UCD Chapter 23

At this moment, Qiu Zijia was alone at the back of the apartment building, hiding in certain grass. His heart was very nervous, the fool’s card in his hand also shivered with his nervousness. He was careful with the wall going forward and was following the guide of the Fool’s card to find the right route. 

Mu Qin told him that the Fool’s card would only guide the player to the location of the same thing, it may point to some items that open the exit, such as keys or other tools. It was also possible that this card would point directly to the so-called hidden exit. 

So what was the hidden exit? 

The literal meaning was the hidden exit. 

There was an obvious exit in the map of the Iris Flower Orphanage – the large iron gate in the courtyard. The huge iron gate that didn’t look very solid, but could trap Mu Qin and the others in the orphanage. If you wanted to open the door, they must find the key to the door. This was as long as you understood the situation, the logical facts that could be inferred. 

So at this time, there was a new problem in front of everyone: Was there any other exit in the orphanage besides this big iron gate? 

The answer was of course yes. 

According to Xu Fu, each map in the game had basically two or more than two exits or escapes. 

Xu Fu told them of his game experience, which was on a small island that was not very big. There were two kinds of transportation on the island, one was the speedboat on the island pier. One was to park a small submarine in the underground cave of the island, so you could also escape by submarine. 

The use of these two modes of transportation was an escape method that players could use to escape. Players did not need to master the skills of sailing or submarine, they only needed to find the speedboat key that could start the speedboat, or find the tool to open the submarine seal cover. 

Of the two props they only needed to find one of them, and then use the prop to start the speedboat or submarine, the game system would default to the player’s success.

It was important to note here that even if humans were already standing inside the escape tool, such as already standing on the speedboat, if the key was not used to start the speedboat, the killer could still attack humans during this time. The killer could climb. Speedboats were used to hack people, but as long as the speedboat was activated, the system would determine that the player had escaped successfully and the player would be transferred to the safe house in an instant. 

Xu Fu said that he finally left the island by speedboat and became the last survivor. 

However, according to Xu Fu’s guess, he felt that there was not only a speedboat or a submarine on the closed island. It seemed that there was a third means of transportation to help humans escape, which was the so-called “hidden escape method”. 

Because Xu Fu found a helipad on the island, the old players in the team told him that the appearance of the aircraft pad was not meaningless, and the helicopter was probably the way to the hidden exit. Only the plane was not parked on the tarmac, so Xu Fu guessed that perhaps in the game, they had to meet certain conditions, and the helicopter would appear. 

In this map of the Iris Flower Orphanage, Xu Fu felt that this place also had a so-called “hidden exit” or “hidden escape mode.” 

Xu Fu said: “The map of the orphanage is much simpler than the map of the island I experienced before. Its hidden exit is also very good. Besides the opening of the door, I think there is a similar entrance and exit here, maybe it is an orphan in a corner of the court.” 

Mu Qin’s Fool’s card pointed to the second floor of the church, while Qiu Zijia’s Fool’s card pointed to another direction. 

This was already obvious. Qiu Zijia’s Fool’s card pointed to the hidden exit. 

Under normal circumstances, the human side would not consider using hidden exits to escape. Because it was necessary to open certain hidden conditions, Xu Fu did not know what the conditions were. He had not tried it before, but they were in a very critical situation at the moment.

Mu Qin saw the door in the storage room being opened, and the ladder inside was missing. He guessed that Zhou Yue was afraid that they would take the key to exit the door first. Zhou Yue had found the key in the morning and grasped it in his own hands, so as to ruin the idea of ​​the human side. So now Mu Qin and the others were too late to catch up. It was extremely difficult to get the keys back from Zhou Yue, so Mu Qin had to propose new countermeasures. He decided to try to find the hidden exit. 

The plan was almost the same as before, but Mu Qin and Xu Fu separately attracted the attention of the killer, and Qiu Zijia took his own fool’s card to find the hidden exit. After finding it, he had to find a way to open the hidden exit because both Mu Qin and Xu Fu must keep on delaying time with the killer. The only one who had the ability to act was Qiu Zijia. 

Qiu Zijia felt that he was carrying a heavy responsibility, which made him so nervous his face paled, but he forced himself to spur on all his courage, clenched his teeth in the dark courtyard and carefully looked for it. The light tarot card seemed to be his only hope. 

He didn’t know if it was Qiu Zijia’s illusion. He thought that the tarot card in his hand seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. It seemed to indicate that he was getting closer and closer to the so-called hidden exit, but at his firm pace, he was slowly approaching. When he arrived at the destination, he heard footsteps come from behind him. 

Qiu Zijia was very sensitive when he was alone. This was natural. The loneliness in this environment would put Qiu Zijia in an extremely tense state of mind. A little bit of noise would make him feel astonished for a long time, so the colleague who heard this footstep, Qiu Zijia looking back quickly, found that there was a figure behind, and in the dark courtyard, Qiu Zijia could only see a dark human figure. 

Qiu Zijia realized that it was not Xu Fu or Mu Qin, because if Mu Qin came to him, he would definitely call Qiu Zijia’s name. 

Not Mu Qin or Xu Fu, there was only one person who could come to him. 

Qiu Zijia was scared in an instant, fear spread from his brain to his internal organs, and Qiu Zijia, who was scared, stood up from the grass, no matter what direction, he began to run hard, every cell in his body was frightened. He screamed and ran!

Therefore, Qiu Zijia ran up, pinched the tarot card in his hand, and tried to run in the courtyard where he could not reach the five fingers. He saw him run away. The killer who followed Qiu Zijia later followed Qiu Zijia. 

However, Qiu Zijia didn’t run fast enough. His physical fitness was definitely worse than the killer. In addition, the weeds in the courtyard were dark and tall, and nothing could be seen clearly. It was easy to stumble on things like stones. Qiu Zijia must be careful. Carefulness had greatly reduced his speed of action. After a while, the killer behind him quickly caught up with Qiu Zijia. 

Qiu Zijia didn’t know if he had weapons or something, but he seemed to hear what the killer was holding in his hand, waving the whistling sound of the waving, and then Qiu Zijia felt a pain in his back. He yelled and threw himself to the ground. 

Qiu Zijia looked back and found that the thing that had just hit himself was a big stone. The stone that the killer could pick up at random could also become a weapon of terror. When he threw his hand away and threw it on Qiu Zijia, he knelt on the back of Qiu Zijia and Qiu Zijia instantly fell to the ground. 

Qiu Zijia tried to get up quickly, he raised his arm and lifted his body just to get up. The killer had already chased him. He stepped on Qiu Zijia’s back and just stepped on the stone that Qiu Zijia had just been hit with. The place, the pain, Qiu Zijia immediately fell to the ground. 

The killer seemed to intentionally torture him, so he stepped hard, as a killer, Zhou Yue’s body’s ability had been promoted to the highest by the death card, his current strength was definitely not covered, gently and casually stepping on, all made Qiu Zijia scream from the pain, and he struggled under his feet. 

Zhou Yue didn’t like to hear people screaming, because Qiu Zijia didn’t call it very well, so he quickly took his foot back and stared at Qiu Zijia for a second. He seemed to be thinking about how to kill him. 

The easiest way was to break his neck.

Zhou Yue originally had a weapon. In the game, the player who was picked by the death card was appointed as a killer. He would find a weapon near his birth point, such as a knife or a tool. Take it, but hide it. Afterwards, usually other human beings would suspect that you were a killer, so there were also killers who choose not to take weapons in order to hide their identity. Even the killers had to take their weapons and secretly put them on others. 

Zhou Yue took it. He first took the weapon to the church, then placed the knife on the church table, and then hid. Later, Xu Fu discovered the knife when he explored the church. Zhou Yue saw that he took the knife and deliberately called him a killer. He took Xu Fu to anger him with a wooden board. Xu Fu was excited and Zhou Yue hit it. In the fight room, Zhou Yue deliberately greeted the other’s knife, let Xu Fu leave a few bloody wounds on his neck and body. 

Then Zhou Yue ran out with the wound and went all the way back to the apartment building at the birth point, and began to pretend to die in the stairwell. 

In doing so, he could not only create conditions for himself, but also transfer the sight of others to Xu Fu, increasing the suspicion that Xu Fu became a killer. 

But doing so was equivalent to giving his weapon to Xu Fu. 

However, Zhou Yue murdering did not need weapons, just the matter between the fingers, he knelt down and grabbed Qiu Zijia’s shoulder. Turned the squatting Qiu Zijia over and prepared to kill this guy, Qiu Zijia was still struggling, wanting to escape from Zhou Yue’s hands, but Zhou Yue used his knees to hold Qiu Zijia’s chest and abdomen to fix his body, then grabbed Qiu Zijia’s neck and began to use force. 

Qiu Zijia immediately turned his eyes because of suffocation. He reached out and beat Zhou Yue’s arm and even touched Zhou Yue. 

He touched Zhou Yue’s leg.

Zhou Yue felt that this action was a bit strange, how could he struggle to touch his leg? But before Zhou Yue noticed that something was wrong, Qiu Zijia, who was licking his neck, suddenly had eyes filled with blood, his muscles swelled, and his physique seemed to increase dozens of times in an instant. He grabbed Zhou Yue with his left hand. On the wrist of his neck, his strength seemed to increase to the speed of horror in an instant. He even pulled Zhou Yue’s arm out of the blue mark, and forced Zhou Yue’s hand to pull off his neck. 

Qiu Zijia’s right hand touched the pocket of Zhou Yue’s left leg at the same time. In the pocket, Zhou Yue kept the key from the second floor of the church. He touched it and took the key away. 

Zhou Yue admitted that he was forced by Qiu Zijia’s seemingly unrestrained actions, and found that his key was taken by Qiu Zijia, and he wanted to get it back from Qiu Zijia. But Qiu Zijia was straightforward and quick. The left hook hit the face of Zhou Yue, pushing Zhou Yue down to the side, so Qiu Zijia seized the opportunity to jump up, holding the key that had just grabbed in his hand and ran in the direction of the door that he had already remembered. 

Zhou Yue also quickly got up. He finally reacted and realized that Qiu Zijia had more than a fool’s card and a chariot!

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