UCD has been picked up

I’m a little bummed because nobody told me (for future reference, please tell me) and I’ve wasted my time on ch 27. I’m a petty person and I’m not gonna apologize for it, so you’re not getting ch 27. Sorry.

On the other hand, CG has picked it up so you know the quality is gonna be good. And they’re starting over which is even better and I’m really looking forward to it.

Unlimited Cycles of Death can be found here!

Also I saw some comments on it that made it seem like it was dropped.

It wasn’t dropped.

The reason it was taking so long is a combination of things; schoolwork, health issues and the length of the chapter. I would have split it up, but my autistic brain wouldn’t let me. Oh well, not like it matters anymore.

Anyway, I’m not mad about CG taking over, I’m mad I wasn’t told. There’s a difference.

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