AOA Chapter 2

After school, Xu Jinyi and Meng Zijie greeted each other and went directly to the counselor’s office. 

This university was just an ordinary 985 college, the bedroom was only a dozen square meters, but it had to accommodate four students, and there was no separate bathroom in the bedroom, even for a bath one had to go to the public bath!

Xu Jinyi had been training his survival skills since he was a child. In his teens, Xu Boyi threw him into the mountains and he survived for half a month. To say that simple, such dormitory conditions could be a hundred times stronger than the mountains, he was not intolerable.

But in this different world, Xu Jinyi had a lot to do in order to complete the task, and boarding schools were not convenient.

Now the original master had just entered the sophomore year, and the formalities for studying were very good. Xu Jinyi had spent another sum of money to rent a small apartment with a complete set of appliances next to the school. Originally, the original host was great. Every weekend, he worked hard to earn part-time living expenses. The money that Xu’s father had sent was saved by the original owner, which was just cheaper.

Xu Jinyi sat on the single sofa of the apartment, and his two eyebrows were slightly raised. Only then did he check the original silver card of the original owner, only to find that the original owner’s hard work for a year was only over 30,000. The rent deposit for the apartment had used a lot, and Xu Jinyi felt it was the first time he felt stretched.

He licked his thin sakura pink lips, and Xu Jinyi gave a little smile. The president of Xu, who had never eaten the fireworks, had become a bookworm who needed to be self-sufficient to break with his family. It was also interesting and entertaining.

Well, from now on, he was the bookworm.

Xu Fu was a senior official in the southern city of Jiangsu Province. Although he had a small amount of power, he had never forgotten his initial heart and determined to do practical things for the people. For more than 20 years since he took office, he had not accepted bribes, and he had never been a close relative, and he had been widely loved by the masses in the South City.

Xu Jinyi lowered his eyes and counted it. Xu Fu’s ability to rise from an ordinary civil servant to his current position for more than 20 years was largely due to his personal achievements. However, his father’s position had stagnated in the past few years. In the final analysis, he still lacked adequate financial support, in some special circumstances, the shame of the bag hindered his way.

Since he promised to help the father to go straight, he would do his best. However, if you wanted to create a Qingyun Road for Xu, the financial resources were indispensable. Xu Jinyi tightened his hold on the silver bank-card in his hand and pressed his thin lips together. Although the amount of money in this card was only 20,000, he had enough to start his business path for Xu Jinyi.

Xu Jinyi’s intelligence was outstanding, and his sensitivity to finance was far superior to that of ordinary people. He was once an outstanding graduate of Wharton School. He received the most advanced business education, talents and hard work. Xu Jinyi entered the business circle like a fish into the sea. In the real world, Xu’s stock could stop falling and rise, and it was inseparable from Xu Jinyi’s efforts. In this wonderful parallel world, Xu Jinyi had become this bookworm, and he was also destined to be a legend!

Xu Jinyi smiled confidently and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the teenager in the mirror.

He couldn’t help but stare for a moment. The teenager in the mirror was not his appearance in the real world, but a completely strange appearance. However, this Xu Jinyi was really a person who could make the male owner fall in love at first sight. His face was white and clean, his lips were red, and his facial features were exquisite, which was not inferior to his appearance in the real world.

At this time, he opened his mouth slightly, and under the thin lips of the blush, he showed a brighter beech than the pearl. It really made people want to stick out their tongues to explore whether there were hidden white pearls under the deciduous teeth.

It was only that pair of fox eyes with spring charm that kept it, and Xu Jinyi wrinkled his eyebrows.

The body was skinny, and Xu Jinyi was not dissatisfied with his looks. But as a man, he was too refined, even unnaturally revealed a seductive look, in the end not masculine enough.

Then, the seductive and charming, the appearance of this Xu Jinyi, who dared to say a word was not?

“Jinyi , we are all in the bedroom downstairs, why haven’t you arrived yet?” Even if it was urging, Meng Zijie’s voice was soft and gentle, just like his appearance, gentle, harmless, clear and rainy. Xu Jinyi raised his eyebrows. That Meng Zijie was able to defeat the original owner and get the eyes of Zhao Chengli was not entirely unreasonable. With this gentle and sinful temperament, it was easy to loosen the arrogance of the original owner several streets.

“Sorry, don’t wait for me. I suddenly have something to do today. I can’t go to dinner.”

The original owner regretted his father’s career, and Xu Jinyi would help Xu’s father to take it to the next level. The original owner hated Meng Zijie who robbed him of a lover. Xu Jinyi would let Meng Zijie also taste the taste of being loved. The shackles of the original and the second half of the Lord were inferior, and Xu Jinyi would replace him as the most dazzling existence in the world. But the original owner seemed to have some expectations for Zhao Chengli, but Xu Jinyi did not intend to help him.

After all, he was really living in this world, not the one who used to read. Him, who was the President of Xu, would not spend the rest of his life with a game character for a game, scribble choice.

Today in the original story, Zhao Chengli fell in love with the original owner at first sight, and then he was the stalker for more than half a year. To Xu Jinyi, to get rid of Zhao Chengli was just a piece of cake, but he did not want to ask for trouble, so he would not go to this gathering.

“That’s good, I told the squad leader.” Meng Zijie hung up the phone and turned his head and smiled at several boys and girls. He had a high emotional intelligence and would be a good person. He was very good in the class.

After listening to Meng Zijie’s words, several boys screamed, and Xu Jinyi, who had temporarily changed his mind, had more than two complaints.

Xu Jinyi was full of gloom all day. Except for Meng Zijie, he could not say two sentences. However, this Xu Jinyi was the first in the class and even in the faculty. The girls said that he was a melancholy man, and brought great competitive pressure to the boys who broke out of these hormones.

“Jinyi, Bifuyuan really is super luxurious, you didn’t go too far last night!” Meng Zijie glanced at the teacher on the stage, whispering his face to describe yesterday’s story, and his hot desire was hard to cover. “The inside is big and beautiful, and the dishes are delicious. People can’t wait to swallow their tongues. If it wasn’t for the squad leader, I don’t know how many years I have to struggle to get a look.”

“Oh?” Xu Jinyi put down the textbook. Looking up and looking at Meng Zijie, who was still in the aftertaste, the beauty of the flow was a self-contained trend. “The place where Bifuyuan can enter is definitely not rich and expensive. You didn’t encounter any overbearing president’s underworld yesterday?”

“You don’t really say it!” Meng Zijie suddenly approached Xu Jinyi. “There was a guest last night. When I entered the door, the boss greeted him. Several people gathered in the box before and after. I guess it must be an important man!”

He thought of letting him the person who dreams of dreams, Meng Zijie had little shame, “The man is tall and handsome, and has momentum. If I can grow up with him… I will be as good as him!”

Meng Zijie, who was full of interest, did not pay attention. In the eyes of Xu Jinyi, Xu Jinyi was not the original owner. He did not have too much hatred for Meng Zijie. He was only slightly clean and physically very disliked by strangers.

Even the slightest glimpse of the disdain was heart-rending, and Meng Zijie blinked and shouted a long breath. This Xu Jinyi grew too tempting. If he was not pure, he liked the tall and mighty man, but Xu Jinyi was such a stunning color, he couldn’t resist it.

Thinking of the man he met in Bifuyuan yesterday, Meng Zijie bit his lip and his face showed a little blush. Yesterday, he saw the man’s first look at Bifuyuan. His heart was hopping. At this moment, thinking of the tall, handsome, and more perfect man than the golden statue, he still couldn’t control the heat on his face.

He admired him like this, if he was also – but, Meng Zijie aimed at Xu Jinyi, Xu Jinyi’s face was so beautiful, it was more attractive than himself…

Xu Jinyi rose his eyebrows at Meng Zijie, he knew that Zhao Chengli had already gotten his heart.

In the original story, Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi’s love was born with suspicion, and it was definitely indispensable that Meng Zijie’s handwriting, Zhao Chengli’s suppression of Xu Jinyi’s father, was nothing more than a small citizen’s Meng Zijie’s heart.

Xu Jinyi evoked a lip corner with a slight irony in the arc. Beautiful and beautiful, gentle and careless, kind and generous, and no fighting with the world, these words were used to describe Meng Zijie, he did not think how accurate they were.

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