BDG Chapter 28

Nie Yi promised to help Qi Jingchen grow vegetables, but the next day he had other things to do. 

Zhao Chengqi had arranged a position for Nie Yi yesterday, he let him join the military abilities’ team, and he was going to report in today. 

Nie Yi got up early in the morning, used the previously found coix seed oats and black rice to make Qi Jingchen porridge. He didn’t know where to find a cucumber shredded to Qi Jingchen with porridge. When Qi Jingchen finished eating, he suddenly picked up Qi Jingchen, hugged him and went out. 

“Where do you want to take my brother?” Qi Yaoyao saw it and asked immediately. 

“What is your business?” Nie Yi looked at Qi Yaoyao with a smile. 

“He is my brother.” 

“If he stayed at home, can you protect him if something goes wrong?” Nie Yi asked. 

Qi Yaoyao couldn’t speak any more. Although she had worked very hard, how much could she change in a few days? In the past few days, she had worked hard to make herself stronger, but she still couldn’t even beat an ordinary man. 

“Gan Jun, you train her well.” Nie Yi said. He joined the military’s abilities team. Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai would go with him, Ping Shengchao would go out to find him and Shao Zhenglan’s relatives. Zhou Xiaofeng would deal with Xu Nan and the others, leaving Gan Jun to train Qi Yaoyao. 

Although the performance of Qi Yaoyao was not bad recently, but according to what Qi Yaoyao did in her last life, Nie Yi could not like Yaoyao. 

“Yes.” Gan Jun should be down. They were two bodyguards who could were selected by Nie Yi’s grandfather. They all had such a solid eye. They were very obedient to Nie Yi. Nie Yi asked him to train Qi Yaoyao. They were not lazy, that was to say… Qi Yaoyao was afraid that she will not be comfortable. 

Nie Yi’s approach to Qi Jingchen was in the eyes, there was no objection at all, even if this might make Qi Yaoyao suffer, but in the end it was for Qi Yaoyao. 

As for where he would be taken by Nie Yi, he was not curious or care at all.

Nie Yi held Qi Jingchen, and they went to the place where the military abilities team were living. 

He had just come to the safe area, the foundation was unstable, and there was no one in the family. At this time, an accident may cause Nie Boyuan or Yu Hao to take advantage of the situation… The behavior of the two in the safe area couldn’t be unscrupulous, but if only some things like asking Qi Jingchen to be a guest, he was afraid that others would not feel wrong. 

People with good physical fitness were more likely to awaken their abilities. This was the conclusion that everyone in the end of the world had come to. The five big three men in the army were very good physically, and naturally there were many ability users among them. Even if the military did not publicize like Yu Hao, it had many abilities, and some of these abilities were living in a primary school. 

This elementary school was not big. Now the classrooms inside had been simply arranged into a dormitory. The playground and other places had added a lot of training equipment. There were also earthen abilities to erect a high wall, which made it a ideal small military base. 

That was… I didn’t know why I’m looking at the factory’s desertedness, but I’m surprised that there was a group of people who “greeted” Nie Yi. 

“The military’s ability users are in some important positions. Now they are in their own positions as before the end of the world. The rest of the abilities are divided into two parts. Here, the part that General Zhao is responsible for is shared. Eight hundred and ninety-two people.” The guard who brought Nie Yi here introduced. 

“So many people?” Shao Zhenglan was a little surprised. 

“There are so many people, and there are more abilities in other places than here.” The guard said: “According to our estimation, there should be more ability users, but many people are probably afraid of being persecuted, so they have hidden their own abilities.”

The guards also said the truth. In the early days of the last days, many ability users were worried that some people would do experiments on the ability users, and therefore would not dare to say things about their abilities. Their scruples were reasonable in some small safe areas, but in a large security area like the B City safe area, it was not necessary. Nie Yi remembered that in this safe area, people in the safe area did study the ability users and zombies, but for the ability users, it was just a routine examination such as blood drawing. At most, it was to study the remains of the abilities of the ability users. This was also with the consent of the family members, or when the abilities were alive, they will grind those abilities and sign a donation agreement. 

The ability users would become more and more important in the days that follow, and as long as they are knowledgeable, they will not be guilty of offending such a group. 

Of course, in a small safe area, it was different. The acquaintances were everywhere in the place. When the abilities reached the second level and the nucleus in the head formed, they didn’t know how many abilities there were. The person was killed and his head was broken. 

“Are there newcomers coming?” They just entered, and they saw several men running, seeing them, and these people ran over: “I didn’t expect that there would be new people here, what are you?” They asked, while looking at Nie Yi and the others. The expression was not friendly, especially when they saw Shao Zhenglan and Qi Jingchen, who was still held by Nie Yi. 

The military’s ability users were formerly military, and some were in groups. In the case that the abilities were not used at all, the strength of those who had been trained was stronger than the abilities of ordinary people. So those alien abilities, especially women like Shao Zhenglan or Xiao Bai faced like Qi Jingchen. 

And… Although the military’s base of the powers had already accepted many of the powers attracted by the military, they had never been here! 

Shao Zhenglan’s heart had always been high, and she was not willing to pay attention to these two people. Instead, Nie Yi asked: “What are your abilities?”

Few people heard this question, but there were some flaws on their faces, but this point quickly disappeared and said: “We are all wind powers, although the power is not very good. Kind, but I want to pack a few simple things like you.” 

These people were not very polite when they come up, there were also reasons. On the one hand, because of the customs in the army, the veterans liked to give the recruits a horse, and on the one hand, it was because they knew that someone would come today…

When General Zhao sent someone to tell them, he said that there would be a very powerful person coming over today, let them learn from this person, that meant they even had to let a few newcomers lead them… They wanted to see now, how powerful this person was said to be! 

Now the team of the powers in the security zone was led by Yu Hao, but the army’s abilities users did not yet had a leader. No one had ever served anyone, let alone such a sudden emergence. 

“Yes?” Nie Yi smiled. 

Although the two universal bodyguards were not around, there was still Jiang Huai. Today, Jiang Huai helped Nie Yi to move a folding chair. Nie Yi asked him to put out the recliner, let Qi Jingchen sit up, and then smiled and looked at it. Those wind abilities were still present. 

He also stayed in the army. Naturally, there were only two ways to go, one was to be convinced by these people, and the other was to convince these people. 

“Come on?” Nie Yi said again. 

Among those few people, one person immediately came out: “I will come first!” 

Nie Yi’s physical fitness was not as good as that of his last life, but his experience of opposing the enemy was definitely more than anyone. More importantly, he had the spirit force. 

Although he failed to bring back the enormous spiritual power of the last days, he also brought back a part, and this part was enough for him to know in advance which direction the person who was fighting against himself wanted to attack… 

“New arrival …” The man who came out to fight with Nie Yi had not finished, and he had been dumped on the ground by Nie Yi. Nie Yi still did not give up, suddenly shot and knocked down several other people.

“You…” The few people looked at Nie Yi with surprise, but there was no resentment. Of course, although they did not hate Nie Yi, they wanted to get back to the scene. 

At the same time, it was probably the outside movement that alerted the people in the building next to the lesson, hula la, and there were dozens of people running inside. 

“Brothers, some people came to the scene!” Someone in the group shouted, and then rushed toward Nie Yi. 

“Do you come one by one, or come together?” Nie Yi asked, holding his arms in his arms. He was very clear that after he said this, these people would definitely attack one by one. 

To be honest, if there were many people here, he didn’t really have to fight, but if they came one by one… 

“Jokes, do we still use it against you?” It’s humane immediately, they wanted to win against Nie Yi, but it was not to be deceived. 

“Come on.” Nie Yi smiled and then reached out. 

The opposite side immediately rushed out of a person, Nie Yi used his mental strength to observe the other side’s movements, avoiding the attack of this person and finding the right time to squat under the rib of this person, and suddenly took the person out. 

The second person was very careful, and even did not take the initiative to attack. Nie Yi was impatient with him, and rushed out and kicked the other side’s waist. 

The third person paid great attention to defense and almost defended his weak parts, but Nie Yi grabbed one of his hands and even took him out. 

The fourth person, the fifth person, the sixth person… one after another, those people were put down by Nie Yi. 

He fought with these people, but in order to be able to stand firm here so there was no heavy hand, those who were knocked down by him were not hurt. 

“You are very powerful. General Zhao’s praise is not fake.” After Nie Yi hit the tenth person, one of those people seemed to be the leader. “I have served.” 

“That’s good.” Nie Yi smiled and stood up straight.

“But I served you, others didn’t want to serve you.” The man said again: “It will take a long time for other people to come back. You have beaten me. You don’t have to beat them. You must know that their abilities are very good. Strong.” 

“My abilities are not weak,” said Nie Yi. “Hello, my name is Nie Yi.” 

“My name is Qian Mingfeng.” The humanity, and then talked with Nie Yi about the specific situation here. Nie Yi finally knew why it was so deserted here, and there were not many people. 

Many of the ability users of Yu Hao’s team were ordinary people. Although they had awakened their abilities, they were not particularly powerful and couldn’t do any tasks. Basically, they were led by him to help the ordinary people in the safe area to stabilize. The people of the people, the military’s ability users were different. 

After they awakened their abilities, they were divided into a number of squads. Every day they had to do the task. The fire abilities went out of the city to burn the zombies. The water abilities were giving water at several entrances in the safe area. The abilities of the abilities were gone. Clearing the road… 

These people were still in a mess, but they were also useful. Finally, only the wind abilities were left in the camp. 

“We all have wind abilities. Now there is nothing for us to do in the safe area, but after a few days of wind power towers, we will be useful.” When Qian Mingfeng mentioned his abilities, he also looked embarrassed —— Now the wind abilities were the most useless… 

Nie Yi’s last life had been in contact with the military’s abilities, but it was already half a year after the end of the world. The party’s abilities would be arranged so many things, but thinking about it and feel normal. 

Many abilities were very useful, and the military certainly did not waste the ability of these people. 

After chatting with Qian Mingfeng a few words, Qian Mingfeng asked about the abilities of the several people present. After knowing that Jiang Huai was also a wind user, he was very enthusiastic about Jiang Huai, Nie Yi’s fire ability and Shao Zhenglan’s earth system. It was to make him a little envious, the result… 

“He has no power?” Qian Mingfeng glanced at Qi Jingchen in amazement, and looked at Nie Yi inexplicably: “Nothing, what did you bring him to do here?” Here was one of the military’s bases of the powers, not everyone could enter!

“I have already reported to General Zhao.” Nie Yi said, but did not say anything. 

Qian Mingfeng heard Nie Yi say this, frowning and glanced at Qi Jingchen. They were not all versatile here. Those who cook for them were ordinary people who didn’t say, often have ordinary the instructors of the people teach them the knowledge of firearms, and some researchers who wore glasses would work with them to figure out how to use them. 

But… no matter what, no one would lie down as a grandfather here! 

Qian Mingfeng didn’t know what to say at all. In the end, he just said: “Wait a little, be more careful.” 

Although Nie Yi won him, he was afraid that he would be unlucky after a while! There were a lot of people who were going out to do the task, and they were very strong and arrogant. They were not even better than Yu Hao, who was being promoted. When they came back… 

Neither Nie nor this boy, maybe it would be thrown out. 

Qian Mingfeng was sighing a little, and there was a buzzing sound outside. There was a big fireball coming in with these buzzing voices! 

This fireball was unbiased, and it was completely heading toward Qi Jingchen!

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