AOA Chapter 1


Xu Jinyi sat in a large office chair and looked awkward.

When Xu Jinyi was 18 years old, his parents died in a plane-crash, leaving him the big fat meat of the Xu family, and a large group of relatives who stared at the fat drooling.

They thought of Xu Boyi’s long white and pure son, who seemed to be a harmless son. Everyone laughed, and laughed twice, then the mind was alive, looking for allies to find allies, identifying the enemy’s identification of the enemy, thinking that they could take Xu’s power into the hands of oneself, and if it was not good enough, it could be eaten with other people, and the two pieces of meat were torn off.

But everyone forgot, Xu Boyi was a wolf before his death, would his son be a dog?

Xu Jinyi not only had an IQ of more than 180, but his business talent was even rarer. In the case of Xu’s internal and external troubles, he took over the power of Xu in the wind and the power, and in a half-month, he stabilized the stock that Xu had plunged from the death of former ruler Xu Boyi.

In the past two years, Xu had become a top-ranking enterprise, not only because of the trend of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but also to become one of the top companies in China. Xu Jinyi also became the most dazzling presence in the Huaxia business circle. He was invited to attend the major summits and had a good talk with the Chinese head of state. He represented the Chinese business delegation and was highly praised by the Queen of England… These people smashed their heads and argued. The opportunity to come was completely a routine thing that Xu Jinyi was tired of.

Today, Xu Jinyi, who was only 20 years old, leaned on the back of the office chair, which was quite a bit boring.

The cleaned and pickled relatives packed up, and the saved Xu family saved them. The subordinates were loyal to him, and he was able to build Xu in a good direction. It could be said that life had reached his level, and it had reached the top of the peak, and there was no upward space.

Then, only the boredom was left.

Famous car? Beauty? Drugs? Xu Jinyi, who was the most addicted to pleasure of these sons, felt that they had no interest. Knew how? Skill? Motion? The unforgettable brain would let him learn things as fast as possible. Until now, Xu Jinyi could see that he couldn’t afford to learn. Public welfare? Charitable? After the approval of the money, the subordinates had a proper arrangement in minutes. It was completely unnecessary for him to go to the impoverished mountainous area in person to send a schoolbag to the left-behind children there.

Bored. Xu Jinyi closed his eyes and trapped half of his body into a comfortable office chair. He sighed.

“Big brother, for what reason do you sigh?” Xu Jinyi’s cousin Lin Zixiao pushed the door and squatted. When he walked to the front of Xu Jinyi, he sat down.

“There is a racing car in the northern suburbs. Can you go?” The old man of Lin Zixiao was Xu Jinyi. Among the relatives, he was the only one who, after Xu Boyi’s death, had not lost his life, but had tried his best to help the nephew to regain the power of Xu. Because of the true love of twenty years and the true feelings of suffering two years ago, now only Lin Jia could get a photo of Xu’s, and even Lin Zixiao had a few faces in front of Xu Jinyi.

“Can’t go.” Xu Jinyi pressed the button to let the secretary know to send two cups of coffee.

“Nothing .” Lin Zixiao licked his lips. He knew Xu Jinyi from his childhood, but now he looked at his cousin, or was he an inadvertent look of the soul.

Xu Jinyi’s face was peach-colored, and thin lips. The most wonderful thing was the pair of bright and charming fox eyes, especially when looking at you, the end of the eye was slightly picking up, the color was black and bright, clear and moist, that moment the style can make you cry and lose your soul.

The sight was beautiful, this cousin was the most annoying to others to take his appearance and say things, Lin Zixiao touched his nose, dodging and looking away. “For someone who wants to have someone immediately hold you, you certainly have no strength, what is like me? I’ve asked my dad for half a year for a sports car.”

Xu Jinyi took a bunch of keys from the drawer and threw it to him. “Which one would you like to mention yourself?”

Lin Zixiao smiled and opened, and this was the god. Mysteriously close to Xu Jinyi, “Big Brother, have you heard that Zhaojia Company has developed a new game?”


“Since you are so bored, it is better to play it. I heard that the game is limited to two people, very mysterious.” Lin Zixiao whispered in Xu Jinyi’s ear.

“I also heard that one of the places has been set by Zhao Chengli. The guy is ruthless, and has nothing to do with the matter? This time, I decided to pre-empt the quota. This game is not fun if it is not fun.” Xu Jinyi nodded inexplicably.

This Zhao Chengli was also an amazing figure. He was promoted to the position of Zhao’s president five years ago, when Zhao’s turnover increased by 50%! Three years ago, when Chairman Zhao died, Zhao Chengli inherited all the shares in his hands. As for his half-brothers, each of them was in the millions to ten million, so they did not dare to show some dissatisfaction in front of Zhao Chengli.

Today’s Zhao and Xu were also considered domestic arrogance. Xu Jinyi was often compared with Zhao Chengli, but it was a pity that the two groups were different in the industry. Xu Jinyi and Zhao Chengli were both in-depth and simple. There was little intersection between the two.

After they had parted ways, Lin Zixiao ran into his cousin’s garage, and found the car, who he dreamed of coveting, and kissed it. Sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling the luxury and strength inside, suddenly a ring of bells rang out of time, Lin Zixiao did not interrupt the interest of the intolerance, the fart was bumpy and answered the phone, the voice pleased, “Zhao-Ge I have already told my cousin, I think he intends to play it.”

The man at the end of the phone should have a voice, and the light in the slightly squinting eyes was like a wolf staring at the fat rabbit.

When Xu Jinyi woke up, the pen in his hand suddenly fell to the ground and made a “beep” sound.

He suddenly looked up, and a person on the stage who was obviously a teacher was screaming. Xu Jinyi looked around and found that it was a ladder classroom. A group of young people in their twenties were sitting in a mess, or staring at the blackboard, or bowing their heads to play with their phones, or being bored to sleep with their eyes closed.

Xu Jinyi remembered that he was still in the game bin one second before, was this “Different Worlds”? He suppressed the shock in his heart, found the game system in his mind, and looked at the plot.

On that day, listening to Lin Zixiao’s words, he hesitated for two days, before he went to grab the last ticket left for “Different Worlds”.

With the ticket, Xu Jinyi also learned the game rule of the so-called most mysterious game, “Different Worlds”: the so-called different world was the parallel world of the real world, and the world had become the winner of life. The son of destiny, there were also the cannon fodder and villains that ended in misery. The cannon fodder and the villains did the bad things under the guidance of the plot. In the end, all of them were poor and could not live. What Xu Jinyi had to do was to play one of the cannon fodders or villains, change their life trajectory, and replace them to live a happy new life.

Right now, he was in the first world of the game.

“Jinyi, what are you doing?” The boy in the next seat glanced at him, then typed away, “The squad leader invited us to dinner tonight, are you going? But at this time it’s Bifu Park, the squad leader can really be a tyrant!”

“Go.” As if it was the instinct of the body, Xu Jinyi replied, and then clenched his fists hard until the fingertips were white, which pressed down the sorrowful fears and strange expectations that suddenly rose in his heart.

Xu Jinyi thought that the reply was too blunt, causing the boy to look at him strangely. After a few seconds, he smiled gracefully. “The six people are gathered downstairs in the bedroom.”

Xu Jinyi looked at the boy in a concealed manner and thought carefully.

The boy next to him was the son of the destiny of this world, Meng Zijie. Another son of destiny was his future lover, also male, Zhao Chengli.

Yes, the protagonists of this world was a pair of male lovers.

The original owner of this body was the cannon fodder in the process of the male lovers.

The original’s name was Xu Jinyi. Since childhood, he had been in love with the handsome bamboo horse. He was a straight man. He had not only severely refused Xu Jinyi, but also advised Xu Jinyi that homosexuality was a disease and asked him to see a psychiatrist.

For more than ten years, the deep feelings had been abandoned by the bamboo horse. The original master had been sad and angry, and gone from anger to disappointment.

This was not a big deal. When the bamboo horse “carelessly” told Xu Jinyi that he had a crush on him, he told him that he was a good brother. After the whole school knew it, all the unknown people who had known the original person had the contempt with the AIDS patients. The eyes pointed to the original master. In a few days, the school also gave the original owner a dismissal punishment. In the end, even the father of the original small and powerful power threatened to sever the relationship with this unscrupulous son…

It seemed to be abandoned by the whole world. The original Lord actually had a sense of ignorance.

The appearance of Zhao Chengli was the redemption of the original Lord.

When the incident happened, the original owner was quickly sent to the capital, a thousand miles away from his hometown, where the original owner was placed in a university. Although far from those who were pitiful or disdainful or disgusted, the original Lord was still uneasy, and even began to suspect that his sexual orientation was probably a disease.

At this time, Zhao Chengli appeared. He saw the beautifully beautiful Xu Jinyi, such as the Heavenly Man, and began a series of romantic and beautiful pursuits.

Zhao Chengli wanted money and more money, and the skin had a skin capsule. It must be elegant and elegant, and it must be expensive and expensive. The standard romance novel was the male master. Such a man was actually the same as his own sexual orientation, and even cared for him at first sight. The original Lord’s uneasy grievances disappeared from his mind and he finally climbed out of the desperate black abyss.

Zhao Chengli chased Xu Jinyi. The two had lived a passionate and warm life, but Xu Jinyi was only a passing guest in Zhao Chengli’s happy life. Zhao Chengli’s real love was Xu Jinyi’s university roommate, Meng Zijie!

Originally a sweet and happy life, he did not know why, Zhao Chengli actually found out that Xu Jinyi had secretly loved another man for ten years, and thought that Xu Jinyi agreed to his pursuit to start a new relationship to forget the cinnabar.

Which man could endure being a substitute for a rival? Not to mention that Zhao Chengli himself was a proud man. Fortunately, in addition to his well-known Zhao’s president as a substitute for Xu Jinyi, there was also a Meng Zijie who really loved him. Although Meng Zijie was not as good as Xu Jinyi, he was also beautiful and good-looking, not to mention that Meng Zijie was more at home than Xu Jinyi. The service was also more thoughtful.

In this way, the love of Zhao Chengli and Meng Zijie began, and Xu Jinyi was thrown into the abyss by Zhao Chengli who had rescued him from the abyss. Then, under the touting of the pillow wind, Zhao Chengli became more and more disgusted with Xu Jinyi, and finally even reached the point of hatred. When Xu Jinyi finally took the courage to try to save his love, Zhao Chengli humiliated him with a vicious discourse in the face of his new lover. In order to give a new enthusiasm, he even tried to suppress Xu Jinyi’s father.

It was not until then that the original master knew why the father had sent him to the capital thousands of miles away. He did not really want to sever his relationship with him, but wanted him to change his environment to start again. He only blamed him for being so arrogant. He hadn’t been home for a few years to look at his parents.

Later, the official life of the original father was not smooth, although there was no past scenery, the family of three was also peaceful and happy. Only the original Lord could no longer believe in feelings, and finally fell into a lonely life.

“I will complete your wish, perform filial piety for you, and live a wonderful life for you.” Xu Jinyi’s face had not changed, but his mind was trying to communicate with the original owner’s remnant soul. “But let me live this life for you. In a lifetime, you should not stay and interfere with me!”

He felt that the remnant soul of the original Lord slowly dissipated, and the new soul and body were more and more in harmony. Xu Jinyi’s eyes were slightly retreating, leaving only half of the doubts.

Zhao Chengli? Why was this name so familiar?

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