SFS Chapter 1

“Although our city is not comparable to that of a big city, we can count on the mountains and clear water, and the air is fresh. Xiao Shen, you can work here with peace of mind. If you have any difficulties and requirements in your work, you can mention it to us.” Du Zhonghai drank a sip of tea, with a smile on his face. 

Shen Chang’an’s eyes fell on the stainless steel thermos cup in Director Du’s hands. I don’t know how long this thermos cup has been used. The gloss of the cup surface looked a bit dim, and there was a layer of brown tea stains on the bottle mouth. 

It was not that the tea cup was too attractive to let him stare at it, but that he was afraid that if he turned his gaze a little further, he would see Director Du’s brightly shining head. He didn’t want to just come to work on the first day, letting the leaders think he liked to look at the shortcomings of others: “Thank you, Director.” 

Du Zhonghai nodded with a smile; the young man sitting in front of his eyes was handsome, white and black, the pair of eyes hidden behind the frameless glasses brought out a smile, which was a look that pleased girls. 

“You just arrived, don’t worry too much at work.” Du Zhonghai asked a few more words, seeing that the young man kept nodding with a smile, he was content to let him get familiar with the job. 

After Shen Chang’an left, Du Zhonghai sighed. The city was not big, and the people’s livelihood service department was called the logistics and retirement department. He didn’t understand why Shen Chang’an, a talented student from a big city, came here to work, until he was given the personal profile of Shen Chang’an from above, only to realize that there were so many hidden feelings behind him. 

After the parents died in the office, they worried that the criminals would retaliate against the young Shen Chang’an. Relevant departments changed the name of Shen Chang’an. After raising him up, they tried to find a way to get him to work here for a lifetime. 

Wuming City had beautiful mountains and rivers, simple folk customs, and was not valued by the outside world. Arranging Shen Chang’an here was indeed a good choice. 

After coming out of the director’s office, Shen Chang’an was warmly received by colleagues. After the introductions and greetings, Shen Chang’an vaguely promised his colleagues to go to dinner at night.

Probably … delicious food was the link that connects the souls. Shen Chang’an felt that these colleagues were affable, and even when they were mixed with the local dialect of Mandarin from time to time, they become cute. 

With him in the office, there were a total of five people. The oldest was Gao Shujuan, who was ironing the wool roll. Although she was the deputy director of the department, everyone called her Sister Gao. Her voice was a little loud, but she looked very enthusiastic. The other three colleagues were young people. Ding Yang and Chen Panpan just graduated a year or two ago, with the young people’s unique vigor. There was only one colleague named Xu Ze who didn’t talk much, but when they decided to have dinner in the evening, Shen Chang’an saw his head move quickly. 

After listening to everyone chatting for half an hour, Shen Chang’an looked at the desk in front of him without a piece of paper, and asked curiously, “What do we usually do?”

The office quieted down instantly, even seemingly the cold Xu Ze also coughed uncomfortably. 

“That Xiao Shen, our civil service department, just after its establishment, we were transferred from other positions.” Gao Shujuan’s index finger tickled the curly hair on her forehead. “Our department is called the people’s livelihood service department. Of course the job is to serve everyone’s life.” 

Shen Chang’an pushed his glasses up and felt that the air seemed to be filled with an awkward atmosphere. 

“Everything related to people’s lives is our scope of work.” Ding Yang smiled, “In other words, we are a brick, we go where we need to move.” 

“Then … that’s amazing?” Shen Chang’an froze. Suddenly, he reluctantly squeezed out the sentence, “So what is our latest work?” 

“Build a new style of civilization and promote the scientific development concept.” Xu Ze took out a thick and colorful flyer from the drawer without expression. Putting it in front of Shen Chang’an, “This is a new print from today, do you want to see it?” 

Shen Changan took the top leaflet. The quality of the leaflet was not good. It was a bit like a small street advertisement. Several lines of large characters were printed in bold:

  Worshiping gods and ghosts is worse than building more roads. 
  Please don’t ask the fairy lady if you have a sickness.
  Fox Fairy Fairy Wong Tai Sin, it is better to work hard to make money. 

These slogans were really simple and rough. Shen Chang’an coughed and put the leaflet back to its original position: “Who thought of this slogan?” 

Xu Ze looked up: “Me.”

“The writing is really good, and the words are catchy and easy to remember.” Shen Chang’an said and nodded heavily to show that this sentence was sincere, “It’s very practical.” 

Xu Ze looked at him quietly for a few seconds, slowly spoke: “I appreciate you.” 

Shen Chang’an: “Ah?” 

Xu Ze: “There are not many people like you with an appreciation level.” 

Shen Chang’an:” Thank you … Thank you?”

After eating at noon, Shen Chang’an thought that their job was to go out and distribute leaflets. How could Ding Yang tell him that they were going to leave for fieldwork. 

“Wait.” Before going out, Ding Yang took a reduced version of the photo from the drawer. Shen Chang’an accidentally glanced at it and found that the photo turned out to be a picture of great men. 

Seeing Shen Chang’an staring at him, Ding Yang’s hand for putting the photo paused, and took another one out of the drawer: “You … also want it?”

After taking it out, Ding Yang regretted it. He listened to what Director Du said, that the new colleague was a talented student from a big city. Although I don’t know why he came to work in their department, I heard that in order to introduce this talent, Director Du had put a lot of effort into it. Even the hair on his forehead has dropped a little at the root. 

Such a talented student, how could he be like him; because the courage was not big enough, and the photos of great people were needed to be bold. 

“Thank you.” Shen Chang’an took the photo. Ding Yang learned to put away the way: “What are we going to do in the afternoon?” 

“Something has happened in the Corn Village, the villagers said that there are clamor ghosts, which makes several villages near the heart panic. Let’s go and see what’s going on, so that the villagers can feel at ease.” Ding Yang put his mobile phone away, took Shen Chang’an to a broken van, and turned his head to look at Shen Chang’an’s body. He opened the car door and wiped the co-pilot’s seat with a gray coat. “Corn Village is nearly thirty kilometers away from here. Let’s go back early.”

As soon as the words fell, he saw that Shen Chang’an was actually sitting in the driver’s seat, and quickly said: “The road over there is not easy. You can sit at ease and let me drive.” 

“Oh.” Shen Chang’an glanced at the steering wheel, got off the car and sat in the co-pilot seat. 

The country road had not been repaired, the road surface was covered with a layer of gravel, and the van was driving on this road surface, making a jingling sound. Shen Chang’an couldn’t help but wonder if this car would not reach its destination. Just broke up? 

“Foolish superstition harms people.” Ding Yang was used to this kind of country road, his body dangled in the car, and he couldn’t change his face.

“A few years ago, some villagers believed in the liar and drank the unknown god’s water. More than a dozen people were taken to the hospital, and two people were not rescued, so they were gone.” 

“Some stinky rogue old scammers say that some women have evil spirits and want to exorcise them and take advantage of the opportunity to cheat money and cheat.” Ding Yang sighed with anger. “As long as people are greedy, it is difficult for scammers to kill them. All we can do is to raise everyone’s vigilance and minimize their losses. ” 

“It’s only two or three in the afternoon, why is it so gloomy?” Ding Yang whispered most of the way and found something wrong, looked up at the sky, “Waiting for a heavy rain.” 

Shen Chang’an looked at the sky, the thick dark clouds blocked the sun. The whole sky seemed to be pressed down, which was a sign of the rainstorm. He glanced at the high mountains on both sides of the road and pushed the glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “If there is too much rain, will there be a landslide?”

As soon as the words fell, a large drop of rain fell from the air and hit it. The windshield crackled, and in a moment there was heavy rain. 

Ding Yang dared not drive the car too fast, the wiper kept blowing the windshield, and he couldn’t see the road ahead. He couldn’t help but swear: “The sun is a golden retriever, what is the weather forecast department? Can it be accurate once?” 

“Be careful.” Shen Chang’an helped him to hold the steering wheel and escape a huge rock in the middle of the road. He tilted his head and looked at Ding Yang with a sigh of relief. “The road here is too dangerous. We will leave here as soon as possible.”

Looking at the huge stone on the side of the road, Ding Yang trembled a little in his heart. If something really happened here, there was no village or shop behind, there were no people passing by; he and Shen Chang’an might have confessed here.

“Go back first.” Ding Yang looked at the dark sky. “Wait for the rain to stop before we go to Corn Village.” 

“You take a break and let me drive.” After looking at Ding Yang’s trembling hands, Shen Chang’an drove out of the door, the rain covered his face, and his shirt was plastered to him. 

Ding Yang didn’t dare to hand over the car to Shen Chang’an, but now it was raining and windy outside, and his hands were shaking a little, and he couldn’t drive on this muddy road. 

He gritted his teeth and gave the driver’s seat to Shen Chang’an. 

“Come on, Brother Yang.” Shen Chang’an took the driver’s seat, took off his glasses and wiped off his clothes, then smiled brightly at Ding Yang. “My driving skills are not bad.” 

Ding Yang wanted to say a few more words, but he saw Shen Chang’an’s smiling, eyes filled with joy, he swallowed his words again. 

He spoke so confidently, he should … have no problem? 

After a few seconds, Ding Yang found that he was still too naive. Shen Chang’an’s car skills did not have any problems, but it was no problem. 


“Chang’an, are you awake, you are driving a van, not an airplane!” 

Although this van was always ridiculed by other owners as a divine light, it was actually a cheap and worn-out van! 

“Brother Yang, you don’t have to worry. Believe me, there’s absolutely no problem.” Shen Chang’an turned the steering wheel and the van made a sharp turn on the Panshan Highway. Ding Yang felt like he was flying in the air. 

He looked at Shen Changan desperately. At this moment, he felt that the glasses on Shen Chang’an’s nose bridge shone with a terrifying light. 


A rock fell, and the van evaded the attack of the rock with an almost drifting speed. Shen Chang’an grinned at Ding Yang, “Look, I said there’s no problem.” 

Ding Yang shivered and didn’t dare to speak.

I beg you not to call me brother in the future, as long as you don’t be the god of autumn, I am willing to call you father. 

I don’t know why, Shen Chang’an drove the car very fast, but Ding Yang felt that they had been circling on the mountain road and the rain had never been small. 

“Brother Yang, the rain seems to be getting worse and worse.” Shen Chang’an frowned, “Want to drive faster?” 

“Chang’an, do you think this road … is particularly long?” Ding Yang shook. Shaking, a face that was not small, was completely white. 

“Are you here?” Shen Chang’an raised his eyebrows. “It may be because you want to go back too much, so you have this illusion.” He said, “You can rest assured, when I came, I had written down the road and would not go the wrong way, there is no mobile phone navigation, or do you want to sleep first?” 

Ding Yang looked at the dense cypress trees outside the car and shouted in his heart: No, I don’t want to sleep, I can’t sleep!


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