SFS Chapter 2

“The big river flows eastward, and the stars in the sky go to Beidou!” 

“The road is uneven and roars …” Shen Chang’an hummed along with the player in the car, and his mood looked good, but the tone was a little distorted in his mouth. 

The water mist saturated the public road to the mountain village, and occasionally a wild bird swept by in a panic, making the entire road seem incomparably desolate. Listening to Shen Chang’an’s out-of-tune singing, Ding Yang took out his phone and glanced at it. It was less than half-an-hour since he exchanged the driving seat with Shen Chang’an, but he always felt like they had been driving on this road for several hours. 

He touched the photo of the great man on his body, and he felt more at ease in his heart. Fortunately, he had laminated the photo, so he was not afraid of rain. 

The car turned a corner, and Ding Yang saw a soaked man not far away beckoning at them, and seemed to want them to take a ride. In the wilderness, the rain was so heavy outside. It was dangerous to walk alone. Ding Yang quickly said: “Chang’an, there is someone in front of you who wants to take a ride. Let’s take him.” 

“Where?” Shen Chang’an his the brakes, the water in the mud pits, squeezed by the wheels, splashed a few meters away. 

Seeing the beckoning man being sprayed with muddy water from head to toe, Ding Yang’s lips shook. Don’t take him. He was afraid that after the other person got on the bus, Shen Chang’an would be killed. 

“Brother Yang, where are they?” Shen Chang’an looked around and saw no-one. After turning off the player, he looked at Ding Yang suspiciously. “Did you make a mistake?” 

Ding Yang blinked. Then, I looked carefully at the man on the roadside. It turned out that this was not a person, but a stump. I didn’t know that the bored man was wearing a shabby dress, and looked at him like a man who stretched out his hand. 

“It’s too rainy, I’m looking at it.” Ding Yang smiled embarrassedly, feeling a little uneasy. “We hurried away, Sister Juan and them are still waiting for us to go back.” 

Shen Chang’an glanced at his watch. “There’s been more than an hour, time is up.”

The van continued to start, probably because Shen Chang’an’s attitude affected Ding Yang. His inexplicable fear had disappeared for the most part. In order not to embarrass the atmosphere in the car, he began to chat with Shen Chang’an.

Fortunately, the other party was not a dumb person. The atmosphere between the two was very harmonious. When they talked to the back, Ding Yang looked at the heavy rain outside the car window and worriedly said: “Recently, it is a good season for harvesting rice. The rain is so heavy. It will affect the harvest of fellow villagers.” 

“The rain in summer has always come in a hurry, and the weather is fast, don’t worry.” Shen Chang’an glanced at Ding Yang once more. This colleague looked young, but he was very good. 

“That’s good.” Ding Yang smiled. “My hometown is in the countryside. When I was a child, I watched more about harvesting rice in summer, so now I’m worried about bad weather. You are from a big city, Chang’an. Isn’t that clear about those things in the countryside?” 

This new colleague looked white and tender, and didn’t look like a tough-skinned child who grew up in the village. 

“I spent two years in the country when I was a kid, and I don’t know anything.” Shen Chang’an smiled. “Before I came here to work, I heard from my friends that there are a lot of foods here. Is this also the case in Wuming City? 

“The five words of “Wuming City”, Ding Yang unconsciously added two points of closeness to Shen Chang’an, and immediately said: “That’s not the case. When we mention the food on our side, we always take the provincial capital as an example. In fact, our province also has many foods in other cities, just not famous ones.” 

“It’s a pity if it’s such a heavy rain, if you can’t catch up with the dinner tonight.” After listening to Ding Yang introducing several kinds of food, Shen Chang’an stepped on the accelerator. The speed of the car accelerated again. 

No one could stop him from pursuing food! 

“Rain … seems to be small?” Soon after the van speeded up, Ding Yang found that the rain outside suddenly became smaller, and even the water mist that affected his sight was thinner. 

“It seems that we can’t go back and change clothes for dinner.” Shen Chang’an was in a good mood. When he smiled, his eyes were slightly bent, like beautiful crescent moons. 

After the car drove out of the mountain village road, there was no signal on the mobile phone, and finally the communication function was slowly restored. Before the car entered the main road, Ding Yang’s mobile phone rang. 

As soon as the answer button was pressed, Gao Shujuan’s sharp voice came out of the microphone, and no public function was used. 

“Xiao Ding, where are you and Xiao Shen, why can’t your mobile phone be connected?”

“Sister Juan, I ……” 

“I heard there was a collapse in Corn Village, and there are people out of the accident, the two of you first come back, the weather is better than the last!” 

“I ……” 

“Little Shen first came when you go to work, you are gentle, and you, as a senior, take good care of him.” 

Shen Chang’an heard this and smiled at Ding Yang, which was indeed pretty and clever. Ding Yang listened to Gao Shujuan silently and hung up the phone, then looked at Shen Chang’an in a complicated mood. If he went back and told his colleagues that this new colleague was a man driving the van out of plane speed, who would believe it?? 

Ding Yang touched his face, and the gentle, white man really took advantage. 

Shen Chang’an drove the car back to where he lived and lent a set of clothes that had not been worn to Ding Yang. Ding Yang was a little embarrassed, and even said that when he went back, he would clean and return it. 

“Brother Yang, you are too kind.” Shen Chang’an handed over the brewed ginger tea to Ding Yang. “I live closer, it is more convenient to come to my house.” 

Ding Yang was still a little embarrassed, he looked at Shen Chang’an’s house, the house looked like a model house, probably because he just moved in, so there was no fireworks. House prices in Wuming City were not high, and most families liked to buy three-bedrooms over 90 square meters. Two-bedrooms around 70 square meters like Shen Chang’an were not mainstream on their side. 

He did not ask whether the house was bought or rented. He took a sip from his tea cup. “There is an hour before the dinner, shall we not sit for a while?” 

“Well.” Shen Chang’an turned on the TV, and his home was not connected to broadband. The TV received only a few local TV stations, and there were snowflakes floating on the screen. 

Ding Yang glanced at the TV and couldn’t help sitting upright. He shook his finger at the TV: “Chang’an, please watch the news.” 

An urgent news was being broadcast on the city TV station, saying that the road leading to Corn Village collapsed; there was an accident in a car, the driver died of invalid rescue, please do not drive other vehicles to this road now. 

“Fortunately, we came back in time.” Shen Chang’an glanced at the TV, fortunately, “otherwise it may be blocked halfway.”

“The collapsed section is where we passed.” Ding Yang was a local and was very familiar with the nearby route, so he recognized the collapsed section on the TV at a glance. They just passed from here shortly. It seemed that there was no place to collapse?

Shen Changan looked at Ding Yang with a complex expression: “Brother Yang, do you still want to encounter this kind of thing?” 

“No, don’t you find it strange?” Ding Yang said, “When we came back, we did not encounter other vehicles, but there was an ambulance in this video, is there something wrong? ” 

“Brother Yang, our job is to promote science, not to promote strange events.” Shen Chang’an calmed down, patted his shoulder from the ground, “Maybe the ambulance was in the nearby village, and just happened to be near this car accident. It’s normal that we didn’t meet on the way back. The time of the collapse should also be after we leave. Don’t threaten their own, it was an accident.” 

The patting on the shoulders of the force was very light, but Ding Yang calmed down, it made him think that Chang’an was right in saying that he was secure in here, why threaten their own? 

Drinking a full cup of ginger tea, Ding Yang had some bloating and ran to the toilet to put water. 

“At 3: 8 in the afternoon, after receiving the call, our hospital rushed to the place of the accident, but unfortunately the injured have been rescued and died …” 

Shen Chang’an glanced at the TV screen, which listed the surname, age and body characteristics of the deceased, to let the family of the deceased came to claim the body of the deceased as soon as possible. 

He picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. He turned to see Ding Yang coming out of the bathroom. He whispered, “The deceased is only in his thirties, and the family who is waiting for him to go back do not know how sad it is.” 

Ding Yang sighed: “This is how life is, so usually cherish your family a lot, and don’t leave regrets.” 

Shen Chang’an bent his mouth: “Come on, let’s go to the place for dinner.” 

“Oh, okay.” Ding Yang nodded quickly, since after sitting in the speeding car that Chang’an drove, he was not able to refuse the various suggestions of Chang’an.

The dining place was not large, and the decoration was very ordinary. The advertising light boxes outside the store had accumulated a layer of gray, the color printing had been discolored, and it read “22 yuan per guest”. 

When Shen Chang’an arrived, other colleagues had already sat down around the table and saw the two of them coming over. Chen Panpan waved at them, “Little Yoko, Shen Chang’an, here.” 

“Chang’an, can you eat spicy food?” The eucommia ulmoides sitting on the innermost side wiped the slightly greasy table with paper, “their cold pot fish and cold pot chicken are all a must.” 

“Not very spicy, but barely okay. ” Shen Chang’an couldn’t help but look at Du Zhonghai’s forehead. The place where the light shined before, now had a wig, but the wig was separated from the middle, making Director Du look a little funny. 

“Then, it’s slightly spicy, slightly spicy.” Du Zhonghai touched his chubby belly and seemed to make a huge concession to attract the boss. “Boss, get a slightly spicy pot today, and the fish fillets are fresh.” 

“Relax, it’s definitely killing now.” The boss glanced at Shen Chang’an and smiled, “Director Du, is this your new colleague?” 

“Yes, this is our new colleague Xiao Shen.” Du Zhonghai smiled and nodded. 

“For the sake of the new colleague, I will send you a pumpkin pie.” The boss nodded to Shen Chang’an and hurried into the kitchen, his back majestic, like a general entering the battlefield. 

“Hey, there are new guests coming today, and the boss will definitely have to show his unique skills at the bottom of the box.” Chen Panpan rubbed her hands and looked forward. 

Shen Chang’an: “…” 

So the colleagues took him to dinner with such enthusiasm, just valuing his identity as a newcomer? 

“Don’t be sad,” Xu Ze comforted. “We can give you the swim bladder later.” 

Shen Chang’an: “…” 

This comfort wasn’t useful. 

But when the cold pot fish was ready, Shen Chang’an still caught the swim bladder in his bowl in front of everyone. Even if he was turned to tears, he ate a lot.

As a new colleague who has been “utilized”, he must take back his money. 

At the checkout, the boss smiled and asked Shen Chang’an: “Boy, how does my family’s fish taste like?” 

“It’s delicious.” Shen Chang’an’s tongue was almost spicy. 

“That must be, my store has been open for more than ten years.” The boss was pleased and erased the two-dollar fractions for them. 

Du Zhonghai and Gao Shujuan lived close together and returned home after eating, leaving the four young people on their way. 

“It’s so supportive.” Chen Panpan rubbed her stomach. “After I get married, I must find a man with good cooking skills.” 

“So, do you have a boyfriend now?” Xu Ze asked with a blank expression. 

Chen Panpan: “…” 

“Which little sister wants to marry someone, brothers can help, come and go with the brothers.” Several drunken street gangsters came over, with huge gold chains around their necks, in the street lights shining down underneath. 

Xu Ze and Ding Yang hurriedly stopped in front of Chen Panpan, frowning at these colorful hairy punks, Ding Yang said, “Man, this is on the street, please be polite.” 

“What’s wrong on the street?” A bully in a flower shirt pushed Ding Yang, but Ding Yang did not stand firm and hit Shen Chang’an next to him. 

With a click, the glasses on Shen Chang’an’s nose bridge fell to the ground, and the lens broke. 

Touching the empty bridge of the nose, Shen Chang’an looked up at the gangsters: “No one told you that gathering people to forcefully molest or insult women in public will be sentenced to more than five years in prison?” 

“Hahaha, oh, we ’re so scared.” The gangsters laughed loudly, and a person even stepped forward to push out his chest. “I’m just flirting, I’m flirting. Do you have the ability to beat me?” 

These kind of gentle men all have strong mouths, but they’ve never fought; and when it comes to hands-on, the gangsters better than anyone else.

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T/N: eucommia ulmoides — I have no idea what this is supposed to mean? A name that got mistakably translated, maybe?

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