AOA Chapter 3

“Zijie, are you not very curious about Zhao-Ge?”

Sun Yushu, the squad leader, saw Meng Zijie, remembering what happened, he picked up the phone and smashed it a few times. “Zhao-Ge’s full name is Zhao Chengli, you know Zhao Group? It is his company!”

“Zhao Group?” Zhao Group was the leader in business circles of the capital, it was known to more than a billion people. They were even more proud of the enterprise. When Meng Zijie heard these news, he opened his mouth, and then thought about it, but he couldn’t help it. How could such a gentleman and handsome person be an ordinary person? Only the identity of Zhao’s boss could match him!

“Look at the personal information of this Zhao-Ge, this is what I specially brought to you, Baidu cannot match!” Sun Yushu entered the mailbox, pulled a document from inside it to show Meng Zijie, aiming at the look of Meng Zijie satisfied with the hook and sinker.

This Sun Yushu was also a rich second generation, but his family was a little worse than Zhao Chengli. Let alone Sun Yushu who was now an ordinary college student, Zhao Chengli had long presided over the real power of Zhao company, and said on the board of directors it was. Therefore, even if Sun Yushu’s mother and Zhao’s family had such a relationship of 3,000 miles, Sun Yushu was really not qualified to call Zhao Chengli “Zhao-Ge”.

It was also because of this that Sun Yushu was able to keep up with Zhao Chengli. He just didn’t know what was going on. Zhao Chengli, who used to spend time with their rich children, was very difficult during this time. In the past two days, Sun’s company was stuck on a project. Sun Yushu was trying to get Zhao Chengli to help them.

Coincidentally, at this juncture, Meng Zijie got met him.

Although not widely known, but they were not well-known in these circles, Zhao Chengli did not like soft and pretty girls, and loved beautiful boys.

In their circle, there were more tricks to play, and playing with boys was one of the most inconspicuous ones. As long as you were not on the board, who cared that you liked men instead of women? It’s fine to have a good wife and a child when you are old.

Therefore, when Zhao Chengli began to play boys, no-one felt it was wrong. For a time, the goodness of Longyang became an elegant thing.

Last time in Bifuyuan, Zhao Chengli pushed in through the door and went to the center. Meng Zijie’s eyes were sticking to Zhao Chengli’s body. Sun Yushu was also a man in the flowers, aiming at Meng Zijie. Both eyes knew what his mind was saying.

At closer look, although Meng Zijie was not as refined as Zhao Chengli’s little lover, the face was also beautiful and looked good. Also a little more of the looks that the little lovers did not have, a kind of gentle and elegance.

During this time, Zhao Chengli was not only difficult to meet, but also seemed to be unhappy with the boys. But maybe he was eating the taste of the mountains and seas. At this time, if you sent a refreshing side dish, you may have got the blue eyes of Zhao Chengli. Moreover, if this Meng Zijie could really win Zhao Chengli and be more than a pet for a while, it was sure that would be to his own benefits!

With such an idea, Sun Yushu was completely motivated by Meng Zijie. As long as Meng Zijie’s mind was brought to life, he would create a chance again, and he would not be bad! In case Zhao Chengli really saw the red dust during this time, he had to blame it, and he could only blame Meng Zijie for his heart!

Sun Yushu stared at Meng Zijie, whose cheeks were red and staring at the information. The curvature of the corner of his mouth was even greater.

“Squad leader, are you familiar with Zhao Chengli? I really admire him! I really want to have the opportunity to see him.” Meng Zijie returned the phone to Sun Yushu, and the eyes were still staring at the person on the screen and would not move.

“No problem, count him as my cousin. In a few days, there will be a public welfare dinner. Zhao-Ge will definitely come. I will take you there.” Sun Yushu patted his chest and looked like a good buddy.

The two of them touched their heads together and were talking about something whispering. From time to time, they burst into laughter.

Xu Jinyi sat next to him and smiled.

The Huai Chun girl would have an illusion about the white horse prince, and the pure zero of Meng Zijie would naturally imagine what kind of person his future partner was.

Tall and handsome, gentle and single-minded, of course, more gold and silver for him to spend a lot of money. For him only love and beauty does not love Jiangshan, excellent enough to let the world’s women and pure zeros envy the hatred.

And Zhao Chengli, it was a man whose hardware conditions all satisfy his partner’s fantasy!

How could Meng Zijie not be tempted?

If you were tempted, if your heart moved, you would have possessiveness.

Xu Jinyi’s clever brain and accurate judgment on the stock market were his unfavorable capital. First, he bought several short-term stocks, and raised a small amount of money by a dozen times. Then he followed the wind twice to make gold and oil, and made a big profit. Later, he happened to run into the US stock market. Xu Jinyi put this money that had been invested in the United States.

The market on Wall Street was much larger than that in China. The risk was great, and the wealth had jumped several times. In the past few months, the money in the hands of Xu Jinyi had become a horrible amount.

In the past two days, he intended to take back the long-term line and intended to take the money into the shares of the Zhao Group. In one case, the Zhao Group was one of the largest companies in China and a well-known company supported by the government.

Not to mention, Zhao Chengli was the son of destiny of this world. It was amazing, and as long as he was there, the Zhao Group would never go downhill. Therefore, investing in the Zhao Group was a win-and-sell sale.

Second, the possession of a certain share of the Zhao Group was the most simple and effective way to contain Zhao Chengli, the head of the Zhao Group.

“Jinyi, there’s no class in the afternoon, do you not want to go play?” Several classmates came over and knocked on the table in front of Xu Jinyi, waiting for him with his shoulders raised.

In the past few months, not only had the money in Xu Jinyi’s hands been turned over, but even his popularity had been much better than before. Just like today, several classmates specially invited him to play basketball, which was rare in the past.

In the real world, Xu Jinyi was trained by his father Xu Boyi because of his superior IQ. He had never been to school since he was a child, but he was coached by a famous teacher hired by his father. After the big day, he spent two years in Wharton. But when the housekeeper assistant never left, Xu Jinyi only had to show up on a certain course and never experienced this ordinary student life.

In this “different world”, Xu Jinyi had changed and became a reading bookworm who needed to go to school with his bag.

For the first time, he had a classmate who he was with working together in class.

For the first time, he needed to work together with everyone in physical education classes.

This team’s sense of belonging and honor was something he had never felt before. The joy and frustration of losing the ball was also completely different from the non-winning or deliberate humility of playing golf with the partner.

In addition to a small uncomfortableness at the beginning, he was slowly adapting, Xu Jinyi actually felt that this feeling was not bad!

Xu Jinyi, who changed his soul, was different from the past. He was not afraid to shrink and immersed himself in his own small world, but became more confident, cheerful and friendly.

His changes could be seen by the students and they were happy to see it.

Meng Zijie had a good relationship in the class with a sleek world. And Xu Jinyi was integrated into this class, and did not need the kind of smoothness of Meng Zijie. The good education and special personality charm made him deeply respected by the students in just a few months.

“I won’t go.” Xu Jinyi picked up his shoulder bag and followed the boys out. He raised his head and smiled. “There was a problem in the elective course. I didn’t understand it. I need to go to the library in the afternoon.”

“We have a lot of passing exams, that is, you are a master of this school, even the electives are so serious.” Several boys patted his shoulders.

“Then we will leave, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

It was the early winter, although there was no snow, there was a northerly wind blowing, and people were freezing. However, Xu Jinyi was the most chilly person, and he couldn’t wait to wrap a thick quilt on his body.

Fortunately, the library was well-heated. Xu Jinyi took off his thick coat and placed it on the side of the table. Then he moved to the side of the bookshelf and looked for the information he needed.

Zhao Chengli was surrounded by a group of school leaders into the reading room. As soon as he looked up, he saw such a scene.

The teenager looked up slightly and smiled. The golden sunlight hit him through the window, and he gave off a warm golden glow. The beige sweater on the boy’s body seemed to shine as well, and the iron was attached to him, but it was completely better than the white, smooth skin on the neck of the teenager.

Zhao Chengli’s uncontrollable steps went forward, only to see the young and long curly eyelashes twitching up and down, each long eyelashes flashed with warm light, like two small feathers with snow frost, one by one, it scratched his heart.

The young white fingers of the younger boy slowly slid over the edge of the series, and the fingertips occasionally lightly clicked on two points. The light and residual image was a flying butterfly, which made people want to hold the pair of jade hands and devoutly kiss them. Zhao Chengli couldn’t imagine how beautiful a pair of eyes would be in a teenager, but he hoped that he could immediately become a book on the shelf in front of the boy. He gently watched and was comforted by his fingers.

Daddy, the corner of the boy’s mouth should be found in his heart. He stood up on his toes and five fingers gripped on a book and pulled it out with strength.

“Be careful!”

The books were arranged too tightly, a book was pulled out, and the surrounding books were also turned outwards. The two hands were not enough.

Seeing that a row of books on the shelf was going to fall, Zhao Chengli even ran a few steps around the juvenile, and extended his big palm to suppress the out-of-control books. However, although Zhao Chengli’s palm was bigger than the teenager’s, it still couldn’t be blocked, and heavy books were slammed on his back.

The slender boy was firmly guarded by Zhao Chengli, and he was barely half-hit by a book.

“Is there anything wrong?” Zhao Chengli hugged Xu Jinyi in his arms and looked over him. His expression was a bit nervous.

The last second was also because of finding the right information in the series, Xiaoxi joy, the neat books on the next second of the books suddenly fell to the ground. Xu Jinyi took a moment, and when he returned to reality, he felt his waist was ringed and his wrist was held.

This posture caused Xu Jinyi to raise his eyebrows. When even the strength was withdrawn from the man’s arms, and then he looked up to see the man’s face, the sleek eyes suddenly widened three points.

Zhao Chengli!

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