BDG Chapter 27

After the rebirth, Qi Jingchen had been unable to raise his strength. If he was not worried that he was really looking for death, Qi Yaoyao would be unloaded by Nie Yi, and Nie Yi himself might be crazy. He even felt that he could die immediately. 

For example, sitting on the bay window at this time, he would like to open the window and jump down – it was not a wonderful experience to watch the human beings walk step by step to perish. 

Because of this, he has never paid attention to anything other than trying to make himself comfortable. And since he was even greeted by Nie Yi, and Nie Yi repeatedly confessed in front of others and even did not care about eating tofu, of course, it was impossible to care about his appearance. 

After Qi Jingchen was reborn, he did not look in the mirror. Until now, he suddenly saw his appearance in the mirror. 

In the last life, he didn’t have meat in his whole body. The ugly incomprehensibleness was known to him. At that time, he did not miss his pre-existing appearance. He knew that before the end of the world, he could also be called a “little handsome guy.” 

However, he did not look so good before the end of the world, it should not be like this… 

The person in the mirror had red and white eyes, the skin was white and pale, and the face was long. Although there was no expression on the face, it was still cute, it looked…clearly less than twenty years old! 

No, it should be said that it was only 17 or 18 years old! 

He had a baby face, it was a bit small, but it was not so small! 

Qi Jingchen opened the window with a blank expression, threw the mirror out, and saw that the mirror was torn apart, and then closed the window. 

Nie Yi went out after he settled in Qi Jingchen. The first thing was to go to the city to see Xu Nan and the others. 

He worked so hard to bring such a large group of people to the safe area of ​​B City. Of course, it was impossible for Qi Jingchen to like the excitement. Even Qi Jingchen could not let him drag a bunch of ordinary people just because he wanted to be busy. Even if Qi Jingchen did not admit it, Nie Yi knew that Qi Jingchen had his own heart.

Therefore, he asked these people to practice killing zombies, protect them and let them get enough exercise. It was not just to save people, but also to cultivate their own confidant minds. Without saying anything else, some of Xu Nan’s performances were no worse than those with poor abilities. 

Nie Yi knew very well that only the senior abilities could survive in the late period, but in the early days of the last days, there were still many ordinary people who shone, and he wanted to develop his own power. Was it based on the early days? Was there any struggle for the ridiculous in the middle and late stages? 

In this life, he always wanted to find a way to build a safe fortress, so that Qi Jingchen could not suffer a little bit. 

Since he did not take Qi Jingchen, Nie Yi naturally would not go to the car, but instead ran the way with his feet. 

In the last days, all awakened abilities were related to elements. They were like sci-fi films, but there were no abilities like power and speed in some novels. But after the end of the world, all the people who came down basically knew that they must work hard, so the overall quality of human beings were improved in the harsh environment. 

Not to mention other people, Nie Yi himself had improved his physical fitness in the past 20 days, so that when he ran to the resettlement house at the entrance of the security zone, he did not panic. 

When he arrived at the place, Nie Yi went to see Xu Nan and the others, and those people were waiting for him. 

“You can choose to stay in the safe area to do things, so although you don’t earn a lot of work, but it is very safe, you won’t be in danger. If you go with me, you will have to go outside the city to collect supplies, so you can earn a little more work. But with a little carelessness, there may be no bones.” Nie Yi said. 

These people who were rescued by Nie Yi were very grateful to Nie Yi, but most of them did not want to go outside to face all kinds of dangers after they reached the safe area. They also worried that if they disagreed with Nie Yi, the son of the safe area chief would be dissatisfied, and there would be hesitation on their faces.

“There are countless people in the security zone. I don’t lack the partners to fight, but I know that such a way to tell you. Even when I don’t see you take me out to find supplies, you can think clearly.” Nie Yi said again. It was probably just the solution to the troubles at home. He had no awkward momentum at the moment, and he looked very good and spoke, and let those people relax. 

Most people had retired. In the end, only Xu Nan and a total of eleven people were willing to go out to find materials. 

Nie Yi greeted these people and asked them to choose the city to find supplies when they arranged their work, and gave their address to them before leaving. 

Others didn’t know, but Nie Yi knew very well that these few people who were willing to follow him were right. Although the safety zone was now rich in materials, most of the people working in the safe area could eat enough, and it would not be necessary in the future… and in the safe area, there was also the risk of becoming a zombie. 

Of course, these people might have a greater risk of being outside, which no one could say. 

Leaving the resettlement area, Nie Yi arrived by two familiar figures. It was Yao’s father Yao. The two men saw him and they were too busy to escape. It seemed that they were worried that he was harmed by him. It made him really amused. 

He had always avenged, but such people had never really been in the heart. 

After discussing with Xu Nan and others, Nie Yi went to a place where the military was in a territorial waters. 

There was water supply in the safe area. Now even the free water supply, so after they arrived at the safe area, except for some small bottles of pure water mineral water, they had not brought other water. Now, of course, he had to get some water back to Qi Jingchen. It was convenient for Qi Jingchen to take a shower. 

Most of the water in the territorial waters of the military was pumped from the ground, but there were also several water ability users who added water to several reservoirs. Nie Yi had some points for Zhao Chengqi to give him. He used four, each worker changed four plastic buckets, filled with water from the water abilities, and then walked back and forth with one hand and two. 

“Who is this? How do you get so much water?” There was a young man in his 20s who had water in the water tank. He saw Nie Yi stunned at so much water.

“It is estimated that there are many people in his family.” The water system actor next to the water ability user was a 27-year-old big beauty. She replied, and then said: “Yu Xuguang, your ability is running out, rest, don’t mess around and make yourself upset like you did last time.” 

“Sister…” Yu Xuguang looked helplessly at his sister and sat down, but his mouth had not stopped: “That man is really amazing. I’ve been able to walk four buckets of water so well.” 

“I’ve told you that there are a lot of people in the world. Don’t think that you are a power, you are unable to be lawless.” Yu Xuguang’s sister Yu Yuehui was educated to her younger brother. Her younger brother was a little bit off, and she was so ruined. 

“I know, sister, haven’t I been always embarrassed?” Yu Xuguang smiled at his sister and then began to concentrate on restoring his abilities. His abilities were weak, so be sure to work hard! 

After recovering some, Yu Xuguang began to add water to the reservoir. He didn’t expect that this time, he actually saw that the man who had just taken four buckets of water had come again. This was not a big deal, four barrels of water. 

Should this person be helping others to drown? It was a good person. Yu Xuguang sat next to his sister and tried to make a little more water. In the end, he only puffed out a bunch of drops of water, which made him blush. He was always the poorest one of the water system users.  

Nie Yi wanted so much water, of course, to bathe Qi Jingchen. 

He prepared enough water for Qi Jingchen, and then put the rest into the kitchen. As for Ping Shengchao and the others, he might have to take a shower… He wanted to take a bath and go to the water. 

The water had already come, and Qi Jingchen took off his clothes and laid in the bathtub. He felt that he had changed a lot. 

He didn’t look bad, but he was also a man. He had a lot of sweat on his arms. Because he was a child when he was a child, he grew up and often worked. He still has a calluoses on his hand.

As a result, in just twenty days, these things had disappeared.

If it was before the end of the world, take a picture of his legs and put it on the Internet. It was estimated that it would attract some wolverines… 

Not only did his face become white and delicate, but his skin all over the body was so tender that he could pour out water… …this was to facilitate others to eat his meat? 

Qi Jingchen secretly laughed, but he also knew that he would be like this. Most of them were because of their own abilities. The darkness’s abilities were enchanting. In the last life, he could use mental power to confuse others. In this life… maybe he could still like those demon enchantresses, the people who lead them were fascinated. 

I don’t know if he was like this in his life… Qi Jingchen thought about it carefully, but he only remembered that he had been smashed in the early days of his life, and he was later arrested… 

His wounds didn’t know why they always grow very fast. After those people cut a piece of meat of him, he would heal up in a few days, but if he was injured, it would never be possible to return to the original, so when he was always on his body, after being cut, the newly grown meat is pink, not concave or convex, and the overlapping wounds looked disgusting. 

Qi Jingchen didn’t want to recall those, but after taking a shower, he suddenly looked at Nie Yi: “How do you think I look?” 

“No one is better than you under the sun.” Nie Yi said without hesitation. 

“Oh, huh…” This blink of an eye was also powerful enough. Qi Jingchen was very sure that he was only getting better skin and therefore looked smaller, but he had not become a handsome guy. 

“You cleaned up very nice… How old are you?” Ping Shengchao suddenly asked, when he first met Qi Jingchen, he took a good look at Qi Jingchen, but at that time, Qi Jingchen’s sweat smelled, then…he was busy with killing the zombies. Qi Jingchen was often held by Nie Yi, so he really did not carefully read the appearance of Qi Jingchen… It turned out that this person was so young? 

According to Nie Yi, he knew Qi Jingchen when he was a soldier. That was four years ago… Should his boss not hook up with a minor?! 

“Twenty-two.” Qi Jingchen said.

That was okay, four years ago, it was already eighteen… Ping Shengchao let out a sigh of relief. 

“Your skin is really good, how are you maintaining it?” Shao Zhenglan and Ping Shengchao had not seen Qi Jingchen in these few days — seeing this person being served, this was not to find yourself uncomfortable! Now, after seeing it, in addition to feeling the good skin of Qi Jingchen, she also understood how Nie Yi would not want Yan Qi to meet Qi Jingchen. 

Although Qi Jingchen was not Yan Zhe, but the skin looked like people want to pinch! 

Qi Jingchen wanted to know how he became like this… 

“Brother, you are handsome.” Finally, Qi Yaoyao’s words made Qi Jingchen listen to the most comfortable. 

Although Qi Jingchen was very strange about the changes in his appearance, he did not have any spirit to go deeper, and soon he threw the matter behind his head. 

The dinner was with Jiang Huai and the two bodyguards together. Jiang Huai had been living alone for cooking, and the two bodyguards also understood some. The food that was finally collected was also okay. Of course, Qi Jingchen’s one was Nie Yi’s specially made, it was different from other people’s meals. 

After dinner, Nie Yi let Qi Jingchen go to sleep earlier, and then went out again, this time also brought his two bodyguards. 

Nie Yi’s two bodyguards were called Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng. They were all arranged by Nie Yi’s grandfather four years ago. Nie’s grandfather looked at Nie Yi very seriously and asked him to find a bodyguard. It also took a lot of effort. Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng were not only very professional, but also had no relatives. They belonged to the kind that could protect Nie Yi with one heart and one mind. 

Of course, these two bodyguards were unlikely to protect Nie Yi all the time. After they protected Nie Yi for five years, they could get a lot of money and then retreat to marry their wives and children. Nie Yi would also replace them with new bodyguards. 

As a result, the term of the two bodyguards was still not full, and the end of the world was coming… The two bodyguards in the last life were very committed. At the end of the world they were still protecting Nie Yi, and eventually both died. As for this life… Nie Yi said it before. The way to let the two bodyguards awaken their abilities was not fake. He had already made up his mind. In the future, he must know that all the mutant plants have been brought.

Nie Yi took the two people to go fast, and then came to the garbage dump outside the safe area. 

People who had just come to the safe area were basically carrying a lot of things, but many of them would not be brought into the safe area, they were handed over to the people in the safe area. 

Some of these were the materials needed for the safe area. The people in the safe area would sort it out, and the rest would be placed next to it. At the same time, the various teams in the safe area would go out to find materials and bring back some useless things. Thrown here, these were all free to take. 

Most of these things were dirty clothes and the like. Some old people wore gloves and picked up the good clothes and picked them up next to them. These clothes were washed and taken into the safe area, and occasionally they could be exchanged. 

In addition, there were a lot of other utensils here, not to mention anything else. At the beginning, Nie Yi, some of the extra pots and pans that they did not easily bring into the safe area, were thrown here. 

Many people in the safe area were fleeing, and they were divided into houses and even blanks. There were so few things that could be used at home. They would come here to see if they could find pots and pans that could be used. 

After Nie Yi took Gan Jun and Zhou Xiaofeng to come here, he found a wooden stick and looked for it like the people around him. To tell the truth, it was more convenient to use the hand, but who knew directly whether he would scratch his hand and then get dirty? 

“Young master, what are we looking for?” Gan Jun asked quickly. 

“Look for something that can grow flowers and grass.” Nie Yi said. 

In the last life, Qi Jingchen liked to plant flowers and grass. In the late period of the last days, he planted a lot of vegetables in his own field. Later, if that Xu Xuguang suddenly ran out to assassinate them, they might still rely on those vegetables to live longer.

Thinking of Yu Xuguang, Nie Yi secretly clenched his fists. In the last days, there were countless people who came to assassinate them. He really hated it, he hated it, but this Yu Xuguang actually used the self-explosion to hurt Qi Jingchen! 

If he wanted to run into this person in his life, he must find a way to kill him soon! The murderousness of Nie Yi’s body suddenly came out.

Maybe he used to be a good young man with three normal views, but now he didn’t have a good heart. 

“The end of the world, there are still thoughts to plant flowers and grass.” Someone saw Nie Yi and the two bodyguards dressed in a clean appearance, soured and said. 

The man who said it was sour, and the person next to him suddenly remembered something and began to look it up. Whether it was a wooden washbasin or a canned one, it’s all about you. 

Planting flowers in the last days was really stupid, but you could grow vegetables! 

Although it was now possible to exchange food by working, fresh vegetables couldn’t be exchanged. If you grew your own, it would be different. 

When the others began to look for things that could be returned to grow vegetables, Nie Yi had already found enough things he wanted, and then began to go back. 

There were a lot of flower beds in the safe area, where he filled all the things he had picked up from the rubbish, and then moved back home with two bodyguards. 

“Tomorrow, I will go back to the people to pick up the seeds. Now the safe area should have begun to try to grow vegetables. If there are vegetables, you can also get some things, so you can plant things at home.” Nie Yi said with great enthusiasm. 

Although Qi Jingchen had no spirit, he really liked more green plants in his house. He said: “You go to plant.” 

“Well, I will plant.” Nie Yi washed himself with Qi Jingchen’s bath water and then laid down around Qi Jingchen.

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