UCD Chapter 25

It was because Mu Qin gave the chariot to Qiu Zijia, so the next time Qiu Zijia was attacked by the murderer, he grabbed the key from Zhou Yue’s trousers very wisely, and also made a fist to fly at Zhou Yue, and it looked like a gust of wind. He rolled and ran to the direction of the exit. 

Zhou Yue immediately realized that the situation was not good. If Qiu Zijia took the key and opened the door smoothly, the rest of the people might run along with the piece. The unlucky one was Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue naturally would not want to see this. As a result, he followed Qiu Zijia flexibly and quickly. 

Zhou Yue’s speed was very fast. Even if Qiu Zijia had the gain buff of the chariot card, Zhou Yue’s own ability was still better than Qiu Zijia’s. Especially as Qiu Zijia was too anxious to run, sweating and dancing, and the running posture was not standardized. It was easier to get more effort but not a reasonable speed, and the trained Zhou Yue was quite different from him. 

In a short while Zhou Yue had already caught up with Qiu Zijia. Qiu Zijia seemed to feel that he had been caught up. He heard the killer’s breathing sound behind his own, because Zhou Yue’s face was covered in gauze, his breathing sound was blocked. Being separated by a layer, the breathing sound gave people a feeling of suffocating, and it was extremely strange and creepy. 

In addition, Zhou Yue’s line of sight was full of Qiu Zijia’s killing intention. It scared Qiu Zijia to be more flustered. He did not run far, and he did not know that he was stumped by the weeds on the ground or stones, and fell sturdy.

Zhou Yue was very clear about how much pressure he had caused, but he found that Qiu Zijia’s mental quality was not so high. Although Qiu Zijia took the chariot card and did not intend to touch the key from Zhou Yue, he was scared and panicking. It was really a pity that Zhou Yue felt that he had made such a low-level mistake. 

However, just as Zhou Yue wanted to walk to the fallen Qiu Zijia, there was a sudden creaking in the grass, and then a figure rushed out, directly rushing to Zhou Yue. The other side sprinted quickly and Zhou Yue’s attention was completely on Qiu Zijia’s body. The reaction was not able to be hit by the suddenly popping figure, and Zhou Yue went back a few steps. 

When Zhou Yue looked up, he found that the person who suddenly hit him was Mu Qin, and Mu Qin was very daring. He hit Zhou Yue and said that he still didn’t run away. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s arm and took Zhou Yue directly overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Xu Fu also quickly smashed out. Although he was injured in one leg, he still ran fast, and then rushed to Qiu Zijia, grabbed his arm and directly dragged Qiu Zijia, and took Qiu Zijia to the door running. 

“I will pick you later!” Zhou Yue must not let Qiu Zijia open the door, squinting at Mu Qin, who pressed against him, whispering and quickly threatening him, then grabbing Mu Qin’s back collar, even Mu Qin directly lifted his upper body with one hand and then randomly dropped Mu Qin on the haystack. Mu Qin was thrown away by Zhou Yue and rolled on the wet grass. 

But Mu Qin quickly got up and shouted in the direction of Qiu Zijia and Xu Fu running away: “Run!”

After that, Mu Qin continued to chase Zhou Yue and intended to continue to obstruct him. He was very seriously, seriously wanting to help humans escape, seriously wanted to oppose Zhou Yue, even if the result would make Zhou Yue die. 


Mu Qin ran two steps. He couldn’t catch up with Zhou Yue’s speed. The killer’s ability in all aspects was too strong. Mu Qin was only a long distance away from Zhou Yue, and Xu Fu in front and Qiu Zijia were about to be caught up. 

The orphanage was not big. After running for such a period of time, the gate of the courtyard was already in sight, but the killer was behind Xu Fu and Qiu Zijia. It was too late to go to the door to open the door. Xu Fu glanced at Qiu Zijia, who was white and pale. He hurriedly glanced at Zhou Yue, who had caught up with him. He seemed to have made some determination. He said to Qiu Zijia: “I am alive to get revenge. Although I am not defeated, Cheng Guoxu is indeed dead. My great hatred has been avenged. Then… brother, you can live well!” 

After saying this, Xu Fu let go of Qiu Zijia’s arm and pushed him to let him continue running. Then Xu Fu turned to face Zhou Yue, who was chasing him. Zhou Yue saw that he wanted to stop himself, and he did not evade. He rushed to grab Xu Fu’s neck with lightning speed.

Xu Fu pulled out the knife and resisted, but the move was easily resolved by Zhou Yue. Then the two men wrestled. Xu Fu was certainly not Zhou Yue’s opponent. He was beaten by Zhou Yue in two moves, and the blade in his hand was instantly captured by Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue’s knife fell quickly and seered. In a moment, Xu Fu’s neck was cut open, and Xu Fu was severely wounded. Of course he fell down. He instinctively held his neck, but the blood was still flowing out. 

Zhou Yue also did not care whether Xu Fu died, and continued to chase Qiu Zijia with a knife. 

At this moment, Qiu Zijia had already ran to the gate of the orphanage in the short time that Xu Fu was fighting. He shuddered and took the key, grabbed the door lock, and tried to insert the key into the lock, but he was so nervous that his hands kept trembling and the key smashed on the door lock for a long time, so he couldn’t put it in. 

“Come on… hurry up…” Qiu Zijia silently urged himself, Zhou Yue had come over here, he could even feel the breath of Zhou Yue just behind himself. 

Zhou Yue was indeed behind Qiu Zijia. He held the knife and was ready to end the life of Qiu Zijia. However, at this time, Mu Qin had already chased him. He quickly ran to Zhou Yue’s side and reached out to grab Zhou Yue’s blade. 

The sharp knife edge quickly cut a trace of flesh and blood in Mu Qin’s palm. 

Zhou Yue did not continue to slash, but turned to look at Mu Qin. 

Mu Qin was also watching him. 

Qiu Zijia, who was opening the door, did not dare to look at the situation behind him. He opened the door with one heart and mind, and finally inserted the key into the keyhole. The lock was very flexible. With a crisp sound, the door lock opened. The iron gate opened a gap. 

Qiu Zijia immediately went to push the door. The iron gate squeaked under his push. Qiu Zijia couldn’t help but walk out with one foot. He didn’t even have the feeling that he had escaped. He only felt that the outside of the door was still full of richness. Darkness, not the darkness of the sky.

After he stepped out of the door, he thought of something, subconsciously looking back to see Mu Qin and Xu Fu, but he only saw the last scene. Saw the killer and Mu Qin facing each other, Mu Qin held in his hand. The blade of the killer was full of blood, and Qiu Zijia immediately realized that Mu Qin had blocked him from the final blow. 

Qiu Zijia wanted to call Mu Qin’s name. He wanted to grab Mu Qin’s hand and leave with him this ridiculous orphanage. 

However, some time later, when Qiu Zijia stepped into the door, the world game system would automatically determine that Qiu Zijia had successfully escaped. He would be immediately transferred to the safe house, so the moment his figure was at the entrance of the orphanage, the free light particles were dissipated. 

After he left, only Zhou Yue and Mu Qin were still standing in this eerie orphanage. 

“It’s so beautiful.” Zhou Yue stared at Mu Qin for a moment, then grinned at Mu Qin, and the bandage wrapped around Zhou Yue was loose, but because of the effect of the Death Card, his wounds were good. It was so fast that it was indifferent to tie the bandages, so Zhou Yue simply stretched out his hand and pulled off the bandage on his face to reveal a whole face. 

The wound on his face had also healed, leaving only a light red scar, and his injured left eye had returned to normal, and looked as good as Mu Qin’s impression. 

It was just that the lingering smothering of Zhou Yue’s eyes destroyed his beautiful face and made him a bit horrible, especially when he was close to Mu Qin and his nose was next to Mu Qin’s face. Even if he was calm Mu Qin could not help but speed up his heartbeat. 

“Too beautiful, dear.” He didn’t know if it was intentional but Zhou Yue spoke in a low tone. He put away his own blade and grabbed Mu Qin’s left hand with his flesh and blood. He held Mu Qin’s left hand and then bowed his head and took a sip of the wounds and blood in Mu Qin’s left hand. 

This action was really abnormal. 

Although perverted, Mu Qin was aroused in some strange pleasure by his action. 

And this pleasure made Mu Qin feel that he was also a bit perverted.

Zhou Yue seemed to have seen Mu Qin. He finished Mu Qin’s left hand’s palm and took a sip of Mu Qin’s lips. Mu Qin immediately felt that his lips were wet and there was a bloody smell. It was the smell of his own blood.

“I am very angry, you let go of my prey.” Zhou Yue reached out and hugged Mu Qin’s waist. The movement was very strong. It was completely different from the soft one. The Zhou Yue was now full of offensive, it made him look very dangerous. 

The dangerous Zhou Yue lowered his voice. He almost pressed Mu Qin’s body and his lips were pressed against Mu Qin’s lips. He said vaguely: “I am angry with you, now want to go to you.” 

Zhou Yue’s words made Mu Qin tremble. After a while, he could not help but want to retreat, but Zhou Yue refused to let him go, still holding Mu Qin’s waist, “Do you know? The killer’s harm to humans in the game can also be rewarded, such as severe torture, murder… Of course, there is sexual abuse, and hospitality.” 

Mu Qin was really scared by Zhou Yue this time, because he felt that Zhou Yue’s words were particularly serious, and he felt like he was eager to try. When he finished, he opened his mouth and bit Mu Qin’s lips. He didn’t bite very heavily, but he held Mu Qin too tightly. He directly pressed Mu Qin to the ground and fingered into Mu Qin’s clothes at his waist. Slowly wandering on the belly. 

Zhou Yue’s power was too strong, Mu Qin couldn’t resist him, he was pressed to the ground, his legs were forcibly squeezed apart by Zhou Yue. Mu Qin found that he started to pull his own pants, which made Mu Qin a little embarrassed, he reached out to touch Zhou Yue’s face. Mu Qin said: “Wait… wait…” 

Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips again and asked, “What are you waiting for?” 

Mu Qin slowly breathed to calm himself down: “You, what are you going to do?” 

“What to do… I want to be a strong man for you.” Zhou Yue said that he was serious and couldn’t be strong. 

So Mu Qin’s cheeks were red, and he dared not look directly at Zhou Yue’s deep black scorpion eyes. He said: “No… no need to be strong… we can…”

Zhou Yue reached out and kissed Mu Qin’s lips and interrupted him. Zhou Yue squinted and looked at Mu Qin gently, emphasizing: “It must be powerful, dear, you have to know… now I am doing everything for you, I am forcing you.”

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