Non-Human Seeking Re-employment

Chapter 1: Mr. A’s Funeral

The rain poured down and squeaked in the night. 

This was a rural self-built house. It had been built a long time ago. The walls were stained with various dirt. A pile of rusty farm tools were thrown in the corner, which gave off a taste that was unclean. 

The chandeliers on the ceiling were swaying, and the lights were bright and dark. Sitting on a dilapidated sofa below, a circle of people faced an old-fashioned TV. 

Probably because there was no signal, black and white particles were flashing on the TV screen, and a harsh sound was heard. 

Sitting on the sofa, a strong man with a gold chain, a female high school student wearing a JK uniform, a gentle office worker… obviously people who seemed to have no connections, but sat together. 

No one was talking. 

The lightning flashes outside the window, the black screen of the TV was re-lit for a moment, the black and white screen had a high and hysterical female voice: 

  [Welcome to the Infinite Nightmare Game] 
  [You have entered the novice level.] 
  [Please attend Mr. A’s funeral, and find the murderer.]

After the voice ceased, there was only nervous laughter, and people laughed and chilled. 

Finally, someone couldn’t help it and stood up: “What the hell is going on? Can someone tell me?”

He who spoke wore a suit and was office worker. He looked down at his wrist watch from time to time, worried about being late and his full attendance award. However, his watch seemed to be broken. Until now, the time had been fixed at 7:00 in the morning, no further progress. 

His questioning was like a switch that triggered the emotions of others in the hall. 

The female high school student bowed and wept: “I want to go home…”

The office worker stepped forward and walked to the gate. He wanted to open it, but the door was locked tight. 

The person with the golden chain also stood up and glanced around.

The windows were also closed, with a strip of wood on them. The person with the gold chain picked up an axe from a pile of tools and slashed it hard, trying to break open the window. 


一 An axe smashed down, the wood broke, and a spider-like crack appeared on the glass window. 

One of the hearts of the person with the gold chain: “This is a prank.” 

He said, he raised the axe again and wanted to smash the glass window directly. Only the axe didn’t fall, and he heard a bang, and a bloody handprint appeared on the window. 

The person with the gold chain was shocked, and the axe fell to the ground, making a dull sound. 

Bang, bang, bang – countless bloody handprints appeared on the window, they seemed to want to break through a thin glass window, into the room. The window trembled, it seemed it was going to break soon. 

The person with the gold chain stepped back and swallowed: “What is going on? Is there really a ghost?” 

“What the hell? These are deceptions!” The office worker was more violent and picked up the axe on the ground. “Let me at it.” 

He pushed away the person with the gold chain and lifted the axe to force it open. 

Just before it fell, the glass slammed open. 

The office worker’s movements stagnated, watching a pale hand stretch out from the darkness behind the window and grabbing his arm. 

“What is this!?” The office worker flustered tried to break free. 

This strange hand was skinny, but the strength was very powerful and the office worker was pulled outside. 

The office worker finally knew that all this was not something that people could do. When he saw that he was going to be pulled out of the room, he screamed: “Help–”

The person with the gold chain had long been scared. 

The female high school student shrank into a ball, and did not dare to move. 

Other people had no intention of saving others.

The office worker was pulled out of the narrow window, and the body bent into a distorted posture, disappearing into the darkness. 

There was another dead in the hall. 

Only the sound of someone licking the food came from the window. 

“You should be fortunate to have lost an idiot.” The person sitting in the middle of the sofa raised his legs. “I taught you the first point, just don’t act casually. A grass or a flower here may save your life.”

After the scene, everyone was honest, listening to that person, as if to find the backbone of the heart, had seen the past. 

Those people were very satisfied with the reactions of others: “My name is Chen, you can call me Old Chen.” 

The person with the gold chain immediately walked over, handed a cigarette: “Brother Chen, you played?” 

Old Chen glanced at him with appreciation and took the cigarette: “Played twice. The novice task is relatively simple, as long as you follow me, there will be no problem.”

When the words came out, the others looked at him with hope and his eyes became hot. It’s on. 

“But…” Old Chen flexed his finger and smacked the ash. When the front turned, “There is no thing in the sky.” 

A thin, non-mainstream Huang Mao asked: “How much do you want?” 

Old Chen ironically hooked his lips. “Here, money is equal to waste paper. I want your points after customs clearance.” 

The female high school student objected weakly: “What is the use of points?” 

“Good question.” Old Chen said, “Points can be exchanged for some life-saving things, but only after the novice task can one open the mall, so if you can’t live through a novice task, the points are useless.” 

Huang Mao, who had read many online novels, was thoughtful: “The same as the horror game written in the novel.” 

“唔… …” Old Chen spit out a cigarette. “It’s about the same, but don’t think that you are the protagonist. Everyone here is a hapless in the game. Only after ten games can you completely leave this unlucky game.”

The person with the gold chain thought a lot, and asked: “Can you guarantee our safety?” 

Old Chen did not answer positively, but said: “As long as you don’t die.” 

Huang Mao and the female high school student were young and relatively simple. They immediately agreed to the requirements of Old Chen, only wanting to save their life. When the person with the gold chain saw that they all agreed, they could only follow the flow. 

Old Chen calculated how many points would be credited, and there was a smile on his face: “Do you have any questions? I will tell you all I know.” 

“Excuse me …” 

Just then, in the corner of the sofa one hand was raised.

Everyone looked at the person. 

There was a young man sitting obscured in the corner, probably because he had never said a word, and there was no sense of existence. He had a pair of almond eyes, and the black and white eyes exuded the light of seeking knowledge. It looked very simple and cute. When he smiled, he revealed a pointed tiger tooth. 

Old Chen did not care to say: “You ask.”

The young man raised his mobile phone and asked with great distress: “Why can’t you play ‘Fight the Landlord’ here?” 

Others: …

The female high school student whispered: “There is no signal here.” 

She had just tried the police, but it seemed that all the electronic facilities had failed, and they were not connected to the outside world. 


Some of the youth lost their mobile phones. 

Old Chen: Isn’t this a fool? Thinking of ‘Fight the Landlord’ in such a dangerous place? 

However, even if Chen suspected that this young man was not normal, it did not prevent him from earning points, so he pretended to be a kind and 
harmonious person: “What is your name?”

The youth was unprepared: “Shen Dongqing.” 

Old Chen smiled: “As long as you promise to give me the points, I will take you through the customs.” 

Shen Dongqing looked up at him and looked at him: “No.”

Old Chen’s smile became stiff and cold. He said profoundly: “This world is very dangerous. Didn’t you see the office worker just now? If you accidentally lose your life, you can’t keep it. Say, what is the point of the score?”

The words were mixed with threats that were not noticeable. 

Chen Dongqing: “Oh.” 

Old Chen’s smile disappeared completely, he sullenly said: “Young people always like to try to be brave, but they do not know, trying to be brave sometimes will pay a tragic price.” 

Old Chen wanted to scare this person. 

The people here were all newbies, the novice task was not difficult, but the points earned were very high. For Old Chen, every wool must be shaved. 

I didn’t expect when finishing talking, this kid was still unmoved. 

Shen Dongqing was playing with his mobile phone. When he looked up and stared at him, he stared back at him. He then reacted and said: “Are you talking to me?” He thought, politely said: “Thank you for reminding me, but I am no longer a young man.” 

Shen Dongqing was actually a thousand years old ghost. He had been unable to reincarnate and live in the world. He suddenly occupied a body one day. 

It’s just that he hadn’t had time to enjoy high-tech such as mobile phones and computers, and he had been drawn into the world. He could feel that there were several ghosts in the house, but he was more concerned about the game on the mobile phone. 

Old Chen almost crushed the cigarette in his hand: Who the hell is going to remind you? I am threatening you! 

He was about to give this kid a lesson, when there was a sudden footstep in the doorway. 

Everyone present was nervously watching them. Only Shen Dongqing looked down and focused on the mobile phone, and wanted to find a game in which he could play without signal. 

Creak, clack —— The door opened a gap, a woman wearing a black long-sleeved dress with a black cloth on her arm was standing in the gap. She was bloodless and her face was sad.

She stood by the door and whispered, “It’s really hard for everyone to come in. It’s hard work. Please stay here first. According to our custom, you have to stop for three days before you can go out, and only then you can see my husband.” 

No one dared to argue against her. 

Still Old Chen said: “Not hard.” 

Mr. A’s widow looked at Old Chen and said in a whisper: “The room is on the second floor. You should rest for one night, and you can just stroll around tomorrow. Don’t go to the last room on the third floor. Also, the people in our village are older and don’t like to be noisy at night.” 

After that, the widow left, and the door was closed. 

At this moment, the people in the hall saw two rows of wreaths outside, and a variety of paper people, looking cool. 

Some excitement: “This is the NPC?” 

Old Chen looked at the eyes to recover: “.. It could be your life ghosts listen to her, it is best to listen to the words of NPC in the game.” 

Very curiosity: “What if you don’t listen?” 

Old Chen said: “The ones who are not listening are dead.” 

The self-built houses in the countryside were very spacious. There was a long corridor on the second floor, and the corridor was cold. At night, it seemed that you couldn’t see your head at first glance. When the light was turned on, you could see that there was a closed door on both sides. 

The female high school student thought of a very important question: “What if we are separated and an accident happens at night?” 

But she was only a girl. 

Old Chen said: “In any case, three days, we are four people in a room. Just live in this room, there is somewhere easy to escape.” 

He pointed to a room closest to the corridor. 

The female high school student settled down. When she walked in, she suddenly thought of a question: “Four people?” 

She, Old Chen, Huang Mao and the person with the golden chain were four people. Was there still another person?

Old Chen heard her question and sneered aloud: “Someone wants to die, who can blame us? He can attract the attention of ghosts alone, isn’t that good?”

The person with the gold chain was an adult, naturally they held no opinion. After all, when they wanted to come, they were not the young man who died. Maybe they were dead. 

Only the female high school student was a bit embarrassed, but she had no choice but to say nothing. 

Shen Dongqing didn’t mind that he was squeezed out. He fell behind the big troops and walked slowly down the stairs. There was a sorrow in the delicate eyebrows. 

Old Chen hugged his shoulders and looked at him: “Do you know what to fear? Now I regret it.” 

Shen Dongqing didn’t know why this person always cared about him. When he was a ghost, he was very cold. He didn’t expect to be a human being. He could feel the warmth between people. 

It’s just that Shen Dongqing was indifferent, he didn’t know how to answer it. He could only say harshly: “I’m not afraid.” 

Old Chen sneered: “The dead duck is hard, I advise you not to look at the face so much, recognize the wrong, then points to me, I will protect your life.” 

Chen Dongqing said earnestly: “Thank you for your concern, I really do not feel afraid, I’m just wondering why my game in phone won’t work.” 

Old Chen: I am concerned about your points, but you are concerned about your mobile games? 

After Shen Dongqing finished speaking, he was afraid that Old Chen would talk to him again. He did not wait for Old Chen to speak and pushed the door next to him and walked in. 

Bang, thump – the door was closed. 

Old Chen looked at the door and only felt scorned by a courageous newbie. He sneered: “You will regret it.” 


Shen Dongqing walked into the room. 

There was a bed in the room with a cupboard and a separate bathroom, which looked very simple. But it was not simple, a black and white portrait was hung on the wall facing the door.

In the portrait was a man of about 30 years old, like Sven, a pair of eyes screaming at the people who walked in, not like a photo, but a living thing. 

Shen Dongqing stood in the same place, as if he was scared. 

The black and white portrait was very satisfied with his reaction. The eyeball turned a bit, and the two lines of blood and tears flowed down, and the arms were lifted up, as if to break out of the photo frame and grab the person in front of him. 

Cry, be afraid, scream… 

As long as the rules were broken, I can kill you with a bright and straight… 

The person in the black and white portraits were squatting on the photo frame, one hand was like a noodle, and the hand in the room was extended. Just a little bit and it would hit Shen Dongqing. 

Shen Dongqing thought about the interpersonal relationships between humans and raised his hand to hold the cold hand. 

“Hello.” He also shook hands in good faith. “I have to stay here for three days and bother you.”

Chapter 2: Murderer

Shen Dongqing seriously greeted the natives here. 

It was only the native who seemed to be a little shy. He shook hands with him, his pale face was blue and his eyes were falling from his sockets. 

Shen Dongqing quickly released his hand: “Sorry…” 

He had just become a human being, the power of the devil was somewhat hard to control, and it was not light or heavy. 

When the photo frame ghost broke free, he turned and fled back to the black and white portrait. 

Shen Dongqing regretted shaking his hand. 

He had been a ghost for millenniums, and now had become a human being after so long. He didn’t know how a normal person should act. He could only learn the words and deeds of people he had seen. 

So he laid down on the bed and raised his phone. 

According to the female high school student, there was no signal here, so many games couldn’t be played. 

Shen Dongqing turned over and finally found a game that could be played – the little crocodile loves to take a shower. When he was a ghost, he was very envious of others playing games. Unfortunately, no one gave him a burning offer, and he couldn’t touch this electronic device. He could only watch it. Now I finally had a chance to play, half lying in bed and playing in the middle of the night. 

Because I played too much, I also ignored the screams from outside of the window and the screams of women who were upstairs. 

The man in the black and white portrait listened to the cheerful music that sounded in his ear and looked straight at the youth on the bed. 

That was going on here and you were still playing? 

Couldn’t you give a ghost face? 

The photo frame ghost only felt that he had been ignored, inexplicably a bit uncomfortable – to scare the person to jump, according to the rules, as long as he screamed, he could freely kill. 

Under the light and the dark night, the black and white portrait in the photo frame was changed to a place without human movement. Facing the bedside, the portrait was even more pale. I saw the lips stretched under the ear and the eyes were bloody red.

If a timid person saw this scene, he was afraid that he would be so scared he’d lose his voice on the spot. 


Shen Dongqing’s attention had been on the screen of the mobile phone, and he had not even raised his head. 

The photo frame ghost who kept this position was a little tired, they just wanted to relax and take a break, and finally saw Shen Dongqing move. It hastened to wait and see, posing a more horrible and distorted expression. 

Shen Dongqing just happened to be facing the black and white portrait on the wall. 

There was a smugness on the black and white portrait: Was it scared? 

Shen Dongqing looked at the expression of the portrait, and hooked his lips. 

He said, “Good night.” Then he put down the phone without electricity and turned off the light. 

In the darkness, the black and white portrait were sluggish. 

How, what happened? Why weren’t you scared? Was it that its ability was not skilled enough? 

The black and white portrait was deeply skeptical – ghosts were not worth living. 

Shen Dongqing felt very sleepy. 

It was not until there was a burst of firecrackers outside the window that he woke up. 

He opened his eyes in confusion, and before he was completely awake, he was directly by confronted a grimace. 

The black and white portrait made a tragic appearance: this always scared them, right? This was what it thought of for one night. 

Shen Dongqing had not responded yet, and his body had acted first raising his hand to punch. 

The black and white portrait saw the oncoming fist and smiled smugly. 

Idiot, how could people come across sneaks…

The fists fell. 

The black and white portrait only felt a sharp pain in the neck, and then his vision changed from a young man lying in bed to a yellowed ceiling. 

It moved the body and found that the head was separated from the body, and the head was lying on the ground. 

The photo frame was knocked silly.

It had only been scary to kill people. How could it not be embarrassed? Unskilled business ability, I don’t know how to react, I stayed there all at once. 

“Sorry!” Shen Dongqing quickly stood up and wanted to pick up the head on the ground and help put it back. 

The photo frame ghost reacted here. 

Just after a punch, the body was separated. If you were touched again, wouldn’t you fly away? 

Before Shen Dongqing had time to return the head that had rolled on the ground, it gave a meaningless scream and shivered in the corner. 

Shen Dongqing could only stand in the same place and comfort: “Don’t be afraid, I didn’t mean it.” 

But his words fell on the deaf ears of the black and white portrait, and it was almost like it scared the life out of it. It quickly stood up and picked up its own head and drilled back into the frame. 

The portrait in the photo frame turned a face, facing away from the outside, so afraid to shrink into a ball. 

Shen Dongqing felt very embarrassed. 

People kindly asked him to get up, and he knocked off their heads. 

He went to the front of the black and white portrait and seriously apologized. 

The black and white portrait began to tremble within the photo frame, and they looked down from the wall. 

Shen Dongqing immediately reached out to catch the photo frame, looked around, there no place to put it, he could only place it on the bedside table. He also adjusted the position to ensure the smoothest and most beautiful appearance. 

After waiting for it, he stood in the distance and looked at it for a while. He saw the ghosts in the photo frame sweating down, and he nodded in satisfaction and went out. 

The other people almost didn’t sleep for one night, and went to the hall early to find clues about the murderer. 

When they saw Shen Dongqing coming down, they was obviously stunned. 

Huang Mao was even more aggressive: “Are you still alive?” 

Shen Dongqing was puzzled: “Ah?”

The person with the golden chain asked: “Have you encountered anything strange last night?”

Last night, there were a lot of strange events in their rooms, such as the sound of the door in the middle of the night, the pale face on the window, the hand sticking out from under the bed… If there was no Old Chen, I am afraid that they would not live at all. It was dawn. 

Therefore, everyone thought that Shen Dongqing, who was alone, was dead. 

Shen Dongqing recalled: “No.”

There was no strange thing except the roommate who was too enthusiastic. 

When Chen heard his words, the light was dark and dreary. He looked up and down without seeing anything strange on Shen Dongqing. He did not talk about this topic again. Instead, he said: “In three days, we must find the murderer, time is tight, we will find clues separately. ” 

After last night’s business, other people already knew how dangerous it was, and they didn’t dare to move. 

Old Chen was impatient: “Yesterday, the hostess has told us the rules, the day is safe, the ghosts will only appear at night!” 

A group of people were just forced to move. 

Old Chen Yu: “The innermost room on the third floor should not go first.” 

Others spread out at once, leaving Shen Dongqing alone sitting on the sofa. 

He who was not in a hurry, strolled slowly and walked to the restaurant. 

Because of the guests, the hostess prepared a sumptuous breakfast. 

However, the other people were afraid that they would have problems with the food here. They did not dare to eat. They only poured two glasses of cold water and drank it all. 

Shen Dongqing who did not have this worry, took hot buns and took a bite. 

The taste was not bad. 

He had been a ghost for so long, no one had given him a tribute, and now it was hard to eat, just thinking that everything was delicious. A plate of buns was quickly eaten by him, the lower abdomen was still flat, and nothing could be seen. 

Shen Dongqing touched his stomach and licked his lips, and then he moved to find clues. 

This was a self-built house in the countryside, with a total of three and a half floors.

On the first floor was the hall, with a sofa and TV. The front door was attached to the Zhongtang painting. The style above was Jixing Gaozhao. It was only a long time ago, the colors were all faded, and the remaining pale and blurred portraits. 

On the left hand side was the kitchen, and on the right hand side was the stairs. 

When Shen Dongqing just walked out of the kitchen, he heard a sound of a ball on the right. 

Hey – the sound was light and slow. 

Shen Dongqing circled the corner and saw a little girl with a double ponytail facing him in the corridor. 

The little girl was wearing a flower skirt, and her right hand took a shot. She was playing a ball, very serious, and did not notice that someone came. 

Shen Dongqing looked at it for a while, he didn’t want to disturb people, and quietly left. 

Just after turning around, he heard the ball rolling over and landing at his feet, and then heard a thin voice. 

“Brother, can you help me to pick up the ball?” 

Shen Dongqing was about to go, and there was a warning from the top. 

“Don’t, run!” The female high school student was pale, and the whole person was soft on the stair railings. She couldn’t run, and could only look at the little girl with fear. 

Shen Dongqing looked down. 

Where was the ball on the edge of the foot? It was clearly the head of the little girl. The little girl’s face was white and her eyes were big and round. It didn’t look cute, but was a bit horrifying. 

“Big brother…” The little girl’s mouth was a little together, and she spoke softly. 

Shen Dongqing’s face did not change, and he immediately picked up her head and handed it over. 

The female high school student who had been scared: “How dare you…” 

How could someone dare to pick up a living head in a serious way? 

“Thank you big brother.” The flower skirt girl took the skirt and held her identical head in her arms.

Shen Dongqing ignored the little girl’s strangeness, just like communicating with ordinary children, and asked: “How can a person play here?”

The little girl whispered: “I have to whisper, if it is too noisy, my father will not be happy. Isn’t that right, my sister?” 

The head held in the arms agreed: “Dad is very fierce.” 

Shen Dongqing said casually: “Did your father not already die?” 

The faces of the two little girls were both blank. 

Shen Dongqing thought about what he was doing, and he was about to ask something. There was a shrill scream from above. 

It was the person with the yellow hair. 

The little girl shivered: “Dad is going to be angry…” 

She hugged her sister’s head and ran out of the corridor without looking back. The figure disappeared into the darkness. 

Shen Dongqing glanced upstairs and went up. On the third floor, he found the yellow haired person that fell to the ground. 

The female high school student followed him behind. 

Huang Mao saw someone coming, as if he found a life-saving straw, saying incoherently: “I saw a red eye in it…” 

Some things, the more explicitly prohibited, the more curious one became. 

Huang Mao thought that the hostess could not enter the room. Then he looked at the inside of the door and looked at it. The doors here were old-fashioned, and there was exactly one vacancy in the doorway, enough to see the inside. 

So Huang Mao couldn’t help his curiosity. He looked at the crack in the door and saw only a bloody red color for a long time. 

He thought that there was a layer of red paper inside, and he reached out and wanted to poke it. As a result, he did not touch anything. He wondered in his heart and went to see it. It turned out that it was not red paper, but a pair of red eyes, looking at the person with the yellow hair. 

Huang Mao sat there and trembled. 

At this moment, the innermost door suddenly came “Boom” and attracted everyone’s attention. 

Boom, boom, boom——

There was something at the door, one after another, and there was a shout of screaming. 

Because there was a door across the door, I couldn’t not hear it. I could only listen to it. 

“My son killed her–” 

“She killed my son–” 

“My son killed me hahahaha-“


TLN: This is just a teaser, because I enjoy it and want to read it but I’m too busy to translate it… TTwTT Current status: Drowning in schoolwork and only able to read to relax. Please prey for me~ It’s likely to be my last year, unless I get approved for an extension (which won’t happen, they’ve gotten more strict, I just want to self-delude in comfort). I’ve got no issues with people continuing translations I haven’t gotten around to in a while. Cheers~

Official raws here

Other raws here

Original title: 非人类下岗再就业

Status: 156 Chapters (Complete)

Novel Updates

Author: 梅花六 (Méihuā Lù)

Official Summary: Shen Dongqing is a powerful, thousand-year-old ghost. He had just possessed a body and hadn’t even relaxed for two days yet when he was pulled into a white, parallel world.

On the first day of the Infinite Nightmare Game:
Other players tremble, crying and wailing wanting to go home.
Shen Dongqing eats, sleeps, and plays ‘Fight the Landlord’ (card game).

The second day:
Other players are chased endlessly by ghosts, crying loudly ‘Save me!’
Shen Dongqing eats, sleeps, and plays ‘Fight the Landlord’.

The third day.
Shen Dongqing……
The ghosts finally set their sights on this lazy player. The other players watch on in glee. As a result, who knew that this slim and pale youth would stand up and easily dispatched the ghosts with his bare hands.

Other ghosts: Can’t afford to disrupt this elder. Let’s go, let’s go.

Summary + title from Lone Wolf Translations

The wonderful Yuuki from CG has picked this novel up! You can read it here.

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