OIM Chapter 1

Yang Yang opened his eyes and saw a strange room. Clean, bright and spacious. A room that did not belong to the last days. 

“Really exchanged souls.” Yang Yang’s eyes were empty, but had an expression of disbelief. 

Just before the blink of the eye, he was still in the cold winter of 2X08. He couldn’t catch food because of his physical disability. He eventually starved to death on the way to Qingcheng. No, he was about to starve to death. 

It was then that a voice appeared and asked if he would like to exchange his soul and live again. 

Yang Yang thought that he was returning to the light, and he was greeted with enthusiasm. He also made a wish, that he would be healthy and well-fed in his next life. 

That voice was also very happy, with Yang Yang it guaranteed “no problem”, but also said it was giving Yang Yang two gifts. 

Then, Yang Yang woke up. 

… Yang looked at the ceiling, there was no crazy hunger in the belly, there was no cold wind around the bones, and there were no pains in the hands and feet of the disabled body. Yang Yang reached out from the quilt. His hands were very thin, but the fingers were slender and intact, without any distortion. 

“Ha.” Yang Yang gave a sigh of laughter, his hands slowly moving down to cover his eyes. After a while, he moved his hand.


Yang’s black eyes were like the deep sea, and the dead air that had been milled out in the last five years was swept away. 

He tried to sit up with his hands on his bed, but when he tried hard, he found that the body was weak. Just propping up his body, his arms were already shaking. 

Yang Yang frowned, but did not give up. He took some effort to sit on the bed and then gasped, and cried in his mind: [Roth.]

A voice immediately responded: [Master, I am here.] 

This was the first gift to him, a copy of an AI being from a higher dimension, being bound to the soul of Yang Yang. 

Yang Yang slowly vented his body and said: [Scan my physical condition.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

Roth’s voice disappeared two or three seconds, then sounded again: [Master your body’s value is low, no long-term eating and exercise, soul power fluctuations is also very weak, and already three months pregnant. There are also precursors to abortion. It is recommended that you keep your current situation and do not continue to work hard.]

Yang Yang: [What is three months?]

Roth: [Pregnancy. Master, you are pregnant, just three months along. Congratulations.]

Yang Yang: [………] 

Yang Yang reached out and grabbed a part of his own belly, a considerable amount of weight. Fortunately, it was not a woman. 

Yang Yang was relieved, he was less able to accept gender changes than pregnancy. ——Yang Yang used to be a doctor. He also saw intersex people before the end of the world. It was not unusual for these “heterogeneous”. 

But Yang Yang was gay himself, psychologically unable to accept close contact with the female body. If he became a woman himself, he would go crazy. 

Yang Yang retracted his hand, and he was curious: [A man in this world can also get pregnant?] 

Roth: [No, this is a special constitution, called the female body. The female is characterized by a red trace of jujube nucleus behind the neck, and can get pregnant regardless of gender. The place of the gestation is not the uterus, but the soul palace – the soul palace is an organ unique to this world, it can store the soul.]

Yang Yang’s eyes were bright and full of interest: [Show me the anatomy of the human body in this world.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

In the next second, the retina of Yang Yang’s eyes showed some human anatomy. The anatomical maps were divided into two types, which varied greatly.

Let’s talk about common ground. The common point was the visceral structure. It was similar to the familiar human structure of Yang Yang, but it had only one more soul palace. The Soul Palace was located above the bladder and was connected to the reproductive system. 

The difference was the skeleton, the circulatory system, and the soul circulation system. It was very similar to human beings, but Yang Yang couldn’t understand it. The bones were very different. There was even a picture of the beast skeleton. 

Yang Yang pondered for a while and asked Rot: “Is there more than one kind of intelligent life in this world?” 

Roth: [Yes, but this figure is two forms of the same race, these people are called Lester people, up to about 70% of the galaxy’s intelligent life. Part of the Lester people can become the original form, which is the kind of animal bones.]

Yang Yang understands: [Orc?] 

Roth: [Can be understood.]

Yang Yang in addition to rubbing his fingers the hand was a little itchy and he wanted to take a look, but not now. Yang Yang said: [Give me a picture or video of the pregnancy of the female.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.]

Image transformation on the retina. Yang Yang originally wanted to see the difference between the soul palace and the uterus, but at first glance his attention was attracted by the embryo — actually it was oviparous? 

To be precise, only the child born to the female was the egg—this contained a lot of soul theory, and Yang Yang couldn’t understand it for the time being. He only understood that the pregnancy time of the female was one year, but after the egg was laid, the egg would continue to grow, and the time of breaking the shell would vary from egg to egg. 

It’s amazing. 

Yang Yang wanted to see the knowledge of the soul again, but his eyes already felt sore, and his head was a little dizzy. 

Roth’s voice sounded in time: [Master, because I am now bound to your soul, the source of energy is also the soul of the master. Now the owner’s soul has been in overuse, I suggest you rest immediately.]


Yang responded and the pictures on the retina disappeared. He leaned back against the bed, closed his eyes and was stunned. He began to plan a fitness program. 

At this time, footsteps and disputes came from outside the door. The two people quarreling were a man and a woman. 

When they arrived at the door, the footsteps stopped, and then a man’s voice was heard. “Let’s cut it today! I don’t know how good it is, but at least the children in his stomach will live!” 

Yang Yang did not recognize this voice, but this body remembered – it was his uncle, Zhou Hua. 

Zhou Hua was in the top 100 richest man in the Jiuyu Empire, and his wife is the aunt of the Duke of Dawton. When he was 10 years old, he lost his parents and memories because of an accident. He then stayed at Zhou Hua’s home. 

— This was also the only memory left in the predecessor. 

Yang Yang opened his eyes and looked at the closed door with somewhat strange eyes — Zhou Hua wanted to cut him?? 

“Mr. Zhou Hua.” 

A woman’s voice then sounded and her tone was serious: “I need to remind you again. The patient is less than three months along. If you want to take out the egg, you must remove it together with the soul palace. Once the soul palace is removed, the patient will die.” 

Zhou Hua was not moved: “I certainly know, but is there any other way? Six months ago he was in a car accident, I thought it could be cured, who knew that he had become a vegetative person. After a month, his condition began to deteriorate again. Now he can’t even open his eyes. Can you guarantee that he won’t become a corpse?”

The woman’s voice has a sigh of relief: “I didn’t recommend you to do this before. Artificial pregnancy! He is a female, conceiving will consume his soul, and now his condition is delayed by pregnancy. If you are now undergoing abortion, his condition may be better.” 

Zhou Hua cold voice, “Dr. Liu, don’t forget, wanting a child is the last wish of Yang Yang. And if it wasn’t for his condition that the body deteriorated too quickly, I would not have applied for artificial pregnancy for him. This is also the case of the hospital. Decisions relevant for trial before. Now you have to recommend a miscarriage. Is it what you mean or what the hospital means? After the abortion, you can make sure that he will wake up? If so, then I agree with his abortion.”

The woman was shackled, and she was not willing to object for a long while: “At least look at the situation again. Now that you want to do a caesarean section, you are killing him.”

Zhou Hua was also angry: “Dr. Liu, pay attention to your words. This caesarean section surgery has also been approved by your hospital.” 

The woman finally took a deep breath and said, “Well, since you insist on doing this, then I have nothing to say. But I will not do this surgery. ” 

Weak of will but did not agree, because women are the most authoritative study of the female body doctor, also had weeks of specially invited. So the two questions on the operation of the door arguing again. 

In the room, Yang Yang was sitting on the bed digesting the information he had just heard, he had a certain understanding of his current situation. 

From the point of view of the previous dialogue, Zhou Hua’s dissection was also “reasonable and justifiable”, but Yang Yang still heard Zhou Hua’s indifference to him. Zhou Hua’s decisiveness had reached a cold level when talking about the issue of “guarantee big insurance”. 

Obviously, Zhou Hua’s desire was to ensure the lives of the children in his stomach compared to the possibility of waking him up.

Yang Yang was contemplating for two seconds and asked Roth: [Roth, did the former owner leave a will?] 

Roth: [Sorry for the master, I have rewritten the database when I was engraved, from the data information related to this dimension was detected in the debris. Only the former owner died in this operation.] 

Yang Yang responded and did not continue to ask. The surgery was not to worry, because he had “awakened”. As for the other, it could be dealt with later. 

After a while, the sound of arguing outside lowered down, but the door was forced open, and a suit covered man came in. Feet stepping on the floor, the head twisted back and had the last word with the woman outside the door. “If you insist on refusing surgery, I will consider using legal means.”

The woman was standing at the door. She sneered and seemed to want to look back, but at this moment her eyes shifted and she was fixated on the hospital bed in the middle of the room. 

Yang Yang leaned against the bed, squinting and he and the woman calmly looked at each other. 

The woman shouted in surprise: “Yang Yang!!!” 

Zhou Hua was shocked and turned around. 

Yang Yang moved his eyes from the woman to Zhou Hua. Well, this big man was much more handsome than he thought. If he didn’t hear the conversation just now, Yang Yang could score 7 points for his good feelings. 

And the expression of Zhou Hua was somewhat interesting, not just surprised, but shocked over the head and turned into horror. 

This was a bit interesting. 

Yang Yang’s heart smiled, but his face was slightly frowning, revealing a doubtful expression, he asked: “Who are you?” 

Amnesia, dog blood, but practical.

TLN: Yang Yang’s name is 羊央 which is actually Yáng Yāng but my keyboard doesn’t have those letters so… Also, I took a lot of liberty with the novel’s title because I couldn’t make sense of it.

About Lester, should it be something else? And does anybody know if calling him a female all the time is correct? Because otherwise I’m gonna start getting tempted to replace it with ger.

This is low on the priority list, don’t expect quick updates.


11 thoughts on “OIM Chapter 1

  1. It’s m-preg, it’s orc world, it’s dog blood! I Love it alreadyy!thank you for this awesome translation.

    Btw, the ‘female’ In this world is a male that can get pregnant or really a female? Or is it cixing?

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  2. yumie

    Tbh, I checked this novel this earlyyyy because MC has the same name with actor Yang Yang 😂

    I think ger is better? to differentiate female and male with special constitution~ Thank you for the chapter!

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    1. rottengirlinbed

      I think this is slightly alike the ABO but their are just ork. As the story said it, the female have red jujube nucleus behind the neck.. but it also state *regardless of a gender i think its mean there another kind of female or gender..
      I really craving for more mpreg so i’ll waiting for the updates


    2. rottengirlinbed

      I think this is derive from ABO and Ger.. as the story state were the female can determin when there is red jujube nucleus behind the neck.. there is also state that female can get preg regardless of gender means there is another female here..


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