AOA Chapter 5

“Where is this?” The road was getting more and more rougher, and the vehicles were getting less and less. Xu Jinyi rose his eyebrows and looked at Zhao Chengli next to him. 

Taking advantage of the young, slightly wrinkled, delicate nose, Zhao Chengli felt itchy, and he couldn’t wait to get together. The touch must be smooth, soft, and warm with a little bit of it… almost imagining the rush. The car that came from in front, Zhao Chengli quickly turned the steering wheel, which avoided a disaster. 

Turning his head again, secretly looking at the teenager, seeing that the boy had already turned his head, Zhao Chengli said a name, “The Wutong Club, those people are still a bit messed up, but if they make trouble, immediately tell me. I will come get you!” 

Xu Jinyi laughed and showed two shallow dimples on his cheek. “When I was a three-year-old slug, I still vented?” 

Zhao Chengli was hit by the sleek swell of the water. What do you like to live in a fantasy three-year-old boy? It was definitely not a slug, fat, white, big eyes, clear and pure. Zhao Chengli suddenly became a bit ashamed and quickly shifted his eyes. “I know that you are very good, but no matter how good you are, I will cover it. Whoever bullies you, I must beat him to find his teeth.” 

Xu Jinyi patted the arm of Zhao Chengli, “Good brother!” 

Brother? Zhao Chengli frowned. He felt that he should not use this word to describe the relationship between himself and the teenager. However, which word should he and the teenager use? 

After thinking for a long time, there was no clue. Zhao Chengli shook his head and concentrated on looking ahead. 

Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi went side by side into the Wutong Club. Immediately, the waiter stepped forward and waited for the two to push the door. Several of them arrived. 

These were the sons and daughters of the circle, and it was rare for Zhao Chengli to see it. This time, Zhao Chengli would take the initiative to meet them, just to expand the door for the teenager. In the unlikely event that they were beyond their reach, these teenagers would be safe and sound. 

“Zhao Ge.” Several people inside saw Zhao Chengli coming with Xu Jinyi together, they were all a glimpse, but after a while, they returned to reality and stood up and greeted Zhao Chengli.

Waiting for Zhao Chengli to finish the cold, one of the two faces in front of Zhao Chengli’s face, Gu Jia, two young people, turned to Xu Jinyi, and turned to doubts. “Is this?” 

When Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi pushed the door, all of these people became senseless. 

Zhao Chengli was dressed in a dark suit, strong body and perfect shape, and the facial features were profound and cold, majestic and strong, and the momentum was compelling, which was daunting. What was even more amazing was that Xu Jinyi, who was completely smaller than the other one, was standing next to Zhao Chengli, who was rarely in the air, and was not inferior. Xu Jinyi wore a beige over-the-knee trench coat, and his jade-like face was more beautiful and refined. If Zhao Chengli was a hot and shining sun, Xu Jinyi was the curved moon, Zoran, elegant, soft and gentle, only the distant and noble. 

This kind of manner, non-Jinyi jade food could not be raised. There were so many people in the circle, who still didn’t know who? Which one had such a good boy? Why didn’t they know? 

Zhao Chengli took Xu Jinyi’s arm and put him in front of him, pointing to the few people to introduce him. “Xue Yulin, the son of Xue Shi, the young master of the Gushi Group, Gu Yu…, Li Meng’s daughter, Li Mengxin.”

After the introduction to the boy, Zhao Chengli took the boy. “This is Xu Jinyi.” 

Xu was not a big surname in the circle. Obviously Xu Jinyi was not a character. But Zhao Chengli could support him in this way. Even if Xu Jinyi was just a famous ordinary person, it was not allowed to pay attention to it. 

Xu Jinyi smiled very well from beginning to end, especially when he heard that Zhao Chengli finally introduced him to Li Mengxin. 

The Li family was not a family that had stood up for hundreds of years. When Li’s father was young, he used to graze in the soil until he started his business. His mind was savvy, and he had caught up with the trend of reform and opening up. Gradually, the business was getting bigger and bigger, and the Li family was also prosperous. 

Li’s current owner, the eldest son of Li’s father was even worse! When he took over the rights in the hands of Father Li, he was less than thirty. However, in more than ten years, Li had grown more than ten times in his hands, and even entered the capital, becoming a famous enterprise in the capital!

And Li Mengxin, the eldest daughter of Li’s current owner, and the granddaughter of Li’s father’s father, was the palm of the hand that Li’s two masters held in their hands! 

Li’s descendants were many, most favored by Li’s father and the current owner. They were not the grandsons of Li’s parents, nor the naughty and lovely Li’s grandson. It was precisely Li Mengxin, who was destined to marry, because others were completely inferior to her. His father’s wisdom, courage and heart! 

Not to rely on the grandfather and father’s reliance, Li Mengxin was the only son of the Li family who entered the top circle of the capital, and had a place in this circle! 

Even this time, the first private banquet after Mr. Zhao’s superior position, there was a seat for Li Mengxin! 

Beautiful, hearty, generous, well-informed, knowledgeable, extremely measured, unpretentious, far-sighted… These were the impressions she had in the eyes of these sons. 

Including Zhao Chengli. 

The goal of Li Mengxin for more than ten years was to be the wife of Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli was a born homosexual. Before Xu Jinyi, the boys he slept with didn’t count a hundred or dozens. Some of the pets were spoiled. In the end, there was a little less feeling. Zhao Chengli also slowly faded. 

Zhao Chengli completely disliked women, so that Zhao Chengli fell in love with herself? Li Mengxin had no such unrealistic thoughts. Although she liked Zhao Chengli, she was not a little girl who was full of emotions and loved her husband. What she asked was nothing more than marrying Zhao Chengli and occupying a position in Zhao Chengli’s heart. 

A position that was not necessarily related to love, but was important! In this way, Li Jiacai has the opportunity to tie up with the Zhao family in a boat, Li Jia, will really be rooted in the capital! 

The little boys, but a few insignificant gadgets, were not enough to bother her. 

Until he met Xu Jinyi. For the first time, Zhao Chengli degraded his honor. He made a compromise for the first time. He even went home with Xu Jinyi to see Zhao Fu Zhaomu for the first time. 

Serious to this extent, Zhao Chengli was really thinking about Xu Jinyi and his life.

This time, Li Mengxin finally got angry! She did not want to be the most important person in Zhao Chengli’s heart, but she couldn’t see anyone else living in Zhao Chengli’s heart. Then, the heart of Zhao Chengli, and where was she? 

However, she did not show a trace of embarrassment or dissatisfaction. She was still the intimate big sister in Xu Jinyi’s eyes, and made suggestions for him and Zhao Chengli’s love. 

Xu Jinyi was more grateful and knew almost nothing about Li Mengxin. 

In the dark, Li Mengxin’s little means were too much. For example, the appearance of a temperament was completely inferior to that of Meng Zijie of Xu Jinyi to attract Zhao Chengli. For example, telling Meng Zijie about the news that Xu Jinyi had been in love for ten years, let them fight. For example, after Zhao Chengli disliked Xu Jinyi, Li Mengxin was afraid that Zhao Chengli’s feelings against Xu Jinyi would resurface, causing an accident to be broken. Xu Jinyi’s phase was broken, and Xu Jinyi was guilty of his inconspicuous face for half a lifetime. 

Could be biased, degenerate a true love, and grow a true love. Meng Zijie, the person who Li Mengxin could not look at, completely achieved the final victory! 

However, Li Mengxin did not let Meng Zijie be better at all. She made the medicine and Zhao Chengli at the same time, and got a man! 

Zhao Chengli had a true love of Meng Zijie, and would not smash Li Mengxin through the door, but Zhao’s father Zhao had been crying for a few times for Li Mengxin’s wife, Zhao Sun’s Jin Sunxi. Zhao Chengli couldn’t bear to let Zhao mother disappoint, and asked Li Mengxin, who was the victim, to leave the child. 

Li Mengxin and Li Jia “reluctantly” agreed to Zhao Chengli’s request. Zhao’s family was quite embarrassed and supported the Li family’s enterprises. 

Li Mengxin was the mother of his children which made Zhao Chengru awkward. And the child with Li Mengxin’s bloodline naturally became the next heir to the Zhao family. 

It had also become a blood stab between Yokohama and Meng Zijie who couldn’t get rid of it. 

Xu Jinyi recalled the plot, and his mouth rose more and he reached out to Li Mengxin.

Such a strange woman really made him open his eyes. She knew what she wanted and could abandon something for it. From beginning to end, Li Mengxin’s reason was above emotion. 

If she was born a man, her achievements would be extraordinary! It was a pity that as the daughter of Li’s daughter who was in urgent need of taking root in the capital, even if she was favored again, she could only go with the marriage. 

Seeing Xu Jinyi’s first sight, he would always be attracted by his Gaohua temperament. If you looked at it again, you would find that his appearance was so good. The five-legged gold-carved jade was like a painting. The United States did not eat human fireworks. 

Gu Pan’s romantic, double squatting water, slightly fascinating fox eyes, but was placed on such a noble and holy face, it was also very close. But when this pair of black fox eyes looked straight at you, that one-and-a-half style, no one could stand it. 

Li Mengxin, who had always been proud of her beauty, seemed to have seen the other. She squinted her lips, and her smile was extremely good. “Hello!”

The two beautiful people smiled and looked at each other. How to see how harmonious, but Zhao Chengli glared at them, always felt that it was extremely unsightly, and there was no inexplicable suffocation. 

The young man was worthy of his fancy. After a while, he easily integrated into a few people, and even becomes a center of several people. Zhao Chengli looked at the teenager who had a lot of talks with the few people, and his heart was empty, until he was strong enough to sit next to the boy and put his arm on the back of the chair behind the boy.

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TLN: I’m so sorry about this, but I’m giving up in on this novel. I don’t know what it is, but it’s so confusing. Maybe I suck at this, maybe the author is using a lot of metaphors that make absolutely no sense in english… regardless, I’m completely lost. More importantly, it frustrates me to no end and kills all motivation I have to translate.

However I do love this novel, so it’s my sincere hope that someone else chooses to continue translate this. And if that ever happens, I also highly encourage you to retranslate from the very beginning, because I have the feeling I lost so many things in translation.

Again, I’m sorry.

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