UCD Chapter 26

Mu Qin seemed to hear the sound of the music box during the day. 

The music box with two male and female villains hugged together, as the little people spun and danced, the music continued to undulate with their beating. It was a wonderful piece of music. Mu Qin couldn’t name it, but he listened very familiarly. Perhaps he had played it for his beloved adoptive father. It felt like a melodious note mixed with a violin and a piano. 

Strange, why did he hear the sound of the music box? 

Mu Qin had doubts in his heart, but the doubts were doubtful. This wonderful music still revolved around his ears. The music was filled with Mu Qin’s dreams, and Mu Qin was somewhat difficult to extricate. He felt as if he was going to get stuck, caught in the mud filled with darkness and chaos. 

But soon someone pulled him out of the mud, Zhou Yue’s gentle voice rang in Mu Qin’s ear, Zhou Yue said: “Mu Qin, you are gone.”

A word made Mu Qin from that embarrassing state of mind looking back, he stared at Zhou Yue and found himself being pressed down by Zhou Yue on the grass. Zhou Yue untied his clothes and let Mu Qin reveal a clean chest. Zhou Yue also pulled Mu Qin’s trousers down halfway and his hand reached into Mu Qin’s underwear and fumbled. 

Mu Qin felt his cheeks burning hot. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s clothes. He whispered to Zhou Yue: “Don’t… at least… not here.” 

“Where do you want to go?” Zhou Yue liked Mu Qin shy. Looking, biting Mu Qin’s throat, the fragile place was bitten and Mu Qin immediately felt like he couldn’t speak, as if he was weak as a small animal being bitten on his throat by a beast. 

Zhou Yue liked the way Mu Qin struggled. Perhaps it satisfied him with some unspeakable perverted hobby. He bit harder on Mu Qin’s throat, holding Mu Qin’s waist in one hand and touching it in his underwear. Stimulated, Mu Qin could not help but close his legs, but because Zhou Yue pressed him down, he could only hold onto Zhou Yue’s waist, and it looked like Mu Qin was not ashamed that he kept holding Zhou Yue tightly.

Mu Qin shook, and finally waited for Zhou Yue to let him go for a while. Mu Qin took the time to interrupt Zhou Yue and said; “You… don’t… don’t worry so much, you still have things… didn’t you finish it?”

“Yes…you said this, I just remembered that I did not finish things.” Zhou Yue did not continue to bite Mu Qin’s throat, but his hand was still in Mu Qin’s underwear, holding Mu Chin’s vitality, Mu Qin blushed like a monkey’s buttocks, stiff and completely afraid to move. 

“You cut Xu Fu with a knife, but is he really dead?” Mu Qin tried to lobby Zhou Yue. “And there is a woman named Han Li who is waiting for you to solve it.” 

Zhou Yue then he replied: “Xu Fu? He is of course dead. I cut off his carotid artery. With that amount of bleeding, he will lose too much blood in a few minutes and be killed. If he does not have a medical card, he is absolutely dead.”

“Not as long as the woman.” 

“As for the woman.” Zhou Yue smiled thoughtfully, he got close to Mu Qin’s face. “You are right, I really should solve her… Dear, you will wait for me here. I will come back later. During the time I leave, you better not run away. Otherwise, the next time I meet you, I will not let you get out of bed for three days and three nights.” 

Mu Qin felt his face burn even more. He couldn’t imagine himself listening to Zhou Yue’s words and being shy and embarrassed. He could only answer silently: “I know… I won’t go.” 

“Good.” Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips, he comforted him, then finally got up from Mu Qin and his hand left Mu Qin’s underwear. Zhou Yue took his hand back and licked his fingers, he had the urge to see Mu Qin ashamed. 

After getting up, Zhou Yue helped Mu Qin to put on his trousers. He also held Mu Qin twice, then turned around and carried his knife toward the office building. Quick and agile, he instantly disappeared into the darkness. 

Mu Qin knew that he was going to kill, although he realized that this fact made Mu Qin feel uncomfortable. 

In Mu Qin’s concept, he always thought that Zhou Yue was a perfect and pure and innocent person. Such a beautiful Zhou Yue should not be a murderous executioner.

Mu Qin was not a good person himself. Even Mu Qin had always felt that he was actually a very cold-blooded person. 

For the first time, he realized his cold-bloodedness when he was solving the robbers in the gold shops. At that time, Mu Qin took the guns of the robbers calmly and shot the bullets at the robbers easily. He calculated the bullets in the guns, calculated the angle of the shot and the recoil, and calculated the location and death of the robbers. 

Mu Qin even fired at the last robber when he tried to escape. The bullet hit the back of the young man and spit out from his forehead. He fell into a pool of blood. 

Mu Qin’s actions should be correct. 

The same soldier’s companion, the team’s squad leader and some more close-ranking officials all thought that Mu Qin was not at fault, but he still went to the military court. The judge sitting in the court looked at Mu Qin with a glance, as if straight through him. The cold blood in Mu Qin’s bones was ruthless. 

“You obviously could shoot only his hands and feet, because he lost his will to fight, but you shot his head.” The judge said to Mu Qin after the trial ended, “I know your identity and you experienced training and education, but you have to understand that even if those people are robbers and are morally sinister criminals, they are not the same as soldiers like you, and the gold shop is not your battlefield,” the  judge said.

Those words made Mu Qin frightened and feared. He realized that someone had seen himself. This white-haired, old-aged judge thoroughly saw Mu Qin. He saw Mu Qin’s heart from Mu Qin’s eyes. And even saw through the soul of Mu Qin, the poor soul. 

In the eyes of the other side, Mu Qin feels as if he is being lighted and standing in the crowd. 

After Mu Qin left the army, the gold shop robbery and the military court left a deep shadow on Mu Qin. He met with a psychologist for a long time. The doctor thought he had a kind of “post-traumatic stress disorder”. The mental illness insisted that Mu Qin would go to the doctor’s house every week to talk to him, even though Mu Qin felt that it had no effect at all. 

Yes, he remembered that music.

Mu Qin suddenly remembered it. Although it seemed to be an irrelevant memory, he remembered that he had just heard the music of a music box when he was just stunned. He remembered that the psychologist’s home had this music box’s music. This piece of music was played in the box, exactly the same. 

Why did he suddenly remember this piece of music? 

Mu Qin didn’t quite understand. In the end, he was too lazy to think about it. He got up from the ground, sorted out the clothes on his body, patted the grass and dirt on his clothes, and then glanced at the gate of the orphanage that had been opened behind him. 

At that time, Qiu Zijia took a foot to go out, and then disappeared instantly. The whole person turned into a spot of light and dissipated in the air. This situation was very magical, and it had made Mu Qin realize that he was indeed in a magical game. 

Mu Qin began to go back. After a long walk, he saw Xu Fu. 

Xu Fu was lying on the ground and motionless. The grass and the soil were all red from his blood. Mu Qin knelt beside him. He reached out and touched Xu Fu’s neck. His pulse had disappeared, leaving only some of his body on behalf of him who had already died. 

Xu Fu seemed to be very peaceful. At least he didn’t struggle too much. He laid there with his eyes closed and his face without a painful expression. Just like falling asleep, Mu Qin watched him sleep and felt his impetuous mood. It had become quite peaceful. 

“We were still talking, but now you have to lie here forever.” Mu Qin said to the body. “Where will you go after death?” 

Mu Qin felt that there were souls in this world. 

You don’t even need Mu Qin to “feel”. This magical killing game had helped him verify this. After all, players like Mu Qin and the other players who entered this game were basically dead people in the real world, and their souls were taken into this world, and were resurrected here. 

They were given a second life, they could take good care of this life to live well, or they could choose to give up and continue to return to the darkness without seeing the abyss.

Mu Qin was silent for a long time next to Xu Fu’s body. After a long time, Zhou Yue came back. When he came back, he was bloodied. The whole person seemed to have been soaking in a pool of blood. He still had the knife in his hand. When he came back, he saw that Mu Qin was waiting for him, and he showed a satisfied smile. His smile was full of blood. 

“Are you ready?” Mu Qin asked him. 

“The woman hid and made me look for a while but no matter how you hide, I will eventually find them, so I smashed her and cut her into pieces.” Zhou Yue smiled and walked to Mu Qin. The bloody hand was about to embrace Mu Qin, but the hand stopped halfway. It seemed that Zhou Yue himself felt that his body was too bloody and dirty, so he gave up this behavior. 

“If she woke up quickly, maybe she could have come to the door of the orphanage before you found her, and then escape.” Mu Qin made some predictions, then Mu Qin sighed, “but she did not.” 

“You seem very disappointed.” Zhou Yue looked at Mu Qin with his eyes. “You don’t want me to kill, but if I don’t kill her, my score will not be enough, the system will kill me, I will die… so even let me die, do you think it doesn’t matter?” 

Mu Qin said with a wry smile: “Who used to say that I completely regarded you as an enemy and asked me not to let the water go?” 

“But you are so unremarkable, I am still very sad.” Zhou Yue said that he was wronged. He went to Mu Qin’s hand and held Mu Qin’s hand and gently bite Mu Qin’s finger. 

“Actually, I still favor you.” Mu Qin looked at Zhou Yue with a slightly sad look. “You just cut Xu Fu’s throat, he didn’t die immediately, so I had time to pick him up and run. At this time you are estimated to have caught up with Qiu Zijia, you would slash Qiu Zijia, but Qiu Zijia would not die so easily, because he also had the effect of the chariot, the chariot would make him thick and dry, even if you bore attack would not immediately die or lose its mobility, so he still had the opportunity to open the door. After all, his key was already on the lock hole of the door, and then he would be cut by you, but he would still turn it. Push the gate railing, push it open and climb out.”

“As long as he opened the door, I could carry Xu Fu together at the same time, so that you can’t catch up with us anyway.” Mu Qin also said to Zhou Yue, “And I still told you that the female teacher was there. If I didn’t tell you, she might also sneak through the grass to find the opened door, and then escape.” 

Zhou Yue grabbed Mu Qin’s hand and did not speak, he looked intently at Mu Qin, after a long silence, said: “You are really too smart, Mu Qin… You know me better than I imagined.” 

“In fact, you know me very well, Zhou Yue.” Mu Qin Still laughing, “You know that I like you, you know that I am partial to you, you know that I will be soft and then indulge you, so you always… there is no fear.”

TLN: The next arc’s chapters are twice as long as these and school is starting again next week. I really need to do better this year… ;( …Let’s not expect speedy updates.

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