OIM Chapter 2

Yang Yang’s amnesia did not cause anyone doubt. Then the female doctor gave a series of checks to Yang Yang, and Yang Yang also said some words. 

In addition to the information I heard in the previous conversation, Yang Yang got the following information: He was currently 30 years old (the average age of Leicester is 184 years old), graduated from the famous bridal college of the Jiuyu Empire, and the car accident was caused by wrong driving. It happened on the way to the Star Harbor terminal. His personal terminal was ruined in a car accident, and since he became a vegetative person, it had not re-submitted. 

Oh, yes, Yang Yang also saw his own appearance: handsome eyes, fair skin, apricot eyes, thin lips, when not laughing like a quiet little white rabbit; smile, just like ice and snow, the spring flowers bloom, and they were so splendid; even when they were angry, they looked like children who were squatting and gangsters. They were soft and very unpretentious. 

This appearance was contrary to the former Yang Yang, but Yang Yang was very satisfied – first, he was good-looking, and secondly, in his current situation, this pair of eyes were quite confusing. 

After the last inspection was completed, Yang Yang was just pushed out from the examination room, and he heard a slap outside – from outside the hospital. 

“What’s wrong?” Yang Yang was curious and turned to look. 

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was a small garden in the sky. There were few buildings higher than the hospital nearby, so the view was very wide. 

At this time, there was only one color left in the whole city, which was the red color of celebration. The holographic advertisement projections on the outside of the high-rise buildings all became the same picture. 

That was war news. 

“It is good news of the Duke of Dawton.” Zhou Hua, standing next to Yang Yang, opened his mouth and said with a monotone voice. “Two months ago, the No. 7 mine sent a distress signal saying that it was attacked by a soul beast. Afterwards, the Duke of Dawton was responsible for the attack. This is good news of the soul beast.” 

“Oh.” Yang Yang did not know how to nod, but his heart immediately remembered who the Duke of Dawton was – the wife of Zhou Hua’s wife. No wonder this expression was made. 

However, Yang Yang was also curious about the Duke of Dawton, who now needed information and information. 

Opposite the hospital, on the huge projection, the host had finished the press release, and the picture turned into a battle video. 

Looking at the shooting angle, it should be a soldier’s recorder. 

The first thing that appeared in the picture was a group of translucent… things. 

Yang Yang couldn’t tell what it was, it looked strange, but the size was almost the same. The size of the calf and the body was translucent white, all over the vascular blue network. It’s pretty good. 

According to Zhou Hua’s words, Yang Yang guessed that these were “soul beasts”. 


Suddenly, a black beast with a metallic luster was thrown into the soul beast, then the second and third… they were like a wolf that captured a group of stupid rabbits, first they circled the rabbit and then one clawed it, tearing and killing. 

The slayed beasts, like the cut puddings, the pieces of “wrecks” floated until they were torn to a certain extent, their white transparent parts disappeared, and then the blue part would gather together into a ball and solidify into a blue stone. 

Yang Yang noticed that the black beasts would collect these blue stones. 

Yang Yang was stunned and suddenly remembered the anatomical map he saw before, so he asked in his mind: [Roth, these black beasts are…] 

Roth: [Lester, the kind that will be deformed.]

Sure enough. 

Yang Yang raised his eyebrows. He originally thought that the orc form of the Leicester people was a furry. He did not expect them to be transformers. 

When the encircled soul beasts were almost harvested, the floating “wrecks” suddenly gathered together and became a soul beast that tripled in size.

“Hey, I’m going, B-level fusion. – The little ones retreat and give way to Colonel Byrd.” There was a vibrant man’s voice coming from the recorder. It was not like it fighting, it was more like that of a strong onlooker. 

At the same time, the other side of the picture suddenly burst out of a black dot, it was a person, but it looked a bit strange. He moved too fast, and Yang Yang couldn’t see clearly. 

Yang Yang only saw him rushing over and reaching out, then the three-meter-high soul beast was smashed and slammed into the recorder. 

“The trough!” The picture of the recorder changed rapidly, accompanied by the deafening sound of the soul beast, and finally settled into a look-up angle. 

At the same time, the vibrant male was frightened and frowned: “Byder, can’t you be gentle to me? Just a stone flew over and almost scratched my handsome unparalleled face! You see, my face!” 

In this soul beast on the huge head, standing alone, he was a human gesture, but there was a tail like the animal-shaped Leicester, and his body was covered with scales – but it was obviously a machine, not an animal. The kind of Leicester people. 

His tail was tied around the back neck of the soul beast, and the soul beast could not move. 

Hearing the complaints of the energetic male voice, he just looked down at the direction of the recorder. Then he pulled out his tail and pressed it down on one knee. One hand was directly inserted into the huge head of the soul beast, accurately holding onto the most sturdy blue veins and slamming it. 

“Oh!” Like the sound of jade scattered on the ground, the blue veins were pulled out, and the end of the capillaries remained in the body of the soul beast, but the thick trunk had been completely pulled out. 

“Moo-!” The soul beast emitted a low voice like a calf, and the huge body struggled fiercely. The seemingly transparent body slapped the ground and directly pulled out a pit. 

But soon it stopped.

Because the human figure Leicester crushed the blue veins in his hand, the blue veins broke into pieces, and then condensed into ten blue stones in the air. The huge body of the soul beast broke and disappeared. 

The man fell to the ground with the rain of the stone, and the tail fell quietly. Because it was too long, the tip of the tail curled up in a rounded curvature. 

He turned his head to look at the recorder, the tactical helmet on his face was still tightly stitched, one could only to see the dark. 

Then his voice sounded: “Mr. Monta, please keep the animal shape during the battle. If you can’t do it, I don’t mind tying a bell on your tail.”  

Very good low voice, probably because of combat fatigue, it was hoarse, but very sexy. 

However, Yang Yang was shocked by the screams and cheers outside without having time to appreciate it. 

Almost all the cities were cheering, some were in the nearby building, and they could distinguish a few words, such as “Ah, Colonel Bird, B burst”, “Tai Meng Meng is dead again”, “Finally listened again to the voice of the Duke of Dawton “… 

Yang Yang: “………” understood. Colonel Bird was the Duke of Dawton, and the popularity was not low. 

And with the words of Colonel Bird, the news was over. The advertising holographic projection restored the colorful advertising time, and there were a lot of regrets outside, but the atmosphere continued to be excited and joyful. 

“He is very powerful, isn’t he?” Zhou Hua took back his gaze and bowed his head to chat with Yang Yang. 

Yang Yang looked at Zhou Hua and still understood: “I don’t quite understand what it is doing.” 

Zhou Hua smiled and explained to Yang Yang in detail: “He is fighting the Soul, the Soul is from Soul Cloud. The soul creatures in the world, they use the soul power as food, the mineral resources and our soul are the most delicious for them. The warriors like Duke of Dawton are responsible for protecting us from the hands of the soul beast.” 

Yang Yang nodded: “That is very powerful.”

Zhou Hua smiled and touched Yang Yang’s hair and said, “Let’s go back to the ward. If your inspection results are good, we will be able to go home tomorrow.” 

Yang Yang doubted: “Go home?” 

Zhou Hua: “Yes, my home. I have shown photos to you before, remember?” 

Zhou Hua had been accompanying Yang Yang for inspection, and also told Yang Yang about his living conditions. The photos I saw before were given by Zhou Hua. Of course, it also included photos of Zhou Hua’s friends and family. 

Zhou Hua’s home was a manor, just in the west part of the city, surrounded by mountains and waters, very beautiful. 

Yang Yang nodded: “I remember.” 

Zhou Hua pushed the wheelchair with Yang Yang in it and said: “I have told your aunt your situation, your room is also packed. Don’t worry, they have always been liked you very much, your relationship with your aunt is better than with me.” 

Yang Yang “hmm”, continued to be well-behaved. 

Yang Yang was quickly sent back to the ward, and then a nursing robot sent a warm paste. 

Zhou Hua brought the cup of things over and handed it to Yang Yang, explaining: “You have been sleeping for too long, although we have been doing maintenance for you, the stomach is still too weak. Eat some fluid food these few days. There are some drugs in it that can help you recover as soon as possible. Well, the taste is not bad.” 

Yang Yang held the cup of stuff, smelled it, had the aroma of the grain after cooking, and some fruity. It tasted mellow and one could feel the ground particles, but it didn’t taste much. 

– Of course, for the sheep that was almost starved to death in the last days, the food was precious. 

A full belly, Yang Yang clearly felt that his abdominal cavity was warm, even the spirit was relaxed — just like the whole person was soaked in the invisible warm water, each nerve ending was transmitting a signal of comfort. 

Roth’s voice sounded in the mind of Yang Yang at this time: [Master, there is a sleeping component inside, which exceeds 10% of the prescription.]

Yang Yang: [What effect?] 

Roth: [Only allows you to sleep a little heavier.]

Yang Yang: [Oh, that’s fine.]

Yang Yang did not resist the body’s reaction, leaning on the bed and sleeping for a while. 

However, although the body slept, the consciousness of Yang Yang went to another place — the second gift of the former body-owner to Yang Yang, the soul cube. 

It was a peculiar three-dimensional space. There were four sides in total. Yang Yang had only opened the “cultivating the soul surface”. As the name suggested, it could contain the soul. As for other functions and other aspects, Yang Yang did not know for the time being. 

After a while, Roth’s voice suddenly sounded in the soul cube: [Master, Zhou Hua did not leave, he observed you at the bedside.]

Yang Yang was not surprised: [Roth, do you know what this behavior is called?] 

Roth: [Peeping?]

Yang Yang: [Be a guilty conscience.] 

Roth: [Owner is mean, you do a lot of bad things?] 

Yang Yang: [Not to me, it’s your former owner. Well, Roth, I also need to rest, you help me pay attention to the outside world.] 

Roth: [Good owner.]

Yang Yang said that he let his mind sleep in the soul cube. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was no longer in the hospital.

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TLN: That’s… the best I can do for now. Some things are still confusing, I apologize.

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  1. The chapter is quite confusing tbh… (like who is Duke Dawton… are they the wife of Zhou Hua… or are the Dawtons the wife’s family…?) hopefully, I’ll figure it out as I continue to read the other chapters…


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