AOA Chapter 5

“Where is this?” The road was getting more and more rougher, and the vehicles were getting less and less. Xu Jinyi rose his eyebrows and looked at Zhao Chengli next to him. 

Taking advantage of the young, slightly wrinkled, delicate nose, Zhao Chengli felt itchy, and he couldn’t wait to get together. The touch must be smooth, soft, and warm with a little bit of it… almost imagining the rush. The car that came from in front, Zhao Chengli quickly turned the steering wheel, which avoided a disaster. 

Turning his head again, secretly looking at the teenager, seeing that the boy had already turned his head, Zhao Chengli said a name, “The Wutong Club, those people are still a bit messed up, but if they make trouble, immediately tell me. I will come get you!” 

Xu Jinyi laughed and showed two shallow dimples on his cheek. “When I was a three-year-old slug, I still vented?” 

Zhao Chengli was hit by the sleek swell of the water. What do you like to live in a fantasy three-year-old boy? It was definitely not a slug, fat, white, big eyes, clear and pure. Zhao Chengli suddenly became a bit ashamed and quickly shifted his eyes. “I know that you are very good, but no matter how good you are, I will cover it. Whoever bullies you, I must beat him to find his teeth.” 

Xu Jinyi patted the arm of Zhao Chengli, “Good brother!” 

Brother? Zhao Chengli frowned. He felt that he should not use this word to describe the relationship between himself and the teenager. However, which word should he and the teenager use? 

After thinking for a long time, there was no clue. Zhao Chengli shook his head and concentrated on looking ahead. 

Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi went side by side into the Wutong Club. Immediately, the waiter stepped forward and waited for the two to push the door. Several of them arrived. 

These were the sons and daughters of the circle, and it was rare for Zhao Chengli to see it. This time, Zhao Chengli would take the initiative to meet them, just to expand the door for the teenager. In the unlikely event that they were beyond their reach, these teenagers would be safe and sound. 

“Zhao Ge.” Several people inside saw Zhao Chengli coming with Xu Jinyi together, they were all a glimpse, but after a while, they returned to reality and stood up and greeted Zhao Chengli.

Waiting for Zhao Chengli to finish the cold, one of the two faces in front of Zhao Chengli’s face, Gu Jia, two young people, turned to Xu Jinyi, and turned to doubts. “Is this?” 

When Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi pushed the door, all of these people became senseless. 

Zhao Chengli was dressed in a dark suit, strong body and perfect shape, and the facial features were profound and cold, majestic and strong, and the momentum was compelling, which was daunting. What was even more amazing was that Xu Jinyi, who was completely smaller than the other one, was standing next to Zhao Chengli, who was rarely in the air, and was not inferior. Xu Jinyi wore a beige over-the-knee trench coat, and his jade-like face was more beautiful and refined. If Zhao Chengli was a hot and shining sun, Xu Jinyi was the curved moon, Zoran, elegant, soft and gentle, only the distant and noble. 

This kind of manner, non-Jinyi jade food could not be raised. There were so many people in the circle, who still didn’t know who? Which one had such a good boy? Why didn’t they know? 

Zhao Chengli took Xu Jinyi’s arm and put him in front of him, pointing to the few people to introduce him. “Xue Yulin, the son of Xue Shi, the young master of the Gushi Group, Gu Yu…, Li Meng’s daughter, Li Mengxin.”

After the introduction to the boy, Zhao Chengli took the boy. “This is Xu Jinyi.” 

Xu was not a big surname in the circle. Obviously Xu Jinyi was not a character. But Zhao Chengli could support him in this way. Even if Xu Jinyi was just a famous ordinary person, it was not allowed to pay attention to it. 

Xu Jinyi smiled very well from beginning to end, especially when he heard that Zhao Chengli finally introduced him to Li Mengxin. 

The Li family was not a family that had stood up for hundreds of years. When Li’s father was young, he used to graze in the soil until he started his business. His mind was savvy, and he had caught up with the trend of reform and opening up. Gradually, the business was getting bigger and bigger, and the Li family was also prosperous. 

Li’s current owner, the eldest son of Li’s father was even worse! When he took over the rights in the hands of Father Li, he was less than thirty. However, in more than ten years, Li had grown more than ten times in his hands, and even entered the capital, becoming a famous enterprise in the capital!

And Li Mengxin, the eldest daughter of Li’s current owner, and the granddaughter of Li’s father’s father, was the palm of the hand that Li’s two masters held in their hands! 

Li’s descendants were many, most favored by Li’s father and the current owner. They were not the grandsons of Li’s parents, nor the naughty and lovely Li’s grandson. It was precisely Li Mengxin, who was destined to marry, because others were completely inferior to her. His father’s wisdom, courage and heart! 

Not to rely on the grandfather and father’s reliance, Li Mengxin was the only son of the Li family who entered the top circle of the capital, and had a place in this circle! 

Even this time, the first private banquet after Mr. Zhao’s superior position, there was a seat for Li Mengxin! 

Beautiful, hearty, generous, well-informed, knowledgeable, extremely measured, unpretentious, far-sighted… These were the impressions she had in the eyes of these sons. 

Including Zhao Chengli. 

The goal of Li Mengxin for more than ten years was to be the wife of Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli was a born homosexual. Before Xu Jinyi, the boys he slept with didn’t count a hundred or dozens. Some of the pets were spoiled. In the end, there was a little less feeling. Zhao Chengli also slowly faded. 

Zhao Chengli completely disliked women, so that Zhao Chengli fell in love with herself? Li Mengxin had no such unrealistic thoughts. Although she liked Zhao Chengli, she was not a little girl who was full of emotions and loved her husband. What she asked was nothing more than marrying Zhao Chengli and occupying a position in Zhao Chengli’s heart. 

A position that was not necessarily related to love, but was important! In this way, Li Jiacai has the opportunity to tie up with the Zhao family in a boat, Li Jia, will really be rooted in the capital! 

The little boys, but a few insignificant gadgets, were not enough to bother her. 

Until he met Xu Jinyi. For the first time, Zhao Chengli degraded his honor. He made a compromise for the first time. He even went home with Xu Jinyi to see Zhao Fu Zhaomu for the first time. 

Serious to this extent, Zhao Chengli was really thinking about Xu Jinyi and his life.

This time, Li Mengxin finally got angry! She did not want to be the most important person in Zhao Chengli’s heart, but she couldn’t see anyone else living in Zhao Chengli’s heart. Then, the heart of Zhao Chengli, and where was she? 

However, she did not show a trace of embarrassment or dissatisfaction. She was still the intimate big sister in Xu Jinyi’s eyes, and made suggestions for him and Zhao Chengli’s love. 

Xu Jinyi was more grateful and knew almost nothing about Li Mengxin. 

In the dark, Li Mengxin’s little means were too much. For example, the appearance of a temperament was completely inferior to that of Meng Zijie of Xu Jinyi to attract Zhao Chengli. For example, telling Meng Zijie about the news that Xu Jinyi had been in love for ten years, let them fight. For example, after Zhao Chengli disliked Xu Jinyi, Li Mengxin was afraid that Zhao Chengli’s feelings against Xu Jinyi would resurface, causing an accident to be broken. Xu Jinyi’s phase was broken, and Xu Jinyi was guilty of his inconspicuous face for half a lifetime. 

Could be biased, degenerate a true love, and grow a true love. Meng Zijie, the person who Li Mengxin could not look at, completely achieved the final victory! 

However, Li Mengxin did not let Meng Zijie be better at all. She made the medicine and Zhao Chengli at the same time, and got a man! 

Zhao Chengli had a true love of Meng Zijie, and would not smash Li Mengxin through the door, but Zhao’s father Zhao had been crying for a few times for Li Mengxin’s wife, Zhao Sun’s Jin Sunxi. Zhao Chengli couldn’t bear to let Zhao mother disappoint, and asked Li Mengxin, who was the victim, to leave the child. 

Li Mengxin and Li Jia “reluctantly” agreed to Zhao Chengli’s request. Zhao’s family was quite embarrassed and supported the Li family’s enterprises. 

Li Mengxin was the mother of his children which made Zhao Chengru awkward. And the child with Li Mengxin’s bloodline naturally became the next heir to the Zhao family. 

It had also become a blood stab between Yokohama and Meng Zijie who couldn’t get rid of it. 

Xu Jinyi recalled the plot, and his mouth rose more and he reached out to Li Mengxin.

Such a strange woman really made him open his eyes. She knew what she wanted and could abandon something for it. From beginning to end, Li Mengxin’s reason was above emotion. 

If she was born a man, her achievements would be extraordinary! It was a pity that as the daughter of Li’s daughter who was in urgent need of taking root in the capital, even if she was favored again, she could only go with the marriage. 

Seeing Xu Jinyi’s first sight, he would always be attracted by his Gaohua temperament. If you looked at it again, you would find that his appearance was so good. The five-legged gold-carved jade was like a painting. The United States did not eat human fireworks. 

Gu Pan’s romantic, double squatting water, slightly fascinating fox eyes, but was placed on such a noble and holy face, it was also very close. But when this pair of black fox eyes looked straight at you, that one-and-a-half style, no one could stand it. 

Li Mengxin, who had always been proud of her beauty, seemed to have seen the other. She squinted her lips, and her smile was extremely good. “Hello!”

The two beautiful people smiled and looked at each other. How to see how harmonious, but Zhao Chengli glared at them, always felt that it was extremely unsightly, and there was no inexplicable suffocation. 

The young man was worthy of his fancy. After a while, he easily integrated into a few people, and even becomes a center of several people. Zhao Chengli looked at the teenager who had a lot of talks with the few people, and his heart was empty, until he was strong enough to sit next to the boy and put his arm on the back of the chair behind the boy.

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TLN: I’m so sorry about this, but I’m giving up in on this novel. I don’t know what it is, but it’s so confusing. Maybe I suck at this, maybe the author is using a lot of metaphors that make absolutely no sense in english… regardless, I’m completely lost. More importantly, it frustrates me to no end and kills all motivation I have to translate.

However I do love this novel, so it’s my sincere hope that someone else chooses to continue translate this. And if that ever happens, I also highly encourage you to retranslate from the very beginning, because I have the feeling I lost so many things in translation.

Again, I’m sorry.

AOA Chapter 4

“Thank you.” Xu Jinyi lowered his eyes and squatted down to pick up the books. 

“I will help.” Zhao Chengli also followed to his knees and helped Xu Jinyi to pick up the books. 

The vice-principal was very similar. From the entrance, he found that Zhao’s position was not right. Looking at the exquisite appearance of this student, and then Zhao Chengli’s diligent behavior, he couldn’t help but think of the rumor, and his heart suddenly sank. 

Who was Zhao Chengli? A famous big entrepreneur in the country, worth billions! This time, the Zhao Group was very charitable. The school managed to grab a quota. The library that the Zhao Group donated to its own school would be ready. It couldn’t be stirred up trouble at this time. 

It was just this student, but it was a pity…

He made up his own mind. The vice-principal took the first two steps. It was just a smile. “Zhao Zong, you’re getting up, this book makes the administrators feel like it’s used. Are you doing it?”

The other school leaders looked at each other and laughed and went. 

The administrators were not blind people, and they were not waiting for the vice-principal to give them a look. 

After the series was finished, Yu Guang slanted to the palm of his hand, and Xu Jinyi pretended not to see it. 

Although he was not very comfortable, between a new library and a student, he knew who to choose. The vice-principal had made up his mind to give up the student, but this raised his eyes and suddenly felt that the student was familiar. 

The student… the brain flashed, and the vice-principal finally thought about it. At the awards ceremony at the beginning of the semester, the whole school student pacesetter! 

There were only five places in the school’s student pacesetter seats. This child could occupy one, which showed how good he was. The vice-principal thought of his decision, biting his teeth and glaring at Zhao Chengli. He pushed Xu Jinyi with his hand and let him go. 

This child… looked at his own creation. 

“What about the student just now?” Zhao Chengli squeezed out from a group of school leaders and quickly looked around, but could not see the figure. The beautiful teenager like a painting just seemed to be just an illusion.

The vice-principal replied in front of the leaders of other schools. “It may be that he left. Now I am young and I don’t know how to say hello to the teachers.”

The vice-principal had risen from a small teaching assistant to the current department level. Naturally, he was very eye-catching. This sentence was said, with a little bit of blame, but very measured. If Zhao Chengli just lost his heart because of the beauty of Xu Jinyi, he listened to this, and his intentions in his heart must have been discounted. 

Zhao Chengli frowned, not because of blaming the youngsters, but to hear the dissatisfaction of the vice- principal’s tone of deliberate disclosure, for the juvenile. 

He didn’t know why, since he woke up from a dream one day a year ago, he seemed to have changed into a different person. No, it should be said that Zhao Chengli was not himself. That Zhao Chengli was full of passion and exuberance. Although he was quite talented in business, he couldn’t be compared with his present self. 

There was a voice in his heart that was clearly screaming, that Zhao Chengli was not him, but a completely strange man who disdained himself. 

Since then, he had broken the contact with the boy who had a special relationship with the former Zhao Chengli, and had not stepped into the flowers, but also reduced the contact with the friends of Zhao Chengli, and turned to the development of Zhao’s enterprise. 

Zhao’s father and Zhao’s mother, could not help but see their son’s bold and ironic twists. Zhao’s father soon retired to the second line and handed Zhao’s power to his son Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli really was the darling of God. After less than a year in power, the Zhao Group had successfully won several billions in big projects. Today, Zhao’s name was a household name. 

Going to work, working overtime, Zhao Chengli almost accompanied the company all the time, and actually lived a period of life with a sincere desire. As Zhao’s heart was delicate, the original gratification gradually became a worry with the extension of Zhao Chengli’s overtime, and finally even from time to time. They tried to persuade Zhao Chengli to take a break and go out to play with friends for two days. 

Take a break? Zhao Chengli raised his lips and did not know whether it was a smile or a sneer. Then he shook his head and continued to work hard.

When the work was always busy, occasionally idle, Zhao Chengli closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the sofa. There was always a sense of loneliness. He was incompatible with this world. It seemed that he was not a person in this world. He could not truly exist in this world. He was the proud son of Zhao’s father Zhao, the president of Zhao’s employees who admired in awe, or some of them. A friend of a family who was inactive or out of the limelight. 

Sometimes, he also had a strange idea, as if there was a person in his heart, that person was as important as himself, but he couldn’t think of the person’s traces in his mind. 

Who was that person? 

Just now, as he stepped into the reading room, the teenager entered the dark and empty heart at the same moment. At that moment, the warmth of his heart had risen in the bottom of his heart, as if following the flash. Go, he could find a way out in life. 

The capital was so big, and Zhao Chengli had met people several times in succession. Even if Xu Jinyi thought with his toes, he would not notice Zhao Chengli’s intention. 

Every time Zhao Chengli smiled relatively, if he didn’t pay attention to him, he always felt too preoccupied. What’s more, Xu Jinyi’s current sensitivity was not aware of what Zhao Chengli thought about himself. Gradually, Xu Jinyi was able to exchange a few words with Zhao Chengli. 

Zhao Chengli’s position was very good, as if it didn’t take long, the two upgraded from nodding in passing to a relationship. At this time, Xu Jinyi discovered that the original story describing Zhao Chengli’s person – shocking and brilliant, was really not a false statement. 

At least, he had lived for twenty years. Apart from some old people who had read the wind and frost, he had never seen a wise man like Zhao Chengli, so that he had a strong sense of knowledge, so that he had an unparalleled personality charm. 

Zhao Chengli was a man that he admired! Whether it was character, or talent! He wanted to know this clearly. In the aftermath with Zhao Chengli, Xu Jinyi unloaded his own defenses. After all, a confidant friend who he can talk to as himself was a person he had longed for for many years. Now that such a person had a heart and soul, how could he refuse?

Although this Zhao Chengli’s choice of partner was not so good, he even fell in love with someone like Meng Zijie, and finally indiscriminately suppressed Xu Jinyi’s father. 

But who made himself a friend now, when Zhao Chengli picked up his partner, he pointed to him and he became. 

If Zhao Chengli really saw the color and forgot friends in the future, then this friend… Let’s talk about it later. 

This afternoon, Zhao Chengli still went to work, and drove alone to the school where Xu Jinyi was. 

Before meeting Xu Jinyi, Zhao Chengli was a full-time workaholic. After he had met with Xu Jinyi, he actually found that the work that had indulged him in the past was also awkward. As long as he sat in the office, Zhao Chengli’s heart seemed to be being swept by the two feathery long eyelashes of the juvenile. It was itchy and numb, so that he sat still and sat uneasy, always thinking of tempting his moth. A teenager who was fighting fire. 

When he first got off work, the secretarial assistants were still very surprised. Now that it had happened more times, they were not surprised. 

Almost just after the class bell was ringing, a black Mercedes-Benz business car stopped in front of the C first teaching building, the door slowly opened, and Zhao Chengli, wearing a dark suit, got out of the car. 

Zhao Chengli was tall, strong and beautiful, and with the momentum of no anger and exuberance, the students who had finished the class did not know why they dared to lean forward. Zhao Chengli formed a vacuum zone with a radius of three meters, so he pushed in a crowd. The young man was very eye-catching. 

Until the young boy who saw his heart, Xu Jinyi’s thin lips immediately evoked a curve, and his eyes were warm as spring, so that some students who squinted at him were very surprised. 

“Jinyi, here!” Xu Jinyi received a phone call from Zhao Chengli at noon, knowing that he would come over in the afternoon, but did not expect Zhao Chengli to park the car in front of the teaching building, even if he was standing outside the car.

Although C was not comparable to the two top schools, it was also famous in the capital. There were some students from the upper classes of the capital. Zhao’s position in the capital was very important. Now Zhao Chengli himself was in front of him.

It was difficult to protect some of the second generation of the rich and the second generation would not recognize him. What’s more, it was a well-known thing for the Zhao Group to donate to a new library in C. The name of Zhao Chengli was clear in C. 

Xu Jinyi and Zhao Chengli had been together for several days. He thought he was a boring person. He didn’t think there was such a high-profile time. 

He did this… Wasn’t he supporting himself? 

Earlier, he had the idea of ​​buying shares in the Zhao Group, but before he even had time to implement it, Xu Jinyi knew Zhao Chengli. After waiting for a good relationship with Zhao Chengli, Xu Jinyi was not good at interfering with his friend’s company. He gave up his previous plan to invest in Zhao, and the assets he earned in the virtual economy still stayed in the US stock market to swallow the whales. 

Probably, Zhao Chengli was treating himself as an ordinary official. The mood turned abruptly, and Xu Jinyi raised his lips and walked toward Zhao Chengli. He climbed into the car in the intimate move of his hand on the roof. 

“How come you parked your car in front of the main entrance of the school building today? I was going to find you at the school gate.” Xu Jinyi said and Zhao Chengli looked at him.

The black scorpion hair was dry and clear. In the sunshine the color of purple was brought out of the charm, the point lining in the face of no one was not refined, more and more looked like a young girl. However, the end of the eye that was picked up was born with a three-pointed charm for the eyes, so that people could see two or two bones at first sight. 

This was the contempt of the proud, in Zhao Chengli’s view, but he did not know why it became a pretty girl. Zhao Chengli was hot by the intoxicating scorpion, and he turned his head unnaturally, and the scorpion suddenly thirst. 

“The teaching building is too far away from the school gate, I want you to take a few steps.” 

“Can you take a few more steps? Exercise all over the body.” Xu Jinyi laughed out, Jinyi’s cheeks gave birth to two groups of blush, real “If the face is peach.”

It was Zhao Chengli who was determined to be far more than ordinary people. At this time, the posture of Xu Jinyi’s jade was also deeply stunning. He moved his fingers, like to caress the teenager’s pink-colored face, and reached into the air, only to notice that he was rude. He had to pick a different direction and patted the head of the boy. 

The big palm was hit by the younger’s palm, Zhao Chengli was not annoyed. His lips were on fire, and the students around him had already gone, so they drove away. 

As for Meng Zijie and Sun Yushu who came out at the same time as Xu Jinyi, they were on the steps, and they looked completely like thunder.

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AOA Chapter 3

“Zijie, are you not very curious about Zhao-Ge?”

Sun Yushu, the squad leader, saw Meng Zijie, remembering what happened, he picked up the phone and smashed it a few times. “Zhao-Ge’s full name is Zhao Chengli, you know Zhao Group? It is his company!”

“Zhao Group?” Zhao Group was the leader in business circles of the capital, it was known to more than a billion people. They were even more proud of the enterprise. When Meng Zijie heard these news, he opened his mouth, and then thought about it, but he couldn’t help it. How could such a gentleman and handsome person be an ordinary person? Only the identity of Zhao’s boss could match him!

“Look at the personal information of this Zhao-Ge, this is what I specially brought to you, Baidu cannot match!” Sun Yushu entered the mailbox, pulled a document from inside it to show Meng Zijie, aiming at the look of Meng Zijie satisfied with the hook and sinker.

This Sun Yushu was also a rich second generation, but his family was a little worse than Zhao Chengli. Let alone Sun Yushu who was now an ordinary college student, Zhao Chengli had long presided over the real power of Zhao company, and said on the board of directors it was. Therefore, even if Sun Yushu’s mother and Zhao’s family had such a relationship of 3,000 miles, Sun Yushu was really not qualified to call Zhao Chengli “Zhao-Ge”.

It was also because of this that Sun Yushu was able to keep up with Zhao Chengli. He just didn’t know what was going on. Zhao Chengli, who used to spend time with their rich children, was very difficult during this time. In the past two days, Sun’s company was stuck on a project. Sun Yushu was trying to get Zhao Chengli to help them.

Coincidentally, at this juncture, Meng Zijie got met him.

Although not widely known, but they were not well-known in these circles, Zhao Chengli did not like soft and pretty girls, and loved beautiful boys.

In their circle, there were more tricks to play, and playing with boys was one of the most inconspicuous ones. As long as you were not on the board, who cared that you liked men instead of women? It’s fine to have a good wife and a child when you are old.

Therefore, when Zhao Chengli began to play boys, no-one felt it was wrong. For a time, the goodness of Longyang became an elegant thing.

Last time in Bifuyuan, Zhao Chengli pushed in through the door and went to the center. Meng Zijie’s eyes were sticking to Zhao Chengli’s body. Sun Yushu was also a man in the flowers, aiming at Meng Zijie. Both eyes knew what his mind was saying.

At closer look, although Meng Zijie was not as refined as Zhao Chengli’s little lover, the face was also beautiful and looked good. Also a little more of the looks that the little lovers did not have, a kind of gentle and elegance.

During this time, Zhao Chengli was not only difficult to meet, but also seemed to be unhappy with the boys. But maybe he was eating the taste of the mountains and seas. At this time, if you sent a refreshing side dish, you may have got the blue eyes of Zhao Chengli. Moreover, if this Meng Zijie could really win Zhao Chengli and be more than a pet for a while, it was sure that would be to his own benefits!

With such an idea, Sun Yushu was completely motivated by Meng Zijie. As long as Meng Zijie’s mind was brought to life, he would create a chance again, and he would not be bad! In case Zhao Chengli really saw the red dust during this time, he had to blame it, and he could only blame Meng Zijie for his heart!

Sun Yushu stared at Meng Zijie, whose cheeks were red and staring at the information. The curvature of the corner of his mouth was even greater.

“Squad leader, are you familiar with Zhao Chengli? I really admire him! I really want to have the opportunity to see him.” Meng Zijie returned the phone to Sun Yushu, and the eyes were still staring at the person on the screen and would not move.

“No problem, count him as my cousin. In a few days, there will be a public welfare dinner. Zhao-Ge will definitely come. I will take you there.” Sun Yushu patted his chest and looked like a good buddy.

The two of them touched their heads together and were talking about something whispering. From time to time, they burst into laughter.

Xu Jinyi sat next to him and smiled.

The Huai Chun girl would have an illusion about the white horse prince, and the pure zero of Meng Zijie would naturally imagine what kind of person his future partner was.

Tall and handsome, gentle and single-minded, of course, more gold and silver for him to spend a lot of money. For him only love and beauty does not love Jiangshan, excellent enough to let the world’s women and pure zeros envy the hatred.

And Zhao Chengli, it was a man whose hardware conditions all satisfy his partner’s fantasy!

How could Meng Zijie not be tempted?

If you were tempted, if your heart moved, you would have possessiveness.

Xu Jinyi’s clever brain and accurate judgment on the stock market were his unfavorable capital. First, he bought several short-term stocks, and raised a small amount of money by a dozen times. Then he followed the wind twice to make gold and oil, and made a big profit. Later, he happened to run into the US stock market. Xu Jinyi put this money that had been invested in the United States.

The market on Wall Street was much larger than that in China. The risk was great, and the wealth had jumped several times. In the past few months, the money in the hands of Xu Jinyi had become a horrible amount.

In the past two days, he intended to take back the long-term line and intended to take the money into the shares of the Zhao Group. In one case, the Zhao Group was one of the largest companies in China and a well-known company supported by the government.

Not to mention, Zhao Chengli was the son of destiny of this world. It was amazing, and as long as he was there, the Zhao Group would never go downhill. Therefore, investing in the Zhao Group was a win-and-sell sale.

Second, the possession of a certain share of the Zhao Group was the most simple and effective way to contain Zhao Chengli, the head of the Zhao Group.

“Jinyi, there’s no class in the afternoon, do you not want to go play?” Several classmates came over and knocked on the table in front of Xu Jinyi, waiting for him with his shoulders raised.

In the past few months, not only had the money in Xu Jinyi’s hands been turned over, but even his popularity had been much better than before. Just like today, several classmates specially invited him to play basketball, which was rare in the past.

In the real world, Xu Jinyi was trained by his father Xu Boyi because of his superior IQ. He had never been to school since he was a child, but he was coached by a famous teacher hired by his father. After the big day, he spent two years in Wharton. But when the housekeeper assistant never left, Xu Jinyi only had to show up on a certain course and never experienced this ordinary student life.

In this “different world”, Xu Jinyi had changed and became a reading bookworm who needed to go to school with his bag.

For the first time, he had a classmate who he was with working together in class.

For the first time, he needed to work together with everyone in physical education classes.

This team’s sense of belonging and honor was something he had never felt before. The joy and frustration of losing the ball was also completely different from the non-winning or deliberate humility of playing golf with the partner.

In addition to a small uncomfortableness at the beginning, he was slowly adapting, Xu Jinyi actually felt that this feeling was not bad!

Xu Jinyi, who changed his soul, was different from the past. He was not afraid to shrink and immersed himself in his own small world, but became more confident, cheerful and friendly.

His changes could be seen by the students and they were happy to see it.

Meng Zijie had a good relationship in the class with a sleek world. And Xu Jinyi was integrated into this class, and did not need the kind of smoothness of Meng Zijie. The good education and special personality charm made him deeply respected by the students in just a few months.

“I won’t go.” Xu Jinyi picked up his shoulder bag and followed the boys out. He raised his head and smiled. “There was a problem in the elective course. I didn’t understand it. I need to go to the library in the afternoon.”

“We have a lot of passing exams, that is, you are a master of this school, even the electives are so serious.” Several boys patted his shoulders.

“Then we will leave, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

It was the early winter, although there was no snow, there was a northerly wind blowing, and people were freezing. However, Xu Jinyi was the most chilly person, and he couldn’t wait to wrap a thick quilt on his body.

Fortunately, the library was well-heated. Xu Jinyi took off his thick coat and placed it on the side of the table. Then he moved to the side of the bookshelf and looked for the information he needed.

Zhao Chengli was surrounded by a group of school leaders into the reading room. As soon as he looked up, he saw such a scene.

The teenager looked up slightly and smiled. The golden sunlight hit him through the window, and he gave off a warm golden glow. The beige sweater on the boy’s body seemed to shine as well, and the iron was attached to him, but it was completely better than the white, smooth skin on the neck of the teenager.

Zhao Chengli’s uncontrollable steps went forward, only to see the young and long curly eyelashes twitching up and down, each long eyelashes flashed with warm light, like two small feathers with snow frost, one by one, it scratched his heart.

The young white fingers of the younger boy slowly slid over the edge of the series, and the fingertips occasionally lightly clicked on two points. The light and residual image was a flying butterfly, which made people want to hold the pair of jade hands and devoutly kiss them. Zhao Chengli couldn’t imagine how beautiful a pair of eyes would be in a teenager, but he hoped that he could immediately become a book on the shelf in front of the boy. He gently watched and was comforted by his fingers.

Daddy, the corner of the boy’s mouth should be found in his heart. He stood up on his toes and five fingers gripped on a book and pulled it out with strength.

“Be careful!”

The books were arranged too tightly, a book was pulled out, and the surrounding books were also turned outwards. The two hands were not enough.

Seeing that a row of books on the shelf was going to fall, Zhao Chengli even ran a few steps around the juvenile, and extended his big palm to suppress the out-of-control books. However, although Zhao Chengli’s palm was bigger than the teenager’s, it still couldn’t be blocked, and heavy books were slammed on his back.

The slender boy was firmly guarded by Zhao Chengli, and he was barely half-hit by a book.

“Is there anything wrong?” Zhao Chengli hugged Xu Jinyi in his arms and looked over him. His expression was a bit nervous.

The last second was also because of finding the right information in the series, Xiaoxi joy, the neat books on the next second of the books suddenly fell to the ground. Xu Jinyi took a moment, and when he returned to reality, he felt his waist was ringed and his wrist was held.

This posture caused Xu Jinyi to raise his eyebrows. When even the strength was withdrawn from the man’s arms, and then he looked up to see the man’s face, the sleek eyes suddenly widened three points.

Zhao Chengli!

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AOA Chapter 2

After school, Xu Jinyi and Meng Zijie greeted each other and went directly to the counselor’s office. 

This university was just an ordinary 985 college, the bedroom was only a dozen square meters, but it had to accommodate four students, and there was no separate bathroom in the bedroom, even for a bath one had to go to the public bath!

Xu Jinyi had been training his survival skills since he was a child. In his teens, Xu Boyi threw him into the mountains and he survived for half a month. To say that simple, such dormitory conditions could be a hundred times stronger than the mountains, he was not intolerable.

But in this different world, Xu Jinyi had a lot to do in order to complete the task, and boarding schools were not convenient.

Now the original master had just entered the sophomore year, and the formalities for studying were very good. Xu Jinyi had spent another sum of money to rent a small apartment with a complete set of appliances next to the school. Originally, the original host was great. Every weekend, he worked hard to earn part-time living expenses. The money that Xu’s father had sent was saved by the original owner, which was just cheaper.

Xu Jinyi sat on the single sofa of the apartment, and his two eyebrows were slightly raised. Only then did he check the original silver card of the original owner, only to find that the original owner’s hard work for a year was only over 30,000. The rent deposit for the apartment had used a lot, and Xu Jinyi felt it was the first time he felt stretched.

He licked his thin sakura pink lips, and Xu Jinyi gave a little smile. The president of Xu, who had never eaten the fireworks, had become a bookworm who needed to be self-sufficient to break with his family. It was also interesting and entertaining.

Well, from now on, he was the bookworm.

Xu Fu was a senior official in the southern city of Jiangsu Province. Although he had a small amount of power, he had never forgotten his initial heart and determined to do practical things for the people. For more than 20 years since he took office, he had not accepted bribes, and he had never been a close relative, and he had been widely loved by the masses in the South City.

Xu Jinyi lowered his eyes and counted it. Xu Fu’s ability to rise from an ordinary civil servant to his current position for more than 20 years was largely due to his personal achievements. However, his father’s position had stagnated in the past few years. In the final analysis, he still lacked adequate financial support, in some special circumstances, the shame of the bag hindered his way.

Since he promised to help the father to go straight, he would do his best. However, if you wanted to create a Qingyun Road for Xu, the financial resources were indispensable. Xu Jinyi tightened his hold on the silver bank-card in his hand and pressed his thin lips together. Although the amount of money in this card was only 20,000, he had enough to start his business path for Xu Jinyi.

Xu Jinyi’s intelligence was outstanding, and his sensitivity to finance was far superior to that of ordinary people. He was once an outstanding graduate of Wharton School. He received the most advanced business education, talents and hard work. Xu Jinyi entered the business circle like a fish into the sea. In the real world, Xu’s stock could stop falling and rise, and it was inseparable from Xu Jinyi’s efforts. In this wonderful parallel world, Xu Jinyi had become this bookworm, and he was also destined to be a legend!

Xu Jinyi smiled confidently and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the teenager in the mirror.

He couldn’t help but stare for a moment. The teenager in the mirror was not his appearance in the real world, but a completely strange appearance. However, this Xu Jinyi was really a person who could make the male owner fall in love at first sight. His face was white and clean, his lips were red, and his facial features were exquisite, which was not inferior to his appearance in the real world.

At this time, he opened his mouth slightly, and under the thin lips of the blush, he showed a brighter beech than the pearl. It really made people want to stick out their tongues to explore whether there were hidden white pearls under the deciduous teeth.

It was only that pair of fox eyes with spring charm that kept it, and Xu Jinyi wrinkled his eyebrows.

The body was skinny, and Xu Jinyi was not dissatisfied with his looks. But as a man, he was too refined, even unnaturally revealed a seductive look, in the end not masculine enough.

Then, the seductive and charming, the appearance of this Xu Jinyi, who dared to say a word was not?

“Jinyi , we are all in the bedroom downstairs, why haven’t you arrived yet?” Even if it was urging, Meng Zijie’s voice was soft and gentle, just like his appearance, gentle, harmless, clear and rainy. Xu Jinyi raised his eyebrows. That Meng Zijie was able to defeat the original owner and get the eyes of Zhao Chengli was not entirely unreasonable. With this gentle and sinful temperament, it was easy to loosen the arrogance of the original owner several streets.

“Sorry, don’t wait for me. I suddenly have something to do today. I can’t go to dinner.”

The original owner regretted his father’s career, and Xu Jinyi would help Xu’s father to take it to the next level. The original owner hated Meng Zijie who robbed him of a lover. Xu Jinyi would let Meng Zijie also taste the taste of being loved. The shackles of the original and the second half of the Lord were inferior, and Xu Jinyi would replace him as the most dazzling existence in the world. But the original owner seemed to have some expectations for Zhao Chengli, but Xu Jinyi did not intend to help him.

After all, he was really living in this world, not the one who used to read. Him, who was the President of Xu, would not spend the rest of his life with a game character for a game, scribble choice.

Today in the original story, Zhao Chengli fell in love with the original owner at first sight, and then he was the stalker for more than half a year. To Xu Jinyi, to get rid of Zhao Chengli was just a piece of cake, but he did not want to ask for trouble, so he would not go to this gathering.

“That’s good, I told the squad leader.” Meng Zijie hung up the phone and turned his head and smiled at several boys and girls. He had a high emotional intelligence and would be a good person. He was very good in the class.

After listening to Meng Zijie’s words, several boys screamed, and Xu Jinyi, who had temporarily changed his mind, had more than two complaints.

Xu Jinyi was full of gloom all day. Except for Meng Zijie, he could not say two sentences. However, this Xu Jinyi was the first in the class and even in the faculty. The girls said that he was a melancholy man, and brought great competitive pressure to the boys who broke out of these hormones.

“Jinyi, Bifuyuan really is super luxurious, you didn’t go too far last night!” Meng Zijie glanced at the teacher on the stage, whispering his face to describe yesterday’s story, and his hot desire was hard to cover. “The inside is big and beautiful, and the dishes are delicious. People can’t wait to swallow their tongues. If it wasn’t for the squad leader, I don’t know how many years I have to struggle to get a look.”

“Oh?” Xu Jinyi put down the textbook. Looking up and looking at Meng Zijie, who was still in the aftertaste, the beauty of the flow was a self-contained trend. “The place where Bifuyuan can enter is definitely not rich and expensive. You didn’t encounter any overbearing president’s underworld yesterday?”

“You don’t really say it!” Meng Zijie suddenly approached Xu Jinyi. “There was a guest last night. When I entered the door, the boss greeted him. Several people gathered in the box before and after. I guess it must be an important man!”

He thought of letting him the person who dreams of dreams, Meng Zijie had little shame, “The man is tall and handsome, and has momentum. If I can grow up with him… I will be as good as him!”

Meng Zijie, who was full of interest, did not pay attention. In the eyes of Xu Jinyi, Xu Jinyi was not the original owner. He did not have too much hatred for Meng Zijie. He was only slightly clean and physically very disliked by strangers.

Even the slightest glimpse of the disdain was heart-rending, and Meng Zijie blinked and shouted a long breath. This Xu Jinyi grew too tempting. If he was not pure, he liked the tall and mighty man, but Xu Jinyi was such a stunning color, he couldn’t resist it.

Thinking of the man he met in Bifuyuan yesterday, Meng Zijie bit his lip and his face showed a little blush. Yesterday, he saw the man’s first look at Bifuyuan. His heart was hopping. At this moment, thinking of the tall, handsome, and more perfect man than the golden statue, he still couldn’t control the heat on his face.

He admired him like this, if he was also – but, Meng Zijie aimed at Xu Jinyi, Xu Jinyi’s face was so beautiful, it was more attractive than himself…

Xu Jinyi rose his eyebrows at Meng Zijie, he knew that Zhao Chengli had already gotten his heart.

In the original story, Zhao Chengli and Xu Jinyi’s love was born with suspicion, and it was definitely indispensable that Meng Zijie’s handwriting, Zhao Chengli’s suppression of Xu Jinyi’s father, was nothing more than a small citizen’s Meng Zijie’s heart.

Xu Jinyi evoked a lip corner with a slight irony in the arc. Beautiful and beautiful, gentle and careless, kind and generous, and no fighting with the world, these words were used to describe Meng Zijie, he did not think how accurate they were.

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AOA Chapter 1


Xu Jinyi sat in a large office chair and looked awkward.

When Xu Jinyi was 18 years old, his parents died in a plane-crash, leaving him the big fat meat of the Xu family, and a large group of relatives who stared at the fat drooling.

They thought of Xu Boyi’s long white and pure son, who seemed to be a harmless son. Everyone laughed, and laughed twice, then the mind was alive, looking for allies to find allies, identifying the enemy’s identification of the enemy, thinking that they could take Xu’s power into the hands of oneself, and if it was not good enough, it could be eaten with other people, and the two pieces of meat were torn off.

But everyone forgot, Xu Boyi was a wolf before his death, would his son be a dog?

Xu Jinyi not only had an IQ of more than 180, but his business talent was even rarer. In the case of Xu’s internal and external troubles, he took over the power of Xu in the wind and the power, and in a half-month, he stabilized the stock that Xu had plunged from the death of former ruler Xu Boyi.

In the past two years, Xu had become a top-ranking enterprise, not only because of the trend of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but also to become one of the top companies in China. Xu Jinyi also became the most dazzling presence in the Huaxia business circle. He was invited to attend the major summits and had a good talk with the Chinese head of state. He represented the Chinese business delegation and was highly praised by the Queen of England… These people smashed their heads and argued. The opportunity to come was completely a routine thing that Xu Jinyi was tired of.

Today, Xu Jinyi, who was only 20 years old, leaned on the back of the office chair, which was quite a bit boring.

The cleaned and pickled relatives packed up, and the saved Xu family saved them. The subordinates were loyal to him, and he was able to build Xu in a good direction. It could be said that life had reached his level, and it had reached the top of the peak, and there was no upward space.

Then, only the boredom was left.

Famous car? Beauty? Drugs? Xu Jinyi, who was the most addicted to pleasure of these sons, felt that they had no interest. Knew how? Skill? Motion? The unforgettable brain would let him learn things as fast as possible. Until now, Xu Jinyi could see that he couldn’t afford to learn. Public welfare? Charitable? After the approval of the money, the subordinates had a proper arrangement in minutes. It was completely unnecessary for him to go to the impoverished mountainous area in person to send a schoolbag to the left-behind children there.

Bored. Xu Jinyi closed his eyes and trapped half of his body into a comfortable office chair. He sighed.

“Big brother, for what reason do you sigh?” Xu Jinyi’s cousin Lin Zixiao pushed the door and squatted. When he walked to the front of Xu Jinyi, he sat down.

“There is a racing car in the northern suburbs. Can you go?” The old man of Lin Zixiao was Xu Jinyi. Among the relatives, he was the only one who, after Xu Boyi’s death, had not lost his life, but had tried his best to help the nephew to regain the power of Xu. Because of the true love of twenty years and the true feelings of suffering two years ago, now only Lin Jia could get a photo of Xu’s, and even Lin Zixiao had a few faces in front of Xu Jinyi.

“Can’t go.” Xu Jinyi pressed the button to let the secretary know to send two cups of coffee.

“Nothing .” Lin Zixiao licked his lips. He knew Xu Jinyi from his childhood, but now he looked at his cousin, or was he an inadvertent look of the soul.

Xu Jinyi’s face was peach-colored, and thin lips. The most wonderful thing was the pair of bright and charming fox eyes, especially when looking at you, the end of the eye was slightly picking up, the color was black and bright, clear and moist, that moment the style can make you cry and lose your soul.

The sight was beautiful, this cousin was the most annoying to others to take his appearance and say things, Lin Zixiao touched his nose, dodging and looking away. “For someone who wants to have someone immediately hold you, you certainly have no strength, what is like me? I’ve asked my dad for half a year for a sports car.”

Xu Jinyi took a bunch of keys from the drawer and threw it to him. “Which one would you like to mention yourself?”

Lin Zixiao smiled and opened, and this was the god. Mysteriously close to Xu Jinyi, “Big Brother, have you heard that Zhaojia Company has developed a new game?”


“Since you are so bored, it is better to play it. I heard that the game is limited to two people, very mysterious.” Lin Zixiao whispered in Xu Jinyi’s ear.

“I also heard that one of the places has been set by Zhao Chengli. The guy is ruthless, and has nothing to do with the matter? This time, I decided to pre-empt the quota. This game is not fun if it is not fun.” Xu Jinyi nodded inexplicably.

This Zhao Chengli was also an amazing figure. He was promoted to the position of Zhao’s president five years ago, when Zhao’s turnover increased by 50%! Three years ago, when Chairman Zhao died, Zhao Chengli inherited all the shares in his hands. As for his half-brothers, each of them was in the millions to ten million, so they did not dare to show some dissatisfaction in front of Zhao Chengli.

Today’s Zhao and Xu were also considered domestic arrogance. Xu Jinyi was often compared with Zhao Chengli, but it was a pity that the two groups were different in the industry. Xu Jinyi and Zhao Chengli were both in-depth and simple. There was little intersection between the two.

After they had parted ways, Lin Zixiao ran into his cousin’s garage, and found the car, who he dreamed of coveting, and kissed it. Sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling the luxury and strength inside, suddenly a ring of bells rang out of time, Lin Zixiao did not interrupt the interest of the intolerance, the fart was bumpy and answered the phone, the voice pleased, “Zhao-Ge I have already told my cousin, I think he intends to play it.”

The man at the end of the phone should have a voice, and the light in the slightly squinting eyes was like a wolf staring at the fat rabbit.

When Xu Jinyi woke up, the pen in his hand suddenly fell to the ground and made a “beep” sound.

He suddenly looked up, and a person on the stage who was obviously a teacher was screaming. Xu Jinyi looked around and found that it was a ladder classroom. A group of young people in their twenties were sitting in a mess, or staring at the blackboard, or bowing their heads to play with their phones, or being bored to sleep with their eyes closed.

Xu Jinyi remembered that he was still in the game bin one second before, was this “Different Worlds”? He suppressed the shock in his heart, found the game system in his mind, and looked at the plot.

On that day, listening to Lin Zixiao’s words, he hesitated for two days, before he went to grab the last ticket left for “Different Worlds”.

With the ticket, Xu Jinyi also learned the game rule of the so-called most mysterious game, “Different Worlds”: the so-called different world was the parallel world of the real world, and the world had become the winner of life. The son of destiny, there were also the cannon fodder and villains that ended in misery. The cannon fodder and the villains did the bad things under the guidance of the plot. In the end, all of them were poor and could not live. What Xu Jinyi had to do was to play one of the cannon fodders or villains, change their life trajectory, and replace them to live a happy new life.

Right now, he was in the first world of the game.

“Jinyi, what are you doing?” The boy in the next seat glanced at him, then typed away, “The squad leader invited us to dinner tonight, are you going? But at this time it’s Bifu Park, the squad leader can really be a tyrant!”

“Go.” As if it was the instinct of the body, Xu Jinyi replied, and then clenched his fists hard until the fingertips were white, which pressed down the sorrowful fears and strange expectations that suddenly rose in his heart.

Xu Jinyi thought that the reply was too blunt, causing the boy to look at him strangely. After a few seconds, he smiled gracefully. “The six people are gathered downstairs in the bedroom.”

Xu Jinyi looked at the boy in a concealed manner and thought carefully.

The boy next to him was the son of the destiny of this world, Meng Zijie. Another son of destiny was his future lover, also male, Zhao Chengli.

Yes, the protagonists of this world was a pair of male lovers.

The original owner of this body was the cannon fodder in the process of the male lovers.

The original’s name was Xu Jinyi. Since childhood, he had been in love with the handsome bamboo horse. He was a straight man. He had not only severely refused Xu Jinyi, but also advised Xu Jinyi that homosexuality was a disease and asked him to see a psychiatrist.

For more than ten years, the deep feelings had been abandoned by the bamboo horse. The original master had been sad and angry, and gone from anger to disappointment.

This was not a big deal. When the bamboo horse “carelessly” told Xu Jinyi that he had a crush on him, he told him that he was a good brother. After the whole school knew it, all the unknown people who had known the original person had the contempt with the AIDS patients. The eyes pointed to the original master. In a few days, the school also gave the original owner a dismissal punishment. In the end, even the father of the original small and powerful power threatened to sever the relationship with this unscrupulous son…

It seemed to be abandoned by the whole world. The original Lord actually had a sense of ignorance.

The appearance of Zhao Chengli was the redemption of the original Lord.

When the incident happened, the original owner was quickly sent to the capital, a thousand miles away from his hometown, where the original owner was placed in a university. Although far from those who were pitiful or disdainful or disgusted, the original Lord was still uneasy, and even began to suspect that his sexual orientation was probably a disease.

At this time, Zhao Chengli appeared. He saw the beautifully beautiful Xu Jinyi, such as the Heavenly Man, and began a series of romantic and beautiful pursuits.

Zhao Chengli wanted money and more money, and the skin had a skin capsule. It must be elegant and elegant, and it must be expensive and expensive. The standard romance novel was the male master. Such a man was actually the same as his own sexual orientation, and even cared for him at first sight. The original Lord’s uneasy grievances disappeared from his mind and he finally climbed out of the desperate black abyss.

Zhao Chengli chased Xu Jinyi. The two had lived a passionate and warm life, but Xu Jinyi was only a passing guest in Zhao Chengli’s happy life. Zhao Chengli’s real love was Xu Jinyi’s university roommate, Meng Zijie!

Originally a sweet and happy life, he did not know why, Zhao Chengli actually found out that Xu Jinyi had secretly loved another man for ten years, and thought that Xu Jinyi agreed to his pursuit to start a new relationship to forget the cinnabar.

Which man could endure being a substitute for a rival? Not to mention that Zhao Chengli himself was a proud man. Fortunately, in addition to his well-known Zhao’s president as a substitute for Xu Jinyi, there was also a Meng Zijie who really loved him. Although Meng Zijie was not as good as Xu Jinyi, he was also beautiful and good-looking, not to mention that Meng Zijie was more at home than Xu Jinyi. The service was also more thoughtful.

In this way, the love of Zhao Chengli and Meng Zijie began, and Xu Jinyi was thrown into the abyss by Zhao Chengli who had rescued him from the abyss. Then, under the touting of the pillow wind, Zhao Chengli became more and more disgusted with Xu Jinyi, and finally even reached the point of hatred. When Xu Jinyi finally took the courage to try to save his love, Zhao Chengli humiliated him with a vicious discourse in the face of his new lover. In order to give a new enthusiasm, he even tried to suppress Xu Jinyi’s father.

It was not until then that the original master knew why the father had sent him to the capital thousands of miles away. He did not really want to sever his relationship with him, but wanted him to change his environment to start again. He only blamed him for being so arrogant. He hadn’t been home for a few years to look at his parents.

Later, the official life of the original father was not smooth, although there was no past scenery, the family of three was also peaceful and happy. Only the original Lord could no longer believe in feelings, and finally fell into a lonely life.

“I will complete your wish, perform filial piety for you, and live a wonderful life for you.” Xu Jinyi’s face had not changed, but his mind was trying to communicate with the original owner’s remnant soul. “But let me live this life for you. In a lifetime, you should not stay and interfere with me!”

He felt that the remnant soul of the original Lord slowly dissipated, and the new soul and body were more and more in harmony. Xu Jinyi’s eyes were slightly retreating, leaving only half of the doubts.

Zhao Chengli? Why was this name so familiar?

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