UCD Chapter 21

In order to find the key, Mu Qin and the others followed Xu Fu leaving the office building, because Xu Fu took out the card in the office building, and turned around in the front, back, left and right. The tarot card’s face was lit up in only one direction. 

It was still the direction that the church like when Mu Qin had tried before. 

Qiu Zijia said: “We also searched the church. We didn’t find anything, but the stairs on the second floor of the church collapsed, so there was no way to search.” 

“Then it is likely to be on the second floor.” Xu Fu directly put Mu Qin’s tarot card into his pocket and led Mu Qin and the others to go to the church. 

Mu Qin couldn’t help but think Xu Fu’s attitude was too reasonable. He didn’t mean to give the card to Mu Qin. But Mu Qin felt that it didn’t matter. After all, the effect of the fool’s card was there. Just follow Xu Fu and just go. 

Before leaving, Mu Qin and the others couldn’t take Han Li, who was unconscious, and could only leave her in the office building room, staying on the broken bench, and turn off the lights in the room. They also closed the door to her. If she was lucky enough, she could probably sleep here until she woke up. 

After a few people left the office building, along with Xu Fu, slowly along the edge of the courtyard wall, Mu Qin quickly noticed some new rules about the Tarot cards in this game. 

For example, Mu Qin found that players could use other people’s cards at will. This was reflected in Xu Fu’s robbing of Mu Qin’s card, and the use of it to lead Mu Qin and the others to find the key to the exit. 

Mu Qin thought Xu Fu had done it intentionally. He deliberately showed this to Mu Qin. As long as Mu Qin had some intelligence, he would be aware from Xu Fu’s behavior that the cards in the game could be exchanged with each other and used. At the same time, Xu Fu’s move also silently warned Mu Qin that he would go to other game maps in the future and encounter new killers or teammates. Mu Qin would not be so ignorant and free to expose his cards. 

But Mu Qin soon thought of a new question, that was… Could the killer use their cards?

According to Mu Qin, the effect of the Fool’s card was to guide the people, point to props or find the exit. Specifically, it referred to what kind of props or how to find the exit. Mu Qin still didn’t know much, but he wanted to know, if the killer held this fool’s card, would the fool’s card also guide to the props or exit for the killer? 

Mu Qin thought that it was logically unreasonable, because for the killer, for the ‘ghost’, finding a map exit or prop did not make any sense. 

The purpose of the killer was to kill all the ‘humans’ in the map. He didn’t need to run away, looking for an outlet to find the props, which was what the human beings who were being chased would do. Mu Qin conjectured that when the killer killed the humans on the map, the killer would be directly transmitted by the game system back to the safe house that Zhou Yue told him about. 

He would take a break in the safe house and wait for the new game to begin. 

In the next game, he would continue to be a killer, or an ordinary human being, all determined by the day, completely unknown. 

A terrible game that kept cycling, so terrible that Mu Qin thought about the infinite reincarnation that he would face later, and then he would be stunned and horrified. 

Going back to the previous question, Mu Qin thought that when the killer held a tarot card other than the Death Card, there may be three situations: 1. He can’t use it. 2, he can use it, its use and effect are the same as humans. 3, he can still use it, but the effect is the opposite of human beings. That was to say, the fool’s card could in the hold of humans find the exit and props, and in the killers hold, perhaps it could help the killer to find the locations of humans. 

If it was the first one, it was okay, but the second, the third… Mu Qin did not feel very good. 

Because if it was the second or the third, then the killer could completely capture the human tarot cards. These tarot cards seemed to have a strong auxiliary effect. If there was no card, the human viability was not greatly reduced. Plus the killer could use this card, it was simply to add to the pressure of human survival.

At the same time, the Tarot card also had the problem of a reversal position. Mu Qin knew the effect of the Fool’s card leading the way, but what effect did the reverse stupid card have? And, Zhou Yue said the one who was the killer would have the card of the killer, then if someone drew the reverse death card, what effect would it be? Could you arbitrarily designate others to become killers? 

At this point, Mu Qin wanted to ask Zhou Yue, but unfortunately he did not have time to ask. He and Zhou Yue could not be alone together for a long time, which made Mu Qin somewhat lost. 

There were too many problems. Ignore all these problems. There was only one thing that Mu Qin wanted to know now. 

He stared at Xu Fu, who was in front of him holding Mu Qin Fool’s card to find the correct direction. He finally couldn’t hold back. He walked forward and went to Xu Fu’s side. He asked, “Xu Fu, your tower. What is Luo’s card?” 

Xu Fu might also have expected Mu Qin to ask this question. He replied indifferently: “Chariot.” 

“Chariot? What role?” Mu Qin continued to ask. 

Xu Fu continued to explain: “I am not clear about the extent to which the body’s combat effectiveness is strengthened. It seems that it can improve defense and blood volume, which means that I am more resistant when fighting, have greater strength, speed, and resilience, but Intensification has a time limit, it seems to be only a few minutes, and it will be very weak in a certain period of time after use.” 

Mu Qin understood: “I understand, a card that can only be used in extreme cases. Used to break out or continued.” 

“Yes, you understand very well.” Xu Fu admired Mu Qin, looking at Mu Qin with an appreciation. Then he said, “I don’t know how the killer will act, but after a while we are going to search the second floor of the church. To find a ladder or pile up items to climb up, it takes time, so find the ladder and search the second floor. The task will be handed over to you and Qiu Zijia. And I… I will attract his attention when the killer comes over and lead him away.” 

“You will attract his attention?” Mu Qin listened and glanced at Xu Fu’s legs, “Can you really?”

“I will use that chariot’s ability when necessary.” Xu Fu seemed to have planned this, he said, “So you must act fast. If you find the key, you will immediately open the door without stopping. After running, I will use the chariot. And the killer just rushed to the exit, so that we can escape.” 

Mu Qin felt that Xu Fu said very well, but he did not agree, he glanced at Xu Fu’s leg and retorted: “Your idea is very good, but there is a fatal problem. From the point of view of your leg injury now, I am afraid that you will not be able to get rid of it when we open the door, and if it is found on the second floor of the church, it is not the export key but other props. Even more unfavorable. Not like a start for me to attract the attention of the killer, and so I can not hold on, I’ll be back to church, followed by you to take over, we take turns to lead away the killer. ” said Mu Qin.

Suddenly, he continued: “Finally let Qiu Zijia take the key to open the door. By then, whether I am chased by the killer or you are chased by the killer, you can use the chariot to help me escape or escape.” 

Mu Qin made such a plan. Privately, Xu Fu also felt right, nodded his head and said: “OK, you do as you say.” 

Listening with the Qiu Zijia, Xu Fu and Mu Qin behind them unknown to discuss, did not speak, but quietly remembered his mission, he lacked the ability, could only do our best to do what we could. 

After the three people finalized the plan, they continued to go to the church because the courtyard of the orphanage was not very large. The grass that was raining was wet and weeping, and it smelled cold and damp. They quickly passed the apartment in the middle. The building returned to the vicinity of the church, and it was faintly visible that the church was still lit with dim light. 

“Since it is to go to the second floor of the church, then we will not go in and find a nearby storage room for garbage. There should be a ladder there.” Xu Fu looked up and glanced at the church door with stained glass. “When I left the church, I walked out the back door. There was a wooden house behind the church. I estimate it to be a storage room.” 

Xu Fu said, and he discussed with Mu Qin a few words. Several people decided to bypass the church and go to the storage room behind the church. First move the ladder inside out to the church, so they could climb to the second floor of the church through the ladder.

The plan was very good, but the plan was always unable to keep up with the changes. When Mu Qin and the other walked down the path along the courtyard next to the church and went to the back door of the church, and found the storage room, they found that the door of the storage room had already been opened. 

The storage room was at the back door of the church and was a wooden house built next to the courtyard wall. The walls of the wooden house were made of wood, but the roof was covered with bricks. It stood on the edge of the courtyard fence and was surrounded by trees and grass. It looked quite distinctive and gave you the same kind of visual sense as forest huts.  

Xu Fu said that he had passed the log cabin before, and he looked at the door of the wooden house. The door of the wooden house was also a wooden door, but it was locked. Originally, Mu Qin and the others needed to find the key of the wooden house in order to open the door of the wooden house. However, Xu Fu said that the door of the wooden house was very worn, just a wooden door that couldn’t help but blow over. Even if it was locked, the two feet could be forcibly broken, which would make a relatively loud noise. 

The three of them came to the wooden house. They were so eager to prepare for the show. However, when they went to the wooden house and looked at the door, they found that the door had long been opened and they couldn’t know who opened it. Then looked into this small room. There was a mess of rubbish inside, and there was no such thing as a ladder. The faces of several people were suddenly gloomy. 

Mu Qin asked Xu Fu: “Have you touched this door before?” 

Xu Fu immediately shook his head and replied: “No, absolutely not! Just passed by the house before me, looked at the door and left the house.” 

It could only be Zhou Yue. Mu Qin soon thought of this. 

Mu Qin had silently predicted Zhou Yue’s actions in his heart. He imagined Zhou Yue as a killer. What kind of action would he take to kill these human beings? Mu Qin envisioned a lot of pictures. He first felt that Zhou Yue might follow him and Xu Fu, follow them to the office building, and then Han Li, who was left alone in the first place, took the lead. 

Then Zhou Yue would continue to follow them to the church. In this case, Zhou Yue would discuss with Mu Qin and Xu Fu the good plan of “taking turns to kill the killer”. After being beaten by Mu Qin and Xu Fu, Qiu Zijia found the key. Open the door, maybe you could really realize that the three people escaped.

As Zhou Yue said, Mu Qin chose to help these humans with all his strength. He would not release his teammates for Zhou Yue, so he would be inconsistent with Zhou Yue in this game. 

However, Zhou Yue had always been a very intelligent person. The first year of high school in the third month of the year was enough to prove how high his IQ was. This kind of intelligent Zhou Yue always had his own ideas and strategies. It was hard for Mu Qin to predict what kind of action he would take? 

If you didn’t expect it, you had to find a way to change the situation. 

Mu Qin looked at the messy storage room and seemed to think of a trick. He turned back and said to Qiu Zijia: “You should have a fool card in your hand.” 

Qiu Zijia nodded and took out the cards in his pocket. He thought that Mu Qin wanted this. 

However, Mu Qin refused his giving, Mu Qin said: “I don’t want you, you just try, your card is pointing to the same position as my card.”

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