BDG Chapter 28

Nie Yi promised to help Qi Jingchen grow vegetables, but the next day he had other things to do. 

Zhao Chengqi had arranged a position for Nie Yi yesterday, he let him join the military abilities’ team, and he was going to report in today. 

Nie Yi got up early in the morning, used the previously found coix seed oats and black rice to make Qi Jingchen porridge. He didn’t know where to find a cucumber shredded to Qi Jingchen with porridge. When Qi Jingchen finished eating, he suddenly picked up Qi Jingchen, hugged him and went out. 

“Where do you want to take my brother?” Qi Yaoyao saw it and asked immediately. 

“What is your business?” Nie Yi looked at Qi Yaoyao with a smile. 

“He is my brother.” 

“If he stayed at home, can you protect him if something goes wrong?” Nie Yi asked. 

Qi Yaoyao couldn’t speak any more. Although she had worked very hard, how much could she change in a few days? In the past few days, she had worked hard to make herself stronger, but she still couldn’t even beat an ordinary man. 

“Gan Jun, you train her well.” Nie Yi said. He joined the military’s abilities team. Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai would go with him, Ping Shengchao would go out to find him and Shao Zhenglan’s relatives. Zhou Xiaofeng would deal with Xu Nan and the others, leaving Gan Jun to train Qi Yaoyao. 

Although the performance of Qi Yaoyao was not bad recently, but according to what Qi Yaoyao did in her last life, Nie Yi could not like Yaoyao. 

“Yes.” Gan Jun should be down. They were two bodyguards who could were selected by Nie Yi’s grandfather. They all had such a solid eye. They were very obedient to Nie Yi. Nie Yi asked him to train Qi Yaoyao. They were not lazy, that was to say… Qi Yaoyao was afraid that she will not be comfortable. 

Nie Yi’s approach to Qi Jingchen was in the eyes, there was no objection at all, even if this might make Qi Yaoyao suffer, but in the end it was for Qi Yaoyao. 

As for where he would be taken by Nie Yi, he was not curious or care at all.

Nie Yi held Qi Jingchen, and they went to the place where the military abilities team were living. 

He had just come to the safe area, the foundation was unstable, and there was no one in the family. At this time, an accident may cause Nie Boyuan or Yu Hao to take advantage of the situation… The behavior of the two in the safe area couldn’t be unscrupulous, but if only some things like asking Qi Jingchen to be a guest, he was afraid that others would not feel wrong. 

People with good physical fitness were more likely to awaken their abilities. This was the conclusion that everyone in the end of the world had come to. The five big three men in the army were very good physically, and naturally there were many ability users among them. Even if the military did not publicize like Yu Hao, it had many abilities, and some of these abilities were living in a primary school. 

This elementary school was not big. Now the classrooms inside had been simply arranged into a dormitory. The playground and other places had added a lot of training equipment. There were also earthen abilities to erect a high wall, which made it a ideal small military base. 

That was… I didn’t know why I’m looking at the factory’s desertedness, but I’m surprised that there was a group of people who “greeted” Nie Yi. 

“The military’s ability users are in some important positions. Now they are in their own positions as before the end of the world. The rest of the abilities are divided into two parts. Here, the part that General Zhao is responsible for is shared. Eight hundred and ninety-two people.” The guard who brought Nie Yi here introduced. 

“So many people?” Shao Zhenglan was a little surprised. 

“There are so many people, and there are more abilities in other places than here.” The guard said: “According to our estimation, there should be more ability users, but many people are probably afraid of being persecuted, so they have hidden their own abilities.”

The guards also said the truth. In the early days of the last days, many ability users were worried that some people would do experiments on the ability users, and therefore would not dare to say things about their abilities. Their scruples were reasonable in some small safe areas, but in a large security area like the B City safe area, it was not necessary. Nie Yi remembered that in this safe area, people in the safe area did study the ability users and zombies, but for the ability users, it was just a routine examination such as blood drawing. At most, it was to study the remains of the abilities of the ability users. This was also with the consent of the family members, or when the abilities were alive, they will grind those abilities and sign a donation agreement. 

The ability users would become more and more important in the days that follow, and as long as they are knowledgeable, they will not be guilty of offending such a group. 

Of course, in a small safe area, it was different. The acquaintances were everywhere in the place. When the abilities reached the second level and the nucleus in the head formed, they didn’t know how many abilities there were. The person was killed and his head was broken. 

“Are there newcomers coming?” They just entered, and they saw several men running, seeing them, and these people ran over: “I didn’t expect that there would be new people here, what are you?” They asked, while looking at Nie Yi and the others. The expression was not friendly, especially when they saw Shao Zhenglan and Qi Jingchen, who was still held by Nie Yi. 

The military’s ability users were formerly military, and some were in groups. In the case that the abilities were not used at all, the strength of those who had been trained was stronger than the abilities of ordinary people. So those alien abilities, especially women like Shao Zhenglan or Xiao Bai faced like Qi Jingchen. 

And… Although the military’s base of the powers had already accepted many of the powers attracted by the military, they had never been here! 

Shao Zhenglan’s heart had always been high, and she was not willing to pay attention to these two people. Instead, Nie Yi asked: “What are your abilities?”

Few people heard this question, but there were some flaws on their faces, but this point quickly disappeared and said: “We are all wind powers, although the power is not very good. Kind, but I want to pack a few simple things like you.” 

These people were not very polite when they come up, there were also reasons. On the one hand, because of the customs in the army, the veterans liked to give the recruits a horse, and on the one hand, it was because they knew that someone would come today…

When General Zhao sent someone to tell them, he said that there would be a very powerful person coming over today, let them learn from this person, that meant they even had to let a few newcomers lead them… They wanted to see now, how powerful this person was said to be! 

Now the team of the powers in the security zone was led by Yu Hao, but the army’s abilities users did not yet had a leader. No one had ever served anyone, let alone such a sudden emergence. 

“Yes?” Nie Yi smiled. 

Although the two universal bodyguards were not around, there was still Jiang Huai. Today, Jiang Huai helped Nie Yi to move a folding chair. Nie Yi asked him to put out the recliner, let Qi Jingchen sit up, and then smiled and looked at it. Those wind abilities were still present. 

He also stayed in the army. Naturally, there were only two ways to go, one was to be convinced by these people, and the other was to convince these people. 

“Come on?” Nie Yi said again. 

Among those few people, one person immediately came out: “I will come first!” 

Nie Yi’s physical fitness was not as good as that of his last life, but his experience of opposing the enemy was definitely more than anyone. More importantly, he had the spirit force. 

Although he failed to bring back the enormous spiritual power of the last days, he also brought back a part, and this part was enough for him to know in advance which direction the person who was fighting against himself wanted to attack… 

“New arrival …” The man who came out to fight with Nie Yi had not finished, and he had been dumped on the ground by Nie Yi. Nie Yi still did not give up, suddenly shot and knocked down several other people.

“You…” The few people looked at Nie Yi with surprise, but there was no resentment. Of course, although they did not hate Nie Yi, they wanted to get back to the scene. 

At the same time, it was probably the outside movement that alerted the people in the building next to the lesson, hula la, and there were dozens of people running inside. 

“Brothers, some people came to the scene!” Someone in the group shouted, and then rushed toward Nie Yi. 

“Do you come one by one, or come together?” Nie Yi asked, holding his arms in his arms. He was very clear that after he said this, these people would definitely attack one by one. 

To be honest, if there were many people here, he didn’t really have to fight, but if they came one by one… 

“Jokes, do we still use it against you?” It’s humane immediately, they wanted to win against Nie Yi, but it was not to be deceived. 

“Come on.” Nie Yi smiled and then reached out. 

The opposite side immediately rushed out of a person, Nie Yi used his mental strength to observe the other side’s movements, avoiding the attack of this person and finding the right time to squat under the rib of this person, and suddenly took the person out. 

The second person was very careful, and even did not take the initiative to attack. Nie Yi was impatient with him, and rushed out and kicked the other side’s waist. 

The third person paid great attention to defense and almost defended his weak parts, but Nie Yi grabbed one of his hands and even took him out. 

The fourth person, the fifth person, the sixth person… one after another, those people were put down by Nie Yi. 

He fought with these people, but in order to be able to stand firm here so there was no heavy hand, those who were knocked down by him were not hurt. 

“You are very powerful. General Zhao’s praise is not fake.” After Nie Yi hit the tenth person, one of those people seemed to be the leader. “I have served.” 

“That’s good.” Nie Yi smiled and stood up straight.

“But I served you, others didn’t want to serve you.” The man said again: “It will take a long time for other people to come back. You have beaten me. You don’t have to beat them. You must know that their abilities are very good. Strong.” 

“My abilities are not weak,” said Nie Yi. “Hello, my name is Nie Yi.” 

“My name is Qian Mingfeng.” The humanity, and then talked with Nie Yi about the specific situation here. Nie Yi finally knew why it was so deserted here, and there were not many people. 

Many of the ability users of Yu Hao’s team were ordinary people. Although they had awakened their abilities, they were not particularly powerful and couldn’t do any tasks. Basically, they were led by him to help the ordinary people in the safe area to stabilize. The people of the people, the military’s ability users were different. 

After they awakened their abilities, they were divided into a number of squads. Every day they had to do the task. The fire abilities went out of the city to burn the zombies. The water abilities were giving water at several entrances in the safe area. The abilities of the abilities were gone. Clearing the road… 

These people were still in a mess, but they were also useful. Finally, only the wind abilities were left in the camp. 

“We all have wind abilities. Now there is nothing for us to do in the safe area, but after a few days of wind power towers, we will be useful.” When Qian Mingfeng mentioned his abilities, he also looked embarrassed —— Now the wind abilities were the most useless… 

Nie Yi’s last life had been in contact with the military’s abilities, but it was already half a year after the end of the world. The party’s abilities would be arranged so many things, but thinking about it and feel normal. 

Many abilities were very useful, and the military certainly did not waste the ability of these people. 

After chatting with Qian Mingfeng a few words, Qian Mingfeng asked about the abilities of the several people present. After knowing that Jiang Huai was also a wind user, he was very enthusiastic about Jiang Huai, Nie Yi’s fire ability and Shao Zhenglan’s earth system. It was to make him a little envious, the result… 

“He has no power?” Qian Mingfeng glanced at Qi Jingchen in amazement, and looked at Nie Yi inexplicably: “Nothing, what did you bring him to do here?” Here was one of the military’s bases of the powers, not everyone could enter!

“I have already reported to General Zhao.” Nie Yi said, but did not say anything. 

Qian Mingfeng heard Nie Yi say this, frowning and glanced at Qi Jingchen. They were not all versatile here. Those who cook for them were ordinary people who didn’t say, often have ordinary the instructors of the people teach them the knowledge of firearms, and some researchers who wore glasses would work with them to figure out how to use them. 

But… no matter what, no one would lie down as a grandfather here! 

Qian Mingfeng didn’t know what to say at all. In the end, he just said: “Wait a little, be more careful.” 

Although Nie Yi won him, he was afraid that he would be unlucky after a while! There were a lot of people who were going out to do the task, and they were very strong and arrogant. They were not even better than Yu Hao, who was being promoted. When they came back… 

Neither Nie nor this boy, maybe it would be thrown out. 

Qian Mingfeng was sighing a little, and there was a buzzing sound outside. There was a big fireball coming in with these buzzing voices! 

This fireball was unbiased, and it was completely heading toward Qi Jingchen!

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Non-Human Seeking Re-employment

Chapter 1: Mr. A’s Funeral

The rain poured down and squeaked in the night. 

This was a rural self-built house. It had been built a long time ago. The walls were stained with various dirt. A pile of rusty farm tools were thrown in the corner, which gave off a taste that was unclean. 

The chandeliers on the ceiling were swaying, and the lights were bright and dark. Sitting on a dilapidated sofa below, a circle of people faced an old-fashioned TV. 

Probably because there was no signal, black and white particles were flashing on the TV screen, and a harsh sound was heard. 

Sitting on the sofa, a strong man with a gold chain, a female high school student wearing a JK uniform, a gentle office worker… obviously people who seemed to have no connections, but sat together. 

No one was talking. 

The lightning flashes outside the window, the black screen of the TV was re-lit for a moment, the black and white screen had a high and hysterical female voice: 

  [Welcome to the Infinite Nightmare Game] 
  [You have entered the novice level.] 
  [Please attend Mr. A’s funeral, and find the murderer.]

After the voice ceased, there was only nervous laughter, and people laughed and chilled. 

Finally, someone couldn’t help it and stood up: “What the hell is going on? Can someone tell me?”

He who spoke wore a suit and was office worker. He looked down at his wrist watch from time to time, worried about being late and his full attendance award. However, his watch seemed to be broken. Until now, the time had been fixed at 7:00 in the morning, no further progress. 

His questioning was like a switch that triggered the emotions of others in the hall. 

The female high school student bowed and wept: “I want to go home…”

The office worker stepped forward and walked to the gate. He wanted to open it, but the door was locked tight. 

The person with the golden chain also stood up and glanced around.

The windows were also closed, with a strip of wood on them. The person with the gold chain picked up an axe from a pile of tools and slashed it hard, trying to break open the window. 


一 An axe smashed down, the wood broke, and a spider-like crack appeared on the glass window. 

One of the hearts of the person with the gold chain: “This is a prank.” 

He said, he raised the axe again and wanted to smash the glass window directly. Only the axe didn’t fall, and he heard a bang, and a bloody handprint appeared on the window. 

The person with the gold chain was shocked, and the axe fell to the ground, making a dull sound. 

Bang, bang, bang – countless bloody handprints appeared on the window, they seemed to want to break through a thin glass window, into the room. The window trembled, it seemed it was going to break soon. 

The person with the gold chain stepped back and swallowed: “What is going on? Is there really a ghost?” 

“What the hell? These are deceptions!” The office worker was more violent and picked up the axe on the ground. “Let me at it.” 

He pushed away the person with the gold chain and lifted the axe to force it open. 

Just before it fell, the glass slammed open. 

The office worker’s movements stagnated, watching a pale hand stretch out from the darkness behind the window and grabbing his arm. 

“What is this!?” The office worker flustered tried to break free. 

This strange hand was skinny, but the strength was very powerful and the office worker was pulled outside. 

The office worker finally knew that all this was not something that people could do. When he saw that he was going to be pulled out of the room, he screamed: “Help–”

The person with the gold chain had long been scared. 

The female high school student shrank into a ball, and did not dare to move. 

Other people had no intention of saving others.

The office worker was pulled out of the narrow window, and the body bent into a distorted posture, disappearing into the darkness. 

There was another dead in the hall. 

Only the sound of someone licking the food came from the window. 

“You should be fortunate to have lost an idiot.” The person sitting in the middle of the sofa raised his legs. “I taught you the first point, just don’t act casually. A grass or a flower here may save your life.”

After the scene, everyone was honest, listening to that person, as if to find the backbone of the heart, had seen the past. 

Those people were very satisfied with the reactions of others: “My name is Chen, you can call me Old Chen.” 

The person with the gold chain immediately walked over, handed a cigarette: “Brother Chen, you played?” 

Old Chen glanced at him with appreciation and took the cigarette: “Played twice. The novice task is relatively simple, as long as you follow me, there will be no problem.”

When the words came out, the others looked at him with hope and his eyes became hot. It’s on. 

“But…” Old Chen flexed his finger and smacked the ash. When the front turned, “There is no thing in the sky.” 

A thin, non-mainstream Huang Mao asked: “How much do you want?” 

Old Chen ironically hooked his lips. “Here, money is equal to waste paper. I want your points after customs clearance.” 

The female high school student objected weakly: “What is the use of points?” 

“Good question.” Old Chen said, “Points can be exchanged for some life-saving things, but only after the novice task can one open the mall, so if you can’t live through a novice task, the points are useless.” 

Huang Mao, who had read many online novels, was thoughtful: “The same as the horror game written in the novel.” 

“唔… …” Old Chen spit out a cigarette. “It’s about the same, but don’t think that you are the protagonist. Everyone here is a hapless in the game. Only after ten games can you completely leave this unlucky game.”

The person with the gold chain thought a lot, and asked: “Can you guarantee our safety?” 

Old Chen did not answer positively, but said: “As long as you don’t die.” 

Huang Mao and the female high school student were young and relatively simple. They immediately agreed to the requirements of Old Chen, only wanting to save their life. When the person with the gold chain saw that they all agreed, they could only follow the flow. 

Old Chen calculated how many points would be credited, and there was a smile on his face: “Do you have any questions? I will tell you all I know.” 

“Excuse me …” 

Just then, in the corner of the sofa one hand was raised.

Everyone looked at the person. 

There was a young man sitting obscured in the corner, probably because he had never said a word, and there was no sense of existence. He had a pair of almond eyes, and the black and white eyes exuded the light of seeking knowledge. It looked very simple and cute. When he smiled, he revealed a pointed tiger tooth. 

Old Chen did not care to say: “You ask.”

The young man raised his mobile phone and asked with great distress: “Why can’t you play ‘Fight the Landlord’ here?” 

Others: …

The female high school student whispered: “There is no signal here.” 

She had just tried the police, but it seemed that all the electronic facilities had failed, and they were not connected to the outside world. 


Some of the youth lost their mobile phones. 

Old Chen: Isn’t this a fool? Thinking of ‘Fight the Landlord’ in such a dangerous place? 

However, even if Chen suspected that this young man was not normal, it did not prevent him from earning points, so he pretended to be a kind and 
harmonious person: “What is your name?”

The youth was unprepared: “Shen Dongqing.” 

Old Chen smiled: “As long as you promise to give me the points, I will take you through the customs.” 

Shen Dongqing looked up at him and looked at him: “No.”

Old Chen’s smile became stiff and cold. He said profoundly: “This world is very dangerous. Didn’t you see the office worker just now? If you accidentally lose your life, you can’t keep it. Say, what is the point of the score?”

The words were mixed with threats that were not noticeable. 

Chen Dongqing: “Oh.” 

Old Chen’s smile disappeared completely, he sullenly said: “Young people always like to try to be brave, but they do not know, trying to be brave sometimes will pay a tragic price.” 

Old Chen wanted to scare this person. 

The people here were all newbies, the novice task was not difficult, but the points earned were very high. For Old Chen, every wool must be shaved. 

I didn’t expect when finishing talking, this kid was still unmoved. 

Shen Dongqing was playing with his mobile phone. When he looked up and stared at him, he stared back at him. He then reacted and said: “Are you talking to me?” He thought, politely said: “Thank you for reminding me, but I am no longer a young man.” 

Shen Dongqing was actually a thousand years old ghost. He had been unable to reincarnate and live in the world. He suddenly occupied a body one day. 

It’s just that he hadn’t had time to enjoy high-tech such as mobile phones and computers, and he had been drawn into the world. He could feel that there were several ghosts in the house, but he was more concerned about the game on the mobile phone. 

Old Chen almost crushed the cigarette in his hand: Who the hell is going to remind you? I am threatening you! 

He was about to give this kid a lesson, when there was a sudden footstep in the doorway. 

Everyone present was nervously watching them. Only Shen Dongqing looked down and focused on the mobile phone, and wanted to find a game in which he could play without signal. 

Creak, clack —— The door opened a gap, a woman wearing a black long-sleeved dress with a black cloth on her arm was standing in the gap. She was bloodless and her face was sad.

She stood by the door and whispered, “It’s really hard for everyone to come in. It’s hard work. Please stay here first. According to our custom, you have to stop for three days before you can go out, and only then you can see my husband.” 

No one dared to argue against her. 

Still Old Chen said: “Not hard.” 

Mr. A’s widow looked at Old Chen and said in a whisper: “The room is on the second floor. You should rest for one night, and you can just stroll around tomorrow. Don’t go to the last room on the third floor. Also, the people in our village are older and don’t like to be noisy at night.” 

After that, the widow left, and the door was closed. 

At this moment, the people in the hall saw two rows of wreaths outside, and a variety of paper people, looking cool. 

Some excitement: “This is the NPC?” 

Old Chen looked at the eyes to recover: “.. It could be your life ghosts listen to her, it is best to listen to the words of NPC in the game.” 

Very curiosity: “What if you don’t listen?” 

Old Chen said: “The ones who are not listening are dead.” 

The self-built houses in the countryside were very spacious. There was a long corridor on the second floor, and the corridor was cold. At night, it seemed that you couldn’t see your head at first glance. When the light was turned on, you could see that there was a closed door on both sides. 

The female high school student thought of a very important question: “What if we are separated and an accident happens at night?” 

But she was only a girl. 

Old Chen said: “In any case, three days, we are four people in a room. Just live in this room, there is somewhere easy to escape.” 

He pointed to a room closest to the corridor. 

The female high school student settled down. When she walked in, she suddenly thought of a question: “Four people?” 

She, Old Chen, Huang Mao and the person with the golden chain were four people. Was there still another person?

Old Chen heard her question and sneered aloud: “Someone wants to die, who can blame us? He can attract the attention of ghosts alone, isn’t that good?”

The person with the gold chain was an adult, naturally they held no opinion. After all, when they wanted to come, they were not the young man who died. Maybe they were dead. 

Only the female high school student was a bit embarrassed, but she had no choice but to say nothing. 

Shen Dongqing didn’t mind that he was squeezed out. He fell behind the big troops and walked slowly down the stairs. There was a sorrow in the delicate eyebrows. 

Old Chen hugged his shoulders and looked at him: “Do you know what to fear? Now I regret it.” 

Shen Dongqing didn’t know why this person always cared about him. When he was a ghost, he was very cold. He didn’t expect to be a human being. He could feel the warmth between people. 

It’s just that Shen Dongqing was indifferent, he didn’t know how to answer it. He could only say harshly: “I’m not afraid.” 

Old Chen sneered: “The dead duck is hard, I advise you not to look at the face so much, recognize the wrong, then points to me, I will protect your life.” 

Chen Dongqing said earnestly: “Thank you for your concern, I really do not feel afraid, I’m just wondering why my game in phone won’t work.” 

Old Chen: I am concerned about your points, but you are concerned about your mobile games? 

After Shen Dongqing finished speaking, he was afraid that Old Chen would talk to him again. He did not wait for Old Chen to speak and pushed the door next to him and walked in. 

Bang, thump – the door was closed. 

Old Chen looked at the door and only felt scorned by a courageous newbie. He sneered: “You will regret it.” 


Shen Dongqing walked into the room. 

There was a bed in the room with a cupboard and a separate bathroom, which looked very simple. But it was not simple, a black and white portrait was hung on the wall facing the door.

In the portrait was a man of about 30 years old, like Sven, a pair of eyes screaming at the people who walked in, not like a photo, but a living thing. 

Shen Dongqing stood in the same place, as if he was scared. 

The black and white portrait was very satisfied with his reaction. The eyeball turned a bit, and the two lines of blood and tears flowed down, and the arms were lifted up, as if to break out of the photo frame and grab the person in front of him. 

Cry, be afraid, scream… 

As long as the rules were broken, I can kill you with a bright and straight… 

The person in the black and white portraits were squatting on the photo frame, one hand was like a noodle, and the hand in the room was extended. Just a little bit and it would hit Shen Dongqing. 

Shen Dongqing thought about the interpersonal relationships between humans and raised his hand to hold the cold hand. 

“Hello.” He also shook hands in good faith. “I have to stay here for three days and bother you.”

Chapter 2: Murderer

Shen Dongqing seriously greeted the natives here. 

It was only the native who seemed to be a little shy. He shook hands with him, his pale face was blue and his eyes were falling from his sockets. 

Shen Dongqing quickly released his hand: “Sorry…” 

He had just become a human being, the power of the devil was somewhat hard to control, and it was not light or heavy. 

When the photo frame ghost broke free, he turned and fled back to the black and white portrait. 

Shen Dongqing regretted shaking his hand. 

He had been a ghost for millenniums, and now had become a human being after so long. He didn’t know how a normal person should act. He could only learn the words and deeds of people he had seen. 

So he laid down on the bed and raised his phone. 

According to the female high school student, there was no signal here, so many games couldn’t be played. 

Shen Dongqing turned over and finally found a game that could be played – the little crocodile loves to take a shower. When he was a ghost, he was very envious of others playing games. Unfortunately, no one gave him a burning offer, and he couldn’t touch this electronic device. He could only watch it. Now I finally had a chance to play, half lying in bed and playing in the middle of the night. 

Because I played too much, I also ignored the screams from outside of the window and the screams of women who were upstairs. 

The man in the black and white portrait listened to the cheerful music that sounded in his ear and looked straight at the youth on the bed. 

That was going on here and you were still playing? 

Couldn’t you give a ghost face? 

The photo frame ghost only felt that he had been ignored, inexplicably a bit uncomfortable – to scare the person to jump, according to the rules, as long as he screamed, he could freely kill. 

Under the light and the dark night, the black and white portrait in the photo frame was changed to a place without human movement. Facing the bedside, the portrait was even more pale. I saw the lips stretched under the ear and the eyes were bloody red.

If a timid person saw this scene, he was afraid that he would be so scared he’d lose his voice on the spot. 


Shen Dongqing’s attention had been on the screen of the mobile phone, and he had not even raised his head. 

The photo frame ghost who kept this position was a little tired, they just wanted to relax and take a break, and finally saw Shen Dongqing move. It hastened to wait and see, posing a more horrible and distorted expression. 

Shen Dongqing just happened to be facing the black and white portrait on the wall. 

There was a smugness on the black and white portrait: Was it scared? 

Shen Dongqing looked at the expression of the portrait, and hooked his lips. 

He said, “Good night.” Then he put down the phone without electricity and turned off the light. 

In the darkness, the black and white portrait were sluggish. 

How, what happened? Why weren’t you scared? Was it that its ability was not skilled enough? 

The black and white portrait was deeply skeptical – ghosts were not worth living. 

Shen Dongqing felt very sleepy. 

It was not until there was a burst of firecrackers outside the window that he woke up. 

He opened his eyes in confusion, and before he was completely awake, he was directly by confronted a grimace. 

The black and white portrait made a tragic appearance: this always scared them, right? This was what it thought of for one night. 

Shen Dongqing had not responded yet, and his body had acted first raising his hand to punch. 

The black and white portrait saw the oncoming fist and smiled smugly. 

Idiot, how could people come across sneaks…

The fists fell. 

The black and white portrait only felt a sharp pain in the neck, and then his vision changed from a young man lying in bed to a yellowed ceiling. 

It moved the body and found that the head was separated from the body, and the head was lying on the ground. 

The photo frame was knocked silly.

It had only been scary to kill people. How could it not be embarrassed? Unskilled business ability, I don’t know how to react, I stayed there all at once. 

“Sorry!” Shen Dongqing quickly stood up and wanted to pick up the head on the ground and help put it back. 

The photo frame ghost reacted here. 

Just after a punch, the body was separated. If you were touched again, wouldn’t you fly away? 

Before Shen Dongqing had time to return the head that had rolled on the ground, it gave a meaningless scream and shivered in the corner. 

Shen Dongqing could only stand in the same place and comfort: “Don’t be afraid, I didn’t mean it.” 

But his words fell on the deaf ears of the black and white portrait, and it was almost like it scared the life out of it. It quickly stood up and picked up its own head and drilled back into the frame. 

The portrait in the photo frame turned a face, facing away from the outside, so afraid to shrink into a ball. 

Shen Dongqing felt very embarrassed. 

People kindly asked him to get up, and he knocked off their heads. 

He went to the front of the black and white portrait and seriously apologized. 

The black and white portrait began to tremble within the photo frame, and they looked down from the wall. 

Shen Dongqing immediately reached out to catch the photo frame, looked around, there no place to put it, he could only place it on the bedside table. He also adjusted the position to ensure the smoothest and most beautiful appearance. 

After waiting for it, he stood in the distance and looked at it for a while. He saw the ghosts in the photo frame sweating down, and he nodded in satisfaction and went out. 

The other people almost didn’t sleep for one night, and went to the hall early to find clues about the murderer. 

When they saw Shen Dongqing coming down, they was obviously stunned. 

Huang Mao was even more aggressive: “Are you still alive?” 

Shen Dongqing was puzzled: “Ah?”

The person with the golden chain asked: “Have you encountered anything strange last night?”

Last night, there were a lot of strange events in their rooms, such as the sound of the door in the middle of the night, the pale face on the window, the hand sticking out from under the bed… If there was no Old Chen, I am afraid that they would not live at all. It was dawn. 

Therefore, everyone thought that Shen Dongqing, who was alone, was dead. 

Shen Dongqing recalled: “No.”

There was no strange thing except the roommate who was too enthusiastic. 

When Chen heard his words, the light was dark and dreary. He looked up and down without seeing anything strange on Shen Dongqing. He did not talk about this topic again. Instead, he said: “In three days, we must find the murderer, time is tight, we will find clues separately. ” 

After last night’s business, other people already knew how dangerous it was, and they didn’t dare to move. 

Old Chen was impatient: “Yesterday, the hostess has told us the rules, the day is safe, the ghosts will only appear at night!” 

A group of people were just forced to move. 

Old Chen Yu: “The innermost room on the third floor should not go first.” 

Others spread out at once, leaving Shen Dongqing alone sitting on the sofa. 

He who was not in a hurry, strolled slowly and walked to the restaurant. 

Because of the guests, the hostess prepared a sumptuous breakfast. 

However, the other people were afraid that they would have problems with the food here. They did not dare to eat. They only poured two glasses of cold water and drank it all. 

Shen Dongqing who did not have this worry, took hot buns and took a bite. 

The taste was not bad. 

He had been a ghost for so long, no one had given him a tribute, and now it was hard to eat, just thinking that everything was delicious. A plate of buns was quickly eaten by him, the lower abdomen was still flat, and nothing could be seen. 

Shen Dongqing touched his stomach and licked his lips, and then he moved to find clues. 

This was a self-built house in the countryside, with a total of three and a half floors.

On the first floor was the hall, with a sofa and TV. The front door was attached to the Zhongtang painting. The style above was Jixing Gaozhao. It was only a long time ago, the colors were all faded, and the remaining pale and blurred portraits. 

On the left hand side was the kitchen, and on the right hand side was the stairs. 

When Shen Dongqing just walked out of the kitchen, he heard a sound of a ball on the right. 

Hey – the sound was light and slow. 

Shen Dongqing circled the corner and saw a little girl with a double ponytail facing him in the corridor. 

The little girl was wearing a flower skirt, and her right hand took a shot. She was playing a ball, very serious, and did not notice that someone came. 

Shen Dongqing looked at it for a while, he didn’t want to disturb people, and quietly left. 

Just after turning around, he heard the ball rolling over and landing at his feet, and then heard a thin voice. 

“Brother, can you help me to pick up the ball?” 

Shen Dongqing was about to go, and there was a warning from the top. 

“Don’t, run!” The female high school student was pale, and the whole person was soft on the stair railings. She couldn’t run, and could only look at the little girl with fear. 

Shen Dongqing looked down. 

Where was the ball on the edge of the foot? It was clearly the head of the little girl. The little girl’s face was white and her eyes were big and round. It didn’t look cute, but was a bit horrifying. 

“Big brother…” The little girl’s mouth was a little together, and she spoke softly. 

Shen Dongqing’s face did not change, and he immediately picked up her head and handed it over. 

The female high school student who had been scared: “How dare you…” 

How could someone dare to pick up a living head in a serious way? 

“Thank you big brother.” The flower skirt girl took the skirt and held her identical head in her arms.

Shen Dongqing ignored the little girl’s strangeness, just like communicating with ordinary children, and asked: “How can a person play here?”

The little girl whispered: “I have to whisper, if it is too noisy, my father will not be happy. Isn’t that right, my sister?” 

The head held in the arms agreed: “Dad is very fierce.” 

Shen Dongqing said casually: “Did your father not already die?” 

The faces of the two little girls were both blank. 

Shen Dongqing thought about what he was doing, and he was about to ask something. There was a shrill scream from above. 

It was the person with the yellow hair. 

The little girl shivered: “Dad is going to be angry…” 

She hugged her sister’s head and ran out of the corridor without looking back. The figure disappeared into the darkness. 

Shen Dongqing glanced upstairs and went up. On the third floor, he found the yellow haired person that fell to the ground. 

The female high school student followed him behind. 

Huang Mao saw someone coming, as if he found a life-saving straw, saying incoherently: “I saw a red eye in it…” 

Some things, the more explicitly prohibited, the more curious one became. 

Huang Mao thought that the hostess could not enter the room. Then he looked at the inside of the door and looked at it. The doors here were old-fashioned, and there was exactly one vacancy in the doorway, enough to see the inside. 

So Huang Mao couldn’t help his curiosity. He looked at the crack in the door and saw only a bloody red color for a long time. 

He thought that there was a layer of red paper inside, and he reached out and wanted to poke it. As a result, he did not touch anything. He wondered in his heart and went to see it. It turned out that it was not red paper, but a pair of red eyes, looking at the person with the yellow hair. 

Huang Mao sat there and trembled. 

At this moment, the innermost door suddenly came “Boom” and attracted everyone’s attention. 

Boom, boom, boom——

There was something at the door, one after another, and there was a shout of screaming. 

Because there was a door across the door, I couldn’t not hear it. I could only listen to it. 

“My son killed her–” 

“She killed my son–” 

“My son killed me hahahaha-“

TLN: This is just a teaser, because I enjoy it and want to read it but I’m too busy to translate it… TTwTT Current status: Drowning in schoolwork and only able to read to relax. Please prey for me~ It’s likely to be my last year, unless I get approved for an extension (which won’t happen, they’ve gotten more strict, I just want to self-delude in comfort). I’ve got no issues with people continuing translations I haven’t gotten around to in a while. Cheers~

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Original title: 非人类下岗再就业

Status: 156 Chapters (Complete)

Novel Updates

Author: 梅花六 (Méihuā Lù)

Official Summary: Shen Dongqing is a powerful, thousand-year-old ghost. He had just possessed a body and hadn’t even relaxed for two days yet when he was pulled into a white, parallel world.

On the first day of the Infinite Nightmare Game:
Other players tremble, crying and wailing wanting to go home.
Shen Dongqing eats, sleeps, and plays ‘Fight the Landlord’ (card game).

The second day:
Other players are chased endlessly by ghosts, crying loudly ‘Save me!’
Shen Dongqing eats, sleeps, and plays ‘Fight the Landlord’.

The third day.
Shen Dongqing……
The ghosts finally set their sights on this lazy player. The other players watch on in glee. As a result, who knew that this slim and pale youth would stand up and easily dispatched the ghosts with his bare hands.

Other ghosts: Can’t afford to disrupt this elder. Let’s go, let’s go.

Summary + title from Lone Wolf Translations

Current Status

Hey so it’s been a while huh… i figured i’d add an explanation. Currently, the wrist of my dominant hand is out of use. i have rheumatism and its acting up, probably for no reason at all. in short, i can only type with one hand and tht won’t last, because i hae rheumatism in that one too.

by the way, this will absolutely keep happening and im fine with it if anyine wants to contiue translating something im working on. you can even start over if you think it sucks!

OIM Chapter 1

Yang Yang opened his eyes and saw a strange room. Clean, bright and spacious. A room that did not belong to the last days. 

“Really exchanged souls.” Yang Yang’s eyes were empty, but had an expression of disbelief. 

Just before the blink of the eye, he was still in the cold winter of 2X08. He couldn’t catch food because of his physical disability. He eventually starved to death on the way to Qingcheng. No, he was about to starve to death. 

It was then that a voice appeared and asked if he would like to exchange his soul and live again. 

Yang Yang thought that he was returning to the light, and he was greeted with enthusiasm. He also made a wish, that he would be healthy and well-fed in his next life. 

That voice was also very happy, with Yang Yang it guaranteed “no problem”, but also said it was giving Yang Yang two gifts. 

Then, Yang Yang woke up. 

… Yang looked at the ceiling, there was no crazy hunger in the belly, there was no cold wind around the bones, and there were no pains in the hands and feet of the disabled body. Yang Yang reached out from the quilt. His hands were very thin, but the fingers were slender and intact, without any distortion. 

“Ha.” Yang Yang gave a sigh of laughter, his hands slowly moving down to cover his eyes. After a while, he moved his hand.


Yang’s black eyes were like the deep sea, and the dead air that had been milled out in the last five years was swept away. 

He tried to sit up with his hands on his bed, but when he tried hard, he found that the body was weak. Just propping up his body, his arms were already shaking. 

Yang Yang frowned, but did not give up. He took some effort to sit on the bed and then gasped, and cried in his mind: [Roth.]

A voice immediately responded: [Master, I am here.] 

This was the first gift to him, a copy of an AI being from a higher dimension, being bound to the soul of Yang Yang. 

Yang Yang slowly vented his body and said: [Scan my physical condition.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

Roth’s voice disappeared two or three seconds, then sounded again: [Master your body’s value is low, no long-term eating and exercise, soul power fluctuations is also very weak, and already three months pregnant. There are also precursors to abortion. It is recommended that you keep your current situation and do not continue to work hard.]

Yang Yang: [What is three months?]

Roth: [Pregnancy. Master, you are pregnant, just three months along. Congratulations.]

Yang Yang: [………] 

Yang Yang reached out and grabbed a part of his own belly, a considerable amount of weight. Fortunately, it was not a woman. 

Yang Yang was relieved, he was less able to accept gender changes than pregnancy. ——Yang Yang used to be a doctor. He also saw intersex people before the end of the world. It was not unusual for these “heterogeneous”. 

But Yang Yang was gay himself, psychologically unable to accept close contact with the female body. If he became a woman himself, he would go crazy. 

Yang Yang retracted his hand, and he was curious: [A man in this world can also get pregnant?] 

Roth: [No, this is a special constitution, called the female body. The female is characterized by a red trace of jujube nucleus behind the neck, and can get pregnant regardless of gender. The place of the gestation is not the uterus, but the soul palace – the soul palace is an organ unique to this world, it can store the soul.]

Yang Yang’s eyes were bright and full of interest: [Show me the anatomy of the human body in this world.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.] 

In the next second, the retina of Yang Yang’s eyes showed some human anatomy. The anatomical maps were divided into two types, which varied greatly.

Let’s talk about common ground. The common point was the visceral structure. It was similar to the familiar human structure of Yang Yang, but it had only one more soul palace. The Soul Palace was located above the bladder and was connected to the reproductive system. 

The difference was the skeleton, the circulatory system, and the soul circulation system. It was very similar to human beings, but Yang Yang couldn’t understand it. The bones were very different. There was even a picture of the beast skeleton. 

Yang Yang pondered for a while and asked Rot: “Is there more than one kind of intelligent life in this world?” 

Roth: [Yes, but this figure is two forms of the same race, these people are called Lester people, up to about 70% of the galaxy’s intelligent life. Part of the Lester people can become the original form, which is the kind of animal bones.]

Yang Yang understands: [Orc?] 

Roth: [Can be understood.]

Yang Yang in addition to rubbing his fingers the hand was a little itchy and he wanted to take a look, but not now. Yang Yang said: [Give me a picture or video of the pregnancy of the female.] 

Roth: [Yes, master.]

Image transformation on the retina. Yang Yang originally wanted to see the difference between the soul palace and the uterus, but at first glance his attention was attracted by the embryo — actually it was oviparous? 

To be precise, only the child born to the female was the egg—this contained a lot of soul theory, and Yang Yang couldn’t understand it for the time being. He only understood that the pregnancy time of the female was one year, but after the egg was laid, the egg would continue to grow, and the time of breaking the shell would vary from egg to egg. 

It’s amazing. 

Yang Yang wanted to see the knowledge of the soul again, but his eyes already felt sore, and his head was a little dizzy. 

Roth’s voice sounded in time: [Master, because I am now bound to your soul, the source of energy is also the soul of the master. Now the owner’s soul has been in overuse, I suggest you rest immediately.]


Yang responded and the pictures on the retina disappeared. He leaned back against the bed, closed his eyes and was stunned. He began to plan a fitness program. 

At this time, footsteps and disputes came from outside the door. The two people quarreling were a man and a woman. 

When they arrived at the door, the footsteps stopped, and then a man’s voice was heard. “Let’s cut it today! I don’t know how good it is, but at least the children in his stomach will live!” 

Yang Yang did not recognize this voice, but this body remembered – it was his uncle, Zhou Hua. 

Zhou Hua was in the top 100 richest man in the Jiuyu Empire, and his wife is the aunt of the Duke of Dawton. When he was 10 years old, he lost his parents and memories because of an accident. He then stayed at Zhou Hua’s home. 

— This was also the only memory left in the predecessor. 

Yang Yang opened his eyes and looked at the closed door with somewhat strange eyes — Zhou Hua wanted to cut him?? 

“Mr. Zhou Hua.” 

A woman’s voice then sounded and her tone was serious: “I need to remind you again. The patient is less than three months along. If you want to take out the egg, you must remove it together with the soul palace. Once the soul palace is removed, the patient will die.” 

Zhou Hua was not moved: “I certainly know, but is there any other way? Six months ago he was in a car accident, I thought it could be cured, who knew that he had become a vegetative person. After a month, his condition began to deteriorate again. Now he can’t even open his eyes. Can you guarantee that he won’t become a corpse?”

The woman’s voice has a sigh of relief: “I didn’t recommend you to do this before. Artificial pregnancy! He is a female, conceiving will consume his soul, and now his condition is delayed by pregnancy. If you are now undergoing abortion, his condition may be better.” 

Zhou Hua cold voice, “Dr. Liu, don’t forget, wanting a child is the last wish of Yang Yang. And if it wasn’t for his condition that the body deteriorated too quickly, I would not have applied for artificial pregnancy for him. This is also the case of the hospital. Decisions relevant for trial before. Now you have to recommend a miscarriage. Is it what you mean or what the hospital means? After the abortion, you can make sure that he will wake up? If so, then I agree with his abortion.”

The woman was shackled, and she was not willing to object for a long while: “At least look at the situation again. Now that you want to do a caesarean section, you are killing him.”

Zhou Hua was also angry: “Dr. Liu, pay attention to your words. This caesarean section surgery has also been approved by your hospital.” 

The woman finally took a deep breath and said, “Well, since you insist on doing this, then I have nothing to say. But I will not do this surgery. ” 

Weak of will but did not agree, because women are the most authoritative study of the female body doctor, also had weeks of specially invited. So the two questions on the operation of the door arguing again. 

In the room, Yang Yang was sitting on the bed digesting the information he had just heard, he had a certain understanding of his current situation. 

From the point of view of the previous dialogue, Zhou Hua’s dissection was also “reasonable and justifiable”, but Yang Yang still heard Zhou Hua’s indifference to him. Zhou Hua’s decisiveness had reached a cold level when talking about the issue of “guarantee big insurance”. 

Obviously, Zhou Hua’s desire was to ensure the lives of the children in his stomach compared to the possibility of waking him up.

Yang Yang was contemplating for two seconds and asked Roth: [Roth, did the former owner leave a will?] 

Roth: [Sorry for the master, I have rewritten the database when I was engraved, from the data information related to this dimension was detected in the debris. Only the former owner died in this operation.] 

Yang Yang responded and did not continue to ask. The surgery was not to worry, because he had “awakened”. As for the other, it could be dealt with later. 

After a while, the sound of arguing outside lowered down, but the door was forced open, and a suit covered man came in. Feet stepping on the floor, the head twisted back and had the last word with the woman outside the door. “If you insist on refusing surgery, I will consider using legal means.”

The woman was standing at the door. She sneered and seemed to want to look back, but at this moment her eyes shifted and she was fixated on the hospital bed in the middle of the room. 

Yang Yang leaned against the bed, squinting and he and the woman calmly looked at each other. 

The woman shouted in surprise: “Yang Yang!!!” 

Zhou Hua was shocked and turned around. 

Yang Yang moved his eyes from the woman to Zhou Hua. Well, this big man was much more handsome than he thought. If he didn’t hear the conversation just now, Yang Yang could score 7 points for his good feelings. 

And the expression of Zhou Hua was somewhat interesting, not just surprised, but shocked over the head and turned into horror. 

This was a bit interesting. 

Yang Yang’s heart smiled, but his face was slightly frowning, revealing a doubtful expression, he asked: “Who are you?” 

Amnesia, dog blood, but practical.

TLN: Yang Yang’s name is 羊央 which is actually Yáng Yāng but my keyboard doesn’t have those letters so… Also, I took a lot of liberty with the novel’s title because I couldn’t make sense of it.

About Lester, should it be something else? And does anybody know if calling him a female all the time is correct? Because otherwise I’m gonna start getting tempted to replace it with ger.

This is low on the priority list, don’t expect quick updates.


UCD Chapter 26

Mu Qin seemed to hear the sound of the music box during the day. 

The music box with two male and female villains hugged together, as the little people spun and danced, the music continued to undulate with their beating. It was a wonderful piece of music. Mu Qin couldn’t name it, but he listened very familiarly. Perhaps he had played it for his beloved adoptive father. It felt like a melodious note mixed with a violin and a piano. 

Strange, why did he hear the sound of the music box? 

Mu Qin had doubts in his heart, but the doubts were doubtful. This wonderful music still revolved around his ears. The music was filled with Mu Qin’s dreams, and Mu Qin was somewhat difficult to extricate. He felt as if he was going to get stuck, caught in the mud filled with darkness and chaos. 

But soon someone pulled him out of the mud, Zhou Yue’s gentle voice rang in Mu Qin’s ear, Zhou Yue said: “Mu Qin, you are gone.”

A word made Mu Qin from that embarrassing state of mind looking back, he stared at Zhou Yue and found himself being pressed down by Zhou Yue on the grass. Zhou Yue untied his clothes and let Mu Qin reveal a clean chest. Zhou Yue also pulled Mu Qin’s trousers down halfway and his hand reached into Mu Qin’s underwear and fumbled. 

Mu Qin felt his cheeks burning hot. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s clothes. He whispered to Zhou Yue: “Don’t… at least… not here.” 

“Where do you want to go?” Zhou Yue liked Mu Qin shy. Looking, biting Mu Qin’s throat, the fragile place was bitten and Mu Qin immediately felt like he couldn’t speak, as if he was weak as a small animal being bitten on his throat by a beast. 

Zhou Yue liked the way Mu Qin struggled. Perhaps it satisfied him with some unspeakable perverted hobby. He bit harder on Mu Qin’s throat, holding Mu Qin’s waist in one hand and touching it in his underwear. Stimulated, Mu Qin could not help but close his legs, but because Zhou Yue pressed him down, he could only hold onto Zhou Yue’s waist, and it looked like Mu Qin was not ashamed that he kept holding Zhou Yue tightly.

Mu Qin shook, and finally waited for Zhou Yue to let him go for a while. Mu Qin took the time to interrupt Zhou Yue and said; “You… don’t… don’t worry so much, you still have things… didn’t you finish it?”

“Yes…you said this, I just remembered that I did not finish things.” Zhou Yue did not continue to bite Mu Qin’s throat, but his hand was still in Mu Qin’s underwear, holding Mu Chin’s vitality, Mu Qin blushed like a monkey’s buttocks, stiff and completely afraid to move. 

“You cut Xu Fu with a knife, but is he really dead?” Mu Qin tried to lobby Zhou Yue. “And there is a woman named Han Li who is waiting for you to solve it.” 

Zhou Yue then he replied: “Xu Fu? He is of course dead. I cut off his carotid artery. With that amount of bleeding, he will lose too much blood in a few minutes and be killed. If he does not have a medical card, he is absolutely dead.”

“Not as long as the woman.” 

“As for the woman.” Zhou Yue smiled thoughtfully, he got close to Mu Qin’s face. “You are right, I really should solve her… Dear, you will wait for me here. I will come back later. During the time I leave, you better not run away. Otherwise, the next time I meet you, I will not let you get out of bed for three days and three nights.” 

Mu Qin felt his face burn even more. He couldn’t imagine himself listening to Zhou Yue’s words and being shy and embarrassed. He could only answer silently: “I know… I won’t go.” 

“Good.” Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips, he comforted him, then finally got up from Mu Qin and his hand left Mu Qin’s underwear. Zhou Yue took his hand back and licked his fingers, he had the urge to see Mu Qin ashamed. 

After getting up, Zhou Yue helped Mu Qin to put on his trousers. He also held Mu Qin twice, then turned around and carried his knife toward the office building. Quick and agile, he instantly disappeared into the darkness. 

Mu Qin knew that he was going to kill, although he realized that this fact made Mu Qin feel uncomfortable. 

In Mu Qin’s concept, he always thought that Zhou Yue was a perfect and pure and innocent person. Such a beautiful Zhou Yue should not be a murderous executioner.

Mu Qin was not a good person himself. Even Mu Qin had always felt that he was actually a very cold-blooded person. 

For the first time, he realized his cold-bloodedness when he was solving the robbers in the gold shops. At that time, Mu Qin took the guns of the robbers calmly and shot the bullets at the robbers easily. He calculated the bullets in the guns, calculated the angle of the shot and the recoil, and calculated the location and death of the robbers. 

Mu Qin even fired at the last robber when he tried to escape. The bullet hit the back of the young man and spit out from his forehead. He fell into a pool of blood. 

Mu Qin’s actions should be correct. 

The same soldier’s companion, the team’s squad leader and some more close-ranking officials all thought that Mu Qin was not at fault, but he still went to the military court. The judge sitting in the court looked at Mu Qin with a glance, as if straight through him. The cold blood in Mu Qin’s bones was ruthless. 

“You obviously could shoot only his hands and feet, because he lost his will to fight, but you shot his head.” The judge said to Mu Qin after the trial ended, “I know your identity and you experienced training and education, but you have to understand that even if those people are robbers and are morally sinister criminals, they are not the same as soldiers like you, and the gold shop is not your battlefield,” the  judge said.

Those words made Mu Qin frightened and feared. He realized that someone had seen himself. This white-haired, old-aged judge thoroughly saw Mu Qin. He saw Mu Qin’s heart from Mu Qin’s eyes. And even saw through the soul of Mu Qin, the poor soul. 

In the eyes of the other side, Mu Qin feels as if he is being lighted and standing in the crowd. 

After Mu Qin left the army, the gold shop robbery and the military court left a deep shadow on Mu Qin. He met with a psychologist for a long time. The doctor thought he had a kind of “post-traumatic stress disorder”. The mental illness insisted that Mu Qin would go to the doctor’s house every week to talk to him, even though Mu Qin felt that it had no effect at all. 

Yes, he remembered that music.

Mu Qin suddenly remembered it. Although it seemed to be an irrelevant memory, he remembered that he had just heard the music of a music box when he was just stunned. He remembered that the psychologist’s home had this music box’s music. This piece of music was played in the box, exactly the same. 

Why did he suddenly remember this piece of music? 

Mu Qin didn’t quite understand. In the end, he was too lazy to think about it. He got up from the ground, sorted out the clothes on his body, patted the grass and dirt on his clothes, and then glanced at the gate of the orphanage that had been opened behind him. 

At that time, Qiu Zijia took a foot to go out, and then disappeared instantly. The whole person turned into a spot of light and dissipated in the air. This situation was very magical, and it had made Mu Qin realize that he was indeed in a magical game. 

Mu Qin began to go back. After a long walk, he saw Xu Fu. 

Xu Fu was lying on the ground and motionless. The grass and the soil were all red from his blood. Mu Qin knelt beside him. He reached out and touched Xu Fu’s neck. His pulse had disappeared, leaving only some of his body on behalf of him who had already died. 

Xu Fu seemed to be very peaceful. At least he didn’t struggle too much. He laid there with his eyes closed and his face without a painful expression. Just like falling asleep, Mu Qin watched him sleep and felt his impetuous mood. It had become quite peaceful. 

“We were still talking, but now you have to lie here forever.” Mu Qin said to the body. “Where will you go after death?” 

Mu Qin felt that there were souls in this world. 

You don’t even need Mu Qin to “feel”. This magical killing game had helped him verify this. After all, players like Mu Qin and the other players who entered this game were basically dead people in the real world, and their souls were taken into this world, and were resurrected here. 

They were given a second life, they could take good care of this life to live well, or they could choose to give up and continue to return to the darkness without seeing the abyss.

Mu Qin was silent for a long time next to Xu Fu’s body. After a long time, Zhou Yue came back. When he came back, he was bloodied. The whole person seemed to have been soaking in a pool of blood. He still had the knife in his hand. When he came back, he saw that Mu Qin was waiting for him, and he showed a satisfied smile. His smile was full of blood. 

“Are you ready?” Mu Qin asked him. 

“The woman hid and made me look for a while but no matter how you hide, I will eventually find them, so I smashed her and cut her into pieces.” Zhou Yue smiled and walked to Mu Qin. The bloody hand was about to embrace Mu Qin, but the hand stopped halfway. It seemed that Zhou Yue himself felt that his body was too bloody and dirty, so he gave up this behavior. 

“If she woke up quickly, maybe she could have come to the door of the orphanage before you found her, and then escape.” Mu Qin made some predictions, then Mu Qin sighed, “but she did not.” 

“You seem very disappointed.” Zhou Yue looked at Mu Qin with his eyes. “You don’t want me to kill, but if I don’t kill her, my score will not be enough, the system will kill me, I will die… so even let me die, do you think it doesn’t matter?” 

Mu Qin said with a wry smile: “Who used to say that I completely regarded you as an enemy and asked me not to let the water go?” 

“But you are so unremarkable, I am still very sad.” Zhou Yue said that he was wronged. He went to Mu Qin’s hand and held Mu Qin’s hand and gently bite Mu Qin’s finger. 

“Actually, I still favor you.” Mu Qin looked at Zhou Yue with a slightly sad look. “You just cut Xu Fu’s throat, he didn’t die immediately, so I had time to pick him up and run. At this time you are estimated to have caught up with Qiu Zijia, you would slash Qiu Zijia, but Qiu Zijia would not die so easily, because he also had the effect of the chariot, the chariot would make him thick and dry, even if you bore attack would not immediately die or lose its mobility, so he still had the opportunity to open the door. After all, his key was already on the lock hole of the door, and then he would be cut by you, but he would still turn it. Push the gate railing, push it open and climb out.”

“As long as he opened the door, I could carry Xu Fu together at the same time, so that you can’t catch up with us anyway.” Mu Qin also said to Zhou Yue, “And I still told you that the female teacher was there. If I didn’t tell you, she might also sneak through the grass to find the opened door, and then escape.” 

Zhou Yue grabbed Mu Qin’s hand and did not speak, he looked intently at Mu Qin, after a long silence, said: “You are really too smart, Mu Qin… You know me better than I imagined.” 

“In fact, you know me very well, Zhou Yue.” Mu Qin Still laughing, “You know that I like you, you know that I am partial to you, you know that I will be soft and then indulge you, so you always… there is no fear.”

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UCD Chapter 25

It was because Mu Qin gave the chariot to Qiu Zijia, so the next time Qiu Zijia was attacked by the murderer, he grabbed the key from Zhou Yue’s trousers very wisely, and also made a fist to fly at Zhou Yue, and it looked like a gust of wind. He rolled and ran to the direction of the exit. 

Zhou Yue immediately realized that the situation was not good. If Qiu Zijia took the key and opened the door smoothly, the rest of the people might run along with the piece. The unlucky one was Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue naturally would not want to see this. As a result, he followed Qiu Zijia flexibly and quickly. 

Zhou Yue’s speed was very fast. Even if Qiu Zijia had the gain buff of the chariot card, Zhou Yue’s own ability was still better than Qiu Zijia’s. Especially as Qiu Zijia was too anxious to run, sweating and dancing, and the running posture was not standardized. It was easier to get more effort but not a reasonable speed, and the trained Zhou Yue was quite different from him. 

In a short while Zhou Yue had already caught up with Qiu Zijia. Qiu Zijia seemed to feel that he had been caught up. He heard the killer’s breathing sound behind his own, because Zhou Yue’s face was covered in gauze, his breathing sound was blocked. Being separated by a layer, the breathing sound gave people a feeling of suffocating, and it was extremely strange and creepy. 

In addition, Zhou Yue’s line of sight was full of Qiu Zijia’s killing intention. It scared Qiu Zijia to be more flustered. He did not run far, and he did not know that he was stumped by the weeds on the ground or stones, and fell sturdy.

Zhou Yue was very clear about how much pressure he had caused, but he found that Qiu Zijia’s mental quality was not so high. Although Qiu Zijia took the chariot card and did not intend to touch the key from Zhou Yue, he was scared and panicking. It was really a pity that Zhou Yue felt that he had made such a low-level mistake. 

However, just as Zhou Yue wanted to walk to the fallen Qiu Zijia, there was a sudden creaking in the grass, and then a figure rushed out, directly rushing to Zhou Yue. The other side sprinted quickly and Zhou Yue’s attention was completely on Qiu Zijia’s body. The reaction was not able to be hit by the suddenly popping figure, and Zhou Yue went back a few steps. 

When Zhou Yue looked up, he found that the person who suddenly hit him was Mu Qin, and Mu Qin was very daring. He hit Zhou Yue and said that he still didn’t run away. He reached out and grabbed Zhou Yue’s arm and took Zhou Yue directly overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Xu Fu also quickly smashed out. Although he was injured in one leg, he still ran fast, and then rushed to Qiu Zijia, grabbed his arm and directly dragged Qiu Zijia, and took Qiu Zijia to the door running. 

“I will pick you later!” Zhou Yue must not let Qiu Zijia open the door, squinting at Mu Qin, who pressed against him, whispering and quickly threatening him, then grabbing Mu Qin’s back collar, even Mu Qin directly lifted his upper body with one hand and then randomly dropped Mu Qin on the haystack. Mu Qin was thrown away by Zhou Yue and rolled on the wet grass. 

But Mu Qin quickly got up and shouted in the direction of Qiu Zijia and Xu Fu running away: “Run!”

After that, Mu Qin continued to chase Zhou Yue and intended to continue to obstruct him. He was very seriously, seriously wanting to help humans escape, seriously wanted to oppose Zhou Yue, even if the result would make Zhou Yue die. 


Mu Qin ran two steps. He couldn’t catch up with Zhou Yue’s speed. The killer’s ability in all aspects was too strong. Mu Qin was only a long distance away from Zhou Yue, and Xu Fu in front and Qiu Zijia were about to be caught up. 

The orphanage was not big. After running for such a period of time, the gate of the courtyard was already in sight, but the killer was behind Xu Fu and Qiu Zijia. It was too late to go to the door to open the door. Xu Fu glanced at Qiu Zijia, who was white and pale. He hurriedly glanced at Zhou Yue, who had caught up with him. He seemed to have made some determination. He said to Qiu Zijia: “I am alive to get revenge. Although I am not defeated, Cheng Guoxu is indeed dead. My great hatred has been avenged. Then… brother, you can live well!” 

After saying this, Xu Fu let go of Qiu Zijia’s arm and pushed him to let him continue running. Then Xu Fu turned to face Zhou Yue, who was chasing him. Zhou Yue saw that he wanted to stop himself, and he did not evade. He rushed to grab Xu Fu’s neck with lightning speed.

Xu Fu pulled out the knife and resisted, but the move was easily resolved by Zhou Yue. Then the two men wrestled. Xu Fu was certainly not Zhou Yue’s opponent. He was beaten by Zhou Yue in two moves, and the blade in his hand was instantly captured by Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue’s knife fell quickly and seered. In a moment, Xu Fu’s neck was cut open, and Xu Fu was severely wounded. Of course he fell down. He instinctively held his neck, but the blood was still flowing out. 

Zhou Yue also did not care whether Xu Fu died, and continued to chase Qiu Zijia with a knife. 

At this moment, Qiu Zijia had already ran to the gate of the orphanage in the short time that Xu Fu was fighting. He shuddered and took the key, grabbed the door lock, and tried to insert the key into the lock, but he was so nervous that his hands kept trembling and the key smashed on the door lock for a long time, so he couldn’t put it in. 

“Come on… hurry up…” Qiu Zijia silently urged himself, Zhou Yue had come over here, he could even feel the breath of Zhou Yue just behind himself. 

Zhou Yue was indeed behind Qiu Zijia. He held the knife and was ready to end the life of Qiu Zijia. However, at this time, Mu Qin had already chased him. He quickly ran to Zhou Yue’s side and reached out to grab Zhou Yue’s blade. 

The sharp knife edge quickly cut a trace of flesh and blood in Mu Qin’s palm. 

Zhou Yue did not continue to slash, but turned to look at Mu Qin. 

Mu Qin was also watching him. 

Qiu Zijia, who was opening the door, did not dare to look at the situation behind him. He opened the door with one heart and mind, and finally inserted the key into the keyhole. The lock was very flexible. With a crisp sound, the door lock opened. The iron gate opened a gap. 

Qiu Zijia immediately went to push the door. The iron gate squeaked under his push. Qiu Zijia couldn’t help but walk out with one foot. He didn’t even have the feeling that he had escaped. He only felt that the outside of the door was still full of richness. Darkness, not the darkness of the sky.

After he stepped out of the door, he thought of something, subconsciously looking back to see Mu Qin and Xu Fu, but he only saw the last scene. Saw the killer and Mu Qin facing each other, Mu Qin held in his hand. The blade of the killer was full of blood, and Qiu Zijia immediately realized that Mu Qin had blocked him from the final blow. 

Qiu Zijia wanted to call Mu Qin’s name. He wanted to grab Mu Qin’s hand and leave with him this ridiculous orphanage. 

However, some time later, when Qiu Zijia stepped into the door, the world game system would automatically determine that Qiu Zijia had successfully escaped. He would be immediately transferred to the safe house, so the moment his figure was at the entrance of the orphanage, the free light particles were dissipated. 

After he left, only Zhou Yue and Mu Qin were still standing in this eerie orphanage. 

“It’s so beautiful.” Zhou Yue stared at Mu Qin for a moment, then grinned at Mu Qin, and the bandage wrapped around Zhou Yue was loose, but because of the effect of the Death Card, his wounds were good. It was so fast that it was indifferent to tie the bandages, so Zhou Yue simply stretched out his hand and pulled off the bandage on his face to reveal a whole face. 

The wound on his face had also healed, leaving only a light red scar, and his injured left eye had returned to normal, and looked as good as Mu Qin’s impression. 

It was just that the lingering smothering of Zhou Yue’s eyes destroyed his beautiful face and made him a bit horrible, especially when he was close to Mu Qin and his nose was next to Mu Qin’s face. Even if he was calm Mu Qin could not help but speed up his heartbeat. 

“Too beautiful, dear.” He didn’t know if it was intentional but Zhou Yue spoke in a low tone. He put away his own blade and grabbed Mu Qin’s left hand with his flesh and blood. He held Mu Qin’s left hand and then bowed his head and took a sip of the wounds and blood in Mu Qin’s left hand. 

This action was really abnormal. 

Although perverted, Mu Qin was aroused in some strange pleasure by his action. 

And this pleasure made Mu Qin feel that he was also a bit perverted.

Zhou Yue seemed to have seen Mu Qin. He finished Mu Qin’s left hand’s palm and took a sip of Mu Qin’s lips. Mu Qin immediately felt that his lips were wet and there was a bloody smell. It was the smell of his own blood.

“I am very angry, you let go of my prey.” Zhou Yue reached out and hugged Mu Qin’s waist. The movement was very strong. It was completely different from the soft one. The Zhou Yue was now full of offensive, it made him look very dangerous. 

The dangerous Zhou Yue lowered his voice. He almost pressed Mu Qin’s body and his lips were pressed against Mu Qin’s lips. He said vaguely: “I am angry with you, now want to go to you.” 

Zhou Yue’s words made Mu Qin tremble. After a while, he could not help but want to retreat, but Zhou Yue refused to let him go, still holding Mu Qin’s waist, “Do you know? The killer’s harm to humans in the game can also be rewarded, such as severe torture, murder… Of course, there is sexual abuse, and hospitality.” 

Mu Qin was really scared by Zhou Yue this time, because he felt that Zhou Yue’s words were particularly serious, and he felt like he was eager to try. When he finished, he opened his mouth and bit Mu Qin’s lips. He didn’t bite very heavily, but he held Mu Qin too tightly. He directly pressed Mu Qin to the ground and fingered into Mu Qin’s clothes at his waist. Slowly wandering on the belly. 

Zhou Yue’s power was too strong, Mu Qin couldn’t resist him, he was pressed to the ground, his legs were forcibly squeezed apart by Zhou Yue. Mu Qin found that he started to pull his own pants, which made Mu Qin a little embarrassed, he reached out to touch Zhou Yue’s face. Mu Qin said: “Wait… wait…” 

Zhou Yue kissed Mu Qin’s lips again and asked, “What are you waiting for?” 

Mu Qin slowly breathed to calm himself down: “You, what are you going to do?” 

“What to do… I want to be a strong man for you.” Zhou Yue said that he was serious and couldn’t be strong. 

So Mu Qin’s cheeks were red, and he dared not look directly at Zhou Yue’s deep black scorpion eyes. He said: “No… no need to be strong… we can…”

Zhou Yue reached out and kissed Mu Qin’s lips and interrupted him. Zhou Yue squinted and looked at Mu Qin gently, emphasizing: “It must be powerful, dear, you have to know… now I am doing everything for you, I am forcing you.”

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UCD Chapter 24

Time went back to when Mu Qin and the others were by the ladder by the back door of the church. 

At that time, they saw that the door of the utility room was opened and it was turned upside down with the ladder missing, Mu Qin guessed that Zhou Yue first took the exit key. So Mu Qin intended to change their plans. Mu Qin decided that he and Xu Fu would attract the killer’s attention and let Qiu Zijia go to find hidden exit, but Xu Fu must give his chariot card to Qiu Zijia. 

“Give the chariot to Qiu Zijia!” Xu Fu, who first heard the proposal, looked at Mu Qin with a look of mental retardation. “Are you crazy? What is the use of his card? He just went to find a hidden exit. It’s not a killer! He has no body and no guts, it only wastes the value of the chariot!” 

“So you think you won’t waste the value of this card?” Mu Qin calmly refuted Xu Fu, and also looked Xu Fu up and down, focusing on the legs of Xu Fu, “Look at your legs, Xu Fu… Even if you use this card, the effect of the chariot will not restore your legs immediately. Injured, even if the tank increases your physical ability, your speed may be slightly inferior to the killer under the influence of the injury. This means that you are easily caught up. It is not only impossible to protect your life with the chariot, it may even be counterproductive.” 

“My legs are not yours!” Xu Fu was a bit gnashing. He couldn’t understand Mu Qin’s thoughts. “And… well, even if you are right, the value of this card is mine. There is no way to fully use it, but Qiu Zijia can use it? You might as well use the card best!”

“No, I can not. “Mu Qin thought Zhou Yue, sighed, shaking his head, “The killer was not chasing me.”

“Why did he not on?” Xu Fu felt that Mu Qin’s insistence was very weird. 

Mu Qin knew that his words were very suspicious. He thought about it and decided to open the subject quietly: “Now we all know that we only have two choices, we will either take back the keys from the killer, or find the hidden the exit.” 

Xu Fu felt very confused: “I don’t understand. How does the killer know that the key is on the second floor of the church? Does he also have a fool’s card?”

Mu Qin thought of an excuse: “Cheng Guoxu also has a fool’s card. After you killed him, did you take his card?” 

“I won’t take anything from that scum!” Xu Fu heard that Mu Qin mentioned that Cheng Guoxu, he was angry and gnashed his teeth. “I only care about the whip, God! He really died too easily, I can hardly let go!” 

Mu Qin said with the trend: “So you didn’t take the card from Cheng Guoxu, then it is likely that the killer took it.” 

“Can the killer use the humans tarot cards?” Xu Fu was not a very veteran player, he only knew that humans could compete for each other’s tarot cards, but that the killer could not steal the human card he had not seen or known. 

Mu Qin said: “I don’t know if he can use it, but let’s make the worst assumptions first and just assume that he can use it.” 

“Assume that he used the tarot card to find the exit key on the second floor of the church, then went up. On the second floor, he got the key. At this time, he has a great possibility. He will choose to wait for the prey on the second floor of the church. Because we will definitely go to the church to find the key, he does not have to waste time to come to us. Just wait for us to be there.” 

Mu Qin began a series of analysis: “In this case, we need to think of a way to deal with him. As I said earlier, we only have two roads, one is to recapture the key, and the other is to find the hidden exit.” 

Xu Fu honestly listened to Mu Qin analysis and interrupted: “But the two roads are very difficult.” 

“The degree of difficulty is not the same.” Mu Qin continued the analysis, “First of all think about the hidden exit this path, I don’t know enough about hidden exits. Moreover before you said that to open hidden exits, certain harsh conditions need to be met, we are not sure about this condition. In the absence of so many innate conditions, we will use Qiu Zijia Fool’s card to find hidden exit. We finally may still not open the hidden exit door, with a hidden exit there is very little hope of escape, full of unknown and uncertainty, I do not recommend this way of escape. ” 

Xu Fu frowned: “What do you mean by taking the road to take back the key?”

“Yes, it’s better than to go directly to the difficult problem of not knowing where it is, to satisfy the harsh conditions that we don’t know. It’s better to deal directly with the problems in front of us. We want a simple and effective way to recapture the exit key directly from the killer. ” 

“How do we recapture?” Xu Fu still felt it was very unreliable, mainly because the chance of taking the key from the killer was too low. 

Mu Qin raised his eyes and stared at Xu Fu: “I am very curious. How did you ‘kill’ the killer before? I mean, the killer was bloody in the stairwell and the wound on his body should be your masterpiece, right?” 

“I don’t know.” Xu Fu simply explained the downside of the dragon. “I picked up a knife in the church. When I was looking at the knife, he came out and attacked me. I instinctively turned back and blocked it with the knife. The result was that it inexplicably cut the other’s face. After we both got up, there were several wounds, that angle… it was his own collision with my knife.”

“Did you come up with your knife? It turned out to be the case.” Mu Qin thought for a moment and said, “So your knife is also right in the church at that time? Why not explain it to us at the beginning, instead of choosing to go to Han Li?” 

“I didn’t know if you were there. When I used to, I saw that the woman was screaming at the body. At that time, my heart was very flustered. I was afraid that I was mistaken for the killer, so I just grabbed the woman. Well,” Xu Fu said. “I learned from the woman’s mouth that she used to be an employee of this orphanage. So I thought of my sister who died here. I was very angry and started to kill this woman.” 

Mu Qin commented on him: “You are really cruel, just because you don’t know the possibility of true and false, you want to kill others. No wonder you were jailed for manslaughter.” 

“The problem we are discussing now is not that I am cruel, this kind of thing!?” Xu Fu was a little impatient. He knew his own character defects, and he was not prepared to change himself. He admitted his bad character. He still did his own thing. From this point of view, Xu Fu was this person. It was a bit of a bone. 

Xu Fu was impatient to Mu Qin. “Don’t waste time, reveal your plan!”

“After listening to your statement, I think we should hand over the chariot card to Qiu Zijia.” Mu Qin looked back and looked at Qiu Zijia, who was quiet and silent. “He is the best candidate for us to break through the puzzle. ” 

“Why!?” Xu Fu still didn’t understand. 

“This killer is very thoughtful.” Mu Qin said, “He will die to confuse our sights, and will blame you for harassing our thinking. He even takes the key to the door before us, he will still lie on the church to guard us in the past… Do you think he will not see that we are deliberately attracting his attention?” 

Xu Fu seemed to understand Mu Qin’s meaning; “You mean that even if we run to attract his attention, it still won’t be ours, right?” 

“Yes, he won’t be fooled.” To be precise, Zhou Yue would not go to Mu Qin. Zhou Yue knew what Mu Qin wanted to do. Zhou Yue knew Mu Qin. 

It was precisely because of mutual understanding that Mu Qin must take extraordinary measures. He must make things that were unexpected to Zhou Yue. Unexpectedly, it was always a weakness. 

Mu Qin said: “The matter of taking the key from the killer, whether you or I do it, will cause the killer’s vigilance. Once he is alert, he will not easily approach us. If you can’t get close, you can’t take the key. There is no way to talk about it, but Qiu Zijia is different.” 

Mu Qin said that as he also reached out and pulled Qiu Zijia, who was standing behind him. Qiu Zijia listened to them and had a white face and cold sweat. The partiality of Mu Qin seemed to be fixed. The idea was: “We first give the chariot to Qiu Zijia, and let Qiu Zijia look for the hidden exit. Then we will attract the attention of the killer, not too deliberate, but the killer must be able to see that we are tempting him, so he won’t be fooled. He won’t come and chase us, but will continue to patrol around the church, and then he will find Qiu Zijia, who will regard Qiu Zijia as a soft egg with no hands and no effort killable existence.” 

Qiu Zijia’s scared face turned from blue to white, trembling he began to ask Mu Qin: “Mu Qin …… you …… you want me to talk to the killer … “

“Just let you go.” Mu Qin seriously looked at Qiu Zijia. “I want you to pretend that there is no effort to fight back. The killer has no knife on his body. In order to kill you, he may choose other ways. The simplest and quickest is to break your neck. In order to break your neck he will approach you, and you can also take the opportunity to approach him and grab the key on his body. Grab the key and use the chariot to escape the killer, run directly to the exit gate. Running in this direction, we will pass you to block the killer to delay the time!” 

“No… no! I can’t do it!” Qiu Zijia felt that he was suffocating while listening to Mu Qin’s explanation, especially in Mu Qin. When the intention was to break his neck, Qiu Zijia even instinctively reached out and grabbed his neck. 

“You can do it.” Mu Qin looked at Qiu Zijia intently. His eyes contained confidence in Qiu Zijia. “Only you can do it.” 

After that, Mu Qin looked at Xu Fu and extended his hand to Xu Fu, asking him to give the chariot card in his hand. 

Xu Fu listened to Mu Qin’s entire plan. He had to say that Mu Qin’s plan was almost seamless. He had a good grasp of the killer’s psychology. It’s like he was the killer. Extremely deep understanding. 

Was it my illusion? 

Xu Fu’s heart was vaguely thinking. He always felt that there was something wrong with Mu Qin. He felt that Mu Qin seemed to be hiding something, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong and what was hidden, and Mu Qin’s plan… was really good. 

“Okay.” Xu Fu was not very good at thinking. He liked to act on his own instincts most of the time. He saw Mu Qin’s serious and focused vision. He decided to believe in Mu Qin, so he reached into his pocket and took out his chariot and handed it to Mu Qin.

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