AOA Chapter 4

“Thank you.” Xu Jinyi lowered his eyes and squatted down to pick up the books. 

“I will help.” Zhao Chengli also followed to his knees and helped Xu Jinyi to pick up the books. 

The vice-principal was very similar. From the entrance, he found that Zhao’s position was not right. Looking at the exquisite appearance of this student, and then Zhao Chengli’s diligent behavior, he couldn’t help but think of the rumor, and his heart suddenly sank. 

Who was Zhao Chengli? A famous big entrepreneur in the country, worth billions! This time, the Zhao Group was very charitable. The school managed to grab a quota. The library that the Zhao Group donated to its own school would be ready. It couldn’t be stirred up trouble at this time. 

It was just this student, but it was a pity…

He made up his own mind. The vice-principal took the first two steps. It was just a smile. “Zhao Zong, you’re getting up, this book makes the administrators feel like it’s used. Are you doing it?”

The other school leaders looked at each other and laughed and went. 

The administrators were not blind people, and they were not waiting for the vice-principal to give them a look. 

After the series was finished, Yu Guang slanted to the palm of his hand, and Xu Jinyi pretended not to see it. 

Although he was not very comfortable, between a new library and a student, he knew who to choose. The vice-principal had made up his mind to give up the student, but this raised his eyes and suddenly felt that the student was familiar. 

The student… the brain flashed, and the vice-principal finally thought about it. At the awards ceremony at the beginning of the semester, the whole school student pacesetter! 

There were only five places in the school’s student pacesetter seats. This child could occupy one, which showed how good he was. The vice-principal thought of his decision, biting his teeth and glaring at Zhao Chengli. He pushed Xu Jinyi with his hand and let him go. 

This child… looked at his own creation. 

“What about the student just now?” Zhao Chengli squeezed out from a group of school leaders and quickly looked around, but could not see the figure. The beautiful teenager like a painting just seemed to be just an illusion.

The vice-principal replied in front of the leaders of other schools. “It may be that he left. Now I am young and I don’t know how to say hello to the teachers.”

The vice-principal had risen from a small teaching assistant to the current department level. Naturally, he was very eye-catching. This sentence was said, with a little bit of blame, but very measured. If Zhao Chengli just lost his heart because of the beauty of Xu Jinyi, he listened to this, and his intentions in his heart must have been discounted. 

Zhao Chengli frowned, not because of blaming the youngsters, but to hear the dissatisfaction of the vice- principal’s tone of deliberate disclosure, for the juvenile. 

He didn’t know why, since he woke up from a dream one day a year ago, he seemed to have changed into a different person. No, it should be said that Zhao Chengli was not himself. That Zhao Chengli was full of passion and exuberance. Although he was quite talented in business, he couldn’t be compared with his present self. 

There was a voice in his heart that was clearly screaming, that Zhao Chengli was not him, but a completely strange man who disdained himself. 

Since then, he had broken the contact with the boy who had a special relationship with the former Zhao Chengli, and had not stepped into the flowers, but also reduced the contact with the friends of Zhao Chengli, and turned to the development of Zhao’s enterprise. 

Zhao’s father and Zhao’s mother, could not help but see their son’s bold and ironic twists. Zhao’s father soon retired to the second line and handed Zhao’s power to his son Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli really was the darling of God. After less than a year in power, the Zhao Group had successfully won several billions in big projects. Today, Zhao’s name was a household name. 

Going to work, working overtime, Zhao Chengli almost accompanied the company all the time, and actually lived a period of life with a sincere desire. As Zhao’s heart was delicate, the original gratification gradually became a worry with the extension of Zhao Chengli’s overtime, and finally even from time to time. They tried to persuade Zhao Chengli to take a break and go out to play with friends for two days. 

Take a break? Zhao Chengli raised his lips and did not know whether it was a smile or a sneer. Then he shook his head and continued to work hard.

When the work was always busy, occasionally idle, Zhao Chengli closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the sofa. There was always a sense of loneliness. He was incompatible with this world. It seemed that he was not a person in this world. He could not truly exist in this world. He was the proud son of Zhao’s father Zhao, the president of Zhao’s employees who admired in awe, or some of them. A friend of a family who was inactive or out of the limelight. 

Sometimes, he also had a strange idea, as if there was a person in his heart, that person was as important as himself, but he couldn’t think of the person’s traces in his mind. 

Who was that person? 

Just now, as he stepped into the reading room, the teenager entered the dark and empty heart at the same moment. At that moment, the warmth of his heart had risen in the bottom of his heart, as if following the flash. Go, he could find a way out in life. 

The capital was so big, and Zhao Chengli had met people several times in succession. Even if Xu Jinyi thought with his toes, he would not notice Zhao Chengli’s intention. 

Every time Zhao Chengli smiled relatively, if he didn’t pay attention to him, he always felt too preoccupied. What’s more, Xu Jinyi’s current sensitivity was not aware of what Zhao Chengli thought about himself. Gradually, Xu Jinyi was able to exchange a few words with Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli’s position was very good, as if it didn’t take long, the two upgraded from nodding in passing to a relationship. At this time, Xu Jinyi discovered that the original story describing Zhao Chengli’s person – shocking and brilliant, was really not a false statement. 

At least, he had lived for twenty years. Apart from some old people who had read the wind and frost, he had never seen a wise man like Zhao Chengli, so that he had a strong sense of knowledge, so that he had an unparalleled personality charm. 

Zhao Chengli was a man that he admired! Whether it was character, or talent! He wanted to know this clearly. In the aftermath with Zhao Chengli, Xu Jinyi unloaded his own defenses. After all, a confidant friend who he can talk to as himself was a person he had longed for for many years. Now that such a person had a heart and soul, how could he refuse?

Although this Zhao Chengli’s choice of partner was not so good, he even fell in love with someone like Meng Zijie, and finally indiscriminately suppressed Xu Jinyi’s father. 

But who made himself a friend now, when Zhao Chengli picked up his partner, he pointed to him and he became. 

If Zhao Chengli really saw the color and forgot friends in the future, then this friend… Let’s talk about it later. 

This afternoon, Zhao Chengli still went to work, and drove alone to the school where Xu Jinyi was. 

Before meeting Xu Jinyi, Zhao Chengli was a full-time workaholic. After he had met with Xu Jinyi, he actually found that the work that had indulged him in the past was also awkward. As long as he sat in the office, Zhao Chengli’s heart seemed to be being swept by the two feathery long eyelashes of the juvenile. It was itchy and numb, so that he sat still and sat uneasy, always thinking of tempting his moth. A teenager who was fighting fire. 

When he first got off work, the secretarial assistants were still very surprised. Now that it had happened more times, they were not surprised. 

Almost just after the class bell was ringing, a black Mercedes-Benz business car stopped in front of the C first teaching building, the door slowly opened, and Zhao Chengli, wearing a dark suit, got out of the car. 

Zhao Chengli was tall, strong and beautiful, and with the momentum of no anger and exuberance, the students who had finished the class did not know why they dared to lean forward. Zhao Chengli formed a vacuum zone with a radius of three meters, so he pushed in a crowd. The young man was very eye-catching. 

Until the young boy who saw his heart, Xu Jinyi’s thin lips immediately evoked a curve, and his eyes were warm as spring, so that some students who squinted at him were very surprised. 

“Jinyi, here!” Xu Jinyi received a phone call from Zhao Chengli at noon, knowing that he would come over in the afternoon, but did not expect Zhao Chengli to park the car in front of the teaching building, even if he was standing outside the car.

Although C was not comparable to the two top schools, it was also famous in the capital. There were some students from the upper classes of the capital. Zhao’s position in the capital was very important. Now Zhao Chengli himself was in front of him.

It was difficult to protect some of the second generation of the rich and the second generation would not recognize him. What’s more, it was a well-known thing for the Zhao Group to donate to a new library in C. The name of Zhao Chengli was clear in C. 

Xu Jinyi and Zhao Chengli had been together for several days. He thought he was a boring person. He didn’t think there was such a high-profile time. 

He did this… Wasn’t he supporting himself? 

Earlier, he had the idea of ​​buying shares in the Zhao Group, but before he even had time to implement it, Xu Jinyi knew Zhao Chengli. After waiting for a good relationship with Zhao Chengli, Xu Jinyi was not good at interfering with his friend’s company. He gave up his previous plan to invest in Zhao, and the assets he earned in the virtual economy still stayed in the US stock market to swallow the whales. 

Probably, Zhao Chengli was treating himself as an ordinary official. The mood turned abruptly, and Xu Jinyi raised his lips and walked toward Zhao Chengli. He climbed into the car in the intimate move of his hand on the roof. 

“How come you parked your car in front of the main entrance of the school building today? I was going to find you at the school gate.” Xu Jinyi said and Zhao Chengli looked at him.

The black scorpion hair was dry and clear. In the sunshine the color of purple was brought out of the charm, the point lining in the face of no one was not refined, more and more looked like a young girl. However, the end of the eye that was picked up was born with a three-pointed charm for the eyes, so that people could see two or two bones at first sight. 

This was the contempt of the proud, in Zhao Chengli’s view, but he did not know why it became a pretty girl. Zhao Chengli was hot by the intoxicating scorpion, and he turned his head unnaturally, and the scorpion suddenly thirst. 

“The teaching building is too far away from the school gate, I want you to take a few steps.” 

“Can you take a few more steps? Exercise all over the body.” Xu Jinyi laughed out, Jinyi’s cheeks gave birth to two groups of blush, real “If the face is peach.”

It was Zhao Chengli who was determined to be far more than ordinary people. At this time, the posture of Xu Jinyi’s jade was also deeply stunning. He moved his fingers, like to caress the teenager’s pink-colored face, and reached into the air, only to notice that he was rude. He had to pick a different direction and patted the head of the boy. 

The big palm was hit by the younger’s palm, Zhao Chengli was not annoyed. His lips were on fire, and the students around him had already gone, so they drove away. 

As for Meng Zijie and Sun Yushu who came out at the same time as Xu Jinyi, they were on the steps, and they looked completely like thunder.

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