BDG Chapter 26

“Boss, uncle Nie, he…” From Nie Boyuan’s villa, Ping Shengchao couldn’t help but look at Nie Yi. Although Nie Boyuan didn’t care much about Nie Yi because he was very busy, but before he was a good husband and a good father, how did he suddenly come up with another son? 

“I don’t blame him for this, but it will be better in the future.” Nie Yi said. 

“When did you learn this?” Ping Shengchao asked curiously. 

“A little while ago.” Nie Yi said, he felt a very big love for him. He was an official in the southwest. He didn’t contact him in the first place. Later, he looked for him. He had already died. 

In this life, he could go to see it earlier… 

Ping Shengchao nodded, but obviously had some doubts. 

Qi Jingchen was held in his arms by Nie Yi. At this time, he suddenly smiled and said: “It’s too early to be crazy.” 

Nie Yi heard Qi Jingchen’s words and knew that Qi Jingchen was saying himself… Yes, he was too mad too early.

There were many powerful people in the world. He was not the strongest one. Although he knew a lot of things because of his rebirth, he should be cautious and careful. But just look at Nie Boyuan, he had missed a lot. 

Not to mention just now, he said that he found a lot of loopholes before and after Qi Jingchen, although he tried to fool Ping Shengchao and the others, but the loophole was not a loophole, even if he found something, the loophole may still or may not exist. 

Just… Even so, he still chose to do that. 

When he was reborn, he was too scared. He was afraid that he could not find Qi Jingchen. After finding Qi Jingchen, he did not want to cover up his own feelings in alignment with Jingchen. As for the behavior of the Nie family just now… he actually had the meaning of venting.

In the last life, Nie Boyuan’s weight in his heart was very big and heavy. Although he hated Nie Boyuan’s eccentric Yu Hao, in his heart, Nie Boyuan was still his father. No matter how he fought with Yu Hao, he never disrespected his father. Yu Hao, who fell into the market, would look at Nie Boyuan’s face. 

As a result, Nie Boyuan’s eyes had always been on Yu Hao. 

After he avenged, he even went to see Nie Boyuan and said that Yu Hao had harmed him. He said that he was fighting for revenge… Nie Boyuan believed him on the surface and that made him very happy. But the family was going to kill him. 

It was his loved one, but he betrayed him… 

“I must pay attention next time.” Nie Yi smiled and aligned with Jingchen. 

“Give me a car!” Qi Jingchen slapped Nie Yi’s arm. 

“You don’t have to find a car, you are going to the place.” Nie Yi pointed to an office building not far away. It was the military office building. He was now going to find someone there. 

Nie Yi took Qi Jingchen and walked forward. At this time, Qi Yaoyao suddenly said: “The man was Yu Hao, Yu Hao!” Although she did not chase the stars, she would also like those who looked good. Star Yu Hao was one of them. 

“The little girl is far cry from the guys who face the beasts, do you know?” Nie Yi suddenly smiled at Qi Yaoyao. 

Nie Yi did not put Yan Zhe in his heart from beginning to end. Yan Zhe was not very old. He had not mixed up in the society before the end of the world. His means of telling the truth was very general. In the past, if he really liked this person, he would not hurt them. Yu Hao was not the same as eating such a big loss. 

Do not say anything else, in the amount hardship, Yan Zhe could not compare with Yu Hao. Yu Hao was trained after he was beaten, it was not life or death, for the task of going out of town had never been reassigned, but like Yan Zhe only wanted to enjoy the blessing. 

Nie Yi actually looked very handsome, and Yu Hao was a big star, but Qi Yaoyao did not feel good at seeing his smile, her body was straight and vertical: “I know, I must stay away from him.”

“Hey, my brother will cover you later.” Nie Yi smiled again. 

Qi Yaoyao inexplicably even came out with cold sweat, and became more determined that she must work hard to take her brother away from this metamorphosis. 

When the group talked, they had already arrived in front of the military building and were stopped by the guards. 

“My name is Nie Yi, came to greet Zhao General.” Nie Yi said. 

Zhao Chengqi was a person his grandfather once helped. He was still good friends with him. When he was thrown into the army before the end of the world, they were asked by Zhao Chengqi to look after him. Because of his good performance at the time, Zhao Chengqi also appreciated him very much. He wanted him to stay in the army, but unfortunately he was afraid of his own sexuality and didn’t agree. 

When he fought with Yu Hao in his last life, Zhao Chengqi also helped him. Now… Nie Yi did not intend to mix with Nie Boyuan, and chose Zhao Chengqi. 

The security guard went to inform him, and soon Nie Yi was taken to Zhao Chengqi. 

“How do you still hold a person?” Zhao Chengqi was a 40-year-old, slightly fat middle-aged man who frowned after seeing Nie Yi. 

“Uncle Zhao, this is the person I like, he is not in good health.” Nie Yi placed Qi Jingchen on the sofa next to him, and then smiled bitterly: “Zhao Shushu did you not always wonder why I refused to stay in the army? Because I like men, I was afraid to develop in this system, and finally have to marry to have wife and children.” 

Zhao Chengqi heard Nie Yi’s words, a slight glimpse, then sighed: “It turned out to be like this… you did a good job.” In the army, people like Nie Yi had also been seen. Compared with those who obviously liked men and married women, Zhao Chengqi appreciated Nie Yi’s people who did not harm others. 

“Uncle Zhao, I came here, there is a very important thing to tell you.” Nie Yi said again. 

“What is it?” Zhao Chengqi heard that Nie Yi had important things to report, and immediately sat up straight. 

“You don’t know Zhao Shushu. I was in S City before the end of the world. I took the investigation task and came here. I found some things along the way.” Nie Yi said.

Although Nie Yi took over the investigation task, it was reasonable to submit a report. He was now looking for it, and he must have found something special… Zhao Chengqi’s expression immediately dignified. 

“The first thing is that the zombies are getting stronger. The second thing is the kind of material in the zombies, or the energy seems to remain in the water source and even in the air. It is not handled well. In the future, the plant water source in the wild may be polluted by them. The third thing… In addition to humans, animals and plants may become similar to zombies after being contaminated by that substance.” Nie Yi said. 

“Do you have any definitive evidence?” Zhao Chengqi asked. 

“I have seen a zombie animal and have seen black plants.” Nie Yi said. In the early days of the last days, only human beings became zombies, and they would only attack humans, but in a few months, there would be zombies, and then there would be more and more zombies, and then there would be dead plants. 

All this should not be there now, but Nie Yi thought it should be made aware of to the safe area earlier. 

It was hard to be reborn. He wanted to go through it with Qi Jingchen happily. Even if he could not change the final outcome, he hoped that the safe area would last longer. 

In fact, Nie Yi said these three points, the safety zone had also been mentioned by a special researcher, but there was no definite evidence, and he was afraid that the research would be more heart-wrenching, and there would be no deepening. 

Do not say anything else, in order not to let the people despair, now the official statement was that they would one day kill the zombies. 

But what about the kind of zombies… should it be called toxins? It could stay on the land, this… 

Zhao Chengqi’s face was getting more and more ugly. 

“Uncle Zhao, not all things are so bad, I have good news here.” Nie Yi said again. 

“What good news?” Zhao Chengqi asked inexplicably. 

“I found a way to practice my abilities, and I also found out how to use some abilities.” Nie Yi said directly. 

“Really?” Zhao Chengqi was surprised.

Shao Zhenglan even widened her eyes. She knew that Nie Yi was suddenly so much better than her. It turned out to be this! 

Before Nie Yi was outside the city, he was eager to vent because he had just been reborn. He almost didn’t hide his anger. His behavior was not the same as before. But now many things had changed. Qi Jingchen reminded him of before. Don’t be mad, but let him make a look at Zhao Chengqi in front of his own age, even because he used to learn more about Yu Hao’s acting skills when he was fighting with Yu Hao, and he also performed very naturally. 

“Uncle Zhao, this is the case. I accidentally found a red grass on the road that brought people all the way. It was very attractive to me. I thought about what it should be after the genius treasure, I tasted it, no. I thought that this grass had just entered my stomach, I felt that my abilities were a lot stronger, and then I had a headache and it seemed like something was going to rush out of my head. I thought I would be burned to death by my own abilities. I didn’t expect to know what happened later. The abilities in my mind turned into a spiral. After that, my abilities were much stronger. The abilities in my mind have been hovering these days, and let my ability recover a lot faster.” Nie Yi said. 

“The abilities are really in the brain, but the abilities themselves simply don’t feel…” Zhao Chengqi frowned slightly. 

“I also found this point. I asked Zhenglan. She couldn’t feel the power in her mind, so I knew that there was no way to practice her cultivation method.” Nie Yi said. 

Shao Zhenglan just thought about practicing the abilities to kill the Quartet. She didn’t expect to hear such words. She thought that Nie Yi did ask her about this. She did not know where her abilities were, and she was disappointed. 

“What are your plans?” Zhao Chengqi suddenly asked, Nie Yi suddenly told him so much, he naturally asked for Nie Yi’s thoughts. 

“Uncle Zhao, the situation I found on the road can be studied first, but the ability, I think we can test it privately, to make sure it is feasible, and there are no side effects to to public.” Nie Yi said, the former, he was the one who wanted to go to a safe base, and the experts could figure out what to solve. The latter…

First, the current abilities had no mental power. Even if they opened up the cultivation method, they couldn’t cultivate themselves. Secondly, if you didn’t make it public, you could use this cultivation method to cultivate some cronies first. Let your ability users begin to train and practice, but he could use spiritual power to help others start practicing. 

“Then do this, I don’t talk about the ability.” Zhao Chengqi said, “You said these are very important things. Why didn’t you tell your father, but came here?” 

“There was some trouble at home.” Nie Yi said, his face showed some sorrow: “And who said it is not the same?” 

“Yes, whoever said the same, everyone should join together to kill Zombies! At this juncture, I don’t think it’s anything to fight for power.” Zhao Chengqi didn’t know who he was, he slammed on the table angrily and said: “Your home… is it because of Yu Hao? He is not a bad guy, but it’s not good for anyone to do this kind of thing. You may have to listen to him in your dad’s stead. It’s not wrong to come to me. I have a lot of abilities of those who are soldiers. You can go and see what you can do to help.” 

“Thank you, Zhao Shushu.” Nie Yi immediately thanked him and asked: “How does Zhao Shushu know about Yu Hao?” 

“You don’t know? That was when he had a conflict with a few days ago. Come, the average person does not know, but we all know this.” Zhao Chengqi said, “But you should not blame your father, seeing Yu Hao’s age, it should not have been his intention.” 

“Uncle Zhao, I didn’t blame him, but I was not feeling well in my heart.” Nie Yi said. 

To Nie Yi, Zhao Chengqi could also understand the idea of any who suddenly came out a brother would not feel happy, just nodded his head, but did not advise Nie Yi back: “You think what matters to talk about after the end?”

Nie Yi also asked Zhao Chengqi to help find the parents and family of Shao Zhenglan and Ping Shengchao.

Zhao Chengqi and Shao Zhenglan’s father were unfamiliar, but they didn’t get an answer at once. They only said that they would help them to check, but although he said so, he also knew the identity of Shao Zhenglan’s father. There were no news, he was afraid that there were many evils. 

Zhao Chengqi was very busy, and he did not say anything to Nie Yi. After knowing that Nie Yi was not willing to live with Nie Boyuan, he would let him arrange a place for him and let him go to the military camp under his hand tomorrow. 

It was Zhao Chengqi’s guardian who arranged accommodation for Nie Yi and the others. Now the residence was all to be distributed, because Nie Yi’s identity was special, and there were three ability users among them. In the best option, they could arrange a villa for them.

“Without the villa, give me a four-room house.” Nie Yi said. The safe area was built on the outskirts of B City. Because of this, there were many large-sized houses and villas. 

The villa did live comfortably, but in the future, the population of the safe area would be bigger and bigger, and it might be better to choose someone to live with. They had a total of eight people. After living in a four-room house, it was not good to go inside. 

The security guard immediately gave Nie Yi and the others a good set of four-bedroom, two-bedroom and two-guard house. The apartment was on the seventh floor. It was not low enough to get to the sun, there was no elevator and it was convenient to go up and down. 

More importantly, the house was not badly decorated. 

After completing the formalities and identity registration, the group of people settled in the four-room house. Without any surprise, Nie Yi took the master bedroom with the bathroom. 

If he changed it before, maybe Shao Zhenglan would complain that Nie Yi didn’t know how to understand two girls, but now she had experienced a lot of things, and she didn’t care. 

Nie Yi was now the strongest of them. She complained that she had no use at all. If she wanted to have the right to speak, she should first improve her strength! 

Nie Yi still had a lot of things to do. After he put Qi Jingchen on the bed, he went out. Qi Jingchen laid down on the bed for a while. He stood up and moved to a position and climbed to the bay window next to the sun.

The outside sun was warm on the body, and Qi Jingchen had counted the days. Suddenly, he found that at this time in his life, he seemed to have begun to be stained by blood… 

Today’s life was much better than his last life, but unfortunately he didn’t know how long it would last. 

Qi Jingchen turned over to make himself more comfortable. At this time, he suddenly saw his own face in the mirror. 

After rebirth, Qi Jingchen, who had no emotional ups and downs, was shocked.

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