!” 

Yang Yang did not recognize this voice, but this body remembered – it was his uncle, Zhou Hua. 

Zhou Hua was in the top 100 richest man in the Jiuyu Empire, and his wife is the aunt of the Duke of Dawton. When he was 10 years old, he lost his parents and memories because of an accident. He then stayed at Zhou Hua’s home. 

— This was also the only memory left in the predecessor. 

Yang Yang opened his eyes and looked at the closed door with somewhat strange eyes — Zhou Hua wanted to cut him?? 

“Mr. Zhou Hua.” 

A woman’s voice then sounded and her tone was serious: “I need to remind you again. The patient is less than three months along. If you want to take out the egg, you must remove it together with the soul palace. Once the soul palace is removed, the patient will die.” 

Zhou Hua was not moved: “I certainly know, but is there any other way? Six months ago he was in a car accident, I thought it could be cured, who knew that he had become a vegetative person. After a month, his condition began to deteriorate again. Now he can’t even open his eyes. Can you guarantee that he won’t become a corpse?”

The woman’s voice has a sigh of relief: “I didn’t recommend you to do this before. Artificial pregnancy! He is a female, conceiving will consume his soul, and now his condition is delayed by pregnancy. If you are now undergoing abortion, his condition may be better.” 

Zhou Hua cold voice, “Dr. Liu, don’t forget, wanting a child is the last wish of Yang Yang. And if it wasn’t for his condition that the body deteriorated too quickly, I would not have applied for artificial pregnancy for him. This is also the case of the hospital. Decisions relevant for trial before. Now you have to recommend a miscarriage. Is it what you mean or what the hospital means? After the abortion, you can make sure that he will wake up? If so, then I agree with his abortion.”

The woman was shackled, and she was not willing to object for a long while: “At least look at the situation again. Now that you want to do a caesarean section, you are killing him.”

Zhou Hua was also angry: “Dr. Liu, pay attention to your words. This caesarean section surgery has also been approved by your hospital.” 

The woman finally took a deep breath and said, “Well, since you insist on doing this, then I have nothing to say. But I will not do this surgery. ” 

Weak of will but did not agree, because women are the most authoritative study of the female body doctor, also had weeks of specially invited. So the two questions on the operation of the door arguing again. 

In the room, Yang Yang was sitting on the bed digesting the information he had just heard, he had a certain understanding of his current situation. 

From the point of view of the previous dialogue, Zhou Hua’s dissection was also “reasonable and justifiable”, but Yang Yang still heard Zhou Hua’s indifference to him. Zhou Hua’s decisiveness had reached a cold level when talking about the issue of “guarantee big insurance”. 

Obviously, Zhou Hua’s desire was to ensure the lives of the children in his stomach compared to the possibility of waking him up.

Yang Yang was contemplating for two seconds and asked Roth: [Roth, did the former owner leave a will?] 

Roth: [Sorry for the master, I have rewritten the database when I was engraved, from the data information related to this dimension was detected in the debris. Only the former owner died in this operation.] 

Yang Yang responded and did not continue to ask. The surgery was not to worry, because he had “awakened”. As for the other, it could be dealt with later. 

After a while, the sound of arguing outside lowered down, but the door was forced open, and a suit covered man came in. Feet stepping on the floor, the head twisted back and had the last word with the woman outside the door. “If you insist on refusing surgery, I will consider using legal means.”

The woman was standing at the door. She sneered and seemed to want to look back, but at this moment her eyes shifted and she was fixated on the hospital bed in the middle of the room. 

Yang Yang leaned against the bed, squinting and he and the woman calmly looked at each other. 

The woman shouted in surprise: “Yang Yang!!!” 

Zhou Hua was shocked and turned around. 

Yang Yang moved his eyes from the woman to Zhou Hua. Well, this big man was much more handsome than he thought. If he didn’t hear the conversation just now, Yang Yang could score 7 points for his good feelings. 

And the expression of Zhou Hua was somewhat interesting, not just surprised, but shocked over the head and turned into horror. 

This was a bit interesting. 

Yang Yang’s heart smiled, but his face was slightly frowning, revealing a doubtful expression, he asked: “Who are you?” 

Amnesia, dog blood, but practical.

TLN: Yang Yang’s name is 羊央 which is actually Yáng Yāng but my keyboard doesn’t have those letters so… Also, I took a lot of liberty with the novel’s title because I couldn’t make sense of it.

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UCD Chapter 26

Mu Qin seemed to hear the sound of the music box during the day. 

The music box with two male and female villains hugged together, as the little people spun and danced, the music continued to undulate with their beating. It was a wonderful piece of music. Mu Qin couldn’t name it, but he listened very familiarly. Perhaps he had played it for his beloved adoptive father. It felt like a melodious note mixed with a violin and a piano. 

Strange, why did he hear the sound of the music box? 

Mu Qin had doubts in his heart, but the doubts were doubtful. This wonderful music still revolved around his ears. The music was filled with Mu Qin’s dreams, and Mu Qin was somewhat difficult to extricate. He felt as if he was going to get stuck, caught in the mud filled with darkness and chaos. 

But soon someone pulled him out of the mud, Zhou Yue’s gentle voice rang in Mu Qin’s ear, Zhou Yue said: “Mu Qin, you are gone.”

A word made Mu Qin from that embarrassing state of mind looking back, he stared at Zhou Yue and found himself being pressed down by Zhou Yue on the grass. Zhou Yue untied his clothes and let Mu Qin reveal a clean chest. Zhou Yue also pulled Mu Qin’s trousers down halfway and his hand reached into Mu Qin’s underwear and fumbled. 

Mu Qin felt his cheeks burning hot. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s clothes. He whispered to Zhou Yue: “Don’t… at least… not here.” 

“Where do you want to go?” Zhou Yue liked Mu Qin shy. Looking, biting Mu Qin’s throat, the fragile place was bitten and Mu Qin immediately felt like he couldn’t speak, as if he was weak as a small animal being bitten on his throat by a beast. 

Zhou Yue liked the way Mu Qin struggled. Perhaps it satisfied him with some unspeakable perverted hobby. He bit harder on Mu Qin’s throat, holding Mu Qin’s waist in one hand and touching it in his underwear. Stimulated, Mu Qin could not help but close his legs, but because Zhou Yue pressed him down, he could only hold onto Zhou Yue’s waist, and it looked like Mu Qin was not ashamed that he kept holding Zhou Yue tightly.

Mu Qin shook, and finally waited for Zhou Yue to let him go for a while. Mu Qin took the time to interrupt Zhou Yue and said; “You… don’t… don’t worry so much, you still have things… didn’t you finish it?”

“Yes…you said this, I just remembered that I did not finish things.” Zhou Yue did not continue to bite Mu Qin’s throat, but his hand was still in Mu Qin’s underwear, holding Mu Chin’s vitality, Mu Qin blushed like a monkey’s buttocks, stiff and completely afraid to move. 

“You cut Xu Fu with a knife, but is he really dead?” Mu Qin tried to lobby Zhou Yue. “And there is a woman named Han Li who is waiting for you to solve it.” 

Zhou Yue then he replied: “Xu Fu? He is of course dead. I cut off his carotid artery. With that amount of bleeding, he will lose too much blood in a few minutes and be killed. If he does not have a medical card, he is absolutely dead.”

“Not as long as the woman.” 

“As for the woman.” Zhou Yue smiled thoughtfully, he got close to Mu Qin’s face. “You are right, I really should solve her… Dear, you will wait for me here. I will come back later. During the time I leave, you better not run away. Otherwise, the next time I meet you, I will not let you get out of bed for three days and three nights.” 

Mu Qin felt his face burn even more. He couldn’t imagine himself listening to Zhou Yue’s words and being shy and embarrassed. He could only answer silently: “I know… I won’t go.” 

“Good.” Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips, he comforted him, then finally got up from Mu Qin and his hand left Mu Qin’s underwear. Zhou Yue took his hand back and licked his fingers, he had the urge to see Mu Qin ashamed. 

After getting up, Zhou Yue helped Mu Qin to put on his trousers. He also held Mu Qin twice, then turned around and carried his knife toward the office building. Quick and agile, he instantly disappeared into the darkness. 

Mu Qin knew that he was going to kill, although he realized that this fact made Mu Qin feel uncomfortable. 

In Mu Qin’s concept, he always thought that Zhou Yue was a perfect and pure and innocent person. Such a beautiful Zhou Yue should not be a murderous executioner.

Mu Qin was not a good person himself. Even Mu Qin had always felt that he was actually a very cold-blooded person. 

For the first time, he realized his cold-bloodedness when he was solving the robbers in the gold shops. At that time, Mu Qin took the guns of the robbers calmly and shot the bullets at the robbers easily. He calculated the bullets in the guns, calculated the angle of the shot and the recoil, and calculated the location and death of the robbers. 

Mu Qin even fired at the last robber when he tried to escape. The bullet hit the back of the young man and spit out from his forehead. He fell into a pool of blood. 

Mu Qin’s actions should be correct. 

The same soldier’s companion, the team’s squad leader and some more close-ranking officials all thought that Mu Qin was not at fault, but he still went to the military court. The judge sitting in the court looked at Mu Qin with a glance, as if straight through him. The cold blood in Mu Qin’s bones was ruthless. 

“You obviously could shoot only his hands and feet, because he lost his will to fight, but you shot his head.” The judge said to Mu Qin after the trial ended, “I know your identity and you experienced training and education, but you have to understand that even if those people are robbers and are morally sinister criminals, they are not the same as soldiers like you, and the gold shop is not your battlefield,” the  judge said.

Those words made Mu Qin frightened and feared. He realized that someone had seen himself. This white-haired, old-aged judge thoroughly saw Mu Qin. He saw Mu Qin’s heart from Mu Qin’s eyes. And even saw through the soul of Mu Qin, the poor soul. 

In the eyes of the other side, Mu Qin feels as if he is being lighted and standing in the crowd. 

After Mu Qin left the army, the gold shop robbery and the military court left a deep shadow on Mu Qin. He met with a psychologist for a long time. The doctor thought he had a kind of “post-traumatic stress disorder”. The mental illness insisted that Mu Qin would go to the doctor’s house every week to talk to him, even though Mu Qin felt that it had no effect at all. 

Yes, he remembered that music.

Mu Qin suddenly remembered it. Although it seemed to be an irrelevant memory, he remembered that he had just heard the music of a music box when he was just stunned. He remembered that the psychologist’s home had this music box’s music. This piece of music was played in the box, exactly the same. 

Why did he suddenly remember this piece of music? 

Mu Qin didn’t quite understand. In the end, he was too lazy to think about it. He got up from the ground, sorted out the clothes on his body, patted the grass and dirt on his clothes, and then glanced at the gate of the orphanage that had been opened behind him. 

At that time, Qiu Zijia took a foot to go out, and then disappeared instantly. The whole person turned into a spot of light and dissipated in the air. This situation was very magical, and it had made Mu Qin realize that he was indeed in a magical game. 

Mu Qin began to go back. After a long walk, he saw Xu Fu. 

Xu Fu was lying on the ground and motionless. The grass and the soil were all red from his blood. Mu Qin knelt beside him. He reached out and touched Xu Fu’s neck. His pulse had disappeared, leaving only some of his body on behalf of him who had already died. 

Xu Fu seemed to be very peaceful. At least he didn’t struggle too much. He laid there with his eyes closed and his face without a painful expression. Just like falling asleep, Mu Qin watched him sleep and felt his impetuous mood. It had become quite peaceful. 

“We were still talking, but now you have to lie here forever.” Mu Qin said to the body. “Where will you go after death?” 

Mu Qin felt that there were souls in this world. 

You don’t even need Mu Qin to “feel”. This magical killing game had helped him verify this. After all, players like Mu Qin and the other players who entered this game were basically dead people in the real world, and their souls were taken into this world, and were resurrected here. 

They were given a second life, they could take good care of this life to live well, or they could choose to give up and continue to return to the darkness without seeing the abyss.

Mu Qin was silent for a long time next to Xu Fu’s body. After a long time, Zhou Yue came back. When he came back, he was bloodied. The whole person seemed to have been soaking in a pool of blood. He still had the knife in his hand. When he came back, he saw that Mu Qin was waiting for him, and he showed a satisfied smile. His smile was full of blood. 

“Are you ready?” Mu Qin asked him. 

“The woman hid and made me look for a while but no matter how you hide, I will eventually find them, so I smashed her and cut her into pieces.” Zhou Yue smiled and walked to Mu Qin. The bloody hand was about to embrace Mu Qin, but the hand stopped halfway. It seemed that Zhou Yue himself felt that his body was too bloody and dirty, so he gave up this behavior. 

“If she woke up quickly, maybe she could have come to the door of the orphanage before you found her, and then escape.” Mu Qin made some predictions, then Mu Qin sighed, “but she did not.” 

“You seem very disappointed.” Zhou Yue looked at Mu Qin with his eyes. “You don’t want me to kill, but if I don’t kill her, my score will not be enough, the system will kill me, I will die… so even let me die, do you think it doesn’t matter?” 

Mu Qin said with a wry smile: “Who used to say that I completely regarded you as an enemy and asked me not to let the water go?” 

“But you are so unremarkable, I am still very sad.” Zhou Yue said that he was wronged. He went to Mu Qin’s hand and held Mu Qin’s hand and gently bite Mu Qin’s finger. 

“Actually, I still favor you.” Mu Qin looked at Zhou Yue with a slightly sad look. “You just cut Xu Fu’s throat, he didn’t die immediately, so I had time to pick him up and run. At this time you are estimated to have caught up with Qiu Zijia, you would slash Qiu Zijia, but Qiu Zijia would not die so easily, because he also had the effect of the chariot, the chariot would make him thick and dry, even if you bore attack would not immediately die or lose its mobility, so he still had the opportunity to open the door. After all, his key was already on the lock hole of the door, and then he would be cut by you, but he would still turn it. Push the gate railing, push it open and climb out.”

“As long as he opened the door, I could carry Xu Fu together at the same time, so that you can’t catch up with us anyway.” Mu Qin also said to Zhou Yue, “And I still told you that the female teacher was there. If I didn’t tell you, she might also sneak through the grass to find the opened door, and then escape.” 

Zhou Yue grabbed Mu Qin’s hand and did not speak, he looked intently at Mu Qin, after a long silence, said: “You are really too smart, Mu Qin… You know me better than I imagined.” 

“In fact, you know me very well, Zhou Yue.” Mu Qin Still laughing, “You know that I like you, you know that I am partial to you, you know that I will be soft and then indulge you, so you always… there is no fear.”

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UCD Chapter 25

It was because Mu Qin gave the chariot to Qiu Zijia, so the next time Qiu Zijia was attacked by the murderer, he grabbed the key from Zhou Yue’s trousers very wisely, and also made a fist to fly at Zhou Yue, and it looked like a gust of wind. He rolled and ran to the direction of the exit. 

Zhou Yue immediately realized that the situation was not good. If Qiu Zijia took the key and opened the door smoothly, the rest of the people might run along with the piece. The unlucky one was Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue naturally would not want to see this. As a result, he followed Qiu Zijia flexibly and quickly. 

Zhou Yue’s speed was very fast. Even if Qiu Zijia had the gain buff of the chariot card, Zhou Yue’s own ability was still better than Qiu Zijia’s. Especially as Qiu Zijia was too anxious to run, sweating and dancing, and the running posture was not standardized. It was easier to get more effort but not a reasonable speed, and the trained Zhou Yue was quite different from him. 

In a short while Zhou Yue had already caught up with Qiu Zijia. Qiu Zijia seemed to feel that he had been caught up. He heard the killer’s breathing sound behind his own, because Zhou Yue’s face was covered in gauze, his breathing sound was blocked. Being separated by a layer, the breathing sound gave people a feeling of suffocating, and it was extremely strange and creepy. 

In addition, Zhou Yue’s line of sight was full of Qiu Zijia’s killing intention. It scared Qiu Zijia to be more flustered. He did not run far, and he did not know that he was stumped by the weeds on the ground or stones, and fell sturdy.

Zhou Yue was very clear about how much pressure he had caused, but he found that Qiu Zijia’s mental quality was not so high. Although Qiu Zijia took the chariot card and did not intend to touch the key from Zhou Yue, he was scared and panicking. It was really a pity that Zhou Yue felt that he had made such a low-level mistake. 

However, just as Zhou Yue wanted to walk to the fallen Qiu Zijia, there was a sudden creaking in the grass, and then a figure rushed out, directly rushing to Zhou Yue. The other side sprinted quickly and Zhou Yue’s attention was completely on Qiu Zijia’s body. The reaction was not able to be hit by the suddenly popping figure, and Zhou Yue went back a few steps. 

When Zhou Yue looked up, he found that the person who suddenly hit him was Mu Qin, and Mu Qin was very daring. He hit Zhou Yue and said that he still didn’t run away. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s arm and took Zhou Yue directly overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Xu Fu also quickly smashed out. Although he was injured in one leg, he still ran fast, and then rushed to Qiu Zijia, grabbed his arm and directly dragged Qiu Zijia, and took Qiu Zijia to the door running. 

“I will pick you later!” Zhou Yue must not let Qiu Zijia open the door, squinting at Mu Qin, who pressed against him, whispering and quickly threatening him, then grabbing Mu Qin’s back collar, even Mu Qin directly lifted his upper body with one hand and then randomly dropped Mu Qin on the haystack. Mu Qin was thrown away by Zhou Yue and rolled on the wet grass. 

But Mu Qin quickly got up and shouted in the direction of Qiu Zijia and Xu Fu running away: “Run!”

After that, Mu Qin continued to chase Zhou Yue and intended to continue to obstruct him. He was very seriously, seriously wanting to help humans escape, seriously wanted to oppose Zhou Yue, even if the result would make Zhou Yue die. 


Mu Qin ran two steps. He couldn’t catch up with Zhou Yue’s speed. The killer’s ability in all aspects was too strong. Mu Qin was only a long distance away from Zhou Yue, and Xu Fu in front and Qiu Zijia were about to be caught up. 

The orphanage was not big. After running for such a period of time, the gate of the courtyard was already in sight, but the killer was behind Xu Fu and Qiu Zijia. It was too late to go to the door to open the door. Xu Fu glanced at Qiu Zijia, who was white and pale. He hurriedly glanced at Zhou Yue, who had caught up with him. He seemed to have made some determination. He said to Qiu Zijia: “I am alive to get revenge. Although I am not defeated, Cheng Guoxu is indeed dead. My great hatred has been avenged. Then… brother, you can live well!” 

After saying this, Xu Fu let go of Qiu Zijia’s arm and pushed him to let him continue running. Then Xu Fu turned to face Zhou Yue, who was chasing him. Zhou Yue saw that he wanted to stop himself, and he did not evade. He rushed to grab Xu Fu’s neck with lightning speed.

Xu Fu pulled out the knife and resisted, but the move was easily resolved by Zhou Yue. Then the two men wrestled. Xu Fu was certainly not Zhou Yue’s opponent. He was beaten by Zhou Yue in two moves, and the blade in his hand was instantly captured by Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue’s knife fell quickly and seered. In a moment, Xu Fu’s neck was cut open, and Xu Fu was severely wounded. Of course he fell down. He instinctively held his neck, but the blood was still flowing out. 

Zhou Yue also did not care whether Xu Fu died, and continued to chase Qiu Zijia with a knife. 

At this moment, Qiu Zijia had already ran to the gate of the orphanage in the short time that Xu Fu was fighting. He shuddered and took the key, grabbed the door lock, and tried to insert the key into the lock, but he was so nervous that his hands kept trembling and the key smashed on the door lock for a long time, so he couldn’t put it in. 

“Come on… hurry up…” Qiu Zijia silently urged himself, Zhou Yue had come over here, he could even feel the breath of Zhou Yue just behind himself. 

Zhou Yue was indeed behind Qiu Zijia. He held the knife and was ready to end the life of Qiu Zijia. However, at this time, Mu Qin had already chased him. He quickly ran to Zhou Yue’s side and reached out to grab Zhou Yue’s blade. 

The sharp knife edge quickly cut a trace of flesh and blood in Mu Qin’s palm. 

Zhou Yue did not continue to slash, but turned to look at Mu Qin. 

Mu Qin was also watching him. 

Qiu Zijia, who was opening the door, did not dare to look at the situation behind him. He opened the door with one heart and mind, and finally inserted the key into the keyhole. The lock was very flexible. With a crisp sound, the door lock opened. The iron gate opened a gap. 

Qiu Zijia immediately went to push the door. The iron gate squeaked under his push. Qiu Zijia couldn’t help but walk out with one foot. He didn’t even have the feeling that he had escaped. He only felt that the outside of the door was still full of richness. Darkness, not the darkness of the sky.

After he stepped out of the door, he thought of something, subconsciously looking back to see Mu Qin and Xu Fu, but he only saw the last scene. Saw the killer and Mu Qin facing each other, Mu Qin held in his hand. The blade of the killer was full of blood, and Qiu Zijia immediately realized that Mu Qin had blocked him from the final blow. 

Qiu Zijia wanted to call Mu Qin’s name. He wanted to grab Mu Qin’s hand and leave with him this ridiculous orphanage. 

However, some time later, when Qiu Zijia stepped into the door, the world game system would automatically determine that Qiu Zijia had successfully escaped. He would be immediately transferred to the safe house, so the moment his figure was at the entrance of the orphanage, the free light particles were dissipated. 

After he left, only Zhou Yue and Mu Qin were still standing in this eerie orphanage. 

“It’s so beautiful.” Zhou Yue stared at Mu Qin for a moment, then grinned at Mu Qin, and the bandage wrapped around Zhou Yue was loose, but because of the effect of the Death Card, his wounds were good. It was so fast that it was indifferent to tie the bandages, so Zhou Yue simply stretched out his hand and pulled off the bandage on his face to reveal a whole face. 

The wound on his face had also healed, leaving only a light red scar, and his injured left eye had returned to normal, and looked as good as Mu Qin’s impression. 

It was just that the lingering smothering of Zhou Yue’s eyes destroyed his beautiful face and made him a bit horrible, especially when he was close to Mu Qin and his nose was next to Mu Qin’s face. Even if he was calm Mu Qin could not help but speed up his heartbeat. 

“Too beautiful, dear.” He didn’t know if it was intentional but Zhou Yue spoke in a low tone. He put away his own blade and grabbed Mu Qin’s left hand with his flesh and blood. He held Mu Qin’s left hand and then bowed his head and took a sip of the wounds and blood in Mu Qin’s left hand. 

This action was really abnormal. 

Although perverted, Mu Qin was aroused in some strange pleasure by his action. 

And this pleasure made Mu Qin feel that he was also a bit perverted.

Zhou Yue seemed to have seen Mu Qin. He finished Mu Qin’s left hand’s palm and took a sip of Mu Qin’s lips. Mu Qin immediately felt that his lips were wet and there was a bloody smell. It was the smell of his own blood.

“I am very angry, you let go of my prey.” Zhou Yue reached out and hugged Mu Qin’s waist. The movement was very strong. It was completely different from the soft one. The Zhou Yue was now full of offensive, it made him look very dangerous. 

The dangerous Zhou Yue lowered his voice. He almost pressed Mu Qin’s body and his lips were pressed against Mu Qin’s lips. He said vaguely: “I am angry with you, now want to go to you.” 

Zhou Yue’s words made Mu Qin tremble. After a while, he could not help but want to retreat, but Zhou Yue refused to let him go, still holding Mu Qin’s waist, “Do you know? The killer’s harm to humans in the game can also be rewarded, such as severe torture, murder… Of course, there is sexual abuse, and hospitality.” 

Mu Qin was really scared by Zhou Yue this time, because he felt that Zhou Yue’s words were particularly serious, and he felt like he was eager to try. When he finished, he opened his mouth and bit Mu Qin’s lips. He didn’t bite very heavily, but he held Mu Qin too tightly. He directly pressed Mu Qin to the ground and fingered into Mu Qin’s clothes at his waist. Slowly wandering on the belly. 

Zhou Yue’s power was too strong, Mu Qin couldn’t resist him, he was pressed to the ground, his legs were forcibly squeezed apart by Zhou Yue. Mu Qin found that he started to pull his own pants, which made Mu Qin a little embarrassed, he reached out to touch Zhou Yue’s face. Mu Qin said: “Wait… wait…” 

Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips again and asked, “What are you waiting for?” 

Mu Qin slowly breathed to calm himself down: “You, what are you going to do?” 

“What to do… I want to be a strong man for you.” Zhou Yue said that he was serious and couldn’t be strong. 

So Mu Qin’s cheeks were red, and he dared not look directly at Zhou Yue’s deep black scorpion eyes. He said: “No… no need to be strong… we can…”

Zhou Yue reached out and kissed Mu Qin’s lips and interrupted him. Zhou Yue squinted and looked at Mu Qin gently, emphasizing: “It must be powerful, dear, you have to know… now I am doing everything for you, I am forcing you.”

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UCD Chapter 24

Time went back to when Mu Qin and the others were by the ladder by the back door of the church. 

At that time, they saw that the door of the utility room was opened and it was turned upside down with the ladder missing, Mu Qin guessed that Zhou Yue first took the exit key. So Mu Qin intended to change their plans. Mu Qin decided that he and Xu Fu would attract the killer’s attention and let Qiu Zijia go to find hidden exit, but Xu Fu must give his chariot card to Qiu Zijia. 

“Give the chariot to Qiu Zijia!” Xu Fu, who first heard the proposal, looked at Mu Qin with a look of mental retardation. “Are you crazy? What is the use of his card? He just went to find a hidden exit. It’s not a killer! He has no body and no guts, it only wastes the value of the chariot!” 

“So you think you won’t waste the value of this card?” Mu Qin calmly refuted Xu Fu, and also looked Xu Fu up and down, focusing on the legs of Xu Fu, “Look at your legs, Xu Fu… Even if you use this card, the effect of the chariot will not restore your legs immediately. Injured, even if the tank increases your physical ability, your speed may be slightly inferior to the killer under the influence of the injury. This means that you are easily caught up. It is not only impossible to protect your life with the chariot, it may even be counterproductive.” 

“My legs are not yours!” Xu Fu was a bit gnashing. He couldn’t understand Mu Qin’s thoughts. “And… well, even if you are right, the value of this card is mine. There is no way to fully use it, but Qiu Zijia can use it? You might as well use the card best!”

“No, I can not. “Mu Qin thought Zhou Yue, sighed, shaking his head, “The killer was not chasing me.”

“Why did he not on?” Xu Fu felt that Mu Qin’s insistence was very weird. 

Mu Qin knew that his words were very suspicious. He thought about it and decided to open the subject quietly: “Now we all know that we only have two choices, we will either take back the keys from the killer, or find the hidden the exit.” 

Xu Fu felt very confused: “I don’t understand. How does the killer know that the key is on the second floor of the church? Does he also have a fool’s card?”

Mu Qin thought of an excuse: “Cheng Guoxu also has a fool’s card. After you killed him, did you take his card?” 

“I won’t take anything from that scum!” Xu Fu heard that Mu Qin mentioned that Cheng Guoxu, he was angry and gnashed his teeth. “I only care about the whip, God! He really died too easily, I can hardly let go!” 

Mu Qin said with the trend: “So you didn’t take the card from Cheng Guoxu, then it is likely that the killer took it.” 

“Can the killer use the humans tarot cards?” Xu Fu was not a very veteran player, he only knew that humans could compete for each other’s tarot cards, but that the killer could not steal the human card he had not seen or known. 

Mu Qin said: “I don’t know if he can use it, but let’s make the worst assumptions first and just assume that he can use it.” 

“Assume that he used the tarot card to find the exit key on the second floor of the church, then went up. On the second floor, he got the key. At this time, he has a great possibility. He will choose to wait for the prey on the second floor of the church. Because we will definitely go to the church to find the key, he does not have to waste time to come to us. Just wait for us to be there.” 

Mu Qin began a series of analysis: “In this case, we need to think of a way to deal with him. As I said earlier, we only have two roads, one is to recapture the key, and the other is to find the hidden exit.” 

Xu Fu honestly listened to Mu Qin analysis and interrupted: “But the two roads are very difficult.” 

“The degree of difficulty is not the same.” Mu Qin continued the analysis, “First of all think about the hidden exit this path, I don’t know enough about hidden exits. Moreover before you said that to open hidden exits, certain harsh conditions need to be met, we are not sure about this condition. In the absence of so many innate conditions, we will use Qiu Zijia Fool’s card to find hidden exit. We finally may still not open the hidden exit door, with a hidden exit there is very little hope of escape, full of unknown and uncertainty, I do not recommend this way of escape. ” 

Xu Fu frowned: “What do you mean by taking the road to take back the key?”

“Yes, it’s better than to go directly to the difficult problem of not knowing where it is, to satisfy the harsh conditions that we don’t know. It’s better to deal directly with the problems in front of us. We want a simple and effective way to recapture the exit key directly from the killer. ” 

“How do we recapture?” Xu Fu still felt it was very unreliable, mainly because the chance of taking the key from the killer was too low. 

Mu Qin raised his eyes and stared at Xu Fu: “I am very curious. How did you ‘kill’ the killer before? I mean, the killer was bloody in the stairwell and the wound on his body should be your masterpiece, right?” 

“I don’t know.” Xu Fu simply explained the downside of the dragon. “I picked up a knife in the church. When I was looking at the knife, he came out and attacked me. I instinctively turned back and blocked it with the knife. The result was that it inexplicably cut the other’s face. After we both got up, there were several wounds, that angle… it was his own collision with my knife.”

“Did you come up with your knife? It turned out to be the case.” Mu Qin thought for a moment and said, “So your knife is also right in the church at that time? Why not explain it to us at the beginning, instead of choosing to go to Han Li?” 

“I didn’t know if you were there. When I used to, I saw that the woman was screaming at the body. At that time, my heart was very flustered. I was afraid that I was mistaken for the killer, so I just grabbed the woman. Well,” Xu Fu said. “I learned from the woman’s mouth that she used to be an employee of this orphanage. So I thought of my sister who died here. I was very angry and started to kill this woman.” 

Mu Qin commented on him: “You are really cruel, just because you don’t know the possibility of true and false, you want to kill others. No wonder you were jailed for manslaughter.” 

“The problem we are discussing now is not that I am cruel, this kind of thing!?” Xu Fu was a little impatient. He knew his own character defects, and he was not prepared to change himself. He admitted his bad character. He still did his own thing. From this point of view, Xu Fu was this person. It was a bit of a bone. 

Xu Fu was impatient to Mu Qin. “Don’t waste time, reveal your plan!”

“After listening to your statement, I think we should hand over the chariot card to Qiu Zijia.” Mu Qin looked back and looked at Qiu Zijia, who was quiet and silent. “He is the best candidate for us to break through the puzzle. ” 

“Why!?” Xu Fu still didn’t understand. 

“This killer is very thoughtful.” Mu Qin said, “He will die to confuse our sights, and will blame you for harassing our thinking. He even takes the key to the door before us, he will still lie on the church to guard us in the past… Do you think he will not see that we are deliberately attracting his attention?” 

Xu Fu seemed to understand Mu Qin’s meaning; “You mean that even if we run to attract his attention, it still won’t be ours, right?” 

“Yes, he won’t be fooled.” To be precise, Zhou Yue would not go to Mu Qin. Zhou Yue knew what Mu Qin wanted to do. Zhou Yue knew Mu Qin. 

It was precisely because of mutual understanding that Mu Qin must take extraordinary measures. He must make things that were unexpected to Zhou Yue. Unexpectedly, it was always a weakness. 

Mu Qin said: “The matter of taking the key from the killer, whether you or I do it, will cause the killer’s vigilance. Once he is alert, he will not easily approach us. If you can’t get close, you can’t take the key. There is no way to talk about it, but Qiu Zijia is different.” 

Mu Qin said that as he also reached out and pulled Qiu Zijia, who was standing behind him. Qiu Zijia listened to them and had a white face and cold sweat. The partiality of Mu Qin seemed to be fixed. The idea was: “We first give the chariot to Qiu Zijia, and let Qiu Zijia look for the hidden exit. Then we will attract the attention of the killer, not too deliberate, but the killer must be able to see that we are tempting him, so he won’t be fooled. He won’t come and chase us, but will continue to patrol around the church, and then he will find Qiu Zijia, who will regard Qiu Zijia as a soft egg with no hands and no effort killable existence.” 

Qiu Zijia’s scared face turned from blue to white, trembling he began to ask Mu Qin: “Mu Qin …… you …… you want me to talk to the killer … “

“Just let you go.” Mu Qin seriously looked at Qiu Zijia. “I want you to pretend that there is no effort to fight back. The killer has no knife on his body. In order to kill you, he may choose other ways. The simplest and quickest is to break your neck. In order to break your neck he will approach you, and you can also take the opportunity to approach him and grab the key on his body. Grab the key and use the chariot to escape the killer, run directly to the exit gate. Running in this direction, we will pass you to block the killer to delay the time!” 

“No… no! I can’t do it!” Qiu Zijia felt that he was suffocating while listening to Mu Qin’s explanation, especially in Mu Qin. When the intention was to break his neck, Qiu Zijia even instinctively reached out and grabbed his neck. 

“You can do it.” Mu Qin looked at Qiu Zijia intently. His eyes contained confidence in Qiu Zijia. “Only you can do it.” 

After that, Mu Qin looked at Xu Fu and extended his hand to Xu Fu, asking him to give the chariot card in his hand. 

Xu Fu listened to Mu Qin’s entire plan. He had to say that Mu Qin’s plan was almost seamless. He had a good grasp of the killer’s psychology. It’s like he was the killer. Extremely deep understanding. 

Was it my illusion? 

Xu Fu’s heart was vaguely thinking. He always felt that there was something wrong with Mu Qin. He felt that Mu Qin seemed to be hiding something, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong and what was hidden, and Mu Qin’s plan… was really good. 

“Okay.” Xu Fu was not very good at thinking. He liked to act on his own instincts most of the time. He saw Mu Qin’s serious and focused vision. He decided to believe in Mu Qin, so he reached into his pocket and took out his chariot and handed it to Mu Qin.

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UCD Chapter 23

At this moment, Qiu Zijia was alone at the back of the apartment building, hiding in certain grass. His heart was very nervous, the fool’s card in his hand also shivered with his nervousness. He was careful with the wall going forward and was following the guide of the Fool’s card to find the right route. 

Mu Qin told him that the Fool’s card would only guide the player to the location of the same thing, it may point to some items that open the exit, such as keys or other tools. It was also possible that this card would point directly to the so-called hidden exit. 

So what was the hidden exit? 

The literal meaning was the hidden exit. 

There was an obvious exit in the map of the Iris Flower Orphanage – the large iron gate in the courtyard. The huge iron gate that didn’t look very solid, but could trap Mu Qin and the others in the orphanage. If you wanted to open the door, they must find the key to the door. This was as long as you understood the situation, the logical facts that could be inferred. 

So at this time, there was a new problem in front of everyone: Was there any other exit in the orphanage besides this big iron gate? 

The answer was of course yes. 

According to Xu Fu, each map in the game had basically two or more than two exits or escapes. 

Xu Fu told them of his game experience, which was on a small island that was not very big. There were two kinds of transportation on the island, one was the speedboat on the island pier. One was to park a small submarine in the underground cave of the island, so you could also escape by submarine. 

The use of these two modes of transportation was an escape method that players could use to escape. Players did not need to master the skills of sailing or submarine, they only needed to find the speedboat key that could start the speedboat, or find the tool to open the submarine seal cover. 

Of the two props they only needed to find one of them, and then use the prop to start the speedboat or submarine, the game system would default to the player’s success.

It was important to note here that even if humans were already standing inside the escape tool, such as already standing on the speedboat, if the key was not used to start the speedboat, the killer could still attack humans during this time. The killer could climb. Speedboats were used to hack people, but as long as the speedboat was activated, the system would determine that the player had escaped successfully and the player would be transferred to the safe house in an instant. 

Xu Fu said that he finally left the island by speedboat and became the last survivor. 

However, according to Xu Fu’s guess, he felt that there was not only a speedboat or a submarine on the closed island. It seemed that there was a third means of transportation to help humans escape, which was the so-called “hidden escape method”. 

Because Xu Fu found a helipad on the island, the old players in the team told him that the appearance of the aircraft pad was not meaningless, and the helicopter was probably the way to the hidden exit. Only the plane was not parked on the tarmac, so Xu Fu guessed that perhaps in the game, they had to meet certain conditions, and the helicopter would appear. 

In this map of the Iris Flower Orphanage, Xu Fu felt that this place also had a so-called “hidden exit” or “hidden escape mode.” 

Xu Fu said: “The map of the orphanage is much simpler than the map of the island I experienced before. Its hidden exit is also very good. Besides the opening of the door, I think there is a similar entrance and exit here, maybe it is an orphan in a corner of the court.” 

Mu Qin’s Fool’s card pointed to the second floor of the church, while Qiu Zijia’s Fool’s card pointed to another direction. 

This was already obvious. Qiu Zijia’s Fool’s card pointed to the hidden exit. 

Under normal circumstances, the human side would not consider using hidden exits to escape. Because it was necessary to open certain hidden conditions, Xu Fu did not know what the conditions were. He had not tried it before, but they were in a very critical situation at the moment.

Mu Qin saw the door in the storage room being opened, and the ladder inside was missing. He guessed that Zhou Yue was afraid that they would take the key to exit the door first. Zhou Yue had found the key in the morning and grasped it in his own hands, so as to ruin the idea of ​​the human side. So now Mu Qin and the others were too late to catch up. It was extremely difficult to get the keys back from Zhou Yue, so Mu Qin had to propose new countermeasures. He decided to try to find the hidden exit. 

The plan was almost the same as before, but Mu Qin and Xu Fu separately attracted the attention of the killer, and Qiu Zijia took his own fool’s card to find the hidden exit. After finding it, he had to find a way to open the hidden exit because both Mu Qin and Xu Fu must keep on delaying time with the killer. The only one who had the ability to act was Qiu Zijia. 

Qiu Zijia felt that he was carrying a heavy responsibility, which made him so nervous his face paled, but he forced himself to spur on all his courage, clenched his teeth in the dark courtyard and carefully looked for it. The light tarot card seemed to be his only hope. 

He didn’t know if it was Qiu Zijia’s illusion. He thought that the tarot card in his hand seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. It seemed to indicate that he was getting closer and closer to the so-called hidden exit, but at his firm pace, he was slowly approaching. When he arrived at the destination, he heard footsteps come from behind him. 

Qiu Zijia was very sensitive when he was alone. This was natural. The loneliness in this environment would put Qiu Zijia in an extremely tense state of mind. A little bit of noise would make him feel astonished for a long time, so the colleague who heard this footstep, Qiu Zijia looking back quickly, found that there was a figure behind, and in the dark courtyard, Qiu Zijia could only see a dark human figure. 

Qiu Zijia realized that it was not Xu Fu or Mu Qin, because if Mu Qin came to him, he would definitely call Qiu Zijia’s name. 

Not Mu Qin or Xu Fu, there was only one person who could come to him. 

Qiu Zijia was scared in an instant, fear spread from his brain to his internal organs, and Qiu Zijia, who was scared, stood up from the grass, no matter what direction, he began to run hard, every cell in his body was frightened. He screamed and ran!

Therefore, Qiu Zijia ran up, pinched the tarot card in his hand, and tried to run in the courtyard where he could not reach the five fingers. He saw him run away. The killer who followed Qiu Zijia later followed Qiu Zijia. 

However, Qiu Zijia didn’t run fast enough. His physical fitness was definitely worse than the killer. In addition, the weeds in the courtyard were dark and tall, and nothing could be seen clearly. It was easy to stumble on things like stones. Qiu Zijia must be careful. Carefulness had greatly reduced his speed of action. After a while, the killer behind him quickly caught up with Qiu Zijia. 

Qiu Zijia didn’t know if he had weapons or something, but he seemed to hear what the killer was holding in his hand, waving the whistling sound of the waving, and then Qiu Zijia felt a pain in his back. He yelled and threw himself to the ground. 

Qiu Zijia looked back and found that the thing that had just hit himself was a big stone. The stone that the killer could pick up at random could also become a weapon of terror. When he threw his hand away and threw it on Qiu Zijia, he knelt on the back of Qiu Zijia and Qiu Zijia instantly fell to the ground. 

Qiu Zijia tried to get up quickly, he raised his arm and lifted his body just to get up. The killer had already chased him. He stepped on Qiu Zijia’s back and just stepped on the stone that Qiu Zijia had just been hit with. The place, the pain, Qiu Zijia immediately fell to the ground. 

The killer seemed to intentionally torture him, so he stepped hard, as a killer, Zhou Yue’s body’s ability had been promoted to the highest by the death card, his current strength was definitely not covered, gently and casually stepping on, all made Qiu Zijia scream from the pain, and he struggled under his feet. 

Zhou Yue didn’t like to hear people screaming, because Qiu Zijia didn’t call it very well, so he quickly took his foot back and stared at Qiu Zijia for a second. He seemed to be thinking about how to kill him. 

The easiest way was to break his neck.

Zhou Yue originally had a weapon. In the game, the player who was picked by the death card was appointed as a killer. He would find a weapon near his birth point, such as a knife or a tool. Take it, but hide it. Afterwards, usually other human beings would suspect that you were a killer, so there were also killers who choose not to take weapons in order to hide their identity. Even the killers had to take their weapons and secretly put them on others. 

Zhou Yue took it. He first took the weapon to the church, then placed the knife on the church table, and then hid. Later, Xu Fu discovered the knife when he explored the church. Zhou Yue saw that he took the knife and deliberately called him a killer. He took Xu Fu to anger him with a wooden board. Xu Fu was excited and Zhou Yue hit it. In the fight room, Zhou Yue deliberately greeted the other’s knife, let Xu Fu leave a few bloody wounds on his neck and body. 

Then Zhou Yue ran out with the wound and went all the way back to the apartment building at the birth point, and began to pretend to die in the stairwell. 

In doing so, he could not only create conditions for himself, but also transfer the sight of others to Xu Fu, increasing the suspicion that Xu Fu became a killer. 

But doing so was equivalent to giving his weapon to Xu Fu. 

However, Zhou Yue murdering did not need weapons, just the matter between the fingers, he knelt down and grabbed Qiu Zijia’s shoulder. Turned the squatting Qiu Zijia over and prepared to kill this guy, Qiu Zijia was still struggling, wanting to escape from Zhou Yue’s hands, but Zhou Yue used his knees to hold Qiu Zijia’s chest and abdomen to fix his body, then grabbed Qiu Zijia’s neck and began to use force. 

Qiu Zijia immediately turned his eyes because of suffocation. He reached out and beat Zhou Yue’s arm and even touched Zhou Yue. 

He touched Zhou Yue’s leg.

Zhou Yue felt that this action was a bit strange, how could he struggle to touch his leg? But before Zhou Yue noticed that something was wrong, Qiu Zijia, who was licking his neck, suddenly had eyes filled with blood, his muscles swelled, and his physique seemed to increase dozens of times in an instant. He grabbed Zhou Yue with his left hand. On the wrist of his neck, his strength seemed to increase to the speed of horror in an instant. He even pulled Zhou Yue’s arm out of the blue mark, and forced Zhou Yue’s hand to pull off his neck. 

Qiu Zijia’s right hand touched the pocket of Zhou Yue’s left leg at the same time. In the pocket, Zhou Yue kept the key from the second floor of the church. He touched it and took the key away. 

Zhou Yue admitted that he was forced by Qiu Zijia’s seemingly unrestrained actions, and found that his key was taken by Qiu Zijia, and he wanted to get it back from Qiu Zijia. But Qiu Zijia was straightforward and quick. The left hook hit the face of Zhou Yue, pushing Zhou Yue down to the side, so Qiu Zijia seized the opportunity to jump up, holding the key that had just grabbed in his hand and ran in the direction of the door that he had already remembered. 

Zhou Yue also quickly got up. He finally reacted and realized that Qiu Zijia had more than a fool’s card and a chariot!

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UCD Chapter 22

Mu Qin and Xu Fu came to the front door of the church. They wanted to come in through the back door of the church, but they soon found that the back door of the church was blocked by someone. Some people used the abandoned tables and chairs in the church. The cabinet blocked the back door, Mu Qin and Xu Fu gently pushed the door, the door was blocked and the wire did not move. 

In order to enter the church, Mu Qin and Xu Fu had no choice but to bypass the back door and return to the front door of the church. They then found that the front door was not closed, but was hidden, and the door slit revealed a dim light. 

Mu Qin took the lead and stood on the side of the door and extended his right hand to gently push the door open. The heavy wooden door made noise when moving, like some kind of old creature’s long quiet squeaking. It was particularly obvious in the environment. 

But Mu Qin and Xu Fu did not have the heart to worry about the obvious small things. After they opened the door, they looked inside at the church. The situation in the church was similar to when they left before. The candle chandelier was smashed down and broken lying on the ground, next to the body of Cheng Guoxu, leaning against the chair of a chair, motionless… already dead. 

Mu Qin and Xu Fu looked at each other. Mu Qin took the first step and walked into the church. His pace was not so bad. He slowly came to the side of Cheng Guoxu lying on the ground, and looked down at Cheng Guoxu. 

Cheng Guoxu had closed eyes, his blood was dripping, his wounds were numerous, and he was lying softly. He had been dead for a long time, and the blood flowing on his body and under his body began to become sticky and solidified. He exuded a bloody and decadent smell. That was the scent of death. 

When Mu Qin looked down at the body of Guoxu, Xu Fu went to Mu Qin’s side unconsciously, and looked at Guoxu with him. By the way, he also gave a cry to Cheng Guoxu: “Let him die too cheap. I should have tortured him to death.” 

Mu Qin answered Xu Fu: “What you said makes me feel that you are the killer.”

“The ‘killer’ in the game is just an identity imposed on you by the system.” Xu Fu smiled coldly. “I said before that all the players who entered this game are sinners. Among them are various murderers. Strong female criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers, bandit thieves… What kind of guys are here, I met this kind of bastard in the last game. Every time I put it out, I will be rejected by the world and they will all be damned!” 

Mu Qin looked at Xu Fu with a cold look. “So you killed them and lived to the end.” 

Mu Qin’s words made Xu Fu squint in a word, he couldn’t help but squint and look at Mu Qin: “What do you mean by this?” 

“Nothing.” Mu Qin said earnestly. “I was just thinking, you said that you have only experienced two games, including this one. So in the last game, as a newcomer… How did you live alone to the end?” 

Xu Fu said with a smile: “Do you think I have not lived to the last ability?” 

“Of course you have.” Mu Qin revealed a ribbon with indifference. Smiled,” As long as you are a killer, you have the ability to live to the end.” 

“Don’t be kidding.” Xu Fu was very helpless, and he said, “How much do you want me to be a killer?” Mu Qin did not continue to talk to him. It was to circumvent the body of Cheng Gouxu on the ground and walk over to the stairwell on the second floor of the church. Then Mu Qin found the ladder they could not find in the log cabin. The ladder was already set up on the fault of the stairs in the stairwell. It was obvious that someone used the ladder to go to the second floor. 

On the second floor, it looked dark and there was no light at all. It was completely covered in the darkness. 

Xu Fu also saw the ladder and turned his head and whispered to Mu Qin: “Do you think we still have to go up to the second floor? I bet that it must have been turned over.” 

“I think so.” Mu Qin looked up at the stairs and stared at the shadow on the second floor. “The killer has probably taken the item we are looking for.”

“Is it taken?” Xu Fu was puzzled by Mu Qin’s words. He took out the fool’s card belonging to Mu Qin, raised his arm to the second floor, and found that the card of the Tarot was still on. 

So Xu Fu said: “No, no! He doesn’t seem to take the props, the card is still lit…” 

“Of course he has taken it.” Mu Qin stressed this point, he looked up at the stairs. The shadow on the fault, “He is holding the props and standing upstairs and looking at us.” 

Mu Qin’s tone was a bit sullen, and Xu Fu was scared into a shackle, Xu Fu put down the tarot card in his hand and also followed Mu Qin’s line of sight to the second floor stair fault. The church was too dark, and the black corner couldn’t be seen clearly… Although nothing could be seen clearly, Xu Fu did feel that someone was standing in the shadow on the stairs, because the cold eyes of the other side extended from above, projected on Mu Qin and Xu Fu. 

Although Xu Fu was slightly scared, he quickly calmed down, and he quickly made a very bold move. Xu Fu suddenly rushed over and walked to the stairwell in a few steps. The ladder on the fault was pulled down, and the ladder slammed into the ground with his strong movement. 

“Sure enough, as you might expect, this guy is still on the second floor.” After Xu Fu knocked down the ladder, he returned a few steps back to Mu Qin. “Take the ladder down and see how he’ll come down!” 

Upstairs the standing killer seemed to make a slight hoarse smile after listening to Xu Fu’s words, the kind of smile with scorn. Then he had an action, Mu Qin saw him seem to take a step forward, his shoes stepped on the edge of the stair fault, revealing a corner. 

Mu Qin suddenly realized what he was doing, grabbed the arm of Xu Fu around him and said, “Run!” 

Xu Fu listened, although he did not understand Mu Qin’s thoughts, but the body had instinctively started to act, Xu Fu turned around immediately and ran towards the church door.

At the same time, the killer standing on the stair’s fault jumped downstairs and jumped directly to the position of Mu Qin and Xu Fu. The action that he leaped was like a dark crow. He spread his wings under the shadow of the shadows, and there was an evil and suffocating atmosphere everywhere. The horror was full of inexplicable charm. 

Mu Qin should have followed Xu Fu, but he paused a bit in the same place. He couldn’t help but watch the killer’s figure. He watched the other person jump from the top, and land on the ground in front of Mu Qin. The other party put away a huge dark wing, but exposed Mu Qin to his teeth and claws. He was like a monster and smiled at Mu Qin. 

Mu Qin seemed to be shocked by him, causing Mu Qin to stand rigidly in the same place, close in contact with the terrible killer. 

The killer did not immediately attack Mu Qin, the killer slowly stood up and reached out to Mu Qin, as if he wanted to touch Mu Qin’s face with his fingers. 

At this time, Xu Fu, who had already ran a few steps, found that Mu Qin did not follow. He couldn’t help but yell out Mu Qin’s name. Mu Qin was shocked, and this time he came back to his senses and immediately stepped back and turned to follow Xu Fu outside the church, leaving the killer still standing, and he kept the posture of raising his right hand and trying to touch Mu Qin. 

The killer did not stagnate in place for a long time. He knew that he should act. Now was the best time to hunt. 

The previous suspended animation was to break away from the group, so as to create opportunities for individual action and absent conditions. When he met Mu Qin, the killer tempted Mu Qin to use his own fool’s card. When Mu Qin used the fool’s card, the killer saw his face. When the direction of the church was on, the face would light up. The killer knew that the human side wanted the props found in the church. So when Mu Qin left, the killer then went to the second floor of the church and took the first step to get the key to the exit gate. The key was placed on the desk of an office on the second floor of the church. 

As long as the key was obtained, the killer could guarantee that the human side cannot easily escape. The human beings must find a way to injure or control the killer once, and take the key away from the killer to open the door of the exit. 

If there was no way to take back the key, unable to open the door, and unable beat the ghost, then all the humans would be destroyed here.

It was not Zhou Yue’s first time to be a “ghost”. He had been reincarnated in this game for a long time. His experience was too rich. He knew what to do and how to do it to push these people into desperation. 

However, often, these newcomers did not know that they had fallen into desperation. 

When the killer chased them in the church, he found that Xu Fu and Mu Qin were gone. The air was still filled with the moist grassy smell of the soil after the rain, but it was mixed with some other breath. The killer simply observed the traces on the ground… It was the place where the living things passed, always leaving clues, the footprints on the soil, and the curvature of the blades of grass. Even if the traces were not obvious, it was not a problem for Zhou Yue who had the hunter’s intuition. 

So Zhou Yue quickly knew where Mu Qin was going, but Zhou Yue was not in a hurry to chase people, because he could see that Mu Qin and Xu Fu deliberately ran from him to attract his attention.

Attracting his attention to lead him elsewhere. 

Why should you lead him elsewhere? 

Zhou Yue looked back at the church. He had already gotten the key from the church. Then the church had no need to be searched again. The nearest building in the church was only the apartment building. The apartment building was Zhou Yue’s “Birth point”, he woke up in a room on the fourth floor of the apartment building, so he simply searched the apartment building completely, and there was nothing inside. 

In addition to Mu Qin and Xu Fu, in addition to the death of Cheng Guoxu in the church and Han Li, a woman who had temporarily lost her ability to act because of fever, there should be another person. 

Mu Qin and Xu Fu deliberately came to attract the attention of the killer, just to let the remaining person act alone. 

Zhou Yue thought of this. He licked his lips and gave up continuing to follow Mu Qin and Xu Fu. Instead, he turned and decided to wander around the apartment building and the church. The last person must be nearby, Zhou Yue thought. Soon I can find him. 

At the same time, Mu Qin and Xu Fu, who ran a distance and squatted under a tree, looked back at the church for a while. Xu Fu said: “He didn’t keep up.”

Mu Qin couldn’t help but frown. “He found that we were tempting his attention. He wouldn’t be fooled. Then he would definitely go to Qiu Zijia.” 

“What should I do?” Xu Fu was anxious. 

“No way.” Mu Qin sighed and felt tricky. “We will go back and attract his attention again. If we are not in the same place, he will still be taken away.” 

Xu Fu could only compromise: “Ok, I think we should move faster, otherwise Qiu Zijia is in danger.”

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BDG Chapter 27

After the rebirth, Qi Jingchen had been unable to raise his strength. If he was not worried that he was really looking for death, Qi Yaoyao would be unloaded by Nie Yi, and Nie Yi himself might be crazy. He even felt that he could die immediately. 

For example, sitting on the bay window at this time, he would like to open the window and jump down – it was not a wonderful experience to watch the human beings walk step by step to perish. 

Because of this, he has never paid attention to anything other than trying to make himself comfortable. And since he was even greeted by Nie Yi, and Nie Yi repeatedly confessed in front of others and even did not care about eating tofu, of course, it was impossible to care about his appearance. 

After Qi Jingchen was reborn, he did not look in the mirror. Until now, he suddenly saw his appearance in the mirror. 

In the last life, he didn’t have meat in his whole body. The ugly incomprehensibleness was known to him. At that time, he did not miss his pre-existing appearance. He knew that before the end of the world, he could also be called a “little handsome guy.” 

However, he did not look so good before the end of the world, it should not be like this… 

The person in the mirror had red and white eyes, the skin was white and pale, and the face was long. Although there was no expression on the face, it was still cute, it looked…clearly less than twenty years old! 

No, it should be said that it was only 17 or 18 years old! 

He had a baby face, it was a bit small, but it was not so small! 

Qi Jingchen opened the window with a blank expression, threw the mirror out, and saw that the mirror was torn apart, and then closed the window. 

Nie Yi went out after he settled in Qi Jingchen. The first thing was to go to the city to see Xu Nan and the others. 

He worked so hard to bring such a large group of people to the safe area of ​​B City. Of course, it was impossible for Qi Jingchen to like the excitement. Even Qi Jingchen could not let him drag a bunch of ordinary people just because he wanted to be busy. Even if Qi Jingchen did not admit it, Nie Yi knew that Qi Jingchen had his own heart.

Therefore, he asked these people to practice killing zombies, protect them and let them get enough exercise. It was not just to save people, but also to cultivate their own confidant minds. Without saying anything else, some of Xu Nan’s performances were no worse than those with poor abilities. 

Nie Yi knew very well that only the senior abilities could survive in the late period, but in the early days of the last days, there were still many ordinary people who shone, and he wanted to develop his own power. Was it based on the early days? Was there any struggle for the ridiculous in the middle and late stages? 

In this life, he always wanted to find a way to build a safe fortress, so that Qi Jingchen could not suffer a little bit. 

Since he did not take Qi Jingchen, Nie Yi naturally would not go to the car, but instead ran the way with his feet. 

In the last days, all awakened abilities were related to elements. They were like sci-fi films, but there were no abilities like power and speed in some novels. But after the end of the world, all the people who came down basically knew that they must work hard, so the overall quality of human beings were improved in the harsh environment. 

Not to mention other people, Nie Yi himself had improved his physical fitness in the past 20 days, so that when he ran to the resettlement house at the entrance of the security zone, he did not panic. 

When he arrived at the place, Nie Yi went to see Xu Nan and the others, and those people were waiting for him. 

“You can choose to stay in the safe area to do things, so although you don’t earn a lot of work, but it is very safe, you won’t be in danger. If you go with me, you will have to go outside the city to collect supplies, so you can earn a little more work. But with a little carelessness, there may be no bones.” Nie Yi said. 

These people who were rescued by Nie Yi were very grateful to Nie Yi, but most of them did not want to go outside to face all kinds of dangers after they reached the safe area. They also worried that if they disagreed with Nie Yi, the son of the safe area chief would be dissatisfied, and there would be hesitation on their faces.

“There are countless people in the security zone. I don’t lack the partners to fight, but I know that such a way to tell you. Even when I don’t see you take me out to find supplies, you can think clearly.” Nie Yi said again. It was probably just the solution to the troubles at home. He had no awkward momentum at the moment, and he looked very good and spoke, and let those people relax. 

Most people had retired. In the end, only Xu Nan and a total of eleven people were willing to go out to find materials. 

Nie Yi greeted these people and asked them to choose the city to find supplies when they arranged their work, and gave their address to them before leaving. 

Others didn’t know, but Nie Yi knew very well that these few people who were willing to follow him were right. Although the safety zone was now rich in materials, most of the people working in the safe area could eat enough, and it would not be necessary in the future… and in the safe area, there was also the risk of becoming a zombie. 

Of course, these people might have a greater risk of being outside, which no one could say. 

Leaving the resettlement area, Nie Yi arrived by two familiar figures. It was Yao’s father Yao. The two men saw him and they were too busy to escape. It seemed that they were worried that he was harmed by him. It made him really amused. 

He had always avenged, but such people had never really been in the heart. 

After discussing with Xu Nan and others, Nie Yi went to a place where the military was in a territorial waters. 

There was water supply in the safe area. Now even the free water supply, so after they arrived at the safe area, except for some small bottles of pure water mineral water, they had not brought other water. Now, of course, he had to get some water back to Qi Jingchen. It was convenient for Qi Jingchen to take a shower. 

Most of the water in the territorial waters of the military was pumped from the ground, but there were also several water ability users who added water to several reservoirs. Nie Yi had some points for Zhao Chengqi to give him. He used four, each worker changed four plastic buckets, filled with water from the water abilities, and then walked back and forth with one hand and two. 

“Who is this? How do you get so much water?” There was a young man in his 20s who had water in the water tank. He saw Nie Yi stunned at so much water.

“It is estimated that there are many people in his family.” The water system actor next to the water ability user was a 27-year-old big beauty. She replied, and then said: “Yu Xuguang, your ability is running out, rest, don’t mess around and make yourself upset like you did last time.” 

“Sister…” Yu Xuguang looked helplessly at his sister and sat down, but his mouth had not stopped: “That man is really amazing. I’ve been able to walk four buckets of water so well.” 

“I’ve told you that there are a lot of people in the world. Don’t think that you are a power, you are unable to be lawless.” Yu Xuguang’s sister Yu Yuehui was educated to her younger brother. Her younger brother was a little bit off, and she was so ruined. 

“I know, sister, haven’t I been always embarrassed?” Yu Xuguang smiled at his sister and then began to concentrate on restoring his abilities. His abilities were weak, so be sure to work hard! 

After recovering some, Yu Xuguang began to add water to the reservoir. He didn’t expect that this time, he actually saw that the man who had just taken four buckets of water had come again. This was not a big deal, four barrels of water. 

Should this person be helping others to drown? It was a good person. Yu Xuguang sat next to his sister and tried to make a little more water. In the end, he only puffed out a bunch of drops of water, which made him blush. He was always the poorest one of the water system users.  

Nie Yi wanted so much water, of course, to bathe Qi Jingchen. 

He prepared enough water for Qi Jingchen, and then put the rest into the kitchen. As for Ping Shengchao and the others, he might have to take a shower… He wanted to take a bath and go to the water. 

The water had already come, and Qi Jingchen took off his clothes and laid in the bathtub. He felt that he had changed a lot. 

He didn’t look bad, but he was also a man. He had a lot of sweat on his arms. Because he was a child when he was a child, he grew up and often worked. He still has a calluoses on his hand.

As a result, in just twenty days, these things had disappeared.

If it was before the end of the world, take a picture of his legs and put it on the Internet. It was estimated that it would attract some wolverines… 

Not only did his face become white and delicate, but his skin all over the body was so tender that he could pour out water… …this was to facilitate others to eat his meat? 

Qi Jingchen secretly laughed, but he also knew that he would be like this. Most of them were because of their own abilities. The darkness’s abilities were enchanting. In the last life, he could use mental power to confuse others. In this life… maybe he could still like those demon enchantresses, the people who lead them were fascinated. 

I don’t know if he was like this in his life… Qi Jingchen thought about it carefully, but he only remembered that he had been smashed in the early days of his life, and he was later arrested… 

His wounds didn’t know why they always grow very fast. After those people cut a piece of meat of him, he would heal up in a few days, but if he was injured, it would never be possible to return to the original, so when he was always on his body, after being cut, the newly grown meat is pink, not concave or convex, and the overlapping wounds looked disgusting. 

Qi Jingchen didn’t want to recall those, but after taking a shower, he suddenly looked at Nie Yi: “How do you think I look?” 

“No one is better than you under the sun.” Nie Yi said without hesitation. 

“Oh, huh…” This blink of an eye was also powerful enough. Qi Jingchen was very sure that he was only getting better skin and therefore looked smaller, but he had not become a handsome guy. 

“You cleaned up very nice… How old are you?” Ping Shengchao suddenly asked, when he first met Qi Jingchen, he took a good look at Qi Jingchen, but at that time, Qi Jingchen’s sweat smelled, then…he was busy with killing the zombies. Qi Jingchen was often held by Nie Yi, so he really did not carefully read the appearance of Qi Jingchen… It turned out that this person was so young? 

According to Nie Yi, he knew Qi Jingchen when he was a soldier. That was four years ago… Should his boss not hook up with a minor?! 

“Twenty-two.” Qi Jingchen said.

That was okay, four years ago, it was already eighteen… Ping Shengchao let out a sigh of relief. 

“Your skin is really good, how are you maintaining it?” Shao Zhenglan and Ping Shengchao had not seen Qi Jingchen in these few days — seeing this person being served, this was not to find yourself uncomfortable! Now, after seeing it, in addition to feeling the good skin of Qi Jingchen, she also understood how Nie Yi would not want Yan Qi to meet Qi Jingchen. 

Although Qi Jingchen was not Yan Zhe, but the skin looked like people want to pinch! 

Qi Jingchen wanted to know how he became like this… 

“Brother, you are handsome.” Finally, Qi Yaoyao’s words made Qi Jingchen listen to the most comfortable. 

Although Qi Jingchen was very strange about the changes in his appearance, he did not have any spirit to go deeper, and soon he threw the matter behind his head. 

The dinner was with Jiang Huai and the two bodyguards together. Jiang Huai had been living alone for cooking, and the two bodyguards also understood some. The food that was finally collected was also okay. Of course, Qi Jingchen’s one was Nie Yi’s specially made, it was different from other people’s meals. 

After dinner, Nie Yi let Qi Jingchen go to sleep earlier, and then went out again, this time also brought his two bodyguards. 

Nie Yi’s two bodyguards were called Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng. They were all arranged by Nie Yi’s grandfather four years ago. Nie’s grandfather looked at Nie Yi very seriously and asked him to find a bodyguard. It also took a lot of effort. Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng were not only very professional, but also had no relatives. They belonged to the kind that could protect Nie Yi with one heart and one mind. 

Of course, these two bodyguards were unlikely to protect Nie Yi all the time. After they protected Nie Yi for five years, they could get a lot of money and then retreat to marry their wives and children. Nie Yi would also replace them with new bodyguards. 

As a result, the term of the two bodyguards was still not full, and the end of the world was coming… The two bodyguards in the last life were very committed. At the end of the world they were still protecting Nie Yi, and eventually both died. As for this life… Nie Yi said it before. The way to let the two bodyguards awaken their abilities was not fake. He had already made up his mind. In the future, he must know that all the mutant plants have been brought.

Nie Yi took the two people to go fast, and then came to the garbage dump outside the safe area. 

People who had just come to the safe area were basically carrying a lot of things, but many of them would not be brought into the safe area, they were handed over to the people in the safe area. 

Some of these were the materials needed for the safe area. The people in the safe area would sort it out, and the rest would be placed next to it. At the same time, the various teams in the safe area would go out to find materials and bring back some useless things. Thrown here, these were all free to take. 

Most of these things were dirty clothes and the like. Some old people wore gloves and picked up the good clothes and picked them up next to them. These clothes were washed and taken into the safe area, and occasionally they could be exchanged. 

In addition, there were a lot of other utensils here, not to mention anything else. At the beginning, Nie Yi, some of the extra pots and pans that they did not easily bring into the safe area, were thrown here. 

Many people in the safe area were fleeing, and they were divided into houses and even blanks. There were so few things that could be used at home. They would come here to see if they could find pots and pans that could be used. 

After Nie Yi took Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng to come here, he found a wooden stick and looked for it like the people around him. To tell the truth, it was more convenient to use the hand, but who knew directly whether he would scratch his hand and then get dirty? 

“Young master, what are we looking for?” Gan Jun asked quickly. 

“Look for something that can grow flowers and grass.” Nie Yi said. 

In the last life, Qi Jingchen liked to plant flowers and grass. In the late period of the last days, he planted a lot of vegetables in his own field. Later, if that Xu Xuguang suddenly ran out to assassinate them, they might still rely on those vegetables to live longer.

Thinking of Yu Xuguang, Nie Yi secretly clenched his fists. In the last days, there were countless people who came to assassinate them. He really hated it, he hated it, but this Yu Xuguang actually used the self-explosion to hurt Qi Jingchen! 

If he wanted to run into this person in his life, he must find a way to kill him soon! The murderousness of Nie Yi’s body suddenly came out.

Maybe he used to be a good young man with three normal views, but now he didn’t have a good heart. 

“The end of the world, there are still thoughts to plant flowers and grass.” Someone saw Nie Yi and the two bodyguards dressed in a clean appearance, soured and said. 

The man who said it was sour, and the person next to him suddenly remembered something and began to look it up. Whether it was a wooden washbasin or a canned one, it’s all about you. 

Planting flowers in the last days was really stupid, but you could grow vegetables! 

Although it was now possible to exchange food by working, fresh vegetables couldn’t be exchanged. If you grew your own, it would be different. 

When the others began to look for things that could be returned to grow vegetables, Nie Yi had already found enough things he wanted, and then began to go back. 

There were a lot of flower beds in the safe area, where he filled all the things he had picked up from the rubbish, and then moved back home with two bodyguards. 

“Tomorrow, I will go back to the people to pick up the seeds. Now the safe area should have begun to try to grow vegetables. If there are vegetables, you can also get some things, so you can plant things at home.” Nie Yi said with great enthusiasm. 

Although Qi Jingchen had no spirit, he really liked more green plants in his house. He said: “You go to plant.” 

“Well, I will plant.” Nie Yi washed himself with Qi Jingchen’s bath water and then laid down around Qi Jingchen.

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