UCD Chapter 22

Mu Qin and Xu Fu came to the front door of the church. They wanted to come in through the back door of the church, but they soon found that the back door of the church was blocked by someone. Some people used the abandoned tables and chairs in the church. The cabinet blocked the back door, Mu Qin and Xu Fu gently pushed the door, the door was blocked and the wire did not move. 

In order to enter the church, Mu Qin and Xu Fu had no choice but to bypass the back door and return to the front door of the church. They then found that the front door was not closed, but was hidden, and the door slit revealed a dim light. 

Mu Qin took the lead and stood on the side of the door and extended his right hand to gently push the door open. The heavy wooden door made noise when moving, like some kind of old creature’s long quiet squeaking. It was particularly obvious in the environment. 

But Mu Qin and Xu Fu did not have the heart to worry about the obvious small things. After they opened the door, they looked inside at the church. The situation in the church was similar to when they left before. The candle chandelier was smashed down and broken lying on the ground, next to the body of Cheng Guoxu, leaning against the chair of a chair, motionless… already dead. 

Mu Qin and Xu Fu looked at each other. Mu Qin took the first step and walked into the church. His pace was not so bad. He slowly came to the side of Cheng Guoxu lying on the ground, and looked down at Cheng Guoxu. 

Cheng Guoxu had closed eyes, his blood was dripping, his wounds were numerous, and he was lying softly. He had been dead for a long time, and the blood flowing on his body and under his body began to become sticky and solidified. He exuded a bloody and decadent smell. That was the scent of death. 

When Mu Qin looked down at the body of Guoxu, Xu Fu went to Mu Qin’s side unconsciously, and looked at Guoxu with him. By the way, he also gave a cry to Cheng Guoxu: “Let him die too cheap. I should have tortured him to death.” 

Mu Qin answered Xu Fu: “What you said makes me feel that you are the killer.”

“The ‘killer’ in the game is just an identity imposed on you by the system.” Xu Fu smiled coldly. “I said before that all the players who entered this game are sinners. Among them are various murderers. Strong female criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers, bandit thieves… What kind of guys are here, I met this kind of bastard in the last game. Every time I put it out, I will be rejected by the world and they will all be damned!” 

Mu Qin looked at Xu Fu with a cold look. “So you killed them and lived to the end.” 

Mu Qin’s words made Xu Fu squint in a word, he couldn’t help but squint and look at Mu Qin: “What do you mean by this?” 

“Nothing.” Mu Qin said earnestly. “I was just thinking, you said that you have only experienced two games, including this one. So in the last game, as a newcomer… How did you live alone to the end?” 

Xu Fu said with a smile: “Do you think I have not lived to the last ability?” 

“Of course you have.” Mu Qin revealed a ribbon with indifference. Smiled,” As long as you are a killer, you have the ability to live to the end.” 

“Don’t be kidding.” Xu Fu was very helpless, and he said, “How much do you want me to be a killer?” Mu Qin did not continue to talk to him. It was to circumvent the body of Cheng Gouxu on the ground and walk over to the stairwell on the second floor of the church. Then Mu Qin found the ladder they could not find in the log cabin. The ladder was already set up on the fault of the stairs in the stairwell. It was obvious that someone used the ladder to go to the second floor. 

On the second floor, it looked dark and there was no light at all. It was completely covered in the darkness. 

Xu Fu also saw the ladder and turned his head and whispered to Mu Qin: “Do you think we still have to go up to the second floor? I bet that it must have been turned over.” 

“I think so.” Mu Qin looked up at the stairs and stared at the shadow on the second floor. “The killer has probably taken the item we are looking for.”

“Is it taken?” Xu Fu was puzzled by Mu Qin’s words. He took out the fool’s card belonging to Mu Qin, raised his arm to the second floor, and found that the card of the Tarot was still on. 

So Xu Fu said: “No, no! He doesn’t seem to take the props, the card is still lit…” 

“Of course he has taken it.” Mu Qin stressed this point, he looked up at the stairs. The shadow on the fault, “He is holding the props and standing upstairs and looking at us.” 

Mu Qin’s tone was a bit sullen, and Xu Fu was scared into a shackle, Xu Fu put down the tarot card in his hand and also followed Mu Qin’s line of sight to the second floor stair fault. The church was too dark, and the black corner couldn’t be seen clearly… Although nothing could be seen clearly, Xu Fu did feel that someone was standing in the shadow on the stairs, because the cold eyes of the other side extended from above, projected on Mu Qin and Xu Fu. 

Although Xu Fu was slightly scared, he quickly calmed down, and he quickly made a very bold move. Xu Fu suddenly rushed over and walked to the stairwell in a few steps. The ladder on the fault was pulled down, and the ladder slammed into the ground with his strong movement. 

“Sure enough, as you might expect, this guy is still on the second floor.” After Xu Fu knocked down the ladder, he returned a few steps back to Mu Qin. “Take the ladder down and see how he’ll come down!” 

Upstairs the standing killer seemed to make a slight hoarse smile after listening to Xu Fu’s words, the kind of smile with scorn. Then he had an action, Mu Qin saw him seem to take a step forward, his shoes stepped on the edge of the stair fault, revealing a corner. 

Mu Qin suddenly realized what he was doing, grabbed the arm of Xu Fu around him and said, “Run!” 

Xu Fu listened, although he did not understand Mu Qin’s thoughts, but the body had instinctively started to act, Xu Fu turned around immediately and ran towards the church door.

At the same time, the killer standing on the stair’s fault jumped downstairs and jumped directly to the position of Mu Qin and Xu Fu. The action that he leaped was like a dark crow. He spread his wings under the shadow of the shadows, and there was an evil and suffocating atmosphere everywhere. The horror was full of inexplicable charm. 

Mu Qin should have followed Xu Fu, but he paused a bit in the same place. He couldn’t help but watch the killer’s figure. He watched the other person jump from the top, and land on the ground in front of Mu Qin. The other party put away a huge dark wing, but exposed Mu Qin to his teeth and claws. He was like a monster and smiled at Mu Qin. 

Mu Qin seemed to be shocked by him, causing Mu Qin to stand rigidly in the same place, close in contact with the terrible killer. 

The killer did not immediately attack Mu Qin, the killer slowly stood up and reached out to Mu Qin, as if he wanted to touch Mu Qin’s face with his fingers. 

At this time, Xu Fu, who had already ran a few steps, found that Mu Qin did not follow. He couldn’t help but yell out Mu Qin’s name. Mu Qin was shocked, and this time he came back to his senses and immediately stepped back and turned to follow Xu Fu outside the church, leaving the killer still standing, and he kept the posture of raising his right hand and trying to touch Mu Qin. 

The killer did not stagnate in place for a long time. He knew that he should act. Now was the best time to hunt. 

The previous suspended animation was to break away from the group, so as to create opportunities for individual action and absent conditions. When he met Mu Qin, the killer tempted Mu Qin to use his own fool’s card. When Mu Qin used the fool’s card, the killer saw his face. When the direction of the church was on, the face would light up. The killer knew that the human side wanted the props found in the church. So when Mu Qin left, the killer then went to the second floor of the church and took the first step to get the key to the exit gate. The key was placed on the desk of an office on the second floor of the church. 

As long as the key was obtained, the killer could guarantee that the human side cannot easily escape. The human beings must find a way to injure or control the killer once, and take the key away from the killer to open the door of the exit. 

If there was no way to take back the key, unable to open the door, and unable beat the ghost, then all the humans would be destroyed here.

It was not Zhou Yue’s first time to be a “ghost”. He had been reincarnated in this game for a long time. His experience was too rich. He knew what to do and how to do it to push these people into desperation. 

However, often, these newcomers did not know that they had fallen into desperation. 

When the killer chased them in the church, he found that Xu Fu and Mu Qin were gone. The air was still filled with the moist grassy smell of the soil after the rain, but it was mixed with some other breath. The killer simply observed the traces on the ground… It was the place where the living things passed, always leaving clues, the footprints on the soil, and the curvature of the blades of grass. Even if the traces were not obvious, it was not a problem for Zhou Yue who had the hunter’s intuition. 

So Zhou Yue quickly knew where Mu Qin was going, but Zhou Yue was not in a hurry to chase people, because he could see that Mu Qin and Xu Fu deliberately ran from him to attract his attention.

Attracting his attention to lead him elsewhere. 

Why should you lead him elsewhere? 

Zhou Yue looked back at the church. He had already gotten the key from the church. Then the church had no need to be searched again. The nearest building in the church was only the apartment building. The apartment building was Zhou Yue’s “Birth point”, he woke up in a room on the fourth floor of the apartment building, so he simply searched the apartment building completely, and there was nothing inside. 

In addition to Mu Qin and Xu Fu, in addition to the death of Cheng Guoxu in the church and Han Li, a woman who had temporarily lost her ability to act because of fever, there should be another person. 

Mu Qin and Xu Fu deliberately came to attract the attention of the killer, just to let the remaining person act alone. 

Zhou Yue thought of this. He licked his lips and gave up continuing to follow Mu Qin and Xu Fu. Instead, he turned and decided to wander around the apartment building and the church. The last person must be nearby, Zhou Yue thought. Soon I can find him. 

At the same time, Mu Qin and Xu Fu, who ran a distance and squatted under a tree, looked back at the church for a while. Xu Fu said: “He didn’t keep up.”

Mu Qin couldn’t help but frown. “He found that we were tempting his attention. He wouldn’t be fooled. Then he would definitely go to Qiu Zijia.” 

“What should I do?” Xu Fu was anxious. 

“No way.” Mu Qin sighed and felt tricky. “We will go back and attract his attention again. If we are not in the same place, he will still be taken away.” 

Xu Fu could only compromise: “Ok, I think we should move faster, otherwise Qiu Zijia is in danger.”

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