Chapter 3: Domestic Violence

The sound was heartbreaking enough to penetrate the entire house. 

Everyone else was attracted to it. 

Old Chen had a somber face and scolded a “dumb” person: “What the hell did you do?”

The female high school student took the lead: “It doesn’t matter what I did!” 

Huang Mao also responded randomly: “I glanced at it I and I didn’t do anything.” 

Old Chen gave Huang Mao a cold look: “Since he died, he can’t blame me, let’s go.” 

Huang Mao quickly chased after him, and didn’t stutter: “Didn’t I say I’ll give you the points, and you protect me to pass? You want to protect me, you can’t rely on the account-” 

Old Chen flung Huang Mao away: “This is your own death.” 

After finishing talking , he went down the stairs. 

Jin Lianzi and the female high school student couldn’t help either, they glanced at him mercilessly, and went down the stairs. 

Huang Mao had no choice but to follow rashly. 

But halfway down the stairs, as soon as he turned the corner, he hit a pale faced person when he was caught off guard. 

Even if Old Chen was bold, he was almost startled and almost shouted, but remembering the hostess’s warning, even in the daytime, he did not dare to take risks, he only contained it in his throat. He fixed his eyes on the mistress. 

The hostess was wearing a long black dress, her eyes were dark, she looked at the group of people with no emotion, her voice was cold: “What are you doing?” 

Obviously it was blue and white, but everyone felt a coolness rising from behind. 

Old Chen smiled and said, “Went up and came up to stroll around.”

The hostess didn’t change at all, obviously she didn’t believe what Old Chen said. 

Old Chen felt a hint of danger. 

It seemed that the hostess was not a simple character.

Old Chen swallowed, he felt the cold sweat come from behind. He was not a senior player, otherwise he would not be assigned to a novice task. 

He only had two yellow amulets to save his life, and everything he said was a fool’s advice. Now he reached out and touched his pocket. Once something was wrong, he could immediately take out a yellow amulet to protect himself. 

As for the others, we can only ask for blessing. 

Just then, Shen Dongqing replied: “Let’s find something.”

The hostess’ eyes rolled around and she stared at Shen Dongqing: “What are you looking for?” The others looked at Shen Dongqing nervously, for fear he said what should not be said, annoyed the NPC and led to the destruction of the regiment. 

They saw Shen Dongqing holding up the black screen phone and asked, “Are there any chargers?”

The hostess was silent for a moment and walked to the first room. 

As soon as the hostess disappeared, everyone was relieved. 

“It’s okay?” 

“It should be okay, let’s go quickly.” 

Just before returning to the second floor, they saw the hostess appearing in front of the crowd—she just clearly went up. 

Old Chen shuddered and barely squeezed out a smile: “Are there still things to say?”

The hostess passed Old Chen and went straight to Shen Dongqing, putting something in his hands. 

Everyone’s eyes moved with the action of the hostess, staring closely at Shen Dongqing, trying to see what was given to him, but before they could see clearly, the hostess said coldly, “The one upstairs is my mother-in-law, and she is crazy. ” 

After speaking, the hostess ignored the group and went straight up. 

A group of people fled back to the hall. 

Old Chen came to Shen Dongqing’s side: “What did the hostess give you?”

After two games, Old Chen knew that a little detail could be the key to decryption, not to mention something given by the NPC themselves.

Shen Dongqing touched his pocket and pulled out a line: “Charger. My phone is out of power, and I can play games now.” 

Old Chen was not convinced: “Just the charger?” 

“What else?” Shen Dongqing strangely asked, “Do you want to use it? I will charge it for you before I use it.” 

Old Chen: Who the fuck is going to use the charger! 

Old Chen glanced at it and found that it was indeed a charger. He sneered and said: “Stupid.”

How easy was it to get stuff from NPCs? Maybe it would be dead! 

Others trembled. 

Huang Mao, who was so excited thinking he was going to be the protagonist, was so scared that he was frightened after going through the scene just now. 

Not to mention the person with the gold chain, everyone was counting on Old Chen to take them to succeed and win. 

Only Shen Dongqing was alone. 

He found a place with a plug and sat down to charge the mobile phone. He turned to look at the frustrated faces of a group of people, and his heart was a little weird: “What’s wrong with you?” 

Huang Mao threw a fist into the sofa, venting the unsafe emotions on it: “You know, if you can’t find the killer, we’ll all die here!” 

Shen Dongqing said later: “You were just looking for the killer.”

He scratched his head and whispered, “I still thought you were just   strolling around.” 

Others: …

After Shen Dongqing said irritating those words, he said, “I have a bold idea.” 

Everyone’s eyes focused on Shen Dongqing, Old Chen sneered secretly and wanted to see what tricks he could do. 

Shen Dongqing scratched his head with a little embarrassment and said, “There are four people in this family. If we all guess a murderer, even a blind cat can run into a dead mouse.” 

Except for Mr. A who was already dead, his family only had a hostess, a crazy mother-in-law and twin daughters. 

“I don’t think it is the mistress.” Shen Dongqing said earnestly. “She is a good person.” She also gave him a charger.

Old Chen seemed to understand what he meant, and quickly stopped: “Don’t! If you guess wrong …” 

But Shen Dongqing ignored Old Chen directly and said to the TV: “I guess the murderer is the crazy mother-in-law.” 

Zizi Zi

The TV flickered with snowflakes constantly, and the sky outside the window suddenly darkened, causing a gusty wind. 

Shen Dongqing touched his chin: “It seems to be wrong, what did you just say what would happen if you guessed it wrong?” 

Old Chen completely looked at the dead man’s eyes: “If he guessed wrong, he would die.” 

Shen Dongqing heard it, relieved: “I thought there was a big deal, it turned out to be that.” 

Others who were afraid of death: … 

Shen Dongqing was tempted: “Then I’ll guess again?” 

“No need to.” 

The others stood up quickly, for fear of being involved, and went far away from Shen Dongqing. 

Shen Dongqing didn’t care, sitting on the sofa playing with his mobile phone, watching others running around for clues. 

Until the sky turned black. 

Shen Dongqing yawned and got up to go back to see his roommate. But as soon as he walked up the stairs, he saw a familiar yellow haired person squeezing past him, and opened the door one step faster than him to enter. 

Shen Dongqing held the doorknob: “This is my room.” 

Huang Mao pressed the door panel, his face was a little flustered, but he pretended to be fierce: “You, this room belongs to me!” 

Because he didn’t listen to the command before, Huang Mao had been crowded out by Old Chen and his party, and had to face the horrible ghost alone. He was worried about how to survive tonight, and suddenly remembered that Shen Dongqing lived well the next day. 

Shen Dongqing was also a novice and did not have the ability to save his life. In this case, he was lucky, and there was no ghost in the selected room. 

Thinking of this, Huang Mao quickly occupied Shen Dongqing’s room.

Huang Mao’s eyes flashed imperceptibly, for fear that Shen Dongqing would want to have this room. 

But Shen Dongqing just glanced at Huang Mao gently and did not force him: “I have no opinion, but there is still …” 

Before Huang Mao heard it, he closed the door and missed the second half of the sentence. Outside the door: 

“… a tenant, I don’t know if he would mind.”

After Shen Dongqing saw that there was no response in the room, he shrugged and walked into the next room. 

As soon as Huang Mao closed the door, he hid under the quilt, as if the warm and soft quilt could give him a sense of security. But there was a coldness in the house, and even if it was wrapped tightly, it couldn’t stop his shaking. 


There was a sound of teeth gnashing in the room. 

Huang Mao was afraid of something bad, and quickly raised his hand to cover his mouth. 

But even then, the sound didn’t stop. 

Huang Mao finally responded, a voice came from behind him. He stiffened his body, dared not move, closed his eyes tightly, listening to the rapid sound of a heartbeat. 

A cold hand reached out through the gap in the quilt, and gently brushed the neck at the yellow hair. 

Huang Mao jumped out of the quilt, facing a black and white portrait placed on the bedside table, and saw the man in the portrait smile at him. A skinny hand stretched out of the frame, elongated like noodles are generally and land on him. 

Ah-” Shen Dongqing heard a scream from next door. 

The sound was short, and soon swallowed by darkness. 

Shen Dongqing shook his head: “It must be the tenant of that room who did not welcome him.” 

Fortunately, when he came in, he greeted the original tenant. 

However, the tenants here were very hospitable and he did not know why Huang Mao was so unpopular.

Shen Dongqing thought, glanced at the beauty vase standing next to him, and saw that there was something in the vase—a human head, black hair a mess, covering half of the bruised face. 

Shen Dongqing smiled kindly at the beauty vase. 

But the beauty vase didn’t feel any kindness, just felt the pain in the place it just scratched, and even the vase trembled slightly. It shrinked its head and sunk all the way into the vase. 

Shen Dongqing turned off the lights and was preparing to sleep, but as soon as he closed his eyes, he heard a scream of a woman from outside, and there was a constant quarrel. 

“Your son-in-law!” 

“I didn’t …” 

“Are these two children mine?” 

“The children are innocent, don’t you, ah-” 

“Speak quietly, do you want to quarrel with others?” 

Then came the sound of footsteps and door knocks coming downstairs. 

The hostess changed her outfit. She was wearing a pajamas, with a shawl on her back, holding a child in her arms. She hurried down, and knocked on the doors on the second floor. 

All the guests were staying here. 

Obviously, these guests did not want to be involved in other people’s housework. None of them were willing to open the door, and they were all pretending to sleep. 

The whole second floor was quiet, only the woman desperate for help there. 

The child in the hostess’s arms was lying there weakly, not knowing life or death, and the blood flowing from them stained the entire corridor. 


The hostess slammed on the door again, leaving a clear blood fingerprint on the door. 

No one responded. 

They chose ignorance to protect themselves. 

The female high school student said hesitantly, “Aren’t we going to save them?” 

Jin Lianzi grinned, “I’m going to save you or save it.”

The female high school student said nothing at once, and she didn’t dare to go out.

“Okay, just go through this night.” Old Chen narrowed his eyes. “This should go to that Shen Dongqing, it has nothing to do with us.” 

“Little girl, you know in this world, there is no capital to save others.” 

“But this evening should be a reenactment of the past, and we can get important clues. Let’s take a look. ” 

Sure enough, the hostess outside the door changed her goal after taking two shots. She came to the room where Shen Dongqing lived. 

She was trembling all over, and almost couldn’t hold the little girl in her arms. Before she reached to the door, she fell to the ground, and a swollen head fell out of her arms. Far away, it stopped at the feet of a man. 

The little girl’s head shouted timidly: “Dad, I’ll be good, and I won’t make a noise for Dad …” 

Her dad kicked her away, holding an ax. He walked slowly in the direction toward the hostess. 

The man walked slowly, making a sound at every step, as if knocking in his heart, making his heart tremble. 

The hostess looked at Mr. A with a pleading look: “Please …” 

Mr. A smiled wryly and raised his axe high. 

Just as the axe was about to fall, the door behind it opened. 

Shen Dongqing rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “What are you doing in the middle of the night?” 

Mr. A, who was obviously dead, stood at the door. 

Because of doing farm work all year round, Mr. A looked very strong, like a hill. His eyes were dark, he completely ignored Shen Dongqing, and attacked the hostess directly. 

The hostess shrank in fear, unable to resist, and, unlike her weak appearance, her eyes under her black hair were indifferent. 

She died long ago. 

This was a repeat of that night. 

Only when she died was she capable of revenge. 

Both ignored Shen Dongqing, who should not have appeared, and replayed the past with due diligence.

The axe dropped heavily, making a sharp blasting sound. 

Soon, the sharp axe would cut the hostess into two pieces with the little girl, and blood and internal organs would run on the ground … but the imaginary picture did not happen. 

The axe stopped in midair, no matter how hard Mr. A tried, it would not move. 

Shen Dongqing grabbed the axe and frowned: “What is this? Domestic violence?”

He righteously said, “Domestic violence is wrong, you better stop your behavior.” 

Although Shen Dongqing had been a ghost for thousands of years, there were still basic moral rules. 

Mr. A took the opportunity to withdraw his axe, ignored the nonsense of Shen Dongqing directly, and chopped at the hostess again. 

Chopped again. 

Shen Dongqing once again grabbed the axe and said seriously, “I’m going to get angry when you’re here.” 

But Mr. A didn’t listen to people’s advice, and remained stubborn. 

There was no way, Shen Dongqing could only grab his axe and kick people apart. 

Mr. A persisted, trying to grab his axe. 

In a mess, Shen Dongqing didn’t know when he cut Mr. A with his axe, and he stopped quickly. 

Mr. A fell to the ground, a narrow wound was cut in the abdomen, but no blood flowed out. His vitality was very tenacious. Even so, he still had to get up and grab the axe. 

Shen Dongqing thought about it. 

Anyway, I have already cut with the axe, it is better to just keep doing it— 

Three people behind the door. 

Jin Lianzi was stunned: “What is he doing?” 

Old Chen said: “Is he a pretending to be a newcomer?”

The high school girl exclaimed, “He is killing him!”

Shen Dongqing raised his axe, and it was just another axe, which cut Mr. A directly into two. He looked up to the eyes in the crack of the door, a dimple appeared on his cheek, and he smiled very harmlessly: “No, I killed a ghost.” 

He kicked Mr. A’s head and muttered, “The most annoying person is one bullying a woman, and even a ghost does not work.” 

Shen Dongqing turned around: “Are you okay? ” 

The hostess was in a trance: “I have something …… not …… ” 

According to the story of this world, this night, there should be no one to open their door. 

But now not only was the door open, but Mr. A had been cut in half. How could this make her go down?

Chapter 4: Endless Loop

Click   —the minute hand moved forward and reached 12 o’clock. 

The third day was here. 

Following the prompts from the beginning of the Infinite Nightmare Game, on the third day, players would go to Mr. A’s funeral. 

But now, four players were sitting on the sofa in a row. 

Old Chen was sitting upset, the female high school girl was pale, Jin Lianzi closed his mouth and said nothing. Shen Dongqing was still out of the situation. As for Huang Mao … he had long gone to the photo frame to fall in love with the portrait. 

There were also four people sitting opposite them, no … more accurately four ghosts. 

After removing the camouflage, they all showed the horror of death. 

The hostess’s body was bloody, and her limbs all had traces of axe cuts. The mad mother-in-law’s eyes were red and moved uneasily, and they didn’t know what she was mumbling about; the little girl in a flowered skirt held the head like her’s and obediently sat on a small chair. 

There was silence in the hall. 

Old Chen finally couldn’t help but speak, breaking the impasse: “Can the funeral begin?”

The hostess said for a moment: “The funeral cannot be carried out.”

A person may become a ghost when he dies, but when a ghost dies? Mr. A, who died again, was too dead to die. 

Old Chen: “But we have to complete the task to leave here.”

The hostess thought for a while: “The customs clearance condition is to attend the funeral first and find the murderer.” 

Old Chen patted the sofa hard and blurted out: “Then hold the funeral. ” 

So back to the beginning, the hostess said in a dilemma: “There is no way to hold a funeral.” 

According to the development of the story, the hostess would cooperate with Mr. A to give the player some clues until the funeral was held on the third day, or the player would unlock it. Solve the mystery, or the player will be destroyed. 

But now a ring was stuck in the middle, causing the next story to fail.

Now they were in trouble. 


Just then, the sound of a car horn came from outside the door, attracting everyone’s attention. 

A bus stopped at the gate of the courtyard, lighting up a light orange light. 

Then the door opened, and the silhouette jumped over two steps as soon as the long legs of the figure stepped on the ground. He was very tall, wearing a long trench coat, with wide shoulders and long legs. They could not see his appearance in the dark, but he stood there far away, just like a sharp blade with a sheath coming out of the stalk, sharp and deadly. 

He lifted his eyes and looked at the hall. There was a touch of orange light in his pupils, just looking at Shen Dongqing. 

“Good evening.” 

He smiled at Shen Dongqing and stepped in. 

The sofa was full and there were no seats available. 

The hostess stood up quickly: “You, please …” 

“No.” He reached out and pressed the hostess down, sat directly on the sofa armrest, and a pair of long legs were folded together, “There’s not enough time, directly talk about the problem you encountered.”

The hostess nodded, and went through the problems one by one: “It’s like this … My husband, that is, Mr. A died again, resulting in the funeral unable to be carried out, but the players were not able to complete the task.”

The person listened very carefully and nodded occasionally. 

Old Chen extruded a sentence from his teeth, his voice was like a mosquito, and asked Shen Dongqing sitting next to him: “Do you know this man?” 

He smiled at him again, and sat on the sofa armrest beside him. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. 

Shen Dongqing shook his head in doubt: “I don’t know.” After speaking, he looked up at the person sitting beside him. 

This man was tall and sat on the arm of the sofa, directly higher than Shen Dongqing. 

Where Shen Dongqing was, he could see the sharp outline of his chin. 

Shen Dongqing froze his lips slightly with embarrassment: “But it looks delicious.”

Not another meaning of “tasty.” 

But there was a pure yin in this man, which was rare and delicious for Shen Dongqing. If he hadn’t become a human now, he would have pounced on him. 

The voice dropped, and there was a sullen smile beside him. 

“Thank you for the compliment.” The man bowed his head and looked at Shen Dongqing beside him. “Forgot to introduce myself, Zhou Wenyan.” 

Shen Dongqing held out his hand, overlapping in Zhou Wenyan’s hands: “Shen Dongqing.” 

The two men shook hands friendly, and quickly released again. 

Zhou Wenyan retracted his hand: “I already understand your problems. After communicating with the game system, as long as you guess who is the killer, you can clear the level.” 

Old Chen said: “We lack clues, we don’t know who is the murderer.” 

Zhou Wenyan leaned back, raised his fingers to the four ghosts in front of him, and said lazily: “The suspect is here, and one person can always catch the dead mouse.” 

Others: Why does this sound so familiar? 

Jin Lianzi frowned: “What if you guess wrong?” 

“Guess wrong?” Zhou Wenyan tilted his head, with a careless smile on his mouth, “You can only die.” 

Jin Lianzi shivered and closed his mouth. 

If you guess wrong, you will die. Who dares to try? 

All in front of the quail in silence. 

Zhou Wenyan snorted: “I’m in a hurry.” 

“I know!” While others were thinking hard about who the killer was, Shen Dongqing suddenly raised his hand, attracting everyone’s attention. 

“I know who the murderer is.” 

Zhou Wenyan looked at him, and the youth’s pure and harmless face was reflected in his dark eyes. 

“You said,” he whispered.

Shen Dongqing shook his fist in one hand and smashed it into the palm of the other hand, saying with great vigor: “The deceased is Mr. A, then the murderer is–” 


He pointed to the tip of his nose: “I just killed Mr. A. ” 

In Shen Dongqing’s simple and crude logic, he answered without doubt. 

He looked up and looked at Zhou Wenyan, his pair of black and white eyes wide open, as if asking for praise. 

Zhou Wenyan held his chin in one hand and was overjoyed. 

He didn’t say if it was right or wrong. 

Shen Dongqing saw his reaction and scratched his head: “Didn’t I kill Mr. A?” 

So, I hate guessing!

Chapter 5: Reward

There was nothing wrong with the logic and it was the correct answer. 

It was just … 

Zhou Wenyan bowed his head and looked at Shen Dongqing frowning anxiously, which made him feel funny. 

Although he saw this young man for the first time, he inexplicably wanted to be close to him. 

“I’ll give you a simple tip.” Zhou Wenyan ignored the warning sound of the game system, and said slowly, “Maybe what you are looking for is not just the murderer who killed Mr. A.” 

The novice level was usually not too difficult, just like a brain teaser. 

But often many people will be confused by the system’s prompts and walk into the dead end. As long as the questions are taken apart, they can easily know the correct answer. 

Others were still thinking about the meaning of this sentence. Shen Dongqing’s eyes lit up and he blurted out: “In fact, everyone is a murderer.” 

The man who hacked at night with an ax was Mr. A, who killed the hostess, mad mother-in-law and his twin daughters. 

But now Mr. A’s funeral was being held. So, the four people who turned into ghosts killed Mr. A. The family was neat, and none of them had to run. 

So everyone was a murderer. 

“Bingo!” Zhou Wenyan snapped his finger, “You guessed it right.” 

He stood up, took a step, turned around again, pulled something out of the trench coat pocket, put it in Shen Dongqing’s palm, and faced with a puzzled look, he smiled slightly: “Reward.” 

After speaking, Zhou Wenyan walked out of the hall. 

The bus was parked outside and the door opened silently. 

Zhou Wenyan got on the bus, looked back into the room, tilted his head, and said silently, “See you next time.” 


The door closed and set off, and across the glass door, he could see his blurred silhouette. 

The bus slowly drove away, eventually being swallowed up by darkness, as if entering another world.

Shen Dongqing spread his hands. 

Laying in his palm … a toffee? 

The candy paper was wrapped around toffee, and the print on it was a bunny. It was very cute and smelled of milk. 

Shen Dongqing opened the toffee and threw it into his mouth. The thick milk taste spread in his mouth, and he squinted his eyes sweetly. Before the toffee had melted, he saw the scene change suddenly. 

Everyone disappeared. 

Many young mistresses came in with a cheerful smile, the light and shadow behind them were no longer a dark darkness. 

This was the complete story. 

The hostess married into this family and gave birth to a pair of lively and cute little girls, living happily. But there was one regret. The male host, Mr. A, was grumpy and always suspected that the hostess had an unclear relationship with the host next door, and even felt that the twin daughters were not his children. 

So one night, after Mr. A was drunk, he picked up the axe and chopped up the hostess and twin daughters. The mother-in-law who came out to stop him also died under his axe. 

The four were unwilling and turned into ghosts. 

Mr. A and the indifferent tenants were trapped inside the house and died in the hands of the ghosts. 

In this house, reincarnation was carried out every three days, and the past was repeated. We welcome a group of players until the beginning of the game … the light was dark and all the pictures disappeared. 

Shen Dongqing heard a hoarse female voice ring in his ear. 

  [Congratulations on completing the novice mission, and the settlement is in progress.] 

[This score is A, receive 500 points, no special rewards are dropped.] 

[Because the player’s game is not standardized, the novice instance [Mr. A’s Funeral] is permanently closed and the player is deducted 300 points.] 

[Now there are 200 remaining player points, and the system mall has been opened.]

The husky girl paused and re-opened, adding a bite of teeth. 

[The official game opens three days later, I wish the player a happy game.] 

Shen Dongqing bit the semi-soft toffee in his mouth and found himself in a clean and narrow single room with a translucent light curtain suspended in front of him. 

He didn’t care about the points being deducted, and went shopping happily. 

There were three types of goods in the mall. 

One was daily necessities, most of which were food and clothes; the other was to strengthen one’s body, which could strengthen physical strength and ability; the other was auxiliary type, which had peach wood swords, spells and other objects that cause damage to ghosts. 

The latter two categories were very expensive. With 200 points in Shen Dongqing’s hands, they could only be used for some spells that were not very useful. 

Shen Dongqing skipped without looking. 

Why buy a spell? 

It was all for ghosts, and he was uncomfortable looking at it. 

Shen Dongqing thought for a while and asked, “Is there a mobile phone with Internet access?” 

He glanced at the mobile phone just now. They may be in another space. There was no signal here. 

The two letters “no” appeared on the light curtain. 

“Okay.” Shen Dongqing shrugged, remembered something again, and asked, “Is there that toffee I just ate?” 

He lifted up the remaining sugar paper and shook it. 

Zhou Wenyan’s toffee was delicious. 

If only I could buy a jar and eat it slowly. 

The system stared for a moment. 

Why does this look like one of the clues in the S-Class instance? Why was it eaten by a novice player? 

Shen Dongqing recalled the sweetness and asked, “Are you there?”

The system was silent for a while, the two big characters on the light curtain remained unchanged, and three large exclamation marks were added at the back. 

Shen Dongqing muttered dissatisfied: “Useless shopping mall.”

Nothing I want. 

Shen Dongqing had no choice but to buy another snack. The daily necessities were extremely cheap. He spent all his points and the snacks piled up on the bed into a hill. 

Shen Dongqing cheered, forgot his dissatisfaction, and threw himself into the ocean of snacks. 


S-level Instance [White Paper Notebook] 

“Boss, you are finally back.” A young man with glasses saw Zhou Wenyan’s figure and was relieved, “The third stage of the instance is about to begin.” 

S-level instance; the instances were upgradeable. 

The first stage may be just a low-level instance, and after completing a certain task, it could become a higher-level instance. 

Zhou Wenyan briefly explained: “I was caught by the system as a helper.” 

Generally speaking, there would be no failure in the Infinite Nightmare Game, but once the failure occurs, the system could not participate in the game process, and only players could go to fix it. 

The man with the glasses glanced at him: “Why a warning?” 

When mentioning this, Zhou Wenyan thought of a young man with a dimple on his cheek when he laughed. 

“Boss, what did you think? Why are you laughing so much …” The man with the glasses suddenly couldn’t think of adjectives, “rippling?” 

Zhou Wenyan raised his hand and patted him with a cold glance. 

The man with the glasses was stunned and laughed twice, quickly shifting the topic: “Boss, do you have the clue? The third stage requires clues …” 

“No,” Zhou Wenyan said calmly. 

The man with the glasses hadn’t responded yet: “Oh, no, wait, no more? Why not?” 

Zhou Wenyan’s eyes fluttered a little: “Coax people.”

The man with the glasses was startled: “Who is it for?!” 

Zhou Wenyan crossed passed the man with the glasses, and said without hesitation, “It’s a fuss, I’ll just get it again.”

Glasses followed him, and opened the logbook: “The instance where the clue is is a C-level instance, about the campus weird talk …”

TLN: Still just a teaser! The word is out; no extension. I am so busy.

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