Striving for Science

Original title: 为科学奋斗

Author: 月下蝶影

Status: 117 Chapters (Complete)


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Summary: A passerby asked Shen Chang’an: Are you afraid of supernatural events? 

Shen Chang’an: Not afraid. 

Shocked passerby: Why? 

Shen Chang’an: Because I have never encountered it before. 

The passerby was silent for a long time and spoke again: Are you afraid of ghosts? 

Shen Chang’an: Not afraid, as young people in the new century, we have to believe in science, and science is the primary productive force for development. Can ghosts invent or create a good life for everyone? 

Passerby: … 

Table of Contents:

  1. Chang’an
  2. Tree Stump
  3. Dao Nian
  4. Generous?
  5. Return Me
  6. Convince the Division to Follow Good Examples
  7. Longevity’s Good Health
  8. Arrogant Idler Zhang
  9. Immortal Niangzi
  10. Spicy Chicken
  11. Departing
  12. Father’s Letter
  13. Hotpot